Lisbon’s successful hosting of the Web Summit – a conference attended by approximately 60,000 individuals from over 150 countries – in 2016, 2017 and 2018 has bolstered its standing as a start-up capital. In recognition of this, the Portuguese government is creating new funding opportunities for entrepreneurs and facilitating contact with potential global partners. In turn, this is creating a sense of optimism in the economy and generating waves of new business for law firms.


Abreu Advogados

Abreu Advogados’ 2017 merger with PMBGR and acquisition of the IP team of pbbr have done wonders for its already impressive workload and reputation. It now has the wherewithal to handle the full spectrum of trademark matters for some of the world’s biggest names. Recent highlights include handling significant prosecution matters for Tag Heuer and anti-counterfeiting operations for Hewlett Packard. “Its lawyers are efficient, strategic, responsive and very effective. They handle clearance, filing and enforcement matters superbly.” The stars of the show are César Bessa Monteiro and Ricardo Henriques. Monteiro is a worldly wise lawyer with a wealth of courtroom experience; he has served as vice president of the Lisbon District Council of the Portuguese Bar Association. The commercially minded Henriques provides a safe pair of hands for branding headaches of all shapes and sizes; Boehringer Ingelheim is one of his loyal fans.

Baptista Monteverde & Associados

“Baptista Monteverde & Associados is an excellent choice for intellectual property. Its lawyers are open minded and flexible, as well as being precise and technically gifted. They understand clients’ needs and have the ability to realise them efficiently and effectively.” Paulo Monteverde represents the gold standard in the firm. Having served as the vice president of the Portuguese Consultants IP Association for five years, Monteverde is a revered member of the trademark community. “I have huge respect for him,” remarks one peer. “He’s an outstanding litigator.” His clients are similarly effusive: “He’s extremely proactive in the management of files, professional, practical and responsive.”

CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut

CMS has many of Portugal’s biggest brand owners on its client roster – exciting names from the telecoms, oil and gas and food and beverages sectors all feature, not to mention some impressive multinationals. The firm has won its clients’ custom by providing holistic solutions to global problems time and time again. Name partner José Luís Arnaut is the man to go to for complex IP transactions; he has the business nous to get signatures on the bottom line with minimal fuss. His running mate Miguel Quintans manages portfolios with aplomb, his meticulous drafting and sheer dedication having secured the green light for myriad trademarks.


Business law firm Garrigues is “up there with the very best” options in Iberia. It offers seamless solutions to branding headaches across Europe and Latin America; cosmopolitan thinking, up-to-the-minute knowledge of clients’ markets and remarkable response rates are hallmarks of the service. A rainmaker on the trademark side, João Miranda De Sousa is said to be “the leading IP litigator” in Portugal. “He is thoughtful, personable and very experienced, someone who has a thorough knowledge of trademark law and likes to think outside the box. His client care really is excellent.” Francisca Ferreira Pinto and Isabel Bairrão always make the team’s starting line-up too. Pinto focuses on the software and food and beverages sectors, while Bairrão hits her stride in telecoms matters.

Inventa International

Inventa International leverages state-of-the-art software to manage portfolios and ensure all work is completed on budget and on time. Never losing sight of clients’ long-term business objectives, its cost-conscious IP lawyers provide pragmatic, practical counsel in simple, straightforward language. Prosecution maven Vitor Palmela Fidalgo is “an excellent choice for particularly challenging situations. He has the ability to solve brand registration issues that have been in deadlock for many years and is always available for a phone call or in-person meeting. He really knows what he’s doing.”

J Pereira da Cruz SA 

“J Pereira da Cruz is a historic player in Portugal with a wealth of experience in its ranks and a very impressive client base.” Since 1949 the firm’s sophisticated trademark lawyers have been filing with dexterity and successfully safeguarding valuable rights in the courtroom. João Pereira Da Cruz is the first choice for many interested parties. Having served as president of both the European Communities Trademark Association and the Portuguese group of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, he is a figure of global renown. Nuno Cruz and Maria Cruz Garcia flank him ably: Nuno Cruz is an arbitration ace with the interpersonal skills to solve any dispute, while Garcia is a hard-hitting litigator with a lock on the relevant case law. All three practitioners regularly turn to Jorge Cruz for his thoughts on tricky theoretical issues. He is a true luminary who has seen nearly everything there is to see in intellectual property.

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados

Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados is entrusted by some of the biggest brand owners in the world, as exemplified by its cooperation with Christiano Ronaldo; the full-service firm handles all trademark-related matters for the football star with flair and finesse. Other notable clients include Group Impressa and Arcadia. Vasco Stilwell d’Andrade is the nucleus of the practice: “He provides spot-on, high-level counsel nationally and internationally, with a robust understanding of global trademark systems.” As well as representing household names, he coordinates the firm’s ‘team genesis’ project, which was created to better support innovation among entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Raul César Ferreira IP Consulting & Services

Established in 1929, RCF is a firm fixture in Portugal’s IP landscape. With expertise in clearance searches, prosecution, opposition proceedings and courtroom enforcement, it is a stellar one-stop shop. Particular emphasis is placed on internationalisation efforts, with the team excelling at putting a suitable level of protection in place for product launches in new markets. European, American and Asian companies from an impressive range of industries are present in its extensive client catalogue. João Jorge is a name for the address book.

Simões, Garcia, Corte-Real & Associados 

Simões, Garcia, Corte-Real & Associados’s presence in Porto has made it a popular choice among brand owners with operations in Northern Portugal, where there are many counterfeiting problems, but it also has plenty of international clients. A recent highlight saw António Corte-Real support Crossfit in a complex domain-name matter. As one contemporary says: “He is one of the most experienced trademark attorneys in Portugal.” João Luís Garcia is involved in many of the team’s biggest mandates as well. “Working with João is an extremely rewarding experience. He’s an excellent practitioner who has good communication skills and always provides valuable advice.” Name partner José Raúl Simões is now a consultant at the firm. A doyen of intellectual property, he remains a client magnet and is looked up to by the next generation.


With 280 lawyers in 13 jurisdictions, VdA has what it takes to assist clients on international product launches and put out infringement flames that have spread across the globe. In Portugal António Andrade and António de Magalhães Cardoso serve up razor-sharp, commercially on-point counsel in simple, transparent language to an impressive array of domestic and foreign clients. Andrade really shines in cliff-edge cases, while Cardoso has the business nous to sew up lucrative transactions in no time at all.

Other recommended experts

Manuel Oehen Mendes at Yolanda Busse Oehen Mendes & Associados is a “fantastic” lawyer who lectures and publishes widely.