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  • Allen, Dyer, Doppelt & Gilchrist PA
  • Lott & Fischer PL
  • Carlton Fields
  • Espinosa Martinez, PL
  • GrayRobinson PA
  • Malloy & Malloy, PL

Allen, Dyer, Doppelt & Gilchrist PA

A firm fixture on the Floridian IP scene, Allen, Dyer, Doppelt & Gilchrist performs exceptionally well across the whole gamut of trademark matters and industries. With a rich clientele of patent owners also in need of trademark protection, the branding team is never short on work: over the last year, it has been kept particularly busy tending to a plethora of actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. The set is well known for its fierce litigation capabilities; leading light Ava Doppelt is “a highly experienced and skilled trademark enforcer”, the board-certified attorney adopts a holistic approach to brand portfolios to ensure they are impregnable from all angles.

Carlton Fields

Heavy-hitting Carlton Fields can troubleshoot any branding problem thrown its way. Its IP squad is accomplished working on both sides of the contentious and non-contentious boundary, and it also shines in licensing transactions by working in tandem with the firm’s full-bodied corporate group. Exploiting decades of experience, including a stint in-house, Jill Sarnoff Riola is gifted in all of these areas and more. She has a rolodex of international clients and excels at securing – and expanding – their positions in the market. Contentious virtuoso Douglas McDonald provides additional strength on the litigation front; he also doubles up as an effective mediator and can obtain out-of-court solutions when necessary.

Espinosa Martinez, PL

Espinosa Martinez ably serves a glittering roster of patrons that ranges from small independent retail stores to sprawling international enterprises. Its multilingual practitioners are unfettered by sector-specific limitations: from restaurants to airlines, there is no industry too specialised for the sophisticated Espinosa team. Jorge Espinosa is a beacon for the trademark department. He zealously protects his clients’ interests and has spent a considerable amount of time actively enforcing and defending their rights before the US Patent and Trademark Office over the last year.

GrayRobinson PA

Full-service outfit GrayRobinson boasts a wealth of IP knowledge and commercial expertise; consequently, it enjoys a steady stream of work from bustling start-ups and Fortune 500s alike. The renowned Stefan Stein is a dexterous litigator with a quarter-century’s experience to boot. He has juggled myriad critical cases, including many multimillion-dollar IP suits. Similarly, Debra Larsen is a dab hand at thorny disputes; she is also gifted at drawing up watertight applications and provides incisive counsel to rights holders. Together, Stein and Larsen recently secured a major victory for Reckitt Benckiser in a hard-fought trademark spat that spanned 10 years of litigation.

Lott & Fischer PL

A superlative boutique, Lott & Fischer is “a real standout” firm in the IP space. Its squad possesses up-to-the-minute know-how of what is happening in this field, and its all-encompassing practice resonates with big brand names, which come flocking to its doors. At the centre of the acclaimed Lott & Fischer branding practice is the widely venerated Leslie Lott, “an extremely smart and practical professional”. “She has earned a reputation for her excellent quality of work” and is “one of the finest trademark litigators in the country”. Her discerning advice is also put to good use outside of the courtroom, as her profound knowledge and amiable personality make her “a fantastic arbitrator and mediator”.

Malloy & Malloy, PL

Long-time player Malloy & Malloy is one of the oldest IP shops in the market. Proficient in both prosecution and litigation, this ensemble can adroitly protect the spark of an idea and nurture it all the way to fruition. This is reflected in John Cyril Malloy III’s practice, which is balanced between judicious portfolio management and full-blooded trial battles. “A very smart and capable litigator, he is also friendly and just an all-round solid practitioner.”

Other recommended experts

Clients continuously sing the praises of Amber Davis, a refined litigator and counsellor operating out of Beusse Wolter Sanks & Maire. A straightforward approach and speedy response times are the hallmarks of her trade. Friedland Vining’s David Friedland excels at the confluence of intellectual property and cyberspace. He is also well versed in issues involving grey-market goods. Fox Rothschild gained the diverse skills of David Greenbaum in 2016. His robust non-contentious practice extends to the strategic enforcement of his clients’ marks in multiple jurisdictions and he is also a sharp negotiator, having carved out a niche for himself in the protection of non-traditional marks. Hailed for her affability and pragmatism, Gabrielle Holley of Holley & Menker is an astute counsellor and deft enforcer of brand rights. Based at Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, Frank Jakes delivers creative litigation strategies and stellar courtroom performances in all manner of IP disputes. Immensely motivated and committed, Brittany Maxey-Fisher of Maxey-Fisher knows what makes brand owners tick. Her business-savvy advice is dutifully dispensed in both trademark and patent mandates. Holley & Menker’s James Menker “gets how prosecution works, being a former examiner at the US Patent and Trademark Office. His quality of work is great and he handles a mix of clients including international sports organisations”. Quartered at Latham, Shuker, Eden & Beaudine, Lori Milvain “handles a significant deal of trademark prosecution and does it well. She is a really trustworthy professional”. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Berger Singerman’s Matthew Nelles is “a really knowledgeable litigator. He knows what the judges are thinking and provides excellent counsel. He also fully knows the law and is active in many committees”. The business-minded Mark Passler has advised a multitude of rights holders across the IP spectrum. He is especially dependable when trouble arises in the entertainment domain. He is stationed at Akerman. “Based at the excellent litigation firm Kenny Nachwalter, Harry Schafer is always top of mind. He has an excellent demeanour and knows when and when not to push. This, combined with his sturdy command over trademark law, means he does a fantastic job overall.” Drawing on a thorough knowledge of the latest legal developments, Mark Stein punches well above his weight from his eponymous one-man shop. His talents are matched only by his dedication to his craft.


  • Ava K Doppelt - Allen, Dyer, Doppelt & Gilchrist PA
  • Leslie J Lott - Lott & Fischer PL
  • Jorge Espinosa - Espinosa Martinez, PL
  • David Friedland - Friedland Vining PA
  • Frank R Jakes - Johnson, Blakely, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns PA
  • Debra Larsen - GrayRobinson PL
  • John Cyril Malloy III - Malloy & Malloy, PL
  • C Douglas McDonald - Carlton Fields
  • Mark Passler - Akerman LLP
  • Jill Sarnoff Riola - Carlton Fields
  • Harry R Schafer - Kenny Nachwalter PA
  • Stefan Stein - GrayRobinson PA
  • Amber N Davis - Beusse Wolter Sanks & Maire PLLC
  • David I Greenbaum - Fox Rothschild LLP
  • Gabrielle Holley - Holley & Menker
  • Brittany J Maxey-Fisher - Maxey-Fisher, PLLC
  • James R Menker - Holley & Menker
  • Lori T Milvain - Latham Shuker Eden Beaudine LLP
  • Matthew Nelles - Berger Singerman LLP
  • Mark E Stein - Mark Stein Law