Extending its coverage almost annually, the WTR 1000 identifies the top IP law firms and individuals in Paraguay for the first time in 2021. As a counterfeiting hotspot, the country is strategically significant in the Latin American brand protection context, prompting various foreign IP and commercial law outfits to set up shop in the country – a development which has increased local competition and elevated the market’s profile.


  • Berkemeyer Attorneys & Counselors
  • Zacarías & Fernández
  • Abente Stewart Abogados
  • Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates
  • Ferrere
  • Mersan Abogados
  • Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja
  • Vouga Abogados

Abente Stewart Abogados

“Abente Stewart is a respected boutique with a number of important international clients and vast experience in trademark and IP matters.” Its combines a rich history with a forward-thinking, technologically focused approach, to superb effect. On the trademark side, the team operates across the contentious/non-contentious divide without missing a beat, to provide a full-bodied service. Leadership is shared by Victor Abente Brun as senior partner and Victor Abente Stewart as managing partner. Abente Brun has contributed much to the advancement of intellectual property in Paraguay, having drafted legislation and served for 15 years as director of intellectual property under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce; knowing every nuance of the law and local environment, he is an unerringly reliable guide. Abente Stewart blends expertise in trademark, advertising and unfair competition law and is an ace at administrative litigation.

Berkemeyer Attorneys & Counselors

When asked for a recommendation in Paraguay, lawyers from across Latin America immediately cite Berkemeyer as a go-to: “It has one of the oldest and certainly the largest practices in the country, and maintains an excellent team of senior, experienced lawyers and talented up-and-comers. It performs well on the domestic front, but should also be noted for its efficiency on international matters, for which it has a specialised department.” Synonymous with the quality and success of the practice, Hugo Berkemeyer is a trendsetter when it comes to trademarks and other legal practice areas; he has served as a member of the INTA board and as ASIPI president, and is an influential voice in the international IP discussion. The firm has specialists at the ready for all facets of trademark practice, including Valeria Carron for trademark protection and domain names; Barbara Dollstadt for administrative litigation; and Jaqueline Querciola for court litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates

With offices in Uruguay – including in the WTC Montevideo free trade zone – Bolivia and Paraguay, Cervieri Monsuarez has a unique footprint which it leverages astutely to safeguard brand integrity in Latin America. The boutique is an elite force in the fight against fakes, but the comprehensiveness of its trademark service further sets it apart. Its offering is underpinned by a proprietary monitoring system through which clients’ rights are watched over night and day. Essential contacts for the address book include Diego Pérez Bernal, who leads the anti-counterfeiting department; and Marcela Cárdenas, who captains the IP group. Pérez has masterminded enforcement campaigns for many household names; he recently executed one of the first major raids at Mercado 4 on behalf of PUMA, Nike, Converse, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Cárdenas makes light work of a prodigious volume of trademark instructions, securing consistently stellar results. She acquits herself with distinction in oppositions, netting success on this front for Ferrero, among many others.


An eminent full-service firm adept at protecting and enforcing intangible assets across borders, Ferrere cuts a dash on the Latin America IP scene. It has an affinity for complex trademark mandates and shines in particular on contentious and transactional work, making it a premier choice for companies in highly competitive industries in which brands are of vital commercial importance. At the forefront of the practice in Paraguay is Montserrat Puente, whose wide-ranging IP and regulatory expertise is a boon to clients. These include food and nutrition market leader Gloria SA, for which she effortlessly dispatches all manner of prosecution and administrative litigation assignments.

Mersan Abogados

Intellectual property is a key practice area at venerable full-service outfit Mersan. When it comes to brands and trademarks, it has the legal and business chops to handle everything from counselling to prosecution, enforcement and litigation, giving clients the confidence of full protection in all eventualities. Taking the reins is Hugo Mersán, an IP trailblazer whose client and extra-curricular activities have pushed the boundaries of trademark law for the benefit of all rights holders in the Paraguayan market. He makes his influence felt throughout the region and further afield, assisted by his firm’s membership of the Bomchil group of Latin American law firms and the CONSULEGIS global network.

Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja

A member of Lex Mundi and other international alliances, the extremely well-connected PSTBN is ideally equipped to fulfil both Paraguayan and cross-border trademark protection duties with poise. Intellectual property is a central pillar of its wider commercial law offering: its specialised team of lawyers registers, licenses and litigates over trademark rights with equal dexterity. Key contacts Elba Rosa Britez De Ortiz and Juan Ortiz Britez are hailed by foreign sources for their “extraordinarily good service, keen advice and outstanding expertise in litigation”.

Vouga Abogados

Corporate and dispute resolution-focused Vouga Abogados garners enthusiastic recommendations from the international market: “The team works diligently, proactively and quickly, and provides excellent quality for a fair and reasonable price.” The IP department has grown considerably over the past five years, boosted by formal training, coaching and mentoring programmes for young team members; the firm-wide introduction of a new compensation plan that enhances collaboration; and the hiring of talented professionals. Overseeing these developments, Siegfried Vouga brings strong leadership both to the IP group and to the wider firm. “Attentive and ready to respond to any query”, Laura Lezcano – who came on board in late 2016 – is another engine of the practice. Connecting often and well together, Vouga and Lezcano handle tricky administrative litigations with a deft touch, manage portfolios with strategic guile and give well-founded opinions.

Zacarías & Fernández

Intellectual property is a foundational area of practice at full-service outfit Zacarías & Fernández, which is a destination of choice for companies seeking to procure and preserve strong trademark rights in Paraguay. A statistical frontrunner on the filing tables, it has prosecution on lock but does other things well too, including negotiating licensing agreements, protecting domain names and tackling counterfeiters. Spearheading operations is Wilfrido Fernández, an IP thought and practice leader with a passion for intellectual property and incredible language and communication skills. He is well supported by Ana García Palacios, who comes tipped for her “broad expertise in prosecution and judicial IP affairs”.

Other recommended experts

The founding partner of Toñanez Ortiz & Asociados, Raquel Toñanez is a seasoned IP guardian with a fine domestic and regional reputation and a diverse skillset encompassing contentious and non-contentious aspects of patent, trademark and copyright practice.


  • Victor Abente Stewart - Abente Stewart Abogados
  • Hugo T Berkemeyer Jr - Berkemeyer Attorneys & Counselors
  • Victor Abente Brun - Abente Stewart Abogados
  • Wilfrido Fernández - Zacarías & Fernández
  • Hugo R Mersán - Mersan Abogados
  • Elba Rosa Britez De Ortiz - Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja
  • Marcela Cárdenas - Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates
  • Barbara Dollstadt - Berkemeyer Attorneys & Counselors
  • Ana Garcia - Berkemeyer Attorneys & Counselors
  • Ana Garcia - Zacarías & Fernández
  • Laura Lezcano - Vouga Abogados
  • Juan Ortiz Britez - Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja
  • Diego Pérez Bernal - Cervieri Monsuarez & Associates
  • Montserrat Puente - Ferrere
  • Jaqueline Querciola - Berkemeyer Attorneys & Counselors
  • Raquel Toñanez - Toñanez Ortiz
  • Siegfried Vouga - Vouga Abogados