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A year of fraud at the USPTO: why more needs to be done to tackle trademark filing scams

After an unprecedented rise in fraud targeting users at the USPTO, we look back at a tempestuous year of scams and identify more actions that can be taken to protect users in the future.

20 January 2022

Nine ways to keep costs down: corporate insight

In-house leaders in a range of industries share their top tips on how to get the most out of available tools when budgets are tight.

13 January 2022

The USPTO year in review: exclusive interview with trademark commissioner David Gooder

WTR sits down with USPTO Trademark Commissioner David Gooder to hear his perspective on the biggest changes that have taken place at the agency in 2021.

16 December 2021

USPTO trends and top filers: FY2021

Featured in Trademark register tracker

Our annual assessment of the US trademark landscape sheds light on the unexpected jump in filings, reveals the top filers and much more.

02 December 2021

One action, many targets: the litigation strategies behind multiple-seller counterfeiting cases

To combat the tactics used by sophisticated online sellers, a number of brands have successfully implemented litigation programmes seeking asset restraints against multiple seller aliases in a single case.

25 November 2021

Reputation is key: how to protect and monetise image rights

Image rights can attract valuations in the millions. However, reputation management and the correct ownership structure are key to building and maintaining value.

11 November 2021

Inside China’s evolving approach to tackling bad-faith trademarks

The authorities and legislative bodies in China have been implementing a range of measures to tackle the rampant problem of bad-faith applications targeting third-party brands. However, for rights holders, the nuance is all important.

28 October 2021

What more can your firm do for LGBTQ+ equality?

Diversity officers at the top-ranking firms for LGBTQ+ equality unpick the fundamentals of an effective D&I strategy.

14 October 2021

Understanding brand value – insider insights from INTA

INTA speaks exclusively to WTR about brand evaluation versus valuation and why it is so important for brand professionals to play an active role in the calculation process.

30 September 2021

How to weather the coming storm of ex parte cancellations

Winterfeldt IP Group’s Brian Winterfeldt and David Rome prepare for the purge of ex parte cancellations in the United States by offering practical considerations and key strategies for brand owners and practitioners alike.

16 September 2021

11 steps to build your firm’s brand and win more clients

Elyssa LeFevre Chayo of Firm Forward LLC sets out key ways to help IP law firms practice what they preach when it comes to strategic brand management.

09 September 2021

Online brand protection strategies 2021

Featured in Community insights

WTR has polled a select group of corporate and law firm trademark professionals to gauge the extent to which the shift to online shopping during successive covid-19 lockdowns has led to a growing rise in trademark violations – and to dig deep into how those on the receiving end are fighting back.

02 September 2021

Practical strategies for protecting and enforcing cannabis brands across North America

There are big differences in how cannabis trademarks are treated in the United States and Canada. Shabnam Malek of Brand & Branch in California and Graham Hood of Smart & Biggar LLP in Ontario pull together key recommendations for developing a brand that is robust across both jurisdictions.

26 August 2021

Asia-Pacific trends and top filers: 2020

Featured in Trademark register tracker

WTR’s annual Asia-Pacific deep dive is here, revealing 2020’s top corporate and law firm filers, major trends and everything in between.

19 August 2021

Brand valuation in Hong Kong – top tips from the front line

Brands are well suited to IP trading but how do you set their value? OLN IP Services Limited’s Benjamin Choi provides an insider perspective of the Hong Kong branding landscape, along with exclusive advice for overseas rights holders.

12 August 2021

Exclusive roundtable – how four leading IP offices are cracking down on scams and fraudulent activity

Scams targeting trademark owners are fast becoming commonplace and increasingly sophisticated. Four leading IP offices share their insights on which scams are most prevalent, what you can do to stay safe, the resources on offer to help and how offices are collaborating across borders to fight fraudsters.

05 August 2021

GI, PDO or TSG? How to choose the best options for traditional food and drink in Europe

Producers of traditional European food and drink have a buffet of IP rights to choose from. Baker McKenzie’s Claire France and Jessica Le Gros provide a straightforward guide to making the right selection.

29 July 2021

Why design patents are such a potent weapon for US enforcement

Applications for US design patents have increased by 50% over the past decade. Debevoise & Plimpton’s Megan Bannigan, Justin Ferrone and Anna Rennich analyse why so many brand owners are taking this route to bypass trade dress obstacles.

22 July 2021

Tips from the best: how an industry leader recruits, develops and motivates trademark talent

The covid-19 pandemic and increase in remote working has highlighted that any team’s success is rooted in its talent. FIFA’s Daniel Zohny shares an insider’s view of how to recruit and motivate a stellar roster of trademark experts fit to face any and all obstacles.

08 July 2021

Top filers, unprecedented applications and a transformed landscape: a year in the life of the EUIPO

Featured in EUIPO Filing Elite 2021

Worrying drops in filing levels followed by record highs have made for an eventful year at the EUIPO. WTR’s Trevor Little considers how these and other events are affecting the IP ecosystem and could affect the future of the register itself.

01 July 2021

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