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Trademark fame: academics find objective measure that could transform IP practice

A groundbreaking new study has created an empirical measure of trademark fame that academics claim could be rolled out in common IP practice.

Trademark fame: academics find objective measure that could transform IP practice
How to effectively make an entire law firm work remotely
31 Mar 2020

How to effectively make an entire law firm work remotely

As a generation of lawyers and support staff acclimatise to conducting their business from home, WTR spoke to two lawyers from firms that define themselves by their flexible working set-ups to see what tips they can share on managing the transition.

Top five challenges facing Global IP Award winners – then and now
31 Mar 2020

Top five challenges facing Global IP Award winners – then and now

Earlier this year we asked a selection of the 2020 Global IP Award winners to outline the key issues affecting client demands and modern trademark practice, but how will their predictions for the IP industry fare in light of the unforeseen chaos caused by covid-19?


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2 Apr 2020

Prior use defence: trademark use must be continuous and voluminous

In a dispute between two mattress manufacturers over the use of the NO TURN mark, the High Court of Delhi has held that the prior use defence in a trademark infringement/passing-off action cannot be accepted where the use is intermittent and not voluminous. Read more

1 Apr 2020

Supreme Court holds that first sale doctrine still applies to sales of goods in violation of sales restrictions in licence agreement

In a blow for licensors in South Korea, the Supreme Court has held that a distributor which sold products that it believed to have been lawfully obtained from a trademark licensee was not criminally liable for trademark infringement. Read more

31 Mar 2020

ECTA 2020 postponed; Stone Brewing case update; another Chinese perspective on coronavirus – news digest

In our latest round-up, we look at counterfeit Rolex watches being seized in Philadelphia, WIPO giving an update on World IP Day, preparing for a trademark filing flurry linked to Harry and Meghan, and much more. Read more

31 Mar 2020

adidas v H&M: H&M did not cross the line with its two-stripe sign

Following a 23-year-long trademark dispute between adidas and H&M, the Court of Appeal of The Hague has ruled that H&M’s use of a specific two-stripe sign on its sports clothing did not infringe adidas’s three-stripe mark. Read more


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29 Mar 2020

Counterfeiters capitalise on coronavirus fears, impact of AI on trademarks, WTR Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week. Read more

27 Mar 2020

AIPLA leadership change; filings fall; UKIPO service update – news digest

In our latest news digest we look at how brands are getting in on the Covid-19 conversation with social distancing logos, Tom Brady’s latest trademark dip, signs that filing levels may be starting to fall in response to the coronavirus, a change to filing fees in Angola, and much more. Read more

24 Mar 2020

Praise for the Police IP Crime Unit's coronavirus counterfeits swoop; Katy Perry clothing spat; Iceland amends fees – news digest

In our latest edition, we look at the arrest of a man producing fake coronavirus testing kits, a personal message from the INTA president, Nominet’s new approach to seized domains, and much more. Read more

23 Mar 2020

“Panic buying is good for counterfeiters” – warning to food industry over heightened threat

Experts warn that rights holders in the food and beverage industry should be alert to counterfeiters capitalising on the heightened demand for food and household products. Read more


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17 Mar 2020

Brand management for a B2B company with a fan base: exclusive interview with Salesforce’s trademark team

Nestled within Salesforce is a tiny trademark team. WTR sat down with Kiran Belur and Kristin de la Vega to see how they manage the tech giant's portfolio. Read more

11 Mar 2020

Call for more cooperation between government and brands to curb counterfeits in Philippines

Joy Belmonte, mayor of Quezon City, has vociferously opposed the alleged distribution of over 1,000 fake trainers to local athletes and, crucially, has taken action to bolster the work of anti-counterfeiting agencies. Read more

6 Mar 2020

How the SHOP SAFE Act might change the e-commerce counterfeiting liability landscape

A new act introduced in the US House of Representatives this week aims to make e-commerce sites more liable for counterfeit products traded by third parties on their platforms. Read more

21 Feb 2020

Football: a game where every brand wins

Football teams and corporates are cashing in on brand value, but a changing industry means clubs need to use new methods to continue strengthening their presence and engagement levels. Read more


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4 Oct 2019

As rivals take aim, McDonald’s eyes big tech to drive growth

The fast-food powerhouse has turned to machine learning tech in a bid to personalise the brand experience - however, its rivals have demonstrated that personality is as powerful as technology. Read more

27 Sep 2019

DC Comics’ day one appreciation of characters sets it up for sustained success

Age-old brands prove yet again to be a key asset as streaming wars heat up, but Batman is bigger than the digital era. Read more

30 Aug 2019

Crimson wave – how Harvard outstrips other universities in terms of registered trademarks

Ivy League schools rely on their reputation to attract top-notch talent, so policing these brands is a critical undertaking. Read more

11 Jan 2019

Johnson & Johnson data focus: inside the world’s biggest trademark portfolio

In the first of a new series, we shed light on how this pharmaceutical giant's trademark holdings have contributed to its business strategy. Read more


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17 Mar 2020

Trademark procedures and strategies: Sweden

Establishment through use of a mark will give the same protection as if the mark is registered; however, the bar is set high for demonstrating establishment through use. Read more

17 Mar 2020

Trademark procedures and strategies: Spain

Distinctive signs are principally governed by the Trademark Act (17/2001), which has been partially modified by Royal Decree-Law 23/2018 in order to incorporate EU Directive 2015/2436, and it is complemented by Royal Decree 687/2002. Read more

17 Mar 2020

Trademark procedures and strategies: Serbia

All natural or legal persons involved in trade can apply for and own a mark. It is not necessary to prove such activity. Read more

17 Mar 2020

Trademark procedures and strategies: Romania

The Romanian trademark system is based on the first-to-file principle and registration is possible without the need to show genuine use. Read more

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