How a hands-on approach helps FSC IP counsel push sustainable brand message

In an exclusive interview, Ugreson Maistry, trademark and IP counsel at the Forest Stewardship Council, reveals why teaming up with industry players not only benefits the environment, but also helps raise the profile of sustainability groups.

How a hands-on approach helps FSC IP counsel push sustainable brand message
“It is a balancing act – cost versus risk”: exclusive insight on managing the H&M portfolio
1 Jun 2021

“It is a balancing act – cost versus risk”: exclusive insight on managing the H&M portfolio

Legal counsel and H&M veteran Björn Norberg reveals how IP protection has changed at the Swedish high-street giant over the past 20 years.

How Christian Louboutin is breaking IP boundaries: exclusive interview with group general counsel
26 May 2021

How Christian Louboutin is breaking IP boundaries: exclusive interview with group general counsel

Christian Louboutin group general counsel Xavier Ragot reveals how the legal department at one of the world’s most famous luxury brands has spent the past decade improving education and awareness in the IP space to fight counterfeiting and protect its iconic red sole mark.


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29 Apr 2021

“We see it; we learn of it; we pursue it” – brand enforcement and licensing tips from Nestlé USA

WTR sits down with Christa Cole, head of legal brand development, enforcement and licensing at Nestlé USA Inc, to hear how a three-person team handles the company’s highest-grossing portfolio. Read more

10 Mar 2021

Brand enforcement is “an art, not a science” – exclusive interview with Marriott’s Elisabeth Escobar

In a candid conversation with Elisabeth Escobar, WTR hears how the hotel company has weathered the storm faced by the hotel sector in the pandemic. Read more

29 Jan 2021

Diversifying your attack strategy: Daniel McKinnon on New Balance’s brand protection approach

Daniel McKinnon, global head of brand protection at New Balance, tells WTR how he has created a resilient and effective enforcement approach. Read more

8 Jan 2021

How the French IP office educates the public on IP systems

Pascal Faure, CEO of INPI, explains how the office engaged the public in IP matters in 2020 through online courses and annual awards. Read more

6 Jan 2021

“I used to call myself Cinderella”: INTA’s first African-American officer reflects on her personal journey and diversity in the trademark profession

In November last year, Deborah Hampton made history when she was elected to be the first African-American officer at INTA. She sits down with WTR to discuss her journey and the state of diversity in the industry. Read more

26 Nov 2020

“China depth, global width is the key”: inside ABB’s anti-counterfeiting efforts

Michael Ding, head of IP operations, Asia, Middle East and Africa, at the ABB Group, tells WTR  how the company approaches brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. Read more

25 Nov 2020

Offering fans a stake: inside Fnatic’s new crowdfunding campaign

Fnatic is giving fans the opportunity to have a stake in the team, driving online consumer engagement past more than just ephemeral online views. Read more

10 Nov 2020

The one-woman legal team behind the greenest racers on the grid: interview with Envision Virgin Racing’s general counsel

Jennifer Babington sat down with WTR to describe how her team manages to punch along with the big guns in motorsport’s greenest challenge. Read more

6 Nov 2020

“I’ll be known as the covid president”: interview with new AIPLA president Joseph Re

WTR spoke to Re about AIPLA’s priorities for the next year, how it has weathered tough financial conditions and how it continues to support its membership. Read more

27 Oct 2020

“The myths can make companies disengage” – exclusive interview with IP Australia’s China representative

Charlotte Trinh has big ambitions to grow the role and push for more engagement between Australian brand owners and the Chinese IP system. Read more

14 Oct 2020

“The secret sauce is communication” – exclusive interview with Oracle’s Tiki Dare

Also the 2021 INTA president, Dare sat down with WTR to explain how she has approached the management of both Oracle’s portfolio and the role that the INTA community has played in it. Read more

10 Oct 2020

From the WTR archive: association insights

For our latest delve into WTR’s unrivalled archive of trademark content, we present a selection of interviews with association and industry leaders. Read more

24 Sep 2020

More than just the video: how Velcro’s trademark team is educating the world about genericism

More than many, Velcro has to fight to defend its brand name from the threat of genericism. Tish Berard discusses what she does to educate the public on the importance of brands. Read more

28 Aug 2020

Aggressive enforcement and broad filings: exclusive interview with Discovery’s in-house counsel

In an in-depth interview, David Modzeleski explains how Discovery Inc’s IP strategy is just as creative as the company’s TV show creation teams. Read more

20 Aug 2020

Going toe to toe with Crocs’s copycat market: exclusive interview with Heike Bhonsle

WTR sits down with Bhonsle to discuss how she keeps 'love them or hate them' brand Crocs's counterfeit and prosecution needs in step. Read more

17 Aug 2020

“There’s no evidence that plain packaging reduces smoking”: exclusive interview with British American Tobacco’s head of trademarks

Roger Evans discusses how the company has developed a unique brand strategy alongside its PRRPs and argues the negative effect plain packaging has for consumers. Read more

14 Aug 2020

How cross-collaboration helps Wells Fargo’s trademark team to repair reputational damage

Coordinating the trademark needs of any business always requires a keen sense of the inner workings of the company. WTR spoke to Wells Fargo's team on business integration. Read more

6 Jul 2020

A tech giant with a portfolio to match: exclusive interview with PayPal’s in-house counsel

Cliff Webb and Olga Stansell discuss how they've led PayPal’s lean two-person trademark and brand protection team in one of the world's fastest-moving companies. Read more

18 Jun 2020

Why continued community engagement is critical alongside PepsiCo’s removal of Aunt Jemima brand

As Aunt Jemima gets a brand overhaul, one legal expert suggests that PepsiCo has an opportunity to drive meaningful change through engagement and discussion of racial inequalities. Read more

15 Jun 2020

Developing new tech solutions to fix vulnerabilities: exclusive interview with AB InBev’s Pieter van den Bulck

WTR hears how Anheuser-Busch InBev stays ahead of the curve for global protection and the innovative technology it has developed. Read more

13 May 2020

Fighting fake coronavirus treatments: exclusive interview with Gilead’s Gretchen Stroud

Stroud explains to WTR how Gilead protected its brands assets when remdesivir drug hit the headlines as a potential treatment for covid-19. Read more

29 Apr 2020

“Brexit hasn’t been forgotten”: exclusive interview with newly elected CITMA president

We sat down with Richard Goddard to discuss the organisation’s strategic direction for his two-year tenure, the spectre of Brexit and how the institute is adapting to current conditions. Read more

23 Apr 2020

How the Spartan Race brand fights back against trademark norms: exclusive interview with general counsel Deanna Sheridan

Deanna Sheridan, general counsel at Spartan Race, tells WTR how she has maintained the brand's determined identity through a crisis that halted all of its events. Read more

9 Apr 2020

Demystifying the security myths on legal cloud platforms: interview with Litify’s Terry Dohrmann

The legal profession has been slower than most to pick up cloud platforms. WTR spoke with Terry Dohrmann, chief revenue officer at Litify, on why law firms should embrace them. Read more

17 Mar 2020

Brand management for a B2B company with a fan base: exclusive interview with Salesforce’s trademark team

Nestled within Salesforce is a tiny trademark team. WTR sat down with Kiran Belur and Kristin de la Vega to see how they manage the tech giant's portfolio. Read more

27 Feb 2020

How intellectual property transformed the e-sports industry: interview with Fnatic’s Andrew Cooke

In a conversation with WTR, Andrew Cooke, general counsel of e-sports team Fnatic, reveals that an entire generation of e-sports athletes are waking up to the power of their IP as brands race to catch up with this rapidly evolving consumer market. Read more

26 Feb 2020

WIPO director general elections: exclusive interview with Ghana candidate Edward Kwakwa

Continuing our series on the WIPO nominees for director general, WTR sits down with Ghanaian candidate Edward Kwakwa. A senior director at WIPO, he highlights the importance of bringing lesser developed countries into WIPO ecosystems. Read more

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