Since Lithuania’s transposition of the EU Trademark Directive in 2019, practitioners have reported increased brand awareness and activity in the country. Registration fees have been reduced and more local companies have been seeking to protect their trademarks on the market as a result. The newly introduced opposition system has also been working well, with decisions praised as quick, efficient and consistent.


  • AAA
  • COBALT Legal
  • Ellex Valiunas


“A leading light in Lithuanian IP”, AAA Law has cross-office collaboration down pat, with its teams across the Baltic states working seamlessly side by side. The business law firm offers a comprehensive menu of trademark services, although opposition proceedings are a particular forte. The group takes its cue from founder and senior partner Marius Jakulis Jason, a master tactician and invaluable sounding board whose advice enables smart decision making. Colleagues Otilija Klimaitienė and Aušra Pakėnienė deftly navigate the contentious/non-contentious divide. An expert on the alcoholic beverage industry, Klimaitienė has a knack for enhancing the value of portfolios; while WTR 1000 newcomer Pakeniene handles registrations and office actions with a deft touch, while tenaciously enforcing clients’ rights before local authorities as well as at the EUIPO.


“A great firm with an unparalleled trademark offering, full-service COBALT has a dedicated and professional IP division that always does a fantastic job.” Global corporations, particularly those in the pharmaceutical sector, appreciate its astute representation in complicated disputes with multiple strands, as well as its effectiveness in getting deals done. Žilvinas Kvietkus and Julija Beldeninovienė has been assisting Merck Sharp & Dohme and Berlin-Chemie in separate parallel import proceedings. Department lead Kvietkus has an impressively broad practice that encompasses IP and other disciplines, including commercial and labour law; he is also active in all regulated industries. Enforcement ace Beldeninovienė garners plaudits for her “pragmatic, strategic and in-depth analyses and pleasant and effective cooperation. She is attentive to clients’ needs and provides concise and realistic recommendations”. The tailored counsel of fellow senior associate Eglė Bakštytė makes her a favourite among start-ups and established businesses alike; one recent highlight involved bringing a three-year case to a successful close for popular local confectionery manufacturer Miltonas UAB.

Ellex Valiunas

With nearly 200 legal professionals on deck, Baltic powerhouse Ellex has the bandwidth and geographical reach to tackle cross-border matters with finesse. The trademark practice at its Lithuanian branch, Ellex Valiunas, has been thriving under the care of Vytautas Mizaras, an esteemed litigator who has done much to advance IP practice in the jurisdiction. He is currently battling it out on behalf of Akzo Nobel in the local courts; lately he also joined forces with the versatile Mantas Rimkevicius to advise Vinted, a start-up which has been crowned the nation’s first tech unicorn on the back of a €1 billion valuation. Hailed as “a top IP expert”, Rimkevicius is an authority on trademark and advertising law.


“Internationally focused and business-oriented METIDA has a highly skilled IP team that never fails to impress.” Consistently a top EU trademark filer, the firm has been expanding its presence in China by setting up shop in Shanghai, while also ramping up its activities in the IT, advertising and e-commerce sectors. Managing partner Reda Žabolienė has racked up three decades of courtroom experience and brings strong leadership to the practice. “Professional and friendly team player” Erikas Saukalas is “a pleasure to have on the other side of the table. He is fun to work with and always looks to find a good settlement”. He is an active member of the IP community through participation in various working groups and committees. The firm maintains potent enforcement and anti-counterfeiting capabilities, with Inga Lukauskiene and Mykolas Jakutis on the frontlines in the fight against fakes. Busy in the automotive space, they recently won significant cases for BMW and Signeda.


SORAINEN’s mission is to help companies grow and prosper by capitalising on their IP assets. Through close collaboration between its offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, and ongoing investment in the latest technologies, this commercial law firm ensures that clients can achieve their goals both at home and in the wider region. Spearheading the technology, media and telecommunications group, Stasys Drazdauskas specialises in IP transfers, but also puts in polished performances in enforcement proceedings. He recently teamed up with colleagues across the firm’s network to successfully defend NASCAR’s interests throughout the Baltic states.


TRINITI’s assured command of trademark, copyright, advertising and media law translates into holistic counsel that resonates with local companies as well as multinationals. Examples of the former include smart device start-up Deeper UAB and Girteka Logistics, which it has been advising on branding strategies in Europe, Russia, China and the United States. Household names on its roster include FIFA, which it is supporting with registration matters; Louis Vuitton Malletier, for which it has handled important anti-counterfeiting instructions; and Audi, which has benefited from staunch representation in court. Managing partner Vilija Viešūnaitė is “an incredibly experienced and wonderful practitioner who dives into the detail of each case and stands by her clients. Her communication skills are superb and you can rely on her if you need a second opinion. Overall she is great to collaborate with”. This year she is joined in the WTR 1000 by newly minted partner Aurelija Rutkauskaitė, the firm’s resident data protection guru and a consummate litigator.

Other recommended experts

For strategic work and IP-rich deals in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, few perform at the level of Liudas Karnickas. He dispenses incisive counsel from Venckutė & Karnickas. Ruta Pumputiene has a flair for solving branding conundrums in the life sciences and in other regulated industries: “Her dedication and smart approach brings about great results in international matters”. She runs her own self-titled firm.


  • Inga Lukauskiene - METIDA
  • Erikas Saukalas - METIDA
  • Vilija Viešūnaitė - TRINITI
  • Reda Zaboliene - METIDA
  • Julija Beldeninoviene - COBALT Legal
  • Otilija Klimaitienė - AAA Law
  • Žilvinas Kvietkus - COBALT Legal
  • Vytautas Mizaras - Ellex Valiunas
  • Ausra Pakeniene - AAA Law
  • Egle Bakstyte - COBALT Legal
  • Stasys Drazdauskas - SORAINEN
  • Mykolas Jakutis - METIDA
  • Liudas Karnickas - Venckutė & Karnickas
  • Ruta Pumputiene - Ruta Pumputiene Law Firm 
  • Mantas Rimkevicius - Ellex Valiunas
  • Aurelija Rutkauskaitė - TRINITI


  • Marius Jakulis Jason - AAA Law