The Norwegian economy is accelerating as fixed investment expands and public spending increases. Business confidence is on the rise and a boost in export competitiveness is expected; concomitantly, brand owners are placing greater importance on protecting their IP rights. One of the main storylines in Europe is the new EU Trademark Directive, which member states have been implementing into their national laws. Although Norway is not an EU member state, its trademark legislation is largely in harmony with the directive, so brand owners can rest assured that their marks will be duly protected by the Norway’s IP practitioners.

Firms: enforcement and litigation

  • Advokatfirmaet GjessingReimers AS
  • Advokatfirmaet BAHR AS
  • Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS
  • Kvale Advokatfirma
  • Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS
  • Bryn Aarflot AS
  • Onsagers AS 
  • Schjødt

Firms: prosecution and strategy

  • Bryn Aarflot AS
  • Kvale Advokatfirma
  • Protector IP Consultants AS
  • Advokatfirmaet GjessingReimers AS
  • Onsagers AS 
  • Zacco 
  • Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS
  • Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS

Advokatfirmaet BAHR AS

BAHR’s high-level strategic thinking and meticulousness in the execution of its work ensures that it has retained its position as one of Norway’s most renowned litigation and transactional firms. The ensemble recently assisted major grocery stores REMA 1000 and 7-Eleven to structure their licensing arrangements, which had the team operating at the confluence of IP, IT and data protection laws. Technology whizz Are Stenvik offers his department robust leadership. “Are is a master of trademark law. He is extremely bright and it is always interesting to litigate against or work alongside him – it is both challenging and great fun.”

Advokatfirmaet GjessingReimers AS

The recently established GjessingReimers is making waves on the nation’s IP scene and is already viewed as “one of the most significant players on the market”. The new boutique is made up of former Grette hard-hitters who deliver wall-to-wall brand protection services of the highest calibre. Felix Reimers and Ida Gjessing are cornerstones of the practice. As one peer enthuses, “Felix has amassed incredible amounts of experience and is super friendly too.” Another rhapsodises, “Ida is the best litigator in Norway and an incredible orator. She is pedagogic in her approach and a real superstar. She and Felix know everything there is to know about intellectual property and always impress with their courtroom skills.”

Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS

At full-service firm Haavind practitioners are resolutely focused on ensuring that intellectual property benefits from 360-degree protection and view each asset through a commercial lens. Thanks to major investment in digital tools, routine work is dealt with quickly and effectively, allowing for more valuable partner attention on more complex matters. IP division spearhead Vebjørn Krag Iversen is a repository of trust for some of the biggest brands in the region, including pan-Nordic fitness chain SATS Norge. Iversen shines brightest when tackling complex enforcement mandates and guiding rights holders through intricate licensing negotiations. Supporting him is seasoned litigator Håkon Bleken – with several Supreme Court wins under his belt, Bleken is a smart choice for convoluted disputes in the energy sector.

Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS

Thommessen’s patrons can delve into a deep well of comprehensive trademark expertise and utilise a wide range of international resources. The cosmopolitan firm has two Norwegian outposts, as well as a base in London, and is the country’s sole member of Lex Mundi – all of which results in highly streamlined and top-notch multi-jurisdictional work. The team is helmed by Camilla Vislie: “She is really knowledgeable, experienced and super analytical in her approach. Camilla is an exceptionally strong litigator and a pleasure to work with or against.” The life sciences, technology and media industries are her strong suits.

Bryn Aarflot AS

“Bryn Aarflot is a trusted partner for all-encompassing brand protection with a team that is cost-sensitive, prompt in their responses and wise in their advice. They are wholeheartedly recommended to any company seeking the best service.” In command and overseeing a well-rounded practice is Anne Wildeng – she has served as chair of the board of International Chamber of Commerce Norway and always has a firm grasp of her client’s business interests, whether small start-ups or global giants. Strategic counselling, large-scale portfolio management and outstanding opposition performances are all in a day’s work for Astrid Solberg. “Her advice is timely, clear and precise. Astrid is an expert of the highest order.” Unstoppable duo Trine Greaker Herzog and Pål Tonna collaborate to craft the tightest of protection strategies. Greaker Herzog also builds effective links with customs authorities to bring down counterfeiters, while Tonna is well versed in domain name agreements. “A trustworthy professional who is easy to correspond and collaborate with”, Celine Varmann Jørgensen always hits the mark when executing prosecution instructions for big names in the media and technology industries. Recently appointed to the partnership and a WTR 1000 debutant, Håkon Tysnes-Kaasin boasts a 10-year stint at Cisco Systems on his CV and is lauded as “a service-minded attorney who, in addition to his immense expertise, has a reliable and customer-oriented approach”.

Kvale Advokatfirma

“Kvale is the perfect choice for those looking for a firm that is eager to follow legal developments, is super-dedicated to its work and has incredibly clever attorneys who will go the extra mile for their clients.” The side has been hard at work consolidating its A-to-Z trademark offering and is renowned for its multifaceted expertise in the commercial, contractual and regulatory sectors. Top-dollar corporations flock to Ingvild Hanssen-Bauer for her perspicacious advice and brilliant performances in court on pharmaceutical issues. Working together across the contentious/non-contentious divide, “Anne Marie Sejersted and Marie Vaale-Hallberg are bright, commercially minded lawyers who always bear costs in mind. They think strategically and give advice that is clear-cut and street smart, which guarantees good results.” Lars Trygve Jenssen and Kaia Bugge Fougner have a knack for enforcing rights and getting IP-rich deals signed off. Recently they assisted Jaguar Land Rover Limited in an online dispute relating to the unlawful use of the automotive titan’s word mark LAND ROVER.

Onsagers AS 

“Onsagers is one of the best firms around. It has fantastic connections with leading law firms globally and knows exactly how to instruct them efficiently when handling multi-jurisdictional work.” Home to both attorneys at law and trademark attorneys, it is a trusted ally to many international companies seeking the best protection for their brands. Captaining the legal department is “perceptive strategist” Ann-Cathrin Hoel. The portfolio management star knows exactly what businesses want and need following 11 years’ in-house in the pharmaceutical and technology industries. “An excellent and thorough lawyer, Thomas Gaarder-Olsen is a great listener and active problem solver – he knows how to navigate industries that have blurred lines and finds the best path forward. Thomas’s approach is inventive and he enjoys great success in all areas of trademark work.” Packing a punch in enforcement proceedings, Eirik Rødsand has two decades of litigation experience on which to rely. His knowledge of patent, trademark, design and marketing law stands him in good stead when defending against infringers. A fresh face in the WTR 1000 this year is “legal rock star and talented litigator Anders Ervin Solberg. He is structured, efficient and great to work with; the execution of the strategies he recommends always have a fantastic end result.” Huawei and Telenor are some of his key clients.

Protector IP Consultants AS

Acting as a one-stop shop, “Protector IP provides high-quality services swiftly and thoroughly, and has a strong network of contacts worldwide. It is also receptive to its customers’ needs and operates at a reasonable cost.” Practice leader “Christoffer Vedal is highly recommended to anyone looking for prompt helpful and commercially sound advice.” Although the Norwegian Anti-counterfeit Group president devotes most of his time to actively fighting fakes, he also handles other non-contentious matters and recently advised Equinor on its new marks. Prosecution scenarios are Tom Tysbo’s forte. In the words of one enthusiastic client, “Tom knows the ins and outs of our business and knows exactly the challenges we face – he is a trusted and highly qualified strategy partner for our group.”


“A team of efficient, effective and fantastic communicators” run the gamut of trademark protection out of Schjødt. The full-service firm operates in every corner in the country through four offices, ensuring that it has the resources to pull a rabbit out of the hat in tricky disputes and taxing transactions. Dynamic duo Halvor Manshaus and Thomas Hagen have broad practices encompassing each stage of a trademark’s lifecycle. Manshaus spearheads the IP group as well as the dispute resolution department, but also knows how to bring parties to a win-win agreement in his capacity as a WIPO arbitrator. A former deputy judge at Jæren District Court and an external board member of the Norwegian Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights (KFIR), Hagen capitalises on his unique insights when constructing impenetrable arguments. Most recently the pair enjoyed successes at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office and the KFIR when acting on behalf of Aiwa Corporation. Joining them this year is Knut Sverre Skurdal Andresen. Recently moving over from BAHR, the WTR 1000 newcomer thrives when untangling knotty disputes in the pharmaceutical sector.


Zacco continues to go from strength to strength. It has a razor-sharp focus on innovation and has integrated its 360-degree trademark offering with its most recent cyber security and software lines, ensuring that the protection it offers is truly comprehensive. The past year has seen its office count increase to 29 (across six countries) and its team expand with the addition of several talented practitioners. Inspiring them with assured leadership is Frode André Moen. “It is a fantastic experience to work with him on all manners of trademark work. He is highly skilled, efficient and clear in his explanations. Frode will always put his client’s interests first and he is really likable as well.” Working alongside him is Zacco’s regional director of Norway and the United Kingdom, Kristin Kjærheim Astrup. “She is responsive, pragmatic and has a solid understanding of how companies operate.” Kavli, one of the country’s largest food producers, counts on her to deliver flawlessly on prosecution mandates as well as infringement disputes.

Other recommended experts

Working out of Wikborg Rein, “Gunnar Meyer is an eminent litigator who is a joy to work with or against. He is an extremely skilled and seasoned practitioner who works fairly and never gives up when fighting for his client’s rights.”

Individuals: enforcement and litigation

  • Ida Gjessing - Advokatfirmaet GjessingReimers AS
  • Felix Reimers - Advokatfirmaet GjessingReimers AS
  • Are Stenvik - Advokatfirmaet BAHR AS
  • Camilla Vislie - Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS
  • Kristin Kjærheim Astrup - Zacco 
  • Thomas Gaarder-Olsen - Onsagers AS 
  • Ingvild Hanssen-Bauer - Kvale Advokatfirma
  • Halvor Manshaus - Schjødt
  • Gunnar Meyer - Wikborg Rein
  • Anne Marie Sejersted - Kvale Advokatfirma
  • Marie Vaale-Hallberg - Kvale Advokatfirma
  • Knut Andresen - Schjødt
  • Håkon Bleken - Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS
  • Vebjørn K Iversen - Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS
  • Frode André Moen - Zacco 
  • Anders Ervin Solberg - Onsagers AS 
  • Håkon Tysnes-Kaasin - Bryn Aarflot AS
  • Anne Wildeng - Bryn Aarflot AS

Individuals: prosecution and strategy