Trademark service providers

For the first time this year, the WTR 1000 identifies the leading non-legal trademark service providers. Law and trademark attorney firms which participated in our research by providing written submissions were asked to nominate their top providers in four categories – trademark management software, renewals and recordals, searching and watching and online brand enforcement – these recommendations were then compiled and analysed to produce the accompanying lists. For the 2019 edition of the guide, over 900 submissions were provided to the research team.

Online brand enforcement

Renewals and recordals

Searching and watching

Trademark management

  • Highly recommended
  • CPA Global
  • Patrix IP Helpware 
  • WebTMS 
  • Recommended
  • Anaqua
  • Bizsolution Software Inc
  • Clarivate Analytics
  • Computer Packages Inc (CPi)
  • Equinox Advisory
  • Fileye
  • FlexTrac
  • Grupo 10 Empresarial Ip Software SLU
  • Inprotech
  • Pekama Ltd
  • RevaWare Inc
  • The Dennemeyer Group 


BRANDIT is an online brand protection and domain name industry-focused outfit run by passionate experts who build close and lasting relationships with the rights holders they diligently serve. When it comes to online brand enforcement, the organisation is described as being “first-rate, it has excellent people who get outstanding results”. Commentators also praise BRANDIT’s “excellent international reach”. Cited by WTR 1000 research participants as a top contact in the field, Jesper Knudsen serves as the company CEO.

Brandstock Services AG 

Brandstock is a leading IP service provider with a presence in France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United States. It provides a broad range of services from IP asset management to enforcement with exceptional transparency and efficiency. The company is especially rated by lawyers and trademark attorneys for its dexterity in renewals and recordals. “It is superb at coordinating major projects involving numerous jurisdictions,” has an “excellent team” and is “completely reliable”.


When it comes to searching and watching, CompuMark is one of the very best in the business. Sources hail its “outstanding service”, “competitive pricing”, “ease of use” and “excellent software”. The elite trademark research and protection company garners recommendations from virtually every corner of the world. A Norway-based source remarks: “CompuMark still has the largest search database,” while a UAE-based lawyer espouses: “I have worked with CompuMark for many years – it is utterly reliable and just top-notch.” Highranking UK sources endorse it for the “excellent value for money” its services represent and US lawyers comment: “We love the easy searching and sorting capabilities of CompuMark.”


“Corsearch is responsive and exceptional at tailoring search results to meet your specific needs.” “The customer service is excellent – Corsearch representatives display a genuine commitment to negotiating cost-effective search and watching services.” The team’s ability to simplify daily trademark work makes it a leader in the field. “Corsearch is innovative and thinks outside the box to solve problems; it is flexible, customisable, willing to adapt to local needs, trustworthy and customer-centric.”


Described by one source as “the global leader in online brand protection”, MarkMonitor is “highly expert in the areas of domain management, anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, partner compliance and phishing solutions”. The company provides “high-quality initial investigation reports and excellent anonymous domain name acquisition services”. Over half the Fortune 100 depend on the organisation which is unique in the way it prioritises targets according to the level of visibility infringements have with respect to consumers.


Hailed for its “outstanding service and thorough investigations”, Marksmen lives up to its billing as a leading online brand enforcement provider; pick a brand you know and chances are the organisation has protected it. Conducting global investigations with incredible finesse, Marksmen is “rapid in assisting clients and providing dependable answers and results”. Also notable is the breadth of its service offering, which encompasses not just brands and trademarks, but patents, designs and more besides. More than 1 billion people actively use IP and domain names secured by Marksmen.

Patrix IP Helpware 

When it comes to trademark management, Patrix, with its ‘Patricia’ software, is a “world leader”. It is “incredibly user-friendly and consistent” and provides “customisable docketing software along with excellent quality and reasonable prices”. The team’s renewal services are also highly prized; technical proficiency and total professionalism characterise its offering.

The Dennemeyer Group 

Uniquely among WTR 1000-recommended trademark service providers, Dennemeyer is listed on three of the accompanying tables – trademark management, renewals and recordals and searching and watching. Across the board, the full-service IP provider “offers an efficient, accurate service, along with very attractive prices”. Sources describe the side as “completely professional, reliable and well organised.”


“TrademarkNow provides the fastest trademark search platform and utilises unique artificial intelligence. Its user interface is more modern than those of its competitors and its reports are more intuitive too.” “TrademarkNow is changing the market quite considerably – it is quicker and cheaper than others and has really exciting products to offer.”


Deploying “excellent, reliable and easy-to-use software” and providing huge flexibility, “WebTMS is the market leader in online trademark portfolio management”. “The company’s support team is supremely patient and always on hand to answer the most difficult questions.” “Highly cost-effective, its tiered pricing options makes it a great choice for firms with different volumes of work.”

Yellow Brand Protection 

A “responsive young company” with “state-of-the-art online enforcement capabilities”, Yellow Brand Protection “provides a top tier service with respect to trademarks across many jurisdictions”. “It is highly reliable and a trustworthy partner with whom it is easy to cooperate.” The company is also noted for its “excellent success rate and local office in China”. Daniel Bennett has broken new ground throughout his career in online brand protection and continues to do so as Yellow Brand Protection’s CEO.