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Functionality in the European Union and the United States: converging worlds or diverging approaches?

The two key markets show no sign of reaching a consensus when it comes to assessing this vital aspect of trademark protection. Thankfully, Baker McKenzie’s Vlotina Liakatou, Dyan House and Karen Hays have set out a focused checklist for brand owners looking to protect their intangibles in both regions.

06 May 2021

Exclusive roundtable – IP offices reveal how covid-19 could shape future operations

As remote working has become du jour for many, WTR asks the IP offices of Canada, the European Union, Singapore, South Korea and the United Kingdom to reflect on the ups and downs of operating during a global pandemic – and what might remain of the systems developed over the past year.

29 April 2021

Best practice in brand ownership and tax reporting post-Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola recipe may be the same, but the US Tax Court has ruled that the formula it was using to assign IP rights to subsidiaries is no good. Jonathan G Polak, Todd C Lady and Joseph Balthazor Jr unpick the case for practical tips on how other brands can avoid the same fate.

22 April 2021

How to squeeze the best value out of newly acquired brands – a step-by-step approach

Poorly kept portfolios and badly managed assets can scupper the value of a tempting brand acquisition. However, the careful and methodical approach outlined here can help buyers and sellers alike avoid these pitfalls and maximise the chances of a successful M&A.

15 April 2021

What the rest of the world can learn from Latvia’s dealings with serial filer Michael Gleissner

The voracious filing activities of entrepreneur Michael Gleissner have flummoxed IP experts around the world for years. A closer look at a series of courtroom battles in one European country could help to pull back the curtain.

08 April 2021

Practice tips for combatting counterfeiters: an action plan for brands, manufacturers and retailers

Anti-counterfeiting cannot be a spectator sport – it needs players all through the supply chain. Robert Masters, Lisa Martens and Katy Carlyle at Sheppard Mullin have drawn up a clear strategy for both first and second-line defence in the US market.

01 April 2021

Green brands: how trademark law can promote sustainable business practices

While much has been written about how to protect green innovations using patents or utility models, trademarks could prove an unexpected ally for advocates of sustainability, especially when it comes to developing the market for environmental products and services.

25 March 2021

From Skykick to Brexit: the five EU developments every trademark expert needs to know about

We examine key takeaways from the biggest cases of the past 12 months and take a deep dive into what Brexit means for EU trademark owners.

18 March 2021

A countdown of the biggest trademark lessons from US courts in 2020

A whistlestop tour of US case law offers brand owners crucial pointers covering everything from generic.com marks to what constitutes useful trade dress.

11 March 2021

The top 25 trademark industry influencers – revealed

WTR identifies the movers and shakers set to shape the trademark landscape over the next couple of years.

04 March 2021

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