Trademark service providers

In these rankings the WTR 1000 identifies the leading non-legal trademark service providers. The law firms and trademark agencies that participated in our research by providing written submissions were asked to nominate their top providers in four categories: trademark management software; renewals and recordals; searching and watching; and online brand enforcement. These recommendations were then compiled and analysed to produce the rankings. For the 2021 edition of the guide, over 1,300 submissions were provided to the research team.

Online brand enforcement

Renewals and recordals

Searching and watching

  • Highly recommended
  • CompuMark 
  • Corsearch Inc 
  • Recommended
  • Dennemeyer – The IP Group
  • Markify
  • Marquesa Search Systems
  • Schutz Marken Dienst Gmbh
  • TM TKO, LLC-Arlington

Trademark management

  • Highly recommended
  • CPA Global
  • Patrix IP
  • WebTMS 
  • Recommended
  • Anaqua
  • Computer Packages Inc
  • Dennemeyer – The IP Group
  • Equinox Advisory
  • Fileye
  • Grupo 10 Empresarial Ip Software SLU


At BRANDIT, “great people get great results” when it comes to online brand protection and domain name matters. The firm’s “commercial approach, reasonable fees and personal service” are major plus points for clients, which include myriad owners of household-name brands. BRANDIT forges close relationships of trust with them, underpinned by its ability to deliver right-sized services that efficiently and directly address their needs. The firm was founded by Jesper Knudsen, who serves as CEO, and Michael Munch Østergaard – two IP authorities who understand the business of brands.

Brandstock Services AG 

Brandstock scores excellent reviews from sources in diverse European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and other locales, highlighting its excellent global reputation. Its international team is extremely well-organised and applies superb project management skills in executing on major search, clearance, filing and renewal and recordal programmes. A propensity for innovation has seen Brandstock constantly refine its skills, service, cost-efficiency and transparency to deliver maximum quality for maximum value.


Drawing praise from sources in multiple jurisdictions, CompuMark’s systems are “extremely quick, precise, intuitive and reliable, and provide perfect reports”. “Its staff are customer focused and friendly, and offer an excellent service that can easily be customised according to your needs.” The firm is consistently acknowledged for its innovativeness, from which it derives an edge in an incredibly competitive space and in a trademark market that is only becoming more complex to navigate.

Corsearch Inc 

Offering a litany of sophisticated brand solutions, Corsearch is only getting stronger as a result of its acquisitions activity: it recently acquired Yellow Brand Protection, enhancing its presence on the online brand enforcement side; as well as TrademarkNow, which has further bolstered its premier position in the searching and watching sphere. Hallmarks of its service that appeal to the wider market include “costeffectiveness and ease of use”; “outstanding flexibility and aftersales support”; and “reliability and immediate attentiveness to questions and queries”.


CSC is enthusiastically endorsed by commentators across many jurisdictions for its responsiveness, efficiency and globality. It has long set standards for quality and sophistication in the areas of domain name management and online brand protection as evidenced by, among other things, its track record of innovating new solutions to the security issues that the world’s leading brand owners face. CSC is held in high esteem not merely as an external service provider but as an essential business partner.


Recommended for its “thorough investigations” and “exceptional quality”, but above all its “outstanding results”, Marksmen is utterly dependable as a partner for global brand enforcement. “The service is fast and everything you need is delivered on time; the value for money is there, as well.” For nearly 25 years, the company has honed its approach, guided by a tenacious mindset and a deep commitment to accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Users of WebTMS’s trademark management tools find them “powerful in terms of their capability, but at the same time very intuitive”, and confide that “continued deployment of them resoundingly validates any early view formed as to the quality of the interface”. Simplicity of use also proves “especially helpful in markets where English is a second language for users”. To many, this is “the best product on the market for managing a global trademark portfolio” – which is only enhanced by “excellent customer service and IT support”.