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Yemen cancelling US-owned marks; G7 heads to the metaverse; Syria ups fees – IP office updates

In this latest update, we look at the Taiwan office offering Japan earthquake applicant relief, Lithuania launching trademark mediation, and much more.

03 January 2024

What impact will the EU Digital Services Act have on global e-commerce in 2024?

Corsearch director, brand protection and head of intellectual property Mike Sweeney examines the wide-reaching effects of the EU Digital Services Act on IP protection and e-commerce.

01 January 2024

What the future holds for AI and IP

AI dominated the news in 2023 – and will again in 2024. Debevoise experts Megan Bannigan, Chris Ford and Sam Allaman examine the future of class action copyright claims, the fair use defence, and other pressing issues.

30 December 2023

A pivotal moment with "big plans" ahead – INTA’s year in review

INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo reflects on a successful year and the association’s “big plans” for 2024.

28 December 2023

Societal changes, increased demand and customer satisfaction – UKIPO’s year in review

UKIPO deputy CEO and director of services Andy Bartlett reflects on a busy year and the agency’s future in a world that “does not stand still”.

27 December 2023

AI booms as overall filing activity returns to normal – 2023 at major trademark offices

Clarivate’s director of content strategy, IP, Robert Reading, reflects on the year’s biggest filing trends – and offers his predictions on what to expect from applicants in 2024.

26 December 2023

USPTO year in review 2023: exclusive interview with trademark commissioner David Gooder

USPTO Trademark Commissioner David Gooder sits down with WTR to outline key developments and challenges at the agency over the past 12 months.

21 December 2023

Finland raises fees; USPTO confirms new Atlanta office; EUIPO welcomes ARIPO leaders – IP office updates

In this latest update, we look at the G7 IP office heads signing a joint statement on diversity, the Swiss IP office reporting an 8% decline in trademark applications, and much more.

20 December 2023

Revealed: the world’s most active in-house prosecution teams

WTR data analysis uncovers the companies filing the highest number of trademarks in-house – and those filing the highest number across the globe.

20 December 2023

32% trademark fee increase imminent in Canada

CIPO has increased its fees for the first time in almost 20 years, in an effort to help reduce its substantial backlog of unexamined applications.

18 December 2023

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