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Study calls for shake-up of geographical indications to forge path towards universal trademark system

In conversation with WTR, the academic behind the research says a shake-up of indications of geographical origin (IGOs) could be the first step towards the “high ideal” of a universal trademark system.

Study calls for shake-up of geographical indications to forge path towards universal trademark system
Where to win the highest damages in Chinese litigation
3 Jun 2020

Where to win the highest damages in Chinese litigation

Exclusive 2019 data reveals the best courts for plaintiffs looking to secure compensation in a trademark dispute.

How Trump’s executive order on social media platforms could provide clarification for brand owners
2 Jun 2020

How Trump’s executive order on social media platforms could provide clarification for brand owners

The executive order intends to make social media platforms liable as publishers. Could these efforts change how brand owners bring bad actors to justice?


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Supreme Court establishes criteria for application of UCPA’s ‘catch-all’ provision

Recent decisions of the Korean Supreme Court relating to K-pop and golf have shed light on the criteria that right holders must fulfil in order to seek redress under the ‘catch-all’ provision of the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act. Read more

2 Jun 2020

John Oliver Ultimate Fighting Championship trademark brawl; Brighton FC criticised over filing; Nestlé rebrand – news digest

In our latest edition, we look at Amazon's latest pharmaceutical trademark bid in Australia, the USPTO and the Japan Patent Office issuing a joint statement, and much more. Read more

2 Jun 2020

General Court confirms that Community design for wood-splitting tool is invalid

In Bergslagernas Järnvaruaktiebolag v EUIPO, the EU General Court has confirmed that registered Community design representing a wood-splitting tool was invalid on the ground it was devoid of individual character. Read more

2 Jun 2020

How will supply chain and distribution route disruption affect IP managers?

Across the globe, supply chains and distribution routes have been disrupted by the covid-19 crisis. This update highlights the key points that IP managers should bear in mind when dealing with these changes. Read more


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1 Jun 2020

Exclusive data analysis debunks myth of local protectionism in China

In-depth analysis of judgments issued by Chinese courts last year suggests that foreign parties may actually have a greater chance of success than domestic parties in almost all venues. Read more

31 May 2020

Dismantling unconscious biases, practising intentional diversity, making the business case for intellectual property, and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week. Read more

29 May 2020

Robert De Niro’s USPTO petition granted; Verizon prevails in UDRP; Facebook scam exposed – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at the UFC filing trademark applications for UFSEA following a Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment,  Trademark Engine’s covid-19 donation, WIPO taking its AI discussion virtual, and much more. Read more

28 May 2020

Going to the dogs: the Ninth Circuit’s erosion of trademark rights – exclusive guest post

In this guest post, it is argued that the VIP Products LLC v Jack Daniel’s Properties Inc ruling, as it presently stands, is alarming and opens the floodgates to widespread theft of goodwill under the guise of the First Amendment. Read more


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28 May 2020

WIPO launches digital fingerprint service: how will it help trademark professionals?

While WIPO PROOF's use is most obvious in the copyright space, WIPO tells WTR that the service will have good applications within trademark work. Read more

13 May 2020

Fighting fake coronavirus treatments: exclusive interview with Gilead’s Gretchen Stroud

Stroud explains to WTR how Gilead protected its brands assets when remdesivir drug hit the headlines as a potential treatment for covid-19. Read more

7 May 2020

Bud Light’s win on “corn syrup” ad offers valuable lessons on false advertisement claims

How Bud Light’s Super Bowl half-time show advert brought litigation from Molson Coors. But was it worth it for the offended brand? Read more

29 Apr 2020

“A very significant development”: latest SkyKick ruling could have wide bad-faith implications

The English High Court has partially invalidated trademarks owned by Sky. Legal experts say the ruling could open up a new line of attack for defendants against brand owners. Read more


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21 Feb 2020

Football: a game where every brand wins

Football teams and corporates are cashing in on brand value, but a changing industry means clubs need to use new methods to continue strengthening their presence and engagement levels. Read more

4 Oct 2019

As rivals take aim, McDonald’s eyes big tech to drive growth

The fast-food powerhouse has turned to machine learning tech in a bid to personalise the brand experience - however, its rivals have demonstrated that personality is as powerful as technology. Read more

27 Sep 2019

DC Comics’ day one appreciation of characters sets it up for sustained success

Age-old brands prove yet again to be a key asset as streaming wars heat up, but Batman is bigger than the digital era. Read more

30 Aug 2019

Crimson wave – how Harvard outstrips other universities in terms of registered trademarks

Ivy League schools rely on their reputation to attract top-notch talent, so policing these brands is a critical undertaking. Read more


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23 Apr 2020

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Canada

Unsurprisingly, 2019 also saw the increase of shipments detained destined for fulfilment centres associated with e-commerce third-party marketplaces. Read more

23 Apr 2020

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Panama

Customs authorities are empowered to inspect and seize merchandise that is subject to customs procedures and which may violate Panama’s IP laws, regardless of its final destination. Read more

23 Apr 2020

Controlling the zone

Along with the recent global proliferation of Free Trade Zones has come increasing vulnerability to a wide range of abuses by criminals. Read more

23 Apr 2020

Procedures and strategies for anti-counterfeiting: Turkey

Turkey is a party to a number of international conventions, including the Paris Convention, the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and the Berne Convention. Read more

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