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3M anti-counterfeit platform launch is a teachable moment

3M has launched a new global counterfeit reporting platform, in a welcome move for rights holders around the world, this week’s Saturday opinion explains.

01 October 2022

Shopee pledges fakes crackdown; scam websites on the rise; Carlsberg wins Delhi High Court injunction – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at Lidl being ordered to melt thousands of trademark-infringing treats, Western Digital prevailing in India, and much more.

30 September 2022

IP monetisation activity rises, with trademarks playing a key role

Brands are emerging as the go-to asset when companies consider new monetisation strategies, reveals a market expert.

30 September 2022

Ex-USPTO directors among leaders of new coalition to promote IP rights

The Council for Innovation Promotion, a bipartisan coalition dedicated to promoting IP rights, officially launched this week in Washington DC. WTR attended the event to get the inside track on its planned activities.

29 September 2022

Innovation performance and brand value diverge in new WIPO index

Countries that dominate brand value rankings are not necessarily the top performers in WIPO's Global Innovation Index 2022.

29 September 2022

The WHOIS blackout: the past, present and future of domain enforcement

The ability to enforce in the domain space has nosedived in the past few years, with new privacy laws restricting the availability of domain registrants’ personal data. Experts explain how rights holders can most effectively shape the future of the domain space.

29 September 2022

EUIPO offers anti-counterfeiting roadmap for transport and logistics services

A new EUIPO discussion paper highlights the key challenges facing transport and logistics services companies while offering best practices for combatting illicit activity along international trade routes.

28 September 2022

Counterfeit hotspots in Uganda that brand owners must be aware of

In a new edition from our ongoing series on physical marketplaces that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to Uganda.

28 September 2022

Is your firm doing enough to promote diversity and inclusion?

WTR wants to know what more can be done to support D&I in the trademark workplace and wider community.

28 September 2022

Brazilian presidential election: what a Bolsanaro or Lula win means for trademark owners

How the result of the Brazilian presidential election could have a significant impact on the brand protection ecosystem in Brazil.

27 September 2022

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