The WTR 1000 2019 rankings for Peru include some notable changes; two young firms, Allende & Garcia and BARLAW have both been promoted to the gold tier. It is not so much that a changing of the guard is taking place – Barreda Moller, the third firm in the top category, remains excellent and has the largest trademark practice by a considerable margin – but the two ascensions are bringing increased dynamism to the market, which is certainly being noticed by international marquee brand owners.


  • Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Barreda Moller
  • Durand Abogados
  • Espinosa Bellido Abogados
  • Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Estudio Echecopar (a member firm of Baker McKenzie International)
  • Estudio Olaechea
  • Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados
  • Valencia Law Office

Allende & Garcia Abogados

Rapid growth has been the story over at Allende & Garcia – it started out in 2011 with a single client, but fast-forward to 2019 and it now serves well over 400; crucially, it provides the same personalised and attentive service now as it did on day one. Within the past 12 months, the ensemble has expanded its data privacy practice, primarily assisting top US law firms. Taking the lead on this initiative is Jorge Allende, a superbly well-rounded IP professional. He and fellow partner Magali Garcia, who heads the trademark practice, are unbelievably responsive and provide quality, timely and cost-effective assistance to many household international companies and organisations. Lately they have handled clearance and strategic prosecution mandates for Colgate-Palmolive and advised FIFA on enforcement matters, all the while producing error-free prosecution and litigation work for Grupo Cencosud.

BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados

BARLAW’s whetted litigation and enforcement skills are the talk of the town in Lima – and famous across Latin America and beyond. Adriana Barrera puts in flawless performances time and time again and settles for nothing less than the same from public authorities engaged in the fight against fakes. On behalf of adidas, Reebok, Vans and many other top brands, she recently executed one of the biggest ever raids of fake apparel in the country. Careful investigative work and fearlessness are the foundations of her incredible success in anti-counterfeiting. Her second-in-command is Maria Ines Herrera, an assertive enforcer with excellent strategic instincts. No one-trick pony, the ensemble has been knocking it out of the park on the prosecution side of the practice too, recording excellent results and striking growth. Clients are flocking to the set not just for routine filing but for advice on regional protection strategy and complex matters concerning non-traditional marks. The latter has become something of a speciality for the team which has recently been producing sterling results on three-dimensional trademark registration and strategy for Crocs and Honda, among others. Engines of the prosecution practice are Catherine Escobedo and Medalith Albarracin, who both make their debut in the WTR 1000 this year.

Barreda Moller

Barreda Moller is considered by many to be the quintessential IP firm in Peru; in terms of volume of files and number of clients, competitors do not come close – it is top-class in terms of quality too. The ensemble’s service offering is impressive in scope, encompassing all aspects of brand protection, enforcement and monetisation and extending to unfair competition, consumer, regulatory and data privacy law. The two most experienced IP professionals in the country are Fernando Barreda and Alfredo Barreda, both of whom have generously contributed much to Peruvian intellectual property, business and civic life while overseeing the delivery of impeccable legal work to patrons.

Durand Abogados

A dynamic full-service outfit with a vigorous A-to-Z IP practice and excellent international connections, Durand Abogados is a discerning choice for those for whom consistency in international trademark strategy is pivotal. The attention to detail and commerciality of leading partner Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer resonates with European brand owners and law firms; the elite IP manager and intrepid litigator has particularly strong ties to German entities.

Espinosa Bellido Abogados

Espinosa Bellido commands respect as a result of its “deep IP knowledge and specialisation”, “incredible customer service” and commitment to the development of the Peruvian IP system for the benefit of all stakeholders. Offering truly comprehensive trademark services, the team thinks holistically about brands and leaves nothing to chance as far as safeguarding clients is concerned. “You can always count on a detailed and well-grounded assessment of any matter from Francisco Espinosa Reboa,” the ensemble’s brilliant managing partner.

Estudio Colmenares & Asociados

Companies with diverse portfolios are catered for splendidly by Estudio Colmenares, an award-winning IP devotee which maintains a cutting-edge patent practice alongside an excellent trademark operation. On both sides it undertakes prosecution and portfolio management tasks with speed and precision and brings comfort when trouble brews thanks to its resolute advocacy and outstanding litigation track record. The key contact for interested parties is Luis Gayoso.

Estudio Echecopar (a member firm of Baker McKenzie International)

Among the most sophisticated law firms in Peru, Estudio Echecopar is celebrated for its immaculate handling of complex corporate and financial transactions. It also maintains a high-calibre IP team, which takes a deeply strategic and commercial approach to IP management, monetisation, litigation and enforcement. Luis Alonso García and Manlio Bassino form the backbone of the practice. García’s résumé is impressive to say the least – he is a former vice minister of foreign trade and INDECOPI chief who has played a central role in high-level free trade agreement negotiations. “Luis Alonso is superb academically and a deep thinker who shines on complex IP and unfair competition matters.” Bassino, who makes his first appearance in the WTR 1000 for 2019 is a “fantastic litigator and brand enforcement expert”. The two make the most out of the firm’s membership of the Baker McKenzie International network to implement robust international solutions to their clients’ problems.

Estudio Olaechea

Estudio Olaechea has the distinction of being the first law firm incorporated in Peru and has remarkably notched up over 135 years of practice. It knows the commercial lay of the land better than most and, as the exclusive Peruvian member of Lex Mundi, has many accomplished allies abroad. Some of its best work is done in the IP sphere by Monica Germany and her crew. A reliable partner at all points of the trademark lifecycle, the team manages portfolios with dexterity and showcases a knack for turning around adverse INDECOPI decisions.

Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados

Standard-setting full-service commercial outfit Rodrigo Elías & Medrano is an abundant source of insight and analysis on IP matters. Leveraging expertise in trademark, unfair competition, advertising, regulatory and consumer protection law, the firm’s crack IP specialists make the most of all available tools to put their clients on a sure footing. As a former head of INDECOPI’s distinctive signs office, María Del Carmen Alvarado knows all about the registry’s inner workings and processes, which enables her to expedite prosecution. She also has a keen commercial sense, which is enhanced by her in-house experience. Héctor Álvarez holds the reins and provides resolute leadership to the IP division.

Valencia Law Office

Valencia’s team stands out for the depth of its collective experience; the firm itself has been operational for nearly 90 years and its senior partners have each spent decades fighting on the frontlines of IP law. There are few more strategically savvy and well-informed counsellors – on either patents or trademarks – than Alfredo Valencia. He helps clients maintain strong brands through astute trademark protection and maintenance and, using his finely-honed licensing expertise, optimises their monetisation efforts.

Other recommended experts

“If you need to coordinate international portfolio management or litigate, don’t hesitate to go to Alvaro Echeandía Bustamante. He is super human – he remembers just about everything – and is a standout lawyer in terms of quality. He makes you want to be at the very top of your game.” Thorne, Echeandía & Lema Abogados is his base of operations. Marta Fernández Pepper is the senior IP lawyer at Muñiz. She is a smart pick for brand owners in the high-tech arena and in heavily regulated industries.


  • Jorge Allende - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Alfredo Barreda - Barreda Moller
  • Fernando Barreda - Barreda Moller
  • Adriana Barrera - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Juan Carlos Durand Grahammer - Durand Abogados
  • Francisco Espinosa Reboa - Espinosa Bellido Abogados
  • Luis Alonso García - Estudio Echecopar (a member firm of Baker McKenzie International)
  • Medalith Albarracin - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Héctor Álvarez - Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados
  • María Del Carmen Alvarado - Rodrigo Elías & Medrano Abogados
  • Alvaro Echeandía Bustamante - Thorne, Echeandía & Lema Abogados
  • Catherine Escobedo - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Marta Fernández Pepper - Muñiz Olaya Melendez Castro Ono & Herrera
  • Magali Garcia - Allende & Garcia Abogados
  • Luis G Gayoso - Estudio Colmenares & Asociados
  • Monica Germany - Estudio Olaechea
  • Maria Ines Herrera - BARLAW – Barrera & Asociados
  • Alfredo Valencia - Valencia Law Office