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19 May 2019

What brands need to know about the trademark activity of Michael Gleissner

WTR has reported extensively on the massive trademark filing operation of multimillionaire businessman Michael Gleissner. For those not fully aware of this activity, we have put together an infographic that illustrates the potential impact for brands.

1 Jun 2016

Trademarks in a post-Brexit world

In June 2016, the UK electorate voted to leave the European Union. We look at the potential impact of a ‘Brexit’ for trademark practitioners in the UK and across the world. (July 2016)

1 Jun 2016

The rise and rise of football brands

An infographic that looks at the growth of football brands in recent years, and a ranking of the varied size of club and player trademark portfolios. (July 2016)

Other Infographics

1 May 2016

Geographical indications in the EU

A new report revealed the level of infringing goods within the EU's €48 billion market for products bearing GIs. This infographic looks at various aspects of this issue. (May 2016) Read more

1 Dec 2015

The current state of ‘.brands’

Momentum is building on the use of ‘.brands’ within the wider space of the new gTLD programme. This infographic summarises the current status of '.brands'. (December 2015) Read more

1 Sep 2015

The cost of counterfeiting in the EU

A look at data from recent reports issued by OHIM which reveal the startling cost of counterfeiting, for both businesses and citizens, across the European Union. (September 2015) Read more

1 Sep 2015

IP protection in the new gTLDs

To mark the release of ICANN’s revised Rights Protection Mechanism Review report, we created an infographic presenting trademark protection patterns within the new gTLDs space. (September 2015) Read more

1 Jul 2015

Customs seizures in China

China’s customs agency released a report into its IP enforcement efforts during 2014. We studied the figures and created an infographic that presents the key findings. (July 2015) Read more

4 May 2015

Online protection trends

Using data from the 2015 WTR Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey, we looked at the sharp increase in online enforcement activities undertaken by corporate counsel. (May 2015) Read more

1 Dec 2014

The current state of 3D printing

A look at the current state of 3D printing, including the size of the market, its projected growth and the numerous IP concerns of brand owners. (December 2014) Read more

1 Sep 2014

Geographic gTLDs prepare for take-off A useful infographic that presents an overview of the geographic TLDs which, if not live yet, are still in play. (September 2014)

A useful infographic that presents an overview of the geographic TLDs which, if not live yet, are still in play. (September 2014) Read more

1 Sep 2014

Plain packaging around the world

An infographic looking at some of the countries that have either already introduced plain packaging, are in the process of mandating it or are so far just considering it. (September 2014) Read more

1 Sep 2014

Delving into the Darknet

A look at the the anonymous section of the web known as the Darknet, including the types of products found on Darknet marketplaces and how consumer use is rising exponentially. (September 2014) Read more

1 Jul 2014

Counterfeiting trends across the globe

We look at figures from the World Customs Organisation’s (WCO) second Illicit Trade Report and put together an infographic with data that gives a big-picture look at counterfeiting trends across the globe. (July 2014) Read more