Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is making moves to increase awareness among local brand owners and has launched several campaigns to encourage trademark filings. Coupled with drastically lowered filing fees, practitioners report an uptick in applications, as well as increased enthusiasm from business owners to instruct them on licensing and franchising ventures.


Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property

Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property is closely involved in the development of the Arab world’s IP laws and policies and is extremely well positioned to serve as a guide to brand owners navigating the sometimes difficult and often unfamiliar terrain of rights protection there. The ensemble’s vast coverage ensures a consistent approach across more than 20 countries in the region; it is well-connected worldwide, too, granting it strong global knowledge and experience. The firm’s Saudi contingent is “super professional and produces work of the highest quality”. Moreover, its local practitioners are proficient at supporting brand owners in prosecution, disputes and transactional scenarios.

Al-Otaishan Intellectual Property & Technology Law Firm 

AIP&T has gone from strength to strength in the past decade; the firm now maintains five operating offices – Bahrain being the most recently opened in 2019 – and is planning more. It is increasingly active in African markets and has structured itself around greater levels of specialisation in areas including, but not limited to, trademark watching, renewals and litigation. The team thrives under Mohammad Saleh Al-Otaishan’s strong leadership. “An excellent attorney, Mohammad is hands on and has superb language skills. His advice is incredibly practical and very effectively addresses the challenges that clients face in Saudi Arabia.”

Cedar White Bradley Consulting

Cedar White Bradley’s Saudi Arabia office is its second largest (after the United Arab Emirates) in terms of trademark workflow. Its well-credentialled team of lawyers and other employees blend local and regional expertise to shore up trademark protection for international patrons. Its members work hard to advance IP interests in the market and, for example, recently ran a training programme for new female trademark examiners at the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property. Dubai-based Saba Al Sultani and Brent Rasumussen are useful contacts for Saudi questions.

Kadasa Intellectual Property

KIP offers a traditional high-quality IP service but operates as a modern, cosmopolitan and dynamic ensemble. Steeped in IP procurement and enforcement, the set also impresses with its adept handling of commercial IP matters, including all manner of transactions. At the forefront of the practice is Nassir Kadasa, an “extremely trustworthy and responsible professional who produces work of an impeccable standard”. An IP litigation and enforcement veteran who has set precedents, he is a favourite of international companies engaged in disputes with Saudi and regional infringers.

Saba & Co Intellectual Property

Saba has taken the lead on IP procurement, enforcement and commercialisation in the Middle East and North Africa for decades. Committed not only to protecting clients under the law, but also to advancing their business interests through the deployment of effective IP strategies, the firm is a go-to for dynamic companies keen to carve out strong and distinctive identities in the region. Saba’s representative office in Saudi Arabia is Al Hadaf Marks Services.


The seamlessness of SMAS-IP’s trademark service across the Middle East and North Africa distinguishes it even from its regional rivals; professionals in its 19 offices work collaboratively – in a structure designed to promote sharing and joint training – to dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s for brand owners as they protect their rights and tackle counterfeiters and other infringers. On the enforcement front, notable recent developments include the opening of new Saudi Arabian border offices dedicated to customs work. The well-respected Nedal Alkharouf serves as the firm’s managing partner.