Latvian businesses are becoming increasingly aware of IP issues and the importance of strong brand protection; growing trademark filing numbers attests to this. Things have calmed down in the law and IP firm market after a recent period of change and consolidation; at a firm level, the WTR 1000 listings for 2019 remain unchanged from 2018; however, several individuals make their debuts in the guide, giving enhanced coverage to Tria Robit, SORAINEN, Vilgerts and METIDA.


  • Agency Tria Robit
  • COBALT Legal
  • Ellex Klavins
  • Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns
  • Petersona Patents - AAA Law

Agency Tria Robit

The largest patent and trademark agency in Latvia, Tria Robit has a reputation that matches its size. The firm handles the full range of IP matters, but shines brightest in opposition proceedings. Its surefooted presence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is a boon to multinational clients such as Apple, Comcast Corporation, American Airlines and Puma. Carving out a niche in the beverage industry – having acted for Stolychnaya and Veuve Clicquot in the past – firm founder Vladimir Anohin is go-to counsel on all things trademarks. From domain-name disputes to anti-counterfeiting briefs, Bronislavs Baltrumovics is the first on the scene to put out infringement fires.


With four branches in the Baltic region, commercial law giant COBALT Legal has a panoramic view of the legal landscape. Offering wall-to-wall services in a multitude of languages – including Swedish and German – the ensemble advises a long line of A-listers, including Ferrero and Philip Morris International. Leading lights of the practice Ingrīda Kariņa-Bērziņa and Līga Fjodorova are “highly active, cooperative and knowledgeable”. Dual qualified in both the United States and Latvia, Kariņa-Bērziņa is at the top of the IP and IT totem pole and highly sought out for her enforcement capabilities. Flanking her, Fjodorova tackles infringements with poise, bringing to the table a unique specialism in international cargo shipment law that greatly aids the battle against counterfeits.

Ellex Klavins

Pan-Baltic full-service firm Ellex Klavins expanded its IP offering in early 2017 through a merger with Glimstedt & Partners. It “handles matters with care and integrity” for a long list of loyal patrons, continuously advising clients such as ExxonMobil and The Coca Cola Company on oppositions and renewals, as well as representing LVMH in anti-counterfeiting briefs. Captain of the IP squad Mārtiņš Gailis is “extremely professional, highly intuitive and with a good understanding of his clients’ needs”. With his direct approach, he takes the lead on high-profile complex cases.

Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns

Global practice Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns remains at the forefront of the IP realm. The trademark team draw on additional resources across other departments, working from the ground up to register marks and monetise them to maximum capacity. Managing partner Agris Bitāns is “one of the earliest practitioners recognised for intellectual property” and “a highly reputed litigator in Latvia”. Bitāns always knows the best route to take for his clients when guiding them through thorny disputes.

Petersona Patents - AAA Law

“Extensive experience and expertise in the trademark field” equips Petersona Patents to oversee the full lifecycle of a brand. Through close collaboration with Estonian and Lithuanian IP firm AAA Law, the firm skilfully supports trademark owners in matters across the region. Heading up the legal and counterfeiting division, Gatis Meržvinskis is a “fantastic” contact. “He is a trustworthy professional and incredibly proficient in complex litigation. Honest in evaluating his work, he is well educated and deserves special praise for bringing parties to amicable solutions.”


Nestled in the commercial division of multidisciplinary firm SORAINEN, this “responsive and proactive” IP group is fortified with regulatory and business acumen. The set turns its laser-sharp focus to the transfer of assets, as well as convoluted litigation mandates. Mainstay dispute resolution head Agris Repšs “delivers timely, pragmatic advice, helping his clients make informed decisions”. Under the guidance of Andris Tauriņš, the outfit was recently involved in a Pan-Baltic assignment. The head of the communications, media and technology group navigated his team through the merger of a leading Baltic bank, ensuring the seamless registration of nine graphical marks and successfully cementing the brand of a new bank, Luminor. The new Luminor Group has now been added to a roster of international clients that includes Google, NASCAR and CrossFit.

Other recommended experts

Heading up the practice group at FORAL Patent Law Office, Jevgenjis Fortuna is “one of the best on the market for new brands. He has vast experience in the development of registration strategies and in disputes on both a national and EU scale.” Based at Rödl & Partner, Inese Kalnāja Zelča is a “well-known specialist on the market and a strong professional handling complex disputes”. Armed with 20 years’ experience, Ineta Krodere at VILGERTS is a supreme strategist, regularly advising clients in the pharmaceutical, tobacco and beverage industries. President of European Communities Trademark Association for 2016 to 2018 and “a well-recognised, energetic lawyer”, Ruta Olmane is “tireless in her practice”. She plies her prosecution trade at METIDA. “Driven, proactive and charismatic, Brigita Tērauda has instincts for identifying and pursuing the best defence strategy. She has a great combination of academic skills and practical experience with a strong eye for detail. Tērauda is an outstanding specialist who provides modern solutions” at VILGERTS.


  • Vladimir Anohin - Agency Tria Robit
  • Bronislavs Baltrumovics - Agency Tria Robit
  • Agris Bitāns - Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns
  • Līga Fjodorova - COBALT Legal
  • Jevgenijs Fortuna - FORAL Patent Law Office
  • Mārtiņš Gailis - Ellex Klavins
  • Inese Kalnāja-Zelča - Rödl & Partner AS
  • Ingrīda Kariņa-Bērziņa - COBALT Legal
  • Ineta Krodere - Vilgerts
  • Gatis Meržvinskis - Petersona Patents - AAA Law
  • Ruta Olmane - METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners
  • Agris Repšs - SORAINEN
  • Andris Tauriņš - SORAINEN
  • Brigita Tērauda - Vilgerts