Slovakia is seeing an increase in entrepreneurship and has a growing start-up economy; this has added fuel to national trademark filings. Businesses continue to become more alive to IP concerns and the commercial value of well-protected rights. There have been some developments concerning domain names; the resolution time for ‘.sk’ disputes has been improved since the 2017 establishment of the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution of the European Information Society Institute.


  • Allen & Overy Bratislava sro
  • Bianchi Malach Tomanova
  • Bird & Bird
  • Brichta & Partners
  • Bukovinský & Chlipala
  • Černejová & Hrbek
  • Fajnor ip sro
  • Inpartners Group
  • Rott, Růžička & Guttmann
  • Taylor Wessing
  • Zivko Mijatovic & Partners 

Allen & Overy Bratislava sro

International powerhouse Allen & Overy has maintained a presence in Bratislava for 20 years – it is extremely well established in the market and everyone knows about the side’s talents in trademarks and intellectual property. No brand conundrum leaves the team stumped – head of intellectual property and former European Commission legal adviser Zuzana Hečko always comes up with a shrewd solution. The breadth of her practice, which encompasses patents, trademarks, copyright, privacy, unfair competition and anti-counterfeiting, enables her to find myriad ways in which to add value beyond any specific brief. Her recent highlights include acting for Horphag Research Management in several trademark infringement litigations concerning the company’s flagship Pycnogenol product and securing single colour and three-dimensional trademarks for Sanofi.

Bianchi Malach Tomanova

“Bianchi Malach Tomanová is one of the traditional IP leaders in Slovakia.” Highlighted for its copyright and software know-how in particular, the set also flexes considerable trademark muscle and disptaches brand protection, enforcement and monetisation mandates with confidence and poise. Attorney at law and trademark agent Peter Bianchi and lawyer Marcel Baker are the practice’s leading lights. Bianchi is an eminent IP scholar who has set the standard for the advancement of IP practice in Slovakia. Baker is a dynamic practitioner who is uncompromising when it comes to service and quality.

Bird & Bird

Top international IP outfit Bird & Bird enjoys a stellar reputation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The firm has been on the ground in Bratislava for over a decade and knows the lay of the land locally, but also shines on cross-border and regional matters. Instilling the Bratislava group with a rigorously commercial approach to all brand-related questions is Prague-based Vojtěch Chloupek.

Brichta & Partners

“Brichta & Partners has an excellent reputation as one of the most knowledgeable firms in intellectual property.” Drawing on a profound well of experience, it gives meaningful support to major multinationals and leading domestic companies whatever trademark or IP issues they are faced with. Endorsed by contemporaries for their razor-sharp IP skills and devotion to clients, Tatiana Brichtová and Peter Kruzliak are the people to call.

Bukovinský & Chlipala

Full-service law firm Bukovinský & Chlipala has been garnering positive recommendations from brand owners of late and debuts in the WTR 1000 this year as a result. Its IP team demonstrates “impeccable knowledge and experience” and “provides sound and very effective prosecution and disputes guidance”. The Bukovinský trademark aces work hand in hand with cybersecurity and privacy colleagues to guarantee all-encompassing protection. Tomáš Klinka has authored a commentary on the country’s trademark legislation and recently served as director of legal and international affairs at the Slovak industrial property office, as one respondent enthuses: “His combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience makes him a top expert in the field of trademarks, and a go-to for cases that are out of the ordinary.”

Černejová & Hrbek

The partners at Černejová & Hrbek have worked together closely for many years; knowing all their complex problems will be assessed and analysed from every angle, patrons of the group have great confidence in the solutions served up. Commercial thinkers Peter Stavrovský and Tatiana Ziaková undertake trademark and IP tasks as part of their broad business law practices. Transactional IP matters are a particular forte for the dynamic duo.

Fajnor ip sro

Fresh-faced FAJNOR earns its place in the WTR 1000 2019 as an excellent IP all-rounder. Active on the international stage through an extended network of highly ranked foreign associates, the firm devises and executes watertight IP protection schemes for its clients at home and abroad. Helmswoman Mária Fajnorová is an ever-reliable contact.

Inpartners Group

“The Slovak branch of Inpartners Group is impressive – its practitioners are highly skilled and provide thorough, precise and top-tier advice.” With intellectual property being a central aspect of the organisation’s practice, clients can count on detailed and well-founded analyses of trademark matters of all stripes. Key contact Romana Záthurecká capitalises on her eight years of experience in multiple roles at the industrial property office to help streamline prosecution. An authoritative commentator on Slovak IP law – which he has helped shape over the years – Eugen Záthurecký is “excellent at litigating complex international cases”. He did a seven-year stint at the industrial property office serving as director of the legal department.

Rott, Růžička & Guttmann

Rott, Růžička & Guttmann is a popular choice for companies looking to safeguard the distinctiveness and integrity of their brands in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The ensemble caters excellently to a cosmopolitan clientele and the diverse mix of languages spoken by the team ensures smooth communication across the board. Proficient at registering marks and quick to respond with a clever strategy when infringements occur, the team provides reliable and attentive assistants in all situations. Managing director Martin Guttmann puts in assured performances in IP litigation and knows how to turn up the heat when it comes to anti-counterfeiting.

Taylor Wessing

If you call on the Bratislava branch of Taylor Wessing you receive an excellent service and abundant local expertise, while getting easy access to top-flight practitioners in the firm’s Austria, Germany and UK offices. The set’s handling of sophisticated offline and online trademark and brand matters – particularly concerning infringement cases with international ramifications – is flawless, largely thanks to the leadership provided by Jan Lazur. An ace operating at the intersection of IP and unfair competition law, Lazur shows a commercial touch when working on either side of the contentious/non-contentious divide. He has handled a diverse range of matters recently, including advising famous singer Jana Kirschner on IP issues arising out of contractual arrangements; strategically counselling SK-NIC, which administers the ‘.sk’ domain; and representing NATUR-PACK in a fractious dispute relating to rights over the ‘Green Dot’ licence symbol.

Zivko Mijatovic & Partners 

Alicante-headquartered Zivko Mijatovic & Partners has boots on the ground across the Balkans and Eastern Europe, which means that it has a panoramic view of the IP landscape in the region. The distinguished international firm provides “quick and comprehensive” IP services across the board, deploying a “flexible and confident” team that works efficiently and cost-effectively on behalf of multinationals. Alejandra Rosero is the engine that drives the side’s Slovakian practice.


  • Marcel Baker - Bianchi Malach Tomanova
  • Peter Bianchi - Bianchi Malach Tomanova
  • Tatiana Brichtová - Brichta & Partners
  • Martin Guttmann - Rott, Růžička & Guttmann
  • Zuzana Hečko - Allen & Overy Bratislava sro
  • Tomáš Klinka - Bukovinský & Chlipala
  • Peter Kruzliak - Brichta & Partners
  • Jan Lazur - Taylor Wessing
  • Peter Stavrovský - Černejová & Hrbek
  • Romana Záthurecká - Inpartners Group
  • Eugen Záthurecký - Inpartners Group
  • Tatiana Žiaková - Černejová & Hrbek