A growing number of companies are now looking to protect their rights and develop robust branding strategies across Central America. As a result, this year the WTR 1000 welcomes the region’s largest jurisdiction to the guide. Our research has identified eight firms which provide invaluable assistance to those navigating Nicaragua’s legal landscape. The country has just reformed its trademark laws to create a swifter, more streamlined registration process – a development which has been warmly received by local practitioners and entrepreneurs alike.


  • Alvarado y Asociados
  • BLP
  • Central Law
  • Consortium Legal
  • Dentons Muñoz
  • García & Bodán Abogados & Notarios
  • Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados
  • Nassar Abogados

Alvarado y Asociados

Alvarado y Asociados is a fine choice for holistic, business-oriented legal counsel. Its lawyers leverage on expertise in other disciplines – including banking, finance and foreign investment law – to devise wraparound solutions in complex branding scenarios. As the country’s exclusive member of the Lex Mundi network, it is a reliable ally for international companies keen to establish themselves in Central America and for regional entities with ambitions of overseas expansion. Division head Zayda Cubas specialises in the commercialisation of assets and ensures that patrons reap maximum return on their investments.


Originally hailing from Costa Rica, BLP began carving out a footprint in Central America in 2014 by setting up shop in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua – a move which has proved tactically astute. A presence in Madrid also ensures a direct link with Europe, which is a major boon for corporations with transatlantic interests. Regulatory whizz Orlando Cardoza ensures that the side’s 360-degree trademark service runs like clockwork. “He is always incredibly helpful, completely supports our brand and when he fights for us, he wins,” reports one satisfied client.

Central Law

“One of the most prestigious firms in the country, Central Law is known for its integrity when conducting business, as well as its effective portfolio management.” The regional powerhouse offers a well-rounded service and the ability to operate in local, national and international markets through efficient cross-office coordination. Heading up the IP department is Gabriela Fornos, whose on-point brand advice resonates in particular with dynamic companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Working alongside her is Álvaro Molina Vaca, who has carved out a niche in the finance and regulated sectors; his counsel invariably goes right to the heart of business.

Consortium Legal

Geographical span and strength in depth are not the only things going for Consortium Legal. The full-service giant may be the largest law firm in Central America, but it prides itself on building fruitful relationships with clients and furthering their commercial objectives through uniquely tailored strategies. A core speciality is the protection of geographical indications and denominations of origin – which also happens to be the forte of Nicaraguan IP practice lead Darlis Gordon Arana. Recent highlights include drafting licensing agreements and negotiating asset transfers on behalf of Stein Laboratories; she also shares her wisdom with the likes of Bayer Healthcare, Scotia Bank and the European Union.

Dentons Muñoz

A truly global player, Dentons Muñoz enjoys a pre-eminent presence on the Nicaraguan legal landscape and is the only international firm in the WTR 1000 rankings. The side makes light work of regional portfolio management, adopts a customer-centric ethos and is resolutely focused on finding innovative solutions in line with corporate budgets. Holding the reins locally, Mayra Azucenza Navarette Crovetto is an adroit all-rounder, but really shines on prosecution, portfolio management and market authorisations.

García & Bodán Abogados & Notarios

“Agile and efficient, García & Bodán sets the standard for firms in Nicaragua. It is actively involved in educating the nation’s lawyers on the value of intellectual property and always displays the highest levels of responsibility.” Of late, the ensemble has been protecting the brands of Laca Laca – a famous Mexican restaurant based in El Salvador – across the United States, Central and South America and Europe. PepsiCo is another high-profile client: Lía Incer collaborated with colleagues in El Salvador and Honduras to procure and maintain health registrations and licences for the conglomerate’s cereal and snack product lines. Incer receives warm praise from patrons: “One of the best trademark lawyers in Nicaragua, Lía stands out for her reliability and diligence. Her transparency is commendable, as are her professionalism and her way of interacting with officials and foreign associates.”

Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados

Steeped in history, Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados has been a fixture on the Nicaraguan landscape for more than a century. The IP boutique has helped to shape the national legislation and is well positioned to guide brand owners through unfamiliar terrain of rights protection. Guy Bendaña-Guerrero and Julian Bendaña-Aragón are the central pillars of the practice. Bendaña-Guerrero is a pre-eminent professor and lawyer; while Bendaña-Aragón is a discerning choice for holistic trademark protection.

Nassar Abogados

With more than four decades in the game and a strong regional presence, “you can always rely on Nassar Abogados for its professionalism and quick response rates, as well as its great service quality and the high levels of attention given to each case”. At the heart of the commercial outfit is a dedicated IP unit, helmed by Karen Bonilla Gaitán, who is a repository of trust for large local and Central American companies. She recently assisted Prodex – a Costa Rican entity that manufactures foam products – with the registration of its 3D mark and procured rights for Agrovet Market, a top-tier Peruvian manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals.


  • Mayra Azucenza Navarette Crovetto - Dentons Muñoz
  • Julian J Bendaña-Aragón - Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados
  • Guy Bendaña-Guerrero - Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados
  • Karen Bonilla Gaitán - Nassar Abogados
  • Orlando Cardoza - BLP (Nicaragua)
  • Zayda Cubas - Alvarado y Asociados
  • Gabriela Fornos - Central Law
  • Darlis Gordon Arana - Consortium Legal
  • Lia Incer - García & Bodán
  • Alvaro Molina Vaca - Central Law