Slovenia’s start-up ecosystem is blooming, with various programmes in place to stimulate and support entrepreneurship. The majority of up-and-coming companies are keenly aware of the necessity to secure and protect trademark rights and are thus providing significant amounts of work for lawyers. However, generally the value of intellectual property is still under appreciated and many senior industry figures remain reluctant to spend money on it. Counterfeiting is rife – and a substantial number of infringements are never pursued. Overall there is hope for the future, but large-scale change will take time.


ITEM doo

Item doo is a time-honoured trailblazer within Slovenian intellectual property. It straddles the contentious/non-contentious divide with ease, swiftly and professionally providing on-point counsel to clients. The way it files and devises portfolio management strategies is effectively informed by lessons gleaned in the courtroom. Spearheading the practice, Gregor Macek has worked in the trademark field for over 20 years, and it shows. Clients shower him with praise: “He’s exceptional – accurate, fast and reliable. You can always rely on him and be sure that he will do everything in his ability to protect your interests, while charging a moderate price for his services.” Similarly effusive, peers say: “Gregor is extremely knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure discussing issues with him, because his insights are always valuable. He devotes a lot of time to keeping his clients updated on the latest happenings in IP law.” Working under his wing, Jasna Habič and Katja Kovačič have plenty of loyal fans too. Habič is a creative, commercially minded litigator with the innate composure to come out on top in nail-baiting courtroom battles. Completely at home in the online world, Kovačič burns brightest in domain name disputes.

Odvetniki Šelih & partnerji op doo

Shepherding licensing contracts to a close is a forte for the IP squad at full-service business law firm Šelih; trademark aces work in tandem with professionals in the firm’s M&A and tax practices to produce bulletproof, holistic counsel. To receive its guidance, patrons continue to flock from far and wide. The cosmopolitan Nataša Pipan Nahtigal is the key point of contact for many brands. She boasts enviable experience before the EU Intellectual Property Office and is not chary of entering uncharted legal territory. Her colleague Nina Šelih is another practitioner with a knack for finding surprising ways to escape dead-end situations. She adopts a panoramic view on matters and never surrenders.

Patentna pisarna doo

“Patentna pisarna doo is a very professional firm with significant IP experience and an illustrious history.” It is at its most potent representing international clients in cliff-edge cases; experience, pragmatism and out-of-the-box thinking have contributed to notable victories a striking number of times. However, it shines not only in courtrooms, but in backrooms as well; prosecution and portfolio management do not faze the shrewd, technically astute practitioners here. Vesna Kovič and Irena Kadunc are both in high demand. Having worked at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, Kovič has a unique understanding of the way its procedures work and has a sixth sense for discerning the most effective line of reasoning. Meanwhile, clever tactician Kadunc is a nifty negotiator who is extremely effective at reaching win-win solutions.


IP powerhouse PETOŠEVIĆ offers complete coverage across Eastern Europe. With 120 staff in 15 offices working their socks off catering to their clients’ every needs: they deliver exhaustive, practical, business-minded counsel time and time again. Owing to the efficiency with which information flows through the firm’s network, it would prove a congenial partner for any multinational with an expansive portfolio which is facing infringement issues on multiple fronts. Director of the Ljubljana squad, Tatjana Simović is the trusted confidant of many industry lions. She prosecutes with real finesse and has singular expertise in the pharmaceutical sector. When matters make their way up to the courtroom, her “professional, creative and responsive” colleague Andrej Bukovnik steps up to the penalty spot; a crack litigator he puts the ball in the back of the net with consummate ease.

Wolf Theiss

Wolf Theiss positions itself as a one-stop shop for companies seeking protection across Southeastern Europe; cross-border representation of international clients accounts for a noteworthy percentage of its workload. Forward-looking, the firm is especially strong on internet-related matters and is au courant with new technological developments. Having handled countless transactions in her time, Klara Miletič could probably sew up a licensing agreement blindfolded. She is an extremely personable lawyer who knows her way around a negotiating table – that is to say, when to put the pressure on and when a light touch would be more beneficial.

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners 

Combining exhaustive technical know-how with a resolutely commercial focus, Zivko Mijatovic & Partners is a smart choice. Its widely respected trademark team in Ljubljana works shoulder to shoulder with the firm’s main base in Alicante and other outposts in its 15-strong web of offices to serve up uniquely tailored solutions. Brand owners can rest assured that the Zivko lawyers will perform clearance searches meticulously, file with alacrity and work hell for leather to put out infringement fires the second they burst into flame. Prospective clients should contact Tsvetomira Vasileva.

Other recommended experts

The experience Jadek & Pensa’s Eva Gostiša gained as a trademark examiner at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office continues to influence her practice; she knows the importance of weighing up every conceivable objection before filing and never falls back on one-dimensional cookie-cutter solutions.


  • Vesna Kovič - Patentna pisarna doo
  • Gregor Macek - ITEM doo
  • Nataša Pipan Nahtigal - Odvetniki Šelih & partnerji op doo
  • Andrej Bukovnik - PETOŠEVIĆ
  • Eva Gostiša - Jadek & Pensa Law Office
  • Jasna Habič - ITEM doo
  • Irena Kadunc - Patentna pisarna doo
  • Katja Kovačič - ITEM doo
  • Klara Miletič - Wolf Theiss
  • Nina Šelih - Odvetniki Šelih & partnerji op doo
  • Tatjana Simović - PETOŠEVIĆ