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World Trademark Review offers an extensive range of special reports and supplements providing insights into the strategic protection, management and exploitation of trademarks. Available in print and online formats, the special reports range from jurisdictional guides to trademark, design and enforcement law to industry-specific analysis and trademark management best practice. All the reports and supplements are written by the world’s leading experts in the fields of trademark law, brand protection and strategic brand asset management.

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China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2022

Throughout China: Managing the IP Lifecycle, contributors provide valuable updates on a range of trademark and patent topics from every stage of the IP lifecycle in China.

EUIPO Filing Elite 2021

Welcome to the new edition of WTR EUIPO Filing Elite, an important publication that explores the European trademark landscape and presents cutting edge insights from the industry’s foremost law firm filers at the EUIPO.

World Trademark Review Yearbook: A global guide for practitioners 2021/2022

A simple, easy-to-use digest of trademark regulation in key jurisdictions across the globe.

WTR Global Leaders 2021

WTR Global Leaders draws on our market-leading research projects – the WTR 1000 and the WTR 300 – to identify the best of the best in trademark practice.

Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2021

A practical, country-by-country analysis of anti-counterfeiting procedure written by the world's leading firms.

The Guide to IP Arbitration

This timely guide sets out how arbitration can be tailored to meet the needs of IP owners and dispels some of the myths surrounding its use.

Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2021

Welcome to Trademark Litigation: A Global Guide 2021, the fifth edition of this indispensable resource.

China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2021

China: Managing the IP Lifecycle is a repository of timely reference information for users of China’s trademark and patent systems.

The Global IP Awards: Key Insights from IP Leaders 2020

Thought leadership from legal industry leaders

India: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2020

Detailed articles exploring the key themes that emerge across the IP lifecycle in India.

Designs: A Global Guide 2020

A simple, easy-to-use digest of some of the main issues involved in the protection, enforcement and exploitation of designs.

Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A Global Guide 2020/2021

A comparative overview of the main areas of trademark and related law as they affect pharmaceuticals in key countries.

China: Managing the IP Lifecycle 2019/2020

Exploring the issues facing IP owners in China as they seek to secure, protect and commercialise their rights.

Country Correspondents

Our Country Correspondents, leading firms from countries across the globe, take a detailed look at specific topics affecting trademark owners. Read more


In World Trademark Review’s roundtable features, trademark counsel debate current industry issues, presenting strategic advice, best practice and insider know-how. Read more