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Trademark professionals express cautious optimism as covid brings new normal

Exclusive findings from this year’s WTR Benchmarking Survey reveal how in-house trademark departments have adjusted to the easing of covid restrictions around the world – and the significant brand protection challenges that corporate IP professionals now face.

04 August 2022

The problem with pay: are UK firms doing enough to reduce the gender pay gap?

Data analysis of recent gender pay gap reports from top trademark firms reveals a worrying trend across the legal industry.

28 July 2022

How to future proof your corporate domain-name strategy

Domain names has been a rapidly evolving space since inception and now with NFT domains and a second round of new gTLDs currently ramping up, it is more critical than ever to plan ahead. Chris Melka of Clarivate takes a deep dive into the most critical factors to consider.

21 July 2022

Landmark ruling could turn the tide against trademark hijackers in China

The Fujian High Court has upheld a ruling finding against persistent trademark hijackers, a critical issue in China’s IP landscape. DLA Piper’s Horace Lam and Allen Xu explore why the case is such a big step forward for brand owners in China.

14 July 2022

Regulating online shopping after the pandemic

The growth of e-commerce and m-commerce is making life easy for counterfeiters, but legislators and courts may yet come to the rescue of IP owners, while consumers are becoming more receptive to messages about brand integrity.

07 July 2022

A year at the EUIPO: an in-depth interview with executive director Christian Archambeau

In these volatile times, WTR’s Trevor Little sits down with the EUIPO’s Christian Archambeau to discuss how the trademark landscape is faring and how the office is innovating in response, including its use of blockchain and AI, as well as new API-based initiatives.

30 June 2022

Surveying Asia’s IP valuation landscape

Although various government-led programmes have emerged over the years to encourage more valuation activity, professionals reveal that a lack of transaction data and an absence of corporate buy-in is preventing it from taking off.

23 June 2022

How to protect brands in the metaverse

NFTs and other emerging tech are mobilising a tidal wave of capital, with law makers and courts desperately trying to catch up, Evan Rothstein and Hafeez Khan of Arnold & Porter take a deep dive into current IP laws and cases, to shine a light into this emerging space.

16 June 2022

Why notice and takedowns are not enough alone

Notice and takedown strategies might appear to be a magic bullet for soaring levels of online counterfeits, piracy and frauds. However, Jose Werner of Dannemann Siemsen explains why they should not come at the expense of real-world action and may cause more harm than good, depending on the industry sector and particularities of the case.

09 June 2022

Top 10 tips for trademark litigation success in China

Carol Wang of Lusheng Law Firm drills down into the vital elements of a winning litigation strategy for brand owners in China and why it is vital to have a solid and comprehensive foundation before launching a civil lawsuit.

02 June 2022

How the KIPO became the world’s most innovative IP office

In an exclusive interview with WTR, Korean Intellectual Property Office commissioner Kim Yongrae reveals recent changes at the agency and some of the key focuses for the years ahead.

26 May 2022

How to steer your brand clear of the culture wars

Today’s audiences are poles apart on many big issues and this gulf is only widening. Dezenhall Resources’ Josh Culling digs deep into what brand managers can do to reach all their consumers and avoid actions that may cause more reputational harm than benefit.

19 May 2022

Five years of the IP Office Innovation Ranking: lessons learned and hopes for the future

Since 2017, WTR has tracked the non-core tools and services offered by IP offices around the world, highlighting the latest innovations as practitioners continue to level up. To mark half a decade of analysis, we present the key developments in the IP-office landscape, as well as predictions for the future.

12 May 2022

Why CNIPA doesn’t suspend trademark procedures in cases of pending prejudicial procedure

China’s Trademark Law provides no guidance for the suspension or coordination of dependent cases, although there are provisions in the rules of certain procedures. Fabio Giacopello of HFG shines a light onto this murky area and provides actionable advice.

05 May 2022

Repairing, refurbishing, embellishing and upcycling – where are the limits on modifying branded goods?

Bryan Wheelock of Harness IP analyses a slew of cases involving modification – including the high-profile Nike Satan Shoes litigation – to tease out the subtle nuances on which a finding of infringement can hinge in this grey area.

28 April 2022

How to enforce against the unreachable: notes on design patent infringement practice

Brands are increasingly threatened by online direct-to-consumer counterfeits, especially when sales originate from jurisdictions such as China. Greer, Burns & Crain’s Amy Ziegler, Justin Gaudio, Allyson Martin and Rachel Miller offer thorough guidance on enforcing IP rights against counterfeiters in the most difficult jurisdictions to police.

21 April 2022

How to build a world-class IP practice

High-quality legal work alone is no longer enough to set law firms apart in a competitive environment. Those at the top analyse factors that add value for clients and explore why innovation and diversity are no longer optional extras.

14 April 2022

New TLDs - leading perspectives and recommendations for online branding strategies

With a new round of TLDs imminent at ICANN, Jeanette (Söderlund) Eriksson – domain name lawyer and consultant as well as Desktop.com vice president marketing & brand protection – analyses the interests of five key stakeholder groups and the perspectives of thought leaders in the field, to extrapolate top takeaways for brand owners.

07 April 2022

A brand owner’s guide to creating a customs outreach and training programme in Asia

While ASEAN states have been hit by rocketing levels of counterfeits, rights holders need to tailor the support they offer depending on each country’s IP border control situation, argues Rouse’s Adelaide Yu.

31 March 2022

Perimeter defence: regulatory tools to halt counterfeits at US borders

Providing an identification guide to help US Customs distinguish their goods from sophisticated counterfeits is a powerful option for rights holders to save time and resources, and to stop the flow of infringements more quickly

24 March 2022

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