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27 JANUARY 2022

How to protect NFT patents in Mexico

The phenomena of NFTs has created a stir in the patent and trademark world, and now Mexican legislation is having to play catch-up with EPO policy. Consequently, it is vital to have some local knowledge when it comes to protecting NFT patents in Mexico.

13 JANUARY 2022

Fresh case may force IMPI to reconsider stance on e-signatures

A decision from the Circuit Court of Appeals may prompt a re-evaluation on how e-signatures – the use of which has seen a significant uptick due to lockdowns and remote working – are accepted in assignment agreements and other trademark contracts.

11 NOVEMBER 2021

How to prevent trademark rights lapsing under new law

A new law obliges trademark owners to submit a declaration of actual and effective use if they are not to risk losing their rights to trademark registrations.

04 NOVEMBER 2021

Rights holders succeed in changing Mexican legislation on certification marks

Trademark owners and local IP associations have successfully lobbied the government to change rules that made certification marks vulnerable to non-use cancellation actions, thus protecting consumers and bringing Mexico into line with other major jurisdictions.

14 OCTOBER 2021

Global Innovation Index reveals how Mexico can create a world-leading innovation economy

Fresh data from WIPO suggests that Mexico’s innovation and IP environment could be greatly improved by strengthening governmental institutions and the rule of law, as well as further investing in the countries key products and industries. Further, it suggests intellectual property has a significant role to play in boosting population-wide economic benefits.


How to accelerate your patent application at Mexico’s IP office

Those applying for a patent in Mexico who already have a patent established elsewhere, should consider the Patent Prosecution Highway and the Patent Parallel Grant, as they could allow a fast track to success.


WIPO investigations suggest IP activities can boost revenue for companies and aid economic recovery

Well-considered IP laws and enforcement can be a major force for economic recovery – particularly in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. Previous WIPO investigations that reveal what companies can do to boost their revenue and contribute to economic growth.


Why the Mexican government is redistributing counterfeit goods

The Mexican president has announced that seized counterfeits will be redistributed to low-income populations, raising fears that this policy violates not only IP rights, but also federal laws and international treaties.

19 AUGUST 2021

New agency to improve the enforcement of IP rights at the Mexican border

A new autonomous customs body looks set to give a significant boost to Mexico’s fight against counterfeits, particularly with regard to fake goods entering the country.

10 JUNE 2021

What are NFTs and how are they protected in Mexico?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have garnered much attention since digital artworks began selling for millions. However, it is unclear how these virtual assets can be protected. Experts consider the Mexican IP landscape and where NFTs fit in.

13 MAY 2021

New rules for filing voluntary divisional applications in Mexico explained

The Federal Law for the Protection of Industrial Property came into force at the end of 2020, bringing in major changes with regard to filing divisional patent applications. Mexican IP professionals provide a rundown of the key aspects of the new law.

11 MARCH 2021

How to demonstrate acquired distinctiveness in Mexico

Acquired distinctiveness is a concept that has only recently been introduced into Mexican trademark law. Here is all you need to know about proving it in trademark applications.

05 NOVEMBER 2020

How new labelling and packaging specifications are affecting marketing and legal practice in Mexico

As Mexico brings in stricter measures to curb obesity rates, the new limits on product packaging are having serious repercussions in the trademark landscape.

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