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Landmark ruling could turn the tide against trademark hijackers in China

The Fujian High Court has upheld a ruling finding against persistent trademark hijackers, a critical issue in China’s IP landscape. DLA Piper’s Horace Lam and Allen Xu explore why the case is such a big step forward for brand owners in China.

14 July 2022

Appeal court awards Rmb10 million in damages in civil case

In this dispute between rivals in the valve industry, the Guangdong High Court has found that the defendants’ glaringly obvious bad faith and the severity of the infringement warranted the award of hefty damages.

14 July 2022

Notable trends in trademark litigation and enforcement in China: takeaways from QBPC’s top 10 cases lists

QBPC’s selected cases highlight new methods of calculating damages and compensation, the use of big data, and increased cooperation between authorities and businesses.

13 July 2022

How China achieved $46 billion in IP financing in 2021

With over a decade of experience and the involvement of various stakeholders in IP financing, China has lessons to share.

08 July 2022

10 biggest corporate trademark portfolios revealed

We reveal the 10 companies with the biggest active trademark portfolios in China, Europe and the United States

07 July 2022

Copyright owner successfully defeats trademark squatter

The Supreme People's Court has held that specific calligraphy characters may constitute works of art protected under the Copyright Law and that the defendants’ registered trademark infringed the plaintiffs’ copyright.

07 July 2022

CNIPA fines three trademark firms for forgery; INTA files Rogers amicus brief; Nike exits Russia – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Kim Kardashian being sued over her SKKN brand, Yuga Labs – the company behind the Bored Ape NFT project – initiating legal action, and much more.

01 July 2022

New Chinese brands eye global footprint, research reveals

The number of new Chinese brands leading the way in global protection exceeds the number of US brands adopting a similar strategy, according to the first ever Clarivate Top 100 New Brands report.

30 June 2022

New model, new rules - no ‘safe harbour’ for NFT platforms in China?

This recent court decision in the first NFT infringement case in China is likely to have implications for businesses looking to safeguard their rights in the emerging NFT space in the country.

29 June 2022

The CLIPPER case: Beijing High Court finds that 3D mark containing distinctive word element is non-distinctive

The incoherent methodology adopted by the Beijing High Court and the CNIPA could further complicate the prosecution landscape for 3D marks in China.

27 June 2022

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