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Australia’s economy is being challenged on all sides with its impact on trademark activity yet to be seen

The country’s filing data is an early indicator that recovery is under way, but the government must still deal with the long-term impacts of the bush fires as well as the health crisis - all on top of escalating tensions with China and its first recession in nearly 29 years

Australia’s economy is being challenged on all sides with its impact on trademark activity yet to be seen
Top three tips for a crisis-proof influencer agreement
4 Jun 2020

Top three tips for a crisis-proof influencer agreement

Covid-19 highlights the key clauses that should be worked into partnership contracts to allow brand owners to maintain control over digital content in the event of an unexpected crisis.

Actions are more important than words: brands receive mixed marks over #BlackLivesMatter messaging
2 Jun 2020

Actions are more important than words: brands receive mixed marks over #BlackLivesMatter messaging

In our latest opinion column, we look at the brand backlash suffered by companies perceived to be exploiting the Black Lives Matter cause.


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2 Jun 2020

How Trump’s executive order on social media platforms could provide clarification for brand owners

The executive order intends to make social media platforms liable as publishers. Could these efforts change how brand owners bring bad actors to justice? Read more

20 May 2020

How do private investigators assist in brand protection cases?

WTR readers have a last chance to share their perspective on how private investigators are assisting their brand protection work, and the challenges currently being faced when working with PIs. Read more

16 May 2020

From the WTR archive: inside high-profile brand battles

In this latest edition of our series delving into WTR’s unrivalled 17-year archive of trademark content, we present a selection of in-depth pieces focused on disputes involving such names as Apple, Bacardi, Cisco, Michael Jordan, Pernod Ricard and Samsung. Read more

15 May 2020

What the Virgin Media and O2 deal tells us about the branding struggles of telecom providers

The industry’s major players do a poor job of building consumer loyalty, and there is the constant risk of smaller, more flexible companies disrupting the market. Read more


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11 May 2020

How to manage and mitigate brand risks while protecting value during a pandemic

Gabriela Salinas, global managing director of the Brand Finance Institute, takes a deep dive into brand valuation and strength data to provide critical insight into how companies can minimise the impact of covid-19 on their brands. Read more

7 May 2020

Facebook, Amazon and Apple teams top the list as world’s leading corporate trademark professionals revealed

The fourth edition of WTR 300: The World’s Leading Corporate Trademark Professionals identifies the individuals deemed to be the leading lights of the corporate trademark world. Read more

6 May 2020

Michael Gleissner defeated at the EUIPO: lessons from the lawyers at the helm

In an exclusive guest post, lawyers from international law firm Bird & Bird present an inside look at a case they were recently involved in featuring notorious trademark filer Michael Gleissner. Read more

6 May 2020

Private investigators and brand protection: have your say

WTR is inviting trademark industry professionals to share their perspective on how private investigators (PIs) are assisting with brand protection work, and the challenges currently being faced when finding and working with PIs. Read more


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14 May 2020

Are recessions the right time for rebranding after an acquisition? The data offers the answer

New research from Brand Finance suggests that rebranding can be better for long-term brand value. However, a keen eye is needed for each brand’s success. Read more

1 May 2020

Spotify has proven itself to be an essential service during the lockdown, but mustn’t lose focus

The Swedish music streaming service has been given greater access to users who are practicing social distancing. While this time is critical for building brand intimacy, the company cannot lose focus on long-term innovation. Read more

24 Apr 2020

Germany set to bounce back from lockdown measures, but local brands likely to suffer due to international nature

German businesses are globally-minded and utilise the EU and Madrid system to obtain far-reaching trademark coverage. This approach will have unintended consequences, but brands can rely on a stable government to provide support. Read more

17 Apr 2020

Zoom adapts to the highs and lows of mainstream success

The video-conferencing app is now a staple of daily communication, and its trademark holdings reflect how unexpected this success was. Read more


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8 May 2020

Trademark applications will drop during the coronavirus crisis, but globalisation offers hope of a speedy recovery

A new report from TrademarkNow explores the impact of two major recessions on USPTO filings, giving insight into what is to come. Hint: it’s not all doom and gloom. Read more

8 Apr 2020

Online education spikes in the midst of covid-19, adding fuel to an already high-growth market

Remote learning is one of the few industries being boosted by the ongoing crisis, and it could be a make or break moment for brands in this sector. Read more

6 Apr 2020

China’s rapid expansion: a lasting impact on the trademark landscape

Chinese filing data reveals that while trademark output may be slowing down, local IP owners are just getting started as brand values skyrocket and focus turns to foreign registers. Read more

3 Apr 2020

Samsung knows how to stand out from the crowd, and this is key to building its brand equity

The company has survived ups and downs with relative ease by focusing on its core values of quality and innovation. Read more


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16 Jan 2020

Online brand protection takeaways: tales from the trenches

Throughout 2019 WTR hosted a number of events that provided practical, strategic brand protection takeaways. Below are some of the key action points and insights. Read more

8 Feb 2019

How Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader are helping to grow the Disney brand empire

In this week's data focus, we look at how multi-media giant Disney is stockpiling recognisable brands to build out its business operations and adapt to a changing industry. Read more

1 May 2018

Recent and developing trends in false advertising disputes

A group of senior trademark and brand professionals convened in New York in January to discuss recent and developing trends in false advertising law. This special report details some of the key points and presents essential takeaways. Read more

1 Jul 2017

North America Team of the Year: World Wrestling Entertainment

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