While the downturn in commodity prices continues to be a cause for concern, resource-rich Peru has a growing economy which ranks as one of the most stable in the Latin America region. President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s efforts to attract investment to the country and drive growth appear to be bearing fruit from the perspective of IP professionals, who report burgeoning workloads. Trademark experts also have positive things to say when asked about the National Institute for the Defence of Competition and Intellectual Property Protection (INDECOPI); the organisation’s chief understands the viewpoint of lawyers in private practice and ensures that the agency runs smoothly and efficiently.


  • Barreda Moller
  • Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Durand Abogados
  • Espinosa Bellido Abogados
  • Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Estudio Echecopar (a member firm of Baker McKenzie International)
  • Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados

Allende & Garcia Abogados

Testament to the personal, partner-led service it renders and the quality of strategic trademark advice it dishes out, this sterling boutique has recorded remarkable growth year on year since its establishment six years ago. Clients enthuse that: “Allende & Garcia provides very cost-effective solutions, and consistently demonstrates out-of-the-box thinking and a concomitant ability to solve complex problems.” The period 2016-2017 was particularly fruitful in terms of attracting new clients, although the team has continued to perform flawlessly for existing patrons such as Grupo Cencosud, whose 2,000-plus trademarks it protects and enforces. “The team is very knowledgeable about local laws and practices, and provides great insights as to the most practical way to approach things.” There are particular plaudits for Jorge Allende and Magali Garcia. “They work hard, are extremely responsive and proactive, and communicate useful advice clearly and concisely, while keeping in mind your ultimate goal and budgetary concerns.” These outstanding name partners are flanked by a “top-notch team of excellent associates”.

BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados

A young firm with bags of experience in its ranks, BARLAW is the apex predator in trademark enforcement in Peru – and one of the best in Latin America. Taking fakers seriously to task for nearly two decades, founding partner Adriana Barrera is the go-to figure for a whole host of famous names including Luis Vuitton Malletier, Nintendo, adidas and Procter & Gamble. Clients love her 24/7 availability, sense of urgency and lightning-fast deployment time. Not content with setting anti-counterfeiting precedents, Barrera and her team have also been identifying creative paths to success in civil and administrative disputes. Crucial in these endeavours is newly minted WTR 1000 professional Maria Ines Herrera, a “fast and effective problem solver”. A one-stop shop in which you can have complete confidence, the ensemble should also be noted for its “vast experience in trademark portfolio handling” and its “reliability and efficiency” on non-contentious matters. The group has lately recorded notable victories protecting three-dimensional trademarks for a well-known footwear brand, while also keeping busy directing Peruvian Grupo Televisa’s trademark strategy.

Barreda Moller

Celebrated Latin American IP boutique Barreda Moller has been protecting and enforcing trademark rights for many decades and, although considered to be “the traditional market leader”, “it continues to modernise its practice effectively and stay up to date, by hiring good young people with trademark office experience – and giving them responsibility”. The set can dispatch any instruction with absolute assuredness and no aspect of trademark prosecution or litigation falls outside its bailiwick. Anchoring a resolute team of pros are veterans Alfredo Barreda and Fernando Barreda; a combined 80-plus years at the IP coalface makes this dynamic duo a rich source of insight on anything relating to brands.

Durand Abogados

In the words of one foreign respondent: “For us, Peru has been a difficult market in which to find a good partner, but Durand Abogados fits the bill perfectly. From the first moment of contact, we were impressed by its amazing responsiveness and the clear opinions and advice delivered.” The “extremely reliable” boutique has Teutonic heritage, which gives its service a stamp of efficiency and precision; it has become a beacon for numerous European law firms and brand owners. An example of the latter is Andreas Stihl, which has been instructing the firm to enforce its orange-grey colour combination trademark rights in Peru. Performing the trusted adviser role to perfection is Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer, a partner with a flair for complex litigation and IP rights management tasks. Fluent in Spanish and knowledgeable about Peru’s IP system, he has a huge following among German companies, who look to him to sew up protection in the country and, often, across the whole region. He is a member of various international IP organisations and committees, and takes an interest in the practice of trademark law beyond the immediate concerns of his own business. “His advice is focused, analytical and well-structured, and it goes without saying that his communication is also extremely swift.”

Espinosa Bellido Abogados

Specialised IP advice and tailored solutions are the hallmarks of Espinosa Bellido’s offering. Partners dig into the details of each and every file, and their high-level strategic advice is, as a result, extremely well informed. The firm has a storied 75-year tradition, which patrons draw comfort from, as well as a forward-thinking attitude and enthusiasm for what is coming round the corner. Personifying this trait, managing partner Francisco Espinosa Reboa keeps the firm at the cutting edge. He is a popular point of contact for overseas associates looking for a safe pair of legal hands, but also someone who can think commercially in a results-oriented way.

Estudio Colmenares & Asociados

Estudio Colmenares was established in 1904 and has dedicated itself to intellectual property ever since. The venerable firm matches an efficient agency-type trademark filing operation with a dynamic and sophisticated legal practice and is fit for purpose whether you are looking to get rights on the register or deal with those riding on the coat-tails of your brand. The ever-watchful team is constantly alert to any developments that might impinge upon clients’ rights, and devotes the necessary resources to securing the right result. Luis Gayoso is the man to connect with for all-weather trademark protection.

Estudio Echecopar (a member firm of Baker McKenzie International)

Distinguished full-service business outfit Echecopar has long been a popular destination for IP owners, but in recent years it has become a magnet for foreign brands, thanks to the association it cemented with Baker McKenzie at the end of 2012. The amalgamation of local and international expertise is certainly compelling, but the presence of Luis Alonso García is the icing on the cake. Described as “one of the best IP lawyers in the Andean Community”, García has done a huge amount to shape the market in his 25-year career, including negotiating the IP aspects of the free trade agreement between Peru and the United States and leading INDECOPI. A dab hand at anti-counterfeiting, transactional intellectual property and trademark protection, he has a broad IP compass and infuses his advice with meaningful strategic and regulatory insights too.

Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados

Peers consider redoubtable general practice firm Rodrigo Elías & Medrano to be a growing force in intellectual property. “The main corporate firm in Peru, it also has a really strong IP practice and is doing a lot of work for major US technology companies.” Its two-partner, three-associate IP squad makes trademark portfolio management a cinch and provides a panacea when infringement headaches emerge. Its advice extends into ancillary areas, including unfair competition law, advertising and consumer rights. María del Carmen Alvarado is a former head of distinctive signs at INDECOPI and an ex-Frito-Lay in-house lawyer; understanding trademark protection from all perspectives, she is a clear-sighted counsellor who demonstrates a deft touch with IP contracts, as does fellow partner and experienced operator Héctor Álvarez.

Other recommended experts

Enrique Cavero Safra calls Hernández & Cía home. The Spanish, English and Portuguese speaker is an invaluable ally for international companies looking to extend and enhance their trademark protection across Latin America. Through his teaching activities, Peruvian Association of Intellectual Property board membership and his own legal practice, adept portfolio manager Alvaro Echeandía Bustamante of Thorne, Echeandía & Lema Abogados is an eminent figure on the trademark scene in Peru. Carlos Fernández-Dávila Winkler is the main man at Fernández-Dávila & Bueno. Able to advise on just about any area of law, he is someone to call on for IP concerns tied to broader business implications. Estudio Olaechea’s Monica Germany is an established figure within the international trademark community and a favourite for regional IP protection mandates. Corporate and IP boutique Duany & Kresalja Abogados is the headquarters for Rosa María Kresalja Santos, who communicates rigorous advice quickly and concisely. Alfredo Valencia runs compact boutique Valencia Law Office. Coming from an electrical engineering background, he maintains a robust patent practice, but is also hailed as a worldly wise trademark counsellor.


  • Jorge Allende - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Alfredo Barreda - Barreda Moller
  • Fernando Barreda - Barreda Moller
  • Adriana Barrera - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer - Durand Abogados
  • Francisco Espinosa Reboa - Espinosa Bellido Abogados
  • Luis Alonso García - Estudio Echecopar (a member firm of Baker McKenzie International)
  • Héctor Álvarez - Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados
  • Enrique Cavero Safra - Hernández & Cía Abogados
  • María Del Carmen Alvarado - Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados
  • Alvaro Echeandía Bustamante - Thorne, Echeandiá & Lema Abogados
  • Carlos Fernández-Dávila Winkler - Fernández-Dávila & Bueno Abogados
  • Magali Garcia - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Luis G Gayoso - Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Monica Germany - Estudio Olaechea
  • Maria Ines Herrera - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Rosa María Kresalja Santos - Duany & Kresalja Abogados
  • Alfredo Valencia - Valencia Law Office