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In the race to be a hub of innovation, the UK risks falling behind in its AI capabilities

A new legal framework may be required to govern AI and IP rights, especially in a globalised digital economy.

16 September 2023

New research paper details challenges and bias facing women in IP

Interviews with women in Australia and New Zealand recounted an overwhelming number of negative experiences, although the participants in the study remain optimistic about the future.

07 September 2023

Award-winning in-housers answer four simple questions

Department heads at some of the world’s biggest brands reveal what it takes to build a winning IP strategy.

31 August 2023

Business development, customer experience and a wider network: new INTA Asia-Pacific chief reveals plans for the future

INTA chief representative officer for Asia-Pacific Walter Chia reflects on his first six months in office and his ambitions for the role going forward.

14 August 2023

NFTs and IP: tracking the latest global case law

Meera Chature Sankhari and Sheetal Sharma at Jupiter Law Partners examine landmark judgments from around the world to reveal the precedents shaping the legal framework surrounding NFTs and intellectual property.

10 August 2023

Reeling in the Rogers test: the future of First Amendment defences

From parody dog toys to anti-Trump t-shirts, US practitioners reflect on recent cases that raise difficult and longstanding questions about the line between trademark abuse and protected expression.

27 July 2023

Revealed: the biggest portfolios in Asia-Pacific

We scrutinise the data to reveal the 50 companies with the largest portfolios in five major jurisdictions.

13 July 2023

SEPs, an expanding IP remit and the future: in-depth interview with the EUIPO’s executive director

WTR sits down with EUIPO executive director Christian Archambeau to explore office operations, its readiness to take on new responsibilities, and what the future may hold.

06 July 2023

“Just terrible”: team restructuring news raises concern over IP protection efforts on Lazada

Lazada’s reported decision to restructure its brand protection team paints a worrying picture for the future of IP rights on the e-commerce platform, local professionals say.

28 June 2023

Trademark operations benchmarking (law firm practice) 2023

Featured in Community insights

WTR takes an in-depth look at the responses from law firm trademark practitioners in the 2023 WTR Benchmarking Survey.

22 June 2023

Trademark operations benchmarking 2023 (corporate practice)

Featured in Community insights

We delve into the key corporate findings from this year’s WTR Benchmarking Survey, presenting a panoramic view of this ever-changing landscape.

08 June 2023

INTA CEO on Singapore, EUIPO candidacy and future Annual Meeting locations

As the INTA Annual Meeting entered its home stretch, WTR sat down with CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo to reflect on his Singapore experience and the future of the association.

22 May 2023

Expanding the runway: what fashion brands need to know about entering the metaverse

IP experts at Crowell & Moring assess the opportunities and challenges of entering the metaverse, offering fashion brands a ‘how to’ guide for mitigating risks, detecting infringement and developing protection strategies in this evolving space.

16 May 2023

Combatting genericisation through civil action in China

Steve Zhao and Lily Dong of GEN Law Firm highlight the strategies and legal remedies available to brand owners seeking to prevent the genericisation of their trademarks in China, including an innovative approach demonstrated in two recent milestone cases.

11 May 2023

Copyright terms and trademark rights: a practitioner’s guide to the US public domain

In this guest analysis, Coates IP partners Allisen Rae Pawlenty and Stephen Jadie Coates navigate the limits of the US public domain and derivative works, offering practical advice to IP practitioners.

04 May 2023

Tackling bad-faith trademarks in Mexico: what you need to know

Mexico's federal IP law has provided a new definition for bad faith and – crucially – the legal basis to enforce against it.

20 April 2023

Seven practical steps to future-proof brand protection in Web 3.0

Taylor Wessing’s Christian Tenkhoff, Tamara Herzog and Sylvia Burgess-Tate outline the current issues facing brands in the metaverse and Web 3.0, offering seven simple – and relatively inexpensive – steps to prepare for the digital future.

06 April 2023

Inside Tokopedia’s anti-counterfeiting enforcement efforts

Tokopedia’s vice president of risk management discusses the platform’s latest efforts to support brand owners in the fight against fakes.

30 March 2023

Going green in the UK: the role of trademarks in sustainable branding

Emma Pallister, chartered trademark attorney at HGF, explores how UK businesses can use trademarks to their advantage in their sustainability efforts and some of the common pitfalls of ‘green’ branding.

22 March 2023

Trademark Modernisation Act: what we learned after one year

Thompson Coburn's Shoko Naruo and Brendan Bement provide a year in review of the US Trademark Modernisation Act, examining the number of expungement/reexamination petitions filed, their results and the effectiveness of the new procedures.

09 March 2023

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