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USPTO extends strategic plan comment window; OK Go sued; brands split on gaming in Web3 – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Chicken Slice prevailing over Chicken Inn, new trademark requirements in Iraq, and much more.

24 January 2023

Amendments to Banjul Protocol come into force: what you need to know

Among other things, it is now possible for a trademark owner to make a subsequent designation and obtain trademark protection in an additional contracting state.

24 January 2023

Brazil names interim IP office president; USPTO launches IP Identifier tool; $1 Under Armour verdict explained – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the Biden administration backing Jack Daniel’s, a new director general taking over at the Mexican IP office, and much more.

20 January 2023

USPTO suspends prolific filing attorney for numerous professional conduct violations

New order marks another instance of the USPTO taking action against attorneys for breaches in the past 12 months, signalling a zero-tolerance policy for such misconduct.

20 January 2023

“Scams impact the entire trademark system”: concern over new misleading campaign using ‘PTO-US’ domain

A new entity calling itself the US Patent & Trademark Office has been sending trademark owners erroneous invoices in recent weeks, asking for payment to prevent trademark cancellation.

18 January 2023

With the EUIPO leadership race to begin in earnest, user needs must be the focus

As rumours abound about possible candidates for the EUIPO leadership role, user needs have to remain front and centre when Christian Archambeau’s successor is chosen, argues our Saturday opinion.

14 January 2023

KIPO study reveals high number of malicious trademark filings in Korea

The study concluded that there was an alarmingly high number of malicious applications for trademarks on the names of celebrities, TV shows, YouTube channels and cartoon characters, as well as other well-known marks.

12 January 2023

Non-traditional trademarks in Poland under the amended regime

Poland dropped the graphical representation requirement for trademark applications nearly four years ago. Close examination of the numbers reveals the impact that this has had on the number - and type - of applications for non-traditional marks.

12 January 2023

Fewer filings, NFTs, alliances and bad-faith marks: APAC year in review

WTR looks back at major trends in the Asia-Pacific region from the past 12 months.

11 January 2023

Key differences between trademark regimes in Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

While the respective trademark regimes of the former Yugoslavian countries of Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina share certain features, they each have essential distinctions which international brand owners should have on their radars.

11 January 2023

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