Saudi Arabia

The government of Saudi Arabia, the richest of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, is promoting the development of a knowledge-based economy and has designs on becoming a major research and innovation hub. This has moved intellectual property up the political and economic agenda and created opportunities for rights holders to enhance their protection locally and across the region. However, the weak options available for IP enforcement still remains a problem for a market that was recently highlighted by an EU Intellectual Property Office report as a key transit point for goods making their way from China to Africa.


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  • Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property
  • Al-Otaishan Intellectual Property & Technology Law Firm AIP&T
  • Kadasa & Partners in association with Rouse & Co International
  • Law Office of Nidal N Kadasa in association with Cedar White Bradley
  • Saba & Co Intellectual Property

Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property

Abu-Ghazaleh has been setting the IP tone in the Middle East for decades; it knows all the relevant trademark case law and legislative provisions and puts them to use expeditiously and efficiently to secure impervious, multi-jurisdictional brand protection.

Al-Otaishan Intellectual Property & Technology Law Firm AIP&T

Riyadh-headquartered firm Al-Otaishan has an all-encompassing comprehension of trademark law and meaningfully supports brand owners legally and strategically. The team possesses razor-sharp skills when it comes to acquiring international IP rights, but is perhaps best known for its litigation prowess. Founder and managing partner Mohammad Saleh Al-Otaishan has fought on the frontlines of many leading cases, particularly in the patent arena. A former in-house commercial and IP attorney, he has a gift for aligning contentious and broader IP strategies with his clients’ overarching business objectives.

Kadasa & Partners in association with Rouse & Co International

When patrons go to Kadasa & Partners, they receive tip-top local IP protection and enforcement know-how, in addition to ready access to the international expertise of its affiliate firm, Rouse. This is a combination that works incredibly well for time-pressed in-house counsel that have tight budgets and the whole of the Middle East to think about. Nassir Kadasa is an IP authority who has solutions to both routine and unusual conundrums at his fingertips. Long-time Rouse executive Edward Hardcastle has extensive enforcement and prosecution expertise across the Arab world.

Law Office of Nidal N Kadasa in association with Cedar White Bradley

Blue-chip international brand owners – predominantly from the United States and Europe – entrust their most important mandates to prestigious firm Cedar White Bradley and its Riyadh associate office Nidal N Kadasa. The side’s IP squad has cracked the code when it comes to the efficient cross-border management of portfolios and brings the heat when pursuing counterfeiters; for this purpose, Cedar White Bradley has its own team of IP investigators to seek out IP wrongdoing wherever it is occurring. A lightning rod for contentious instructions, Nidal Kadasa is a no-nonsense enforcer; he is also a superb prosecutor and strategic counsellor. Another name to note is new partner Nina Osseiran; the Washington DC-based lawyer frequently travels to the Middle East – a region she knows like the back of her hand when it comes to brand clearance and protection.

Saba & Co Intellectual Property

As the practice of IP law in the Middle East has matured, Saba & Co has been there to witness all the developments; it has expedited many of the most important advances through both its actions as a client representative and its policy work. This track record, combined with its state-of-the-art service delivery systems, makes it a destination of choice for regionally minded rights holders who need swift advice and cost-effective protection.


The professionals at SMAS-IP have turned their passion for innovation into a vibrant IP practice that runs the gamut of trademark, patent, design, copyright and domain protection, and across multiple jurisdictions. With 19 offices in the Middle East and North Africa region and a commitment to customer care, it makes for a reassuring and resolute ally.


  • Mohammad Saleh Al-Otaishan - Al-Otaishan Intellectual Property & Technology Law Firm AIP&T
  • Edward Hardcastle - Rouse & Co International
  • Nassir Kadasa - Kadasa & Partners in association with Rouse & Co International
  • Nidal Kadasa - Law Office of Nidal N Kadasa in association with Cedar White Bradley
  • Nina Osseiran - Cedar White Bradley