Progress of IP reforms main topic of EU-Armenia seminar

The progress of IP rights protection in Armenia was the main topic of discussion at a seminar organised by the EU Advisory Group and the Armenian Interagency Commission coordinating EU-Armenia cooperation on May 20 2011.

The participants at the seminar established that Armenia has made progress in terms of:
  • its IP legislation;
  • the increased activity of the specialised police unit in charge of the protection and enforcement of IP rights; and
  • the remuneration of owners of copyright and related rights.
However, shortcomings were detected with regard to:
  • counterfeiting and piracy; and
  • the external border enforcement.
It was also noted that an EU-funded technical cooperation project worth €1.2 million (approximately $1.7 million) would be implemented in the field of IP rights in Armenia in the period from 2012 to 2013.

Since 2008 the EU Advisory Group has been supporting the Armenian government in the implementation of its reforms and international commitments.

Aleksandra Pavlovic, PETOŠEVIC, Skopje  

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