Four key relationships at the heart of Teva’s pharmaceutical trademark management – exclusive interview

Laurence Rickles, chief trademark counsel at Teva, provides tips for successful pharmaceuticals brand rights management, and the four relationships that success depends on.

Four key relationships at the heart of Teva’s pharmaceutical trademark management – exclusive interview
10 Jan 2019

How Discovery wields a range of rights to fight piracy: exclusive interview

At Discovery Inc, anti-piracy efforts go beyond the sending of enforcement letters and filing lawsuits, with trademark rights a key weapon in the company’s armoury, explains senior vice president of intellectual property and litigation David Modzeleski.

3 Jan 2019

Sandvik’s multi-layered approach to brand protection – exclusive interview

We sit down with Sandvik AB’s trademark and brand protection lead Charlotte Falck, who explains how she uses interactions with commercial colleagues to create business matrix ratings in a bid to identify enforcement priorities.


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13 Dec 2018

“Sometimes you need a firm that will shoot from the hip”: insights from 7-Eleven’s Allison McDade

In an exclusive interview, Allison McDade shared her approach to tackling imitation convenience stores in Asia and explained the challenges stemming from the company’s expansion. Read more

30 Nov 2018

“An encouraging evolution of the laws in China” – exclusive interview with NBCUniversal’s Monique Cheng Joe

WTR speaks with Monique Cheng Joe, head of brands and content at NBCUniversal, about the significant challenges of managing intellectual property for a global media and entertainment conglomerate. Read more

20 Nov 2018

“Whatever Brexit looks like, it’s going to cost businesses money”: exclusive interview with Antony Douglass of Specsavers

Antony Douglass, legal director at Specsavers, sits down with WTR to explain the benefits of in-sourced portfolio management, reflects on Brexit, restricted WHOIS, and much more. Read more

27 Sep 2018

“IPOs can be at the forefront of digital transformation in governments” – interview with INAPI’s outgoing director

Maximiliano Santa-Cruz is leaving his role as national director of Chile’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI). In an exclusive interview with WTR, he tells us that the role of IP offices must evolve to meet the challenges of the modern world. Read more

14 Sep 2018

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to enforcement” – exclusive interview with Mars Inc’s Sophie Anger

In an in-depth discussion with Sophie Anger, associate general counsel of marketing properties for the global petcare unit of Mars Incorporated, she offers enforcement tips, explains how efficiency is her guiding principle, and much more. Read more

7 Sep 2018

“GDPR has made brand rights enforcement online much more difficult” – exclusive interview with ESPN’s Allison Cantor

World Trademark Review speaks with Allison Cantor, principal counsel at ESPN, about how she balances her role as the company’s sole in-house trademark counsel with her other commitments, the difficulties posed by the implementation of GDPR, and much more. Read more

16 Aug 2018

“What I saw in China 8 years ago, I am now seeing in Brazil”: insights from New Balance’s brand protection lead

We speak to Daniel McKinnon, head of global brand protection at New Balance, about his approach to trademark enforcement, “paltry” damages awarded in China, the problems of “parasite brands”, and much more. Read more

9 Aug 2018

“We try to pick our battles carefully”: exclusive interview with AIG’s Shama Elliott

World Trademark Review speaks to Shama Elliott, IP manager at American International Group (AIG), who explains the value non-lawyers can add to trademark departments, sheds light on some of the key challenges facing insurance brands, and more. Read more

2 Aug 2018

Authorities should distinguish between ads and trademarks: exclusive interview with PepsiCo’s Sergio Barragan

We speaks with Sergio Barragan of beverage giant PepsiCo to discover his approach to managing the company’s extensive Latin American brand portfolio. Read more

25 Jul 2018

“If people ask me what I do, I say that I sell cereal”: perspectives on brand management at General Mills

In our latest interview providing exclusive insights from leading corporate trademark professionals, we speak with Joshua Burke, senior IP counsel at US consumer foods conglomerate General Mills. Read more

20 Jul 2018

“E-commerce platforms make huge efforts to protect brands’ rights”: exclusive interview with Groupon’s Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Amat Rodriguez talks to us about his IP work at e-commerce brand Groupon. He reveals how he meets the distinctive IP challenges the trademark department faces, working with law firms, and much more. Read more

22 Jun 2018

“Successful strategy is rooted in looking forward”: Amazon on protecting the world’s most valuable brand

Exclusive insights from Dana Brown Northcott,’s associate general counsel, intellectual property. Read more

22 Jun 2018

From rebranding efforts to ICANN advocacy work: inside Expedia Group’s IP function

Expedia Group has recently undergone a major rebrand. The group’s IP director explains how the team managed the change. Read more

22 Jun 2018

“The right tools and people”: how Harley-Davidson ensures trademark success

How Harley-Davidson, winner of the WTR Industry Award for Europe, Middle East and Africa Team of the Year, takes a collaborative approach to brand protection. Read more

21 Jun 2018

“Our small size may be a huge advantage”: how Lindt & Sprüngli AG approaches brand protection

Nicholas Studler, head of intellectual property at Lindt & Sprüngli AG, expands on his approach to internal relationship building and brand enforcement. Read more

21 Jun 2018

“Ruthlessly prioritise”: trademark management tips from Facebook

Exclusive insights from Kat Johnston, director and associate general counsel, intellectual property, at Facebook Read more

20 Jun 2018

“Be willing to let go of absolutes”: Microsoft’s Elena M Grimme on the management of marks

An exclusive interview with Elena M Grimme, In-House Counsel of the Year at this year’s WTR Industry Awards. Read more

19 Jun 2018

“It is rare for Google to be the plaintiff in a trademark litigation”: exclusive interview with the tech giant’s director of trademarks

Annabelle DanielVarda, legal director, trademarks at Google, provides the inside track on the company’s brand protection efforts. Read more

19 Jun 2018

“We try to take smart risks”: Sandoz International’s business-focused reproach to rights management

How Sandoz International, this year’s WTR Industry Awards Healthcare and Life Sciences Team of the Year, adapts its enforcement strategies to keep one step ahead of infringers. Read more

18 Jun 2018

Tackling infringement in China: practical perspectives from New Balance

How New Balance, winner of the WTR Industry Awards’ Asia-Pacific Team of the Year, protects its brand in China. Read more

18 Jun 2018

“Providing customers with what they want is one of the best ways to reduce piracy”: inside Grupo Televisa’s enforcement efforts

How the Mexican media giant approaches brand and content enforcement. Read more

15 Jun 2018

AI and big data will drive the future of trademark services but prosecution work applications are a long way off

Industry experts confident that demand for advanced data analytics will continue to rocket. However, in terms of substantive prosecution work, there is no expectation that such services will replace the work of attorneys any time soon. Read more

15 Jun 2018

Brand versus budget: Rotary International’s collaborative approach to trademark management revealed

Rotary International connects 1.2 million members from more than 35,000 clubs. While this creates policing and educational challenges, the network also represents a unique resource on which the team can draw. Read more

14 Jun 2018

“We rely on a quilt of rights”: inside Starbucks’ trademark strategy

Insight into how the coffee chain giant manages and enforces its rights across the globe. Read more

14 Jun 2018

“Rapid brand growth has led to a swell of demand for counterfeits”: how Superdry meets the challenge head on

Superdry’s senior IP counsel expands on the company’s approach to trademark enforcement and management. Read more

13 Jun 2018

The trademark lesson that went global: Velcro Companies’ team head on the success of the ‘Don’t say Velcro’ video

Velcro Companies’ trademark team, fresh off a win at the WTR Industry Awards, reflect on the success of the ‘Don’t say Velcro’ video Read more

12 Jun 2018

“All employees are brand ambassadors whenever they are out in the wild”: the Netflix approach to enforcement

Practical insights from the WTR Industry Awards’ Sports, Entertainment and Media Team of the Year. Read more

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