The Slovenian government has worked hard to create an attractive investment environment; public agency SPIRIT Slovenia is fulfilling its mandate of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the market, which has led to the emergence of numerous exciting new companies. All of this has contributed to a general sense of optimism, which IP practitioners are sharing in. At the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, new e-services have gone live in recent years to help make the task of filing trademark applications easier; the organisation also cooperates well with various other public bodies, including Customs and the Market Inspectorate for enforcement purposes, although the top IP firms are also crucial combatants in the fight against fakes.


ITEM doo

Item stands at the forefront of IP law in Slovenia. It has “a fantastic team of people”, who nimbly navigate the contentious/non-contentious divide. “They are always on top of things, precise, professional and punctual.” Leading the outfit with “excellent management skills” is Gregor Maček, an efficient operator with over 20 years’ experience. With degrees in both electrical engineering and law, his “technical and legal background make him a fantastic litigator”. He and Jasna Habič “provide precise and comprehensive advice based on an in-depth analysis of the issues, and they always complete tasks on time, even when working under tight deadlines”. Katja Kovačič is a denizen of cyberspace who deals with domain disputes daily. Litigator Igor Šetinc makes his debut in the WTR 1000 this year thanks to his “good-quality advice and diligence”.

Patentna pisarna doo

“A longstanding firm in the region with an incredible history,” Patentna pisarna dispenses advice across all aspects of the trademark lifecycle, but really hits its stride in convoluted disputes. Vesna Kovič and Irena Kadunc are the leading ladies of the practice. Previously at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, Kovič knows how to tap into the minds of examiners; strategic negotiator Kadunc has the know-how and interpersonal skills to execute amicable settlements successfully.


With 120 employees across 16 offices, PETOŠEVIĆ is a beacon in the Eastern European IP scene. Its most recent base opened in Tashkent, Uzbekistan – a clear message that the ensemble is continuing to widen its horizons, for maximum protection of its clients’ brands. Its multi-jurisdictional reach is a boon to many multinational corporations, which flock to instruct the unit on a full range of trademark issues. Commander in chief of the Ljubljana unit Tatjana Simović possesses refined prosecution abilities in the pharmaceutical sector, managing the portfolios of several industry giants. Litigation ace Andrej Bukovnik is a familiar face before the customs offices – he never loses his cool, even in the most testing of cross-border matters.

Šelih & Partnerji op doo

Getting signatures on the bottom line of lucrative licensing deals is all in a day’s work for the esteemed troupe at full-service business law firm Šelih. Clients receive unshakeable advice through the close cooperation of the M&A and tax departments. The sophisticated Nataša Pipan Nahtigal has infallible insight into examination procedures from her previous stint at the EUIPO. By her side, Nina Šelih adopts a 360-degree view and ensures no stone goes unturned in the quest for a successful solution.

Wolf Theiss

A prominent one-stop shop across Southeastern Europe, Wolf Theiss is a friendly face for a diverse clientele seeking to protect their cross-border interests. Having built up long-lasting relationships with local examiners, the squad knows which road to take to secure IP rights seamlessly. Although Klara Miletič can nimbly navigate her way through courtrooms and backrooms, she also has a penchant for labyrinthine licensing agreements. The charming leader of the IP and IT department is frequently called on by big names in the pharmaceutical industry.

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners 

Marrying IP knowledge with commercial sensibilities, the all-rounder practice Zivko Mijatovic & Partners is an undisputed choice in the region. The Latvian branch works hand in hand with the headquarters in Alicante, as well as a further 14 offices in the network. The outfit creates strategies that are unique to their clientele, hustle to process applications and effectively nip infringements in the bud. Joanna Szota is a strong contact in the region.


  • Vesna Kovič - Patentna pisarna doo
  • Gregor Maček - ITEM doo
  • Nataša Pipan Nahtigal - Šelih & Partnerji op doo
  • Andrej Bukovnik - PETOŠEVIĆ
  • Jasna Habič - ITEM doo
  • Irena Kadunc - Patentna pisarna doo
  • Katja Kovačič - ITEM doo
  • Klara Miletič - Wolf Theiss
  • Nina Šelih - Šelih & Partnerji op doo
  • Igor Šetinc - ITEM doo
  • Tatjana Simović - PETOŠEVIĆ