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Western Balkans

25 NOVEMBER 2021

When refiling is a better option than renewing

There are valuable strategic benefits to refiling a trademark that has gone unused instead of renewing it - particularly in Serbia and Kosovo - with avoiding cancellation due to non-use being just one.

28 OCTOBER 2021

Key knowledge for filing oppositions in the Balkans

While oppositions are a crucial tool throughout the Balkans, local knowledge of everything from proof of use, lack of response, relative grounds, hearings and appeals processes, is critical for trademark filing success.


Seven rules for overcoming provisional refusal based on relative grounds in Serbia

In February 2020 Serbian IP regulations overhauled its opposition system, however the Serbian IP Office may still examine new applications for relative grounds for refusal. These seven tips will help trademark owners unfamiliar with the system to avoid provisional refusals and therefore save time and expense.

15 JULY 2021

Guide to (re)protecting IP rights in Kosovo

As the number of trademark trolls in Kosovo increases, it is vital that brand owners ensure that their IP portfolios are secure.

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