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INAPI issues proposal for new IP regulations: what you need to know

Although the regulations necessary for the coming into force of the amended Industrial Property Law have yet to be officially published, INAPI has recently set the standards for the final regulations.

25 January 2022

Proposed amendments to the three basic industrial property laws: what you need to know

The purpose of the amendments is to offer greater legal certainty and clarify some confusing aspects.

24 January 2022

Why the SPECTACLES trademark case is one to watch

With technology company Snap taking the USPTO to court for rejecting the registration of a SPECTACLES trademark, Phillips Nizer partner Alan Behr outlines his thoughts on the dispute in our latest opinion column.

22 January 2022

A year of fraud at the USPTO: why more needs to be done to tackle trademark filing scams

After an unprecedented rise in fraud targeting users at the USPTO, we look back at a tempestuous year of scams and identify more actions that can be taken to protect users in the future.

20 January 2022

Good news for brand owners as DIP updates expedited trademark procedures

Changes to the existing ‘Renewal Fast-Track’ programme and ‘First Action Fast-Track’ programme, as well as a new notification on expedited trademark examination, will be welcomed by trademark owners and practitioners.

19 January 2022

UK government maintains current exhaustion regime – for now

The UK government has announced that its current exhaustion of IP rights regime will continue following a consultation over possible changes. However, the announcement comes with a big caveat.

19 January 2022

Lacoste sues Marks & Spencer; Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard; North Korea registers eight trademarks – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at data pointing to a Brexit trademark stampede, fashion brands being warned over greenwashing, and more.

18 January 2022

Legal reforms in the UAE: what does this mean for brand owners?

The United Arab Emirates has formally approved some of the most extensive legal reforms ever seen in the country, which include major changes in the IP space.

17 January 2022

Singapore introduces IP Amendment Bill to streamline processes and improve legislative clarity

WTR talks with a local expert on what the implications are for brand owners and any potential roadblocks to implementation.

14 January 2022

Russia to join Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement, further integrating into global IP system

The move is expected to have significant protection benefits for local and international brands.

14 January 2022

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