Four jurisdictions agree to adopt list of acceptable goods and services

Trademark owners who apply to register their marks in Singapore, the United States, Japan and the European Union will soon be able to avail themselves of a harmonisation of specifications of goods and services acceptable to the respective registries, namely:
These four registries signed a memorandum of cooperation on December 15 2010 to validate an agreed list of goods and services that would be acceptable or otherwise in all four jurisdictions. The list of acceptable goods and services, incorporated in a list known as the 'Trilateral List', will be an expansion of the current Nice Classification.
With this Trilateral List, trademark applicants in any of the four jurisdictions will be able to rely on and/or claim goods and services from this list. In doing so, their trademark applications are unlikely to face specification objections by the four registries. This should help facilitate the processing of applications and reduce the costs associated with office actions issued in relation to specification objections.
With the establishment of the Trilateral List, a wider and more extensive list of acceptable goods and services will be available to trademark owners to adopt, if and where appropriate in the context of their business activities. This should help reduce uncertainty in terms of the descriptions of goods and services that are acceptable to the four registries, hence promoting consistency and efficiency in the examination of specification objections among the four jurisdictions.
Kevin Wong and Kiran Dharsan, Ella Cheong Spruson & Ferguson, Singapore

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