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Uprooting the entire counterfeiting network by chasing online sellers: case study of recent success by US golf anti-counterfeiting group

The case exemplifies the success of the US Golf Manufacturers Anti-counterfeiting Working Group’s long-term anti-counterfeiting programme.

17 May 2022

Use it or lose it: inside EHang’s brand protection strategy

Chinese autonomous aerial vehicles maker EHang explains why it set up an IP department and offers other start-ups lessons from its brand protection strategy.

13 May 2022

CNIPA notice on malicious trademark registrations: key takeaways

The most significant aspect of the notice is the abolition of awards and subsidies for the registration of trademarks, which have long been suspected of contributing to the high levels of malicious trademark registrations in China.

09 May 2022

Singapore ramps up IP mediation funding

Singapore escalates drive to encourage take-up of alternative dispute resolution for IP disputes, increasing funding for IP mediation by nearly 17%.

05 May 2022

CNIPA backs Acushnet in opposition against ‘shifty’ application

The trademark squatter in this case had used an old trick to try and circumvent the examination system. However, the CNIPA was not deceived and found that the application was an imitation of Acushnet’s well-known trademark.

03 May 2022

Takeaways from the first NFT infringement case in China

China's Hangzhou Internet Court handed down a first-of-its-kind judgment in a dispute over the alleged infringement of a non-fungible token published on a trading platform.

28 April 2022

China: Customs ups its game as counterfeiting continues to grow

Featured in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: Global Guide 2022

With the booming development of e-business in China, many legitimate brand owners are expanding their businesses in the Chinese market. At the same time, numerous counterfeit goods are transacted in or exported from China.

15 April 2022

A city under lockdown but IP services in Shanghai proceed as usual, as brands offer support

How Shanghai is maintaining its IP services and brands are supporting people through the current lockdown.

14 April 2022

Letters of consent and conflicting views on the public and private interests

A review of recent trademark refusal appeal cases suggests that, in contrast to the CNIPA, the Beijing IP Court continues to accept the evidentiary value of letters of consent to co-exist in deciding whether a likelihood of confusion may arise.

14 April 2022

Inside the China IP service industry: the current landscape and future drivers of growth

A CNIPA report reveals 73,000 Chinese IP service companies existed in 2020, 9.3% more than the previous year, as technological innovation and specialisation drive growth.

08 April 2022

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