The IP environment in Vietnam continues to improve. Although enforcement is still challenging, practitioners report that the authorities – including the Police, Customs, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Market Surveillance Agency – have become more proactive in notifying brand owners when infringing goods are detected. With INTA and other associations becoming more visible in the country, the IP scene is becoming more internationalised; for example, a well-known trademark project has been carried out jointly by INTA and MOST.


  • BMVN LLC, a member of Baker McKenzie 
  • Pham & Associates 
  • Rouse Legal
  • Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Vision & Associates
  • D&N International
  • Hogan Lovells International LLP
  • InvestConsult Group
  • LÊ & LÊ
  • Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants
  • Ambys
  • Bross & Partners
  • INVENCO (Vietnam International Trademarks & Patents Agent)
  • Investip Intellectual Property Law Firm
  • IPMAX Law Firm
  • Schmitt and Orlov
  • T&T Invenmark Co Ltd

Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants

High-ranking foreign associates turn to Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants for “professional advice on IP matters and the prompt prosecution of trademarks”. A granular understanding of Vietnamese trademark law, dexterous handling of comprehensive distinctiveness analyses prior to filing and a thorough knowledge of administrative procedures are the firm’s hallmarks. Recently, the side secured well-known trademark status for Panasonic before the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (NOIP). Managing director Duc Xuan Nguyen is the star of the show and a beacon of light for foreign associates and brand owners.


“Stellar boutique firm” Ambys is esteemed among Vietnamese peers for its “excellent quality of work which enables it to consistently attract new international clients”. Managing director Thu Anh Nguyen is one of the set’s trademark authorities. “A highly experienced trademark practitioner, she is taking an increasingly active role in extra-curricular activities to shape the future of the IP industry.”

BMVN LLC, a member of Baker McKenzie 

BMVN “is the leader of the pack when it comes to trademark work” and commands immense respect for the “first-rate quality” it stands by. “It manages some really large portfolios and brand owners benefit from the firm’s meticulous attention to every official requirement” – as well as its pragmatism and efficiency. The persuasive advocacy skills of the BMVN attorneys also serves as a magnet for household brands; these have led to recent success in oppositions on behalf of H&M, the University of London and 7-Eleven. Manh Hung Tran fronts this impressive outfit. The fluent Japanese speaker is a consummate IP and commercial lawyer. New to the WTR 1000 listings, “Thi Kieu Hoa Tran has a keen eye for detail and displays excellent judgement; she readily adapts her approach to any given situation.”

Bross & Partners

Bross & Partners has been substantially investing in its trademark practice and has a growing reputation as a firm that “puts clients first and gives highly strategic advice”. The enforcement practice is the jewel in the firm’s crown; recent work highlights for the team include enforcing a three-dimensional trademark for a confectionary company and executing an anti-counterfeiting operation in Iraq on behalf of a beverage company. Le Quang Vinh is the firm’s inspirational leader. He has conducted extensive research on the protection of well-known trademarks in Vietnam at the behest of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

D&N International

Supporting a host of blue-chips and large trademark filers at every stage of the brand lifecycle, D&N International stands out for its enforcement prowess and swift, effective approach to keeping infringers at bay. The firm recently acted for an aviation company to recover two domain names with incredible efficiency; mobilising the Ministry of Science and Technology, it took Dang Hong Nga just a year to resolve the matter. A business and IP law maven who doubles as the firm’s chief representative in France, she has a knack for breaking down cultural barriers. Thuy Dang is proficient in English and Russian. She has honed her craft for three decades and leads the firm with a steady hand. Also recommended is Dang Thi To Hang, a trademark and brands devotee with a deep knowledge of regional protection strategies.

Hogan Lovells International LLP

Hogan Lovells operates a lean and mean trademark practice from its Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City bureaux. Closely connected to the firm’s global network – and especially the China, Hong Kong and Japan offices – the local team renders on-point advice encompassing all aspects of trademark protection, enforcement and monetisation and shines particularly bright when multifarious problems need untangling and solutions found. Stationed in Hanoi, Nga Nguyen’s thorough know-how on Southeast Asian IP protection has earned her the trust of well-known international brands. Lately she has been advising Yonex on trademark and design registrations and overseen the management and development of trademark portfolios for leaders in the automotive and oil and gas industries.

INVENCO (Vietnam International Trademarks & Patents Agent)

Customised solutions for a diverse client base are served up by INVENCO. The Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City firm handles some 12,000 Vietnamese trademark applications every year and is also a prolific filer of trademarks in foreign jurisdictions. Trademark department head Vu T Hai Van is a key name for the contact book.

InvestConsult Group

Trailblazing full-service firm InvestConsult Group has demonstrated its faculty for intellectual property since its founding in 1989. Most of the set’s IP practitioners fulfil the roles of IP adviser and business consultant, putting them in prime position to maximise the value of their clients’ brands. Vice chairwoman Thi Thu Ha Pham is a diligent portfolio manager.

Investip Intellectual Property Law Firm

Investip Intellectual Property Law Firm marked its 30th anniversary in 2018. Over the course of three decades, it has provided made-to-measure IP advice that aligns neatly and adds value to the investment and business services it also offers. Director of the trademark and litigation department Anh Ngoc Nguyen is au fait with NOIP proceedings and franchising, licensing and unfair competition issues.

IPMAX Law Firm

“IPMAX is fronted by revered practitioner Son Doan. He has worked at an international firm and set up IPMAX to the highest international standards, which makes a world of difference to the experiences his clients have. A true problem solver, he always keeps a cool head and delivers top-notch work for very reasonable rates.” The firm represents a slew of western fashion houses in portfolio management and anti-counterfeiting programmes. Steady expansion has been a notable thread in the firm’s narrative; it recently added a new office in Ho Chi Minh City to support its Hanoi headquarters.


Consistently sought after by both iconic Vietnamese and foreign brands to prosecute trademarks and designs, LÊ & LÊ also impresses for the stunning results it obtains in securing well-known trademark recognitions – household names like adidas, Budweiser, Motorola and Superman have all benefited from its proficiency in this respect. Former NOIP examiner Hoai Duong Le founded the firm two decades ago and is a key port of call interested parties.

Pham & Associates 

“Widely considered as a preeminent local firm, Pham & Associates processes large volumes of trademark work.” Utilising sophisticated docketing software and IP databases, it is an incredibly efficient and well-oiled trademark machine. The team, which regularly posts news articles on its website to keep rights holders informed of IP developments, does not fall short when it comes to quality either; it demonstrates world-class expertise on all aspects of trademark protection, as well as infringement litigation. Heading the side, Vu Khanh Toan Pham “employs a hands-on approach to team management”. Xuan Thu Nguyen is another contact for brand owners.

Rouse Legal

Rouse Legal is renowned for its provision of market-leading IP services in the region’s major developing economies. Its Vietnam operations, run in conjunction with Sao Bac Dau IP, have expanded significantly over the years; recently, the group has recruited a DC-qualified barrister and conferred executive status on trademark registration chief Hai Anh Nguyen. She has a knack for thwarting bad faith registrations and has, in this regard, done some brilliant work for the Scotch Whisky Association. Nguyen is a Baker McKenzie alumnus, as is country manager Yen Vu. A domain name guru with substantial experience resolving disputes at the WIPO Arbitration Centre, Vu also takes on trademark enforcement and litigation mandates with poise; the well-rounded adviser possesses supplementary knowledge in media, entertainment and employment law. Chris Vale is a partner in the firm’s Hong Kong office and Cambodia country manager; however, he frequently collaborates with the Vietnamese team on local matters.

Schmitt and Orlov

Schmitt and Orlov is a compelling choice for regional trademark protection mandates and is an outstanding Southeast Asian IP hub. From registration to enforcement, the team has its clients covered, whether they are a multinational or a small to medium-sized company from across the region. The team in Vietnam knows the local and international markets inside-out; former Rouse attorney Hau Nguyen is the person to call.

T&T Invenmark Co Ltd

T&T Invenmark is building momentum thanks to its combination of strong patent and technical expertise matched by well-rounded trademark knowledge. The ensemble’s commitment to securing the right result for clients is evident in every well-thought out action it takes at NOIP and other forums. The set offers a diverse range of add-on services such as brand development, business registration and training. Le Xuan Thao is the firm’s general director and a name to note.

Tilleke & Gibbins

Southeast Asian IP titan Tilleke & Gibbins is a true trademark leader in Vietnam. The crème de la crème of the corporate world turn to the firm and its in-house investigation unit for perceptive advice and the flawless execution of enforcement campaigns, oppositions and infringement litigations. These routinely result in impressive seizures, large fines and trademark cancellations. The set is among the most successful in the country when it comes to obtaining positive expert opinions from the Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute and the clever use of such opinions has proved crucial to success in infringement disputes. Hanoi IP enforcement chief Loc Xuan Le was recently elevated to partnership. A highly versatile operator, his enforcement nous covers all forms of soft IP and numerous industry sectors. Managing the entire IP department is “highly distinguished” professional Thomas Treutler. Having been a Vietnamese translator before beginning his legal career, “his command of Vietnamese is very strong and perhaps the best among foreign lawyers in Vietnam”. He is a familiar face at INTA committees and advisory councils and has an excellent international network. As an “impressive leader”, he bears the prosecution burden for some of the world’s most recognisable brands together with trademark department head Linh Thi Mai Nguyen, who acts as a potent deterrent against bad faith trademark filers.

Vision & Associates

“Rapidly growing” Vision & Associates maintains a legal practice, an IP team and a consulting division and is proficient not just at prosecuting trademarks, but also at maximising the return clients get for their IP investment. The firm is home to some of Vietnam’s top IP professionals; first among them is Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac, a “highly dependable senior practitioner who takes great personal care of his clients and matters”. Cognisant of the laws and regulations surrounding foreign direct investment, he serves up IP advice infused with a distinctly commercial flavour. Similarly to Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac, Le Thi Kim Dzung has served as a legal expert at NOIP. She has all phases of trademark prosecution locked down. Finally, Do Quang Hung is a redoubtable litigator and enforcer.

Other recommended experts

Bich Thuy Nguyen is a director at Viet IP based out of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Former Rouse man Duc Hieu Nguyen strikes a fine balance between minimising costs and maximising results when conducting enforcement campaigns. He now operates out of Phuoc & Partners. At Ahoa Law Office – a firm renowned for the “great enforcement work it does for the Software Alliance” – Minh Huong Nguyen is a key contact for IP registrations and enforcement. Duy Khuong Pham leads his emerging firm, SB Law, with absolute assuredness. He represents a colourful catalogue of Vietnamese companies on trademark matters in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.


  • Pham Nghiem Xuan Bac - Vision & Associates
  • Son Doan - IPMAX Law Firm
  • Hoai Duong Le - LÊ & LÊ
  • Vu Khanh Toan Pham - Pham & Associates
  • Manh Hung Tran - BMVN LLC, a member of Baker McKenzie
  • Thomas J Treutler - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Chris Vale - Rouse Legal
  • Thuy TH Dang - D&N International
  • Linh Duy Mai - D&N International
  • Le Thi Kim Dzung - Vision & Associates
  • Dang Thi To Hang - D&N International
  • Thi Kieu Hoa Tran - BMVN LLC, a member of Baker McKenzie
  • Do Quang Hung - Vision & Associates
  • Loc Xuan Le - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Duong Thanh Long - Aliat Legal
  • Anh Ngoc Nguyen - Investip Intellectual Property Law Firm
  • Bich Thuy Nguyen - Viet IP
  • Duc Hieu Nguyen - Phuoc & Partners
  • Duc Xuan Nguyen - Ageless IP Attorneys & Consultants
  • Minh Huong Nguyen - Ahoa Law Office
  • Nga Nguyen - Hogan Lovells International LLP
  • Thu Anh Nguyen - Ambys
  • Xuan Thu Nguyen - Pham & Associates
  • Duy Khuong Pham - SBLaw Firm
  • Thi Thu Ha Pham - InvestConsult Group
  • Le Quang Vinh - Bross & Partners
  • Yen Vu - Rouse Legal