Venezuela continues to struggle with the fallout from ongoing economic and political crises, making it a challenging jurisdiction for brand protection and enforcement. The Venezuelan Intellectual Property Office lacks resources and specialists; while the requirement for physical cash payments – or Petro cryptocurrency payments – is discouraging inbound applications. Many of the country’s IP experts now work out of other jurisdictions, but haven’t let their service standards slip. The best are highlighted in this year’s expanded coverage of the IP legal services market.


  • Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Bolet & Terrero
  • De Sola Pate & Brown
  • ECV & Asociados
  • Marquez Henriquez Ortin & Valedon
  • Rojas Gaona & Bandres

Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez

Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez sets the IP benchmark in Venezuela, “perfectly executing the role of an innovative, solutions-oriented business partner”. Its well-built team adds value at every turn, providing “diligent researched but rapid advice which prioritises the achievement of commercial goals”. Even in extremely tough market conditions, it continues to evolve under the inspiring leadership of managing partner Ricardo Alberto Antequera and founding partner Manuel Antonio Rodríguez. Anti-counterfeiting is one notable recent area of success for the duo, who have worked closely with Customs to secure major seizures for Nike and Lacoste. Antequera and Rodríguez have also allowed their talented colleagues to flourish – among them Dinora Garcia, Mariana Montiel and María Rusé Ruggiero, who have all earned deserved partner promotions. Garcia heads the North America and Asia trademark desk; Monteil takes charge of the European and Latin American desk; while Ruggiero focuses on Venezuelan proceedings. The trio possess outstanding organisational skills and truly excel at portfolio management. Further standouts on the squad include Barbarita Guzmán and Ricardo Enrique Antequera. Guzman is based in the firm’s South Florida representative office, where she designs management and commercialisation strategies for the Americas with great perspicacity. Of counsel Antequera is “a well-connected professional who produces practical solutions to complex problems”. The versatile practitioner has broad and deep knowledge across the IP spectrum.

Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie has abundant local and international insight, setting it apart from peers in Venezuela. It shines for its flawless handling of all types of trademark instructions and its sparkling, do-it-all credentials. Taking charge is household name Dianne Regina Phoebus, who leverages extensive IP, compliance and licensing expertise in her strategic counselling role. Phoebus is an authority on pharmaceutical matters; as is Laura Rada, who also comes highly recommended. “Laura is among the most experienced IP professionals in the country and, as a former counsel in the trademark office, dispenses well-rounded and reliable advice.”

Bolet & Terrero

Bolet & Terrero has been a leader in Venezuela for more than a century. Continually investing in its practice by bolstering its workforce and updating its technologies, it consistently stays ahead of the curve. It recently developed a cutting-edge information management system to enhance decision-making confidence and efficiency. Manuel Polanco and Maria Elena Terrero drive the forward-looking boutique. “Highly respected” managing partner Polanco is an “internationally trained negotiator who carries out transactional briefs to US standards”. Trademark head Terrero actively works towards the betterment of Venezuelan intellectual property for the benefit of all stakeholders in the market; while her pan-Latin American trademark nous is put to good use for clients.

De Sola Pate & Brown

“With over 60 years in the market, De Sola Pate & Brown is highly reputed for its strong work ethics, deep knowledge of legal procedure and excellent trademark management and enforcement services.” Leveraging the wider firm’s expertise in trade, foreign investment and commercial law, the IP group aids clients on matters that are crucial to commercial wellbeing – whether cross-border transactions, administrative litigation or trademark registration. José Gutierrez is the key contact for brand owners: “Highly responsive and committed, he comes up with out-of-the-box solutions in important disputes.”

ECV & Asociados

“Attentive to the legal and technical nuances of each case, ECV & Asociados allows for smooth and easy navigation of a complex marketplace.” Alive to legal and business risk, the IP team makes smart portfolio management decisions and does so cost efficiently; as a result, many international brand holders have engaged it to manage all their Venezuelan interests. Epitomising the set’s practical approach, Enrique Cheang Vera is “widely available when others are not” and “someone you can place complete trust in”. “His advice is thorough on all prosecution, infringement and contractual fronts – he gets the job done.”

Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque

With 11 dedicated groups across areas such as trademarks, patents, life sciences, data protection and anti-piracy, the venerable Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque renders 360-degree support to rights holders. Well connected internationally and a preferred choice for Venezuelan, Latin American and Caribbean instructions, it covers a lot of ground on behalf of its pedigreed clientele. One notable recent development was its investment in a CRM system for the trademarks and renewals department, which should drive improved efficiency – a key concern for companies with interests in Venezuela. The firm’s top IP specialists include Patricia Hoet-Limbourg and Alicia Molero, who between them have just shy of 50 years of experience. Hoet-Limbourg “gives timely and effective representation and handles diverse trademark activities with dexterity”. The same can be said of Molero, with whom she shares practice leadership duties. Molero has been busy of late in the pharmaceutical field, securing a vital and long sought-after registration for Bayer and representing Pfizer in oppositions. On both matters she linked up with Joaquín Núñes – an agile lawyer with a keen understanding of trademark, patent, copyright and data protection law and a refined IP litigation and enforcement skillset. Sharing the spotlight is Karen Incera, another all-rounder who is a favourite among foreign associates from locales as far away as Japan.

Marquez Henriquez Ortin & Valedon

Intellectual property is a central pillar of Marquez Henriquez Ortin & Valedon’s wider commercial offering, which has a distinctive feel thanks to its orientation around corporate, competition, technology, regulatory and aviation law. On the trademark side, the firm’s comprehensive package meets the needs of even the most exacting international companies, for which brand assets are critical. Annette Angulo Celis and Luis Alejandro Henriquez are the names to note. “Celis possesses an outstanding work ethic and communicates closely with clients while working towards business goals.” Henriquez is “widely known in the field, both for his activity in regional forums and for his practical approach to all trademark matters”.

Rojas Gaona & Bandres

Rojas Gaona & Bandres recently cemented a partnership with Houston-based energy consultancy Entra Consulting Group to become ENTRA IP/Rojas Gaona Bandres. The revamped entity maintains a presence in the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela, giving it a unique platform from which to dispense brand services – a key focus alongside energy, technology transfer and regulatory matters. Ricardo Rojas-Gaona takes the helm and oversees a robust practice in the patent, trademark and licensing areas.

Other recommended experts

A proficient brand manager across Venezuela and Latin America, eMagine-based Heissy Diaz also has a deft touch on patents and other IP rights. She is appreciated for her contribution to local IP education and entrepreneurship. Castor Gonzalez-Escobar heads LEX Americas’ New York City liaison office, but also directs its Latin American IP strategic practice. He has vast regional insight and is sought after for his anti-counterfeiting prowess. In charge at fledgling boutique Lopez Sanchez, Adolfo Lopez has valuable international experience and a strong command of all IP fields. “Rosa María Mejuto is a hardworking and efficient attorney who genuinely cares for clients. Her clear, succinct and personalised trademark strategies are considerate to future risks.” She is the coordinating partner at TEHAR.


  • Ricardo Enrique Antequera - Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Ricardo Alberto Antequera H - Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Enrique Cheang Vera - ECV & Asociados
  • Dianne Regina Phoebus - Baker McKenzie
  • Manuel Polanco F - Bolet & Terrero
  • Annette Angulo Celis - Marquez Henriquez Ortin & Valedon
  • Heissy Diaz - eMagine
  • Dinora Garcia - Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Castor Gonzalez-Escobar - GR LEX Americas
  • José Gutierrez - De Sola Pate & Brown
  • Barbarita Guzmán - Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Luis Alejandro Henriquez - Marquez Henriquez Ortin & Valedon
  • Patricia Hoet-Limbourg - Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque
  • Karen Incera - Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque
  • Adolfo Lopez - Lopez Sanchez
  • Rosa María Mejuto - TEHAR sc
  • Alicia Molero - Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque
  • Mariana Montiel - Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Joaquín Núñez-Landáes - Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque
  • Laura Rada - Baker McKenzie
  • Manuel Antonio Rodríguez - Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Ricardo Rojas-Gaona - ENTRA IP - Rojas Gaona & Bandres 
  • María Rusé Ruggiero - Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez
  • Maria Elena Terrero - Bolet & Terrero