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IPOPHL impostor warning; India well-known trademarks update; Sweden filings decline – IP office updates

In this latest update, we look at the EUIPO publishing revised BoA Rules of Procedure, the Macedonian IP office appointing a new deputy director, and much more.

21 February 2024

USPTO, DPMA and EUIPO see filings decline; boom in UK filings abroad proves temporary

WTR analyses trademark filing trends at major North American and European registers.

20 February 2024

DNPI resolution recognises and regulates non-traditional trademarks

Pursuant to Resolution No 18/23, it will be possible to register position, pattern, motion and multimedia marks from 1 March 2024.

20 February 2024

Recurring issues and delays at the Trademark Registry - why stakeholder confidence is being eroded

It is crucial that the registry takes some steps to address the failings of the current online filing platform.

19 February 2024

Office actions relating to International Registrations designating Brazil: what you need to know

While the number of office actions issued by INPI is low compared to the total amount of International Registrations prosecuted in Brazil at the start of 2024, such office actions could arguably have been avoided.

16 February 2024

Navigating Patent Protection Within the Context of AI

Featured in Inside India’s IP Market: a Guide 2024

India is currently witnessing a paradigm shift in the creation of novel and creative works. The proliferation of AI is resulting in a complex landscape for patent offices, inventors and policymakers to navigate. Addressing these challenges is crucial for maintaining the balance between fostering innovation and upholding the principles of patent law.

15 February 2024

More USPTO AI guidance; Norway fee changes; Germany copyright expansion – IP office updates

In our latest update, we look at trademark filings declining at the French IP office, WIPO furthering IP initiatives in Central America, IP offices returning from Lunar New Year celebrations, and much more.

14 February 2024

Trademark Gazette now published twice a month: what you need to know

The bi-monthly publication of the Trademark Gazette will speed up the registration process, thus supporting the objectives of the implementation of the accelerated procedure.

14 February 2024

“Your in-house mandate must change”: 2024 INTA president on evolution of trademark profession

Dana Northcott, 2024 president of INTA, sits down with WTR to discuss the evolution of trademark attorneys to general counsel for brands, INTA’s future focuses and what members can expect from the 2024 Annual Meeting.

12 February 2024

UK government sets aside plan for AI and copyright code of practice

After eight months of talks, industry leaders in the United Kingdom’s tech, media and creative industries have been unable to agree on a voluntary code of practice for AI developers.

07 February 2024

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