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EU Parliament approves GI protection for crafts and industrial products

The EUIPO will oversee GI protection of crafts and industrial products, under legislation approved yesterday by the European Parliament.

13 September 2023

USPTO delays post-registration provisions; BPTO disinformation warning – IP office updates

In this latest update, the Indian IP authority is asked to report on regulations for IP agents, the Hong Kong IP department celebrates 25 years of its “No Fakes Pledge”, and much more.

13 September 2023

Recent announcements by Cambodia’s trademark office: what you need to know

Two recent announcements by the Department of Intellectual Property Rights will have implications for brand owners.

13 September 2023

Live updates: IP offices respond and implement measures in wake of invasion of Ukraine

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, WTR will regularly update users on the formal responses and measures that national IP offices have announced.

12 September 2023

Singapore launches world’s first intangibles disclosure framework

The first-of-its-kind framework enables businesses to disclose their intangible assets systematically and comprehensively, but will require a “collective effort from private-public partnerships”.

11 September 2023

“A lot of trouble” – warning for buyers as USPTO takes action against trademarks filed by auction site TrademarkSea

The Hong Kong-based company which owns trademark auction platform TrademarkSea is the target of an ongoing director-initiated USPTO investigation into its filings, WTR can reveal.

07 September 2023

UKIPO Brexit update; USPTO verification requirements; Laos reviews IP Law – IP office updates

In this latest update, the EUIPO expands its eSearch Case Law database, the Chilean IP office introduces free downloads of registration titles, and much more.

06 September 2023

Formation of unified IP authority sparks new era of brand protection in Egypt

The Egyptian government has marked a "transformative milestone" with the formation of the Egyptian Intellectual Property Authority.

05 September 2023

Turkish government increases fees and VAT rates for IP services

Companies and foreign rights holders must review their budgets and financial strategies to effectively accommodate changes to official fees and VAT rates. Adapting to these revised increases will help businesses to ensure compliance and avoid any potential penalties.

31 August 2023

“Too little, too late”: commentators react to USPTO response to stalking and threats against examiners

The USPTO is being urged to protect its employees more effectively after multiple reports of examining attorneys being subject to harassment from trademark applicants.

30 August 2023

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