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Anamaria Cashman Division Counsel – Global Trademarks Abbott Laboratories
United States
Jorge Casals Regional IP Counsel Europe Red Bull GmbH
Eduardo Casals Senior Trademark Counsel adidas International Marketing BV
Sue Carroll Intellectual Property and Licensing Apple Inc
United States
David Carroll General Counsel Motorola Mobility LLC
United States
Francesco Carducci Senior Legal Counsel Parmalat SpA
Allison Cantor Full biography Principal Counsel ESPN, Inc
United States
Renata Campos Head of Intellectual Property and Innovation Natura Cosméticos SA
Emma Campbell Head Counsel, Operations and Intellectual Property Sky plc
United Kingdom
Caldwell Camero Senior Trademark Attorney Fluke Corp
United States
Valerie Calloway Intellectual Property Counsel International Business Machines Corp
United States
Valerie Calloway Chief IP Counsel Alltech Inc
United States
Enrique Calixto Director Harvard University
United States
Colleen Caissie-Dupuis Trademark Agent/Senior Trademark Manager IGT
Ali Buttars Full biography Head of Trademarks Netflix Inc
United States