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Anatomy of a solicitation scheme: victim speaks out on dubious tactics of low-cost filing platform

Featured in WTR investigation exclusives

February 2023: In an exclusive investigation, WTR can reveal how a suspicious trademark filing entity lured in a small business owner via an allegedly misleading Google ad.

28 February 2023

Why lack of distinctiveness is increasingly cited by Chinese authorities for trademark refusals

In this guest analysis, Vivian He and Yakuan Wang from Han Kun Law Offices break down the primary reasons for trademark refusals at the CNIPA.

23 February 2023

Raising IP awareness and promoting entrepreneurship: inside the EUIPO’s education outreach efforts

In an exclusive interview, senior executives at the EUIPO discuss the importance of IP education and the office’s efforts to promote it through a range of parallel and multipronged initiatives.

09 February 2023

Why brand owners should celebrate the China Supreme Court’s 2023 Interpretation of Trademark Criminal Cases

New interpretations show that criminal amendments are not just lip service, they are being taken seriously by the authorities.

01 February 2023

USPTO trends and top filers: FY2022

Featured in Trademark register tracker

Our annual assessment of the US brand landscape reveals the top filers and representatives, volatile application trends, and much more.

26 January 2023

Why ChatGPT is a “game changer” for trademark professionals – an academic’s perspective

In an exclusive column, academic Cameron Shackell, founder and CEO of AI firm GeneriTrend, takes a deep-dive into the practical ways that ChatGPT could assist trademark professionals.

19 January 2023

"Law firms need to move faster": leading firms offer advice to improve DEI in legal profession

In an exclusive roundtable, DEI officers at global firms Dentons, Mayer Brown and White & Case discuss key initiatives, data collection and client collaboration to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession.

12 January 2023

USPTO year in review 2022: exclusive interview with agency’s senior management

Senior executives at the USPTO outline key developments and challenges that occurred over the past 12 months and reveal future plans at the agency, in an exclusive sit-down with WTR.

22 December 2022

To litigate or not to litigate? The ultimate guide to multi-jurisdictional cases

Simmons & Simmons’ Paul Tjiam and Edwin van der Velde offer step-by-step practical and legal recommendations of what to consider and when in cross-border infringement litigation.

15 December 2022

Asia-Pacific IP offices: a year in review and what to expect in 2023

WTR presents insights from representatives at major IP offices across the Asia-Pacific region to share their highlights from 2022 and what trademark practitioners should look out for in the coming months.

08 December 2022

The Spotify approach to intellectual asset mapping and how it deepens brand understanding

Spotify’s framework allows for detailed understanding of the way that a broad array of potential brand assets can drive value for knowledge companies.

01 December 2022

European IP offices: a year in review and what to expect in 2023

As 2023 nears, representatives from major IP offices across Europe share their annual highlights and what trademark practitioners should look out for in the future.

24 November 2022

How NIL rights are reshaping the US college athletic landscape

A public debate has been raging around pay for student athletes, who have historically gone uncompensated while larger institutions profit from their name, image and likenesses. Amy Piccola and Levi Schy of Saul Ewing LLP discuss key takeaways from the latest round of changes.

17 November 2022

Tackling cross-border online infringement: key takeaways from Mary Kay v Alibaba

Brand owners need to take great care when devising their enforcement and litigation strategies when it comes to online platforms. Deacons’ Charmaine Koo and Alibaba Group's senior legal counsel Iris Li share some key takeaways from the decision that has solidified Hong Kong’s stance on cross-border online infringement.

10 November 2022

How to stand out in a crowded US register: new approaches for pharma marks

A crowded Class 5 requires new approaches to the challenges associated with selecting and clearing pharmaceutical trademarks in the United States.

03 November 2022

Major sporting events: IP challenges and opportunities for Web 3.0

The economics of events such as the FIFA World cup and the Olympic Games are changing rapidly, as is their sponsorship. With vast sums changing corporate hands, Lorenzo Litta of BRANDIT analyses what IP lawyers need to do to stay ahead as the online environment continues to evolve.

27 October 2022

How US franchises are weathering the storms of the Turbulent Twenties

The world of franchising is more uncertain than ever, with global stresses compounded by tension between the needs of an independent business owner and the long-term plans of a franchisor team.

20 October 2022

Seven key opportunities for IP lawyers in the NFT space

New challenges created by NFTs are causing headaches for brand owners across the world, but canny IP professionals could be the salve. Acacia Law partner and crypto expert Mark Warburton explores the numerous ways that brand protection is required in this fledgling space.

13 October 2022

Enforcing IP rights in the United Arab Emirates' new and improved legislative landscape

In March, a new Trademark Law came into effect, bringing sweeping changes to policy including a major upgrade to enforcement mechanisms. Rajiv Suri of Alsuwaidi & Company provides invaluable advice on IP strategy for this newly brand-friendly jurisdiction.

06 October 2022

The WHOIS blackout: the past, present and future of domain enforcement

The ability to enforce in the domain space has nosedived in the past few years, with new privacy laws restricting the availability of domain registrants’ personal data. Experts explain how rights holders can most effectively shape the future of the domain space.

29 September 2022

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