Home to Asia’s most effective IP office, according to WTR’s 2019 Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey, Japan continues to experience year-on-year rises in trademark applications. However, Ikuhiro Ueda – the most prolific trademark filer in the world and a deeply controversial figure – may be skewing those figures, so the news that the Japan Patent Office (JPO) has implemented decisive measures to counteract IP trolls (eg, revising the trademark law to create an obstacle to mass filings without paying fees) is to be welcomed. To further efforts to improve the local IP environment, recently appointed JPO commissioner Akira Matsunaga is overseeing the roll-out of new practices such as fast-track examinations. For outbound filings, Asia remains a popular market for Japanese companies, with a more targeted interest towards Southeast Asia. However, it is a mixed bag, with some practitioners reporting that domestic clients are sticking to traditional jurisdictions (especially China), while others claim that Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are becoming increasingly attractive.

Firms: enforcement and litigation

Firms: prosecution and strategy

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune is a full-service law firm that straddles the contentious/non-contentious divide. The experienced trademark team prosecutes trademarks as easily as it defends clients’ IP rights in court. Helming the IP department is skilled all-rounder Yasufumi Shiroyama. Neither international nor domestic trademark applications faze Takahiro Kitaguchi, who makes his sophomore appearance in the WTR 1000.

Aoyama & Partners

Debuting in the WTR 1000 this year, Aoyama & Partners is one of the biggest IP firms in Osaka. “It has a long history of service to the market and has done well to transition from more senior attorneys to more junior attorneys, who are quite internationally focused. They have a deep understanding of IP laws in Japan and stay up to date on distinctions around the world.” “They are all trained to a high standard and everyone works with high efficiency.” “The group is amazingly responsive and diligent, with a good understanding of complex issues. Communications are always well-structured and thorough.” Not only do long-term foreign associates from all over the world fully rely on the side and enjoy a delightful relationship, numerous multinational and domestic clients across industries look to the team of 30, including 10 trademark attorneys, for “thorough answers” and “first-rate expertise”. Three partners on the trademark side have particular experience in handling worldwide trademark portfolios and deal with trademark prosecution and anti-counterfeiting matters in Japan. Mayumi Kawamoto and Yosuke Tanaka take their first bow in the WTR 1000 this year, working together to prosecute trademarks for large domestic and foreign companies. The outstanding Tanaka is “very knowledgeable in the trademark field. His advice and comments are in-depth, accurate and practical. He is one of the most responsive lawyers I have ever worked with and I have such a great experience working with him.” Their colleague Motohiro Katsumi “always gives every matter the upmost attention. He digs deeply into them to ensure that he understands every aspect and can provide the best possible advice.” “He can explain the regulations and practical situation in a precise way, which helps us to understand and make decisions for the client. His professional experience and deep understanding of requests, business situations and our cultural differences are also impressive.” “Motohiro is an extremely knowledgeable, reliable and friendly associate who always strives for pragmatic and cost-efficient solutions.” Through his close contact with the JPO, he has developed unique expertise in Japanese trademark practice.

Asamura Patent Office PC

With almost 130 years of history, Asamura Patent Office is the oldest IP firm in the country, boasting a compact team of 10 trademark professionals. The boutique excels at prosecuting trademarks by drawing on the expertise of former JPO examiners, some of whom have also published extensively on local trademark laws. Ryoji Mochizuki, senior partner in the trademark and design department, is a name to keep on speed dial.

Baker McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) 

“One of the world’s most internationalised law firms,” Baker McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) relies on almost 50 years’ IP experience in Japan to guide well-known brands through the local landscape. With a team of fully bilingual lawyers (including two Japan-qualified trademark attorneys), an extensive network of regional offices and sophisticated IP management and anti-counterfeiting tools, the full-service outfit provides high-quality services to major corporations across the full spectrum of trademark matters. Most notably, transactional work is on the rise; the Tokyo side worked with other Baker McKenzie offices to provide exclusive legal counsel to Yildiz Holding and GODIVA, negotiating a series of highly publicised multi-jurisdictional licence agreements that involved branding. Taking the top spot in the gold tier of the prosecution and strategy table is head of the Japan IP group Kensaku Takase. His prowess in the field has attracted global companies, as well as some of the largest Japanese brands. “He can understand a client’s overall business better than most, as he sees issues in an international context and asks probing questions to test strategies at a global level. He is also very approachable and down to earth, able to relate extraordinarily well with a wide range of people of all nationalities. I would definitely recommend Ken for his knowledge, ability to explain cross-national issues, approachability and value for money.” Specialising in prosecution and anti-counterfeiting, Daisuke Tatsuno takes charge of inbound work, as well as licensing and negotiations in Japan.

Borders IP

“Nimble and progressive,” Borders IP makes a well-deserved entrance in the WTR 1000, buoyed by the highest number of references in the Japan chapter from satisfied foreign associates around the world. Founder Kumpei Kogure left SOEI Patent & Law Firm to set up the IP boutique in 2016; while still young, it “constantly seeks to optimise its work quality”. The team has a laser focus on multi-jurisdictional trademark prosecution for large, Japanese corporations. “Nimble, creative, experienced, value-oriented and extremely practical,” the former director of trademarks is recently joined by senior partner Takao Fukui. “Kumpei is a well-rounded trademark attorney, with a high level of engagement to help resolve issues in Japan.” “I am very impressed with Kumpei’s abilities as an attorney. He may come across as soft spoken, but he is a very capable attorney, with an excellent command of English. He is very responsive and adaptable, as well as commercial-minded, and gives practical advice – he is also well liked by foreign associates because of his approachability, humility, integrity and openness.” Described as an outstanding colleague, Kogure boasts a superb understanding of US law and procedures. Not only does he think strategically, he is mindful of costs and protective of his clients’ budgets. “Kumpei is an extremely skilled, efficient and reliable trademark attorney, who is committed to going above and beyond by producing exceptional work. His advice is practical, clear and concise, and he is great at devising creative solutions to problems.” “Kumpei demonstrates a very high degree of professionalism. He is curious and quick to learn, with an updated knowledge of laws and practices in major countries. He is one of the best attorneys I have worked with from Japan.” Despite its size, the calibre of rights holders that have followed Kogure to his new venture suggests that this is a firm to watch.

Fukami Patent Office

Since it was established half a century ago, Fukami Patent Office has grown into the second largest IP firm in Osaka. The IP boutique recently opened a branch office in Nagoya, where it continues to prosecute a significant volume of trademarks for large domestic and foreign companies such as Nintendo. Having trained in the United States, Miki Tomii leads the trademark division, which includes ex-in-house counsel and attorneys at law, with verve. She is also an active member of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) trademark committee.

Hogan Lovells Horitsu Jimusho Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo

“A world-renowned outfit with a specialised team that emphasises details and perfection,” Hogan Lovells has “resources to deal with all types of case and make an appropriate proposal” to clients of all stripes. “As a global operation, it has a rich and reliable network of overseas agents, enabling it to provide multiple options for overseas projects.” A team of more than 50 trademark employees, qualified in one of the widest ranges of jurisdictions in an IP firm in Japan, take to the task of coming up with “quick and accurate reports”, as well as advising domestic giants such as Nissan Motor and Brother Industries. Under managing partner Lloyd Parker’s watchful eye, the Tokyo office runs like a well-oiled machine. The head of the IP, media and technology practice group is fluent in Japanese and the mastermind behind Total Brand Care, a set of holistic services for brand owners, supported by a newly launched brand creation and management platform driven by AI. European trademark attorney Nicolas Hirt is “a very bright IP professional who never hesitates to get things done”. While he focuses on trademark matters in Europe, Tomoe Takahashi assists Japanese clients by drawing on her qualifications in Europe, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Chikako Hashimoto has been in the trademark field for over 25 years, providing “high-quality and cost-effective services. She always gives business-oriented legal advice with relevant and realistic risk assessments – not just a clear, concise and attentive communicator, she is an effective counsellor.”

Jones Day

Plugged into its wider global network, Jones Day works closely with its various offices to protect the trademarks of massive multinationals across jurisdictions. Long-standing relationships with companies such as Dell, Sunkist and Kiss Nail Products are testament to the full-service law firm’s proficiency in the IP field, not to mention the support of two Japan-admitted attorneys in the Tokyo office, which is rare for international outfits in the country. Michiru Takahashi is “thorough in her research and clearly committed to providing superior service to her clients. She is an expert in her field and reliable in her advice, remaining very responsive to our needs. We have consistently received first-rate service and advice from her.” She recently offered trademark-related advice to Hudson’s Bay Company on the sale of its subsidiary, Gilt Groupe KK.


Compact but mighty, KUBOTA makes its sophomore appearance in the WTR 1000 this year. Winning plaudits for its industry knowledge and “straightforward advice”, the IP boutique almost doubled in size in 2018 – currently, it boasts a balanced team of 12 lawyers and trademark attorneys who were formerly in international law firms. Given their prior experience in understanding foreign clients and their needs, massive foreign and domestic companies – including Nissan Chemicals and Diners Club – seek their comprehensive trademark services in Japan and around the world. Besides being the exclusive IP firm in Japan for Starbucks, KUBOTA handles anti-counterfeiting and customs registrations for global companies such as Patagonia, Apple and Mercedes Benz. Hogan Lovells-alumnus Eiichiro Kubota leads the side with a steady hand. “For many years, we had trouble getting clear, business-savvy advice out of prior Japanese counsel. Eiichiro has been a refreshing change as he is responsive, understands the business drivers underlying brand decisions and provides helpful, insightful advice.” Taking charge of Fast Retailing’s entire trademark portfolio, California-qualified patent attorney Rika Yamazaki is on the ball when it comes to trademark prosecution.

Kyowa Patent and Law Office

Specialising in filing and prosecuting trademarks, Kyowa Patent and Law Office recently celebrated its 110th anniversary. Not only can the trademark team take on new fields of technology, it can also draw on an extensive global network to provide legal services in Japan and abroad – most notably in China through a dedicated department. Previously trademark chair of the JPAA, Teruhisa Motomiya is best placed to field inquiries from interested parties.

Matsubara, Muraki & Associates, PC

Matsubara, Muraki & Associates is a “well-known and skilled” IP boutique that has been prosecuting trademarks for almost 50 years. Its prowess in the field extends to anti-counterfeiting measures and arbitrating domain name disputes before the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre, particularly on behalf of US companies. Former president of the JPAA and founding partner Kiyoshi Muraki is a reputable professional on the local IP scene.

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

“One of the most commercially focused trademark practices in Japan,” Mori Hamada & Matsumoto may have started its trademark and design practice in 2014 but massive domestic companies already depend on it for the full spectrum of trademark matters. After merging with Naofumi Tanaka’s prosecution practice in 2017, the trademark group has been expanding rapidly – in 2018, the team of 12 handled more than 2,000 applications and renewals globally – and now deals with Shiseido’s worldwide trademark prosecution. At the same time, the one-stop shop is highly sought after for advice on global anti-counterfeiting strategies and licensing arrangements. Tanaka “never fails to deliver good strategic advice”. Head of the IP practice Yutaka Miyoshi is a favourite among multinationals and domestic corporations for his holistic trademark advice. Familiar with multiple Asian IP practices including China, Yoshifumi Onodera is the representative partner for the Beijing Office – besides handling international trademark enforcement matters with ease, he has also been a pro bono outside adviser to the Burmese government as it establishes a new IP system.

Nakamura & Partners 

Ranked best IP outfit in Japan throughout the 10 years of WTR 1000, Nakamura & Partners sits comfortably at the apex of the prosecution and enforcement tables. The “prime choice” for trademark matters in Japan boasts one of the largest IP litigation teams in the country, with 20 attorneys at law tending to contentious trademark issues, often defending major domestic businesses in the IP High Court. The boutique further ensures that it provides “in-depth analysis and practical solutions” by working seamlessly with 10 trademark attorneys, who file some of the highest numbers of trademark applications in Japan. Lately, the side has begun to handle geographical indication matters. “It is my go-to firm in Japan. I appreciate its responsiveness and quality of advice, which is always clear, thorough, precise and on point every time.” “They are experts in trademarks, both under the existing law and in working to shape future IP laws in Japan. Through overseas training, they have a strong understanding of the countries where their clients obtain trademark protection, especially the United States. I not only strongly value their depth of knowledge, but also have confidence that any matter entrusted to them will be handled professionally and our client will receive high-quality representation and careful attention.” Interviewees describe lawyers as “professional, detail-oriented and excellent communicators. They have ample experience in serving well-known international companies and provide personalised services – each case is given sufficient attention.” Rising to the gold tier of the prosecution and strategy table this year, managing partner Hiroyuki Itaki receives the highest praise from foreign associates all around the world. “An exceptional trademark lawyer with an engaging manner,” he “always demonstrates a very deep knowledge of trademark laws in Japan” and “comes up with unconventional and target-oriented approaches to difficult matters”. “Hiroyuki always makes sure to connect in person – I appreciate the personal touch and attention.” German-speaking Shinichiro Tanaka helms the legal practice, supported by the president of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, Japan, Koichi Tsujii. Yoshio Kumakura and Kazuko Matsuo are two distinguished and famous icons in the local IP field. The former remains active in infringement cases and licensing work, while the latter is a pioneer in trademark enforcement and unfair competition. “Kazuko supports the trademark group. A leading authority in trademark law in Japan, she is a true scholar, known and respected by trademark practitioners throughout Japan and the IP world.”

Nishimura & Asahi

Gold-rated Nishimura & Asahi excels in both trademark prosecution and enforcement. Unreservedly recommended by foreign associates and patrons, the general law firm is one of the biggest in Japan and “strong in all fields, with many experienced practitioners”. It takes charge of prosecuting trademarks worldwide for Japanese companies, while global brands instruct the side for local matters. It has also ramped up enforcement measures in various jurisdictions, including Russia and Pakistan, ensuring that brands are protected against counterfeit products at Customs. A team of 10 patent attorneys and 10 attorneys at law devoted to trademark work offers “a safe pair of hands, providing clear, complete and pragmatic advice”. “Their advice is always in a form which can be passed on to the client. It is invariably clear and precise, without legal jargon. It is also always commercial, while taking into account the legal position.” “They are always responsive, the work is done perfectly and billing is never an issue. They are exemplary in every respect, especially knowing that requests will be completed quickly, without error and at a reasonable cost.” The personable and reliable Hitomi Iwase oversees the trademark department. “You can always count on Hitomi to deliver timely and thought-through advice.” Making up the wide array of in-house experts are Makoto Shiotani and Nobuhiro Nakayama – a renowned IT practitioner formerly from Kyowa Patent Office and a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, respectively. “Efficient and thorough,” Rie Funabashi has great passion for her work and provides “good and professional advice”. Ryohei Saito “accurately understands clients’ concerns, providing appropriate and sufficient advice, which enables us to save time requesting further information”.

Saegusa & Partners

Debuting in the prosecution and strategy table of the WTR 1000 this year, Osaka-based IP boutique Saegusa & Partners enjoys high praise from rights holders and foreign associates alike. “We have an excellent reciprocal working relationship with the practice due to its diligent, timely and exacting professionalism. Its ability to handle even the most complex filings with consummate ease, even under tight deadlines, has ensured our long-term commitment to it in Japan.” “It is definitely the first choice among trademark professionals; the firm always works for the client fairly, loyally and faithfully, regardless of its size, cases and fees, so I can absolutely rely on it.” For over 70 years, the side has been giving its best efforts to every trademark matter. The rapidly growing team of 37 – including eight attorneys – prosecutes trademarks for a predominantly domestic clientele and is seeing an influx of Chinese companies after a liaison office opened in Guangzhou in 2018. Tomoko Iwai and Eiji Tanoue are “truly exceptional”, consummate and responsive practitioners who provide an “excellent service” and require no follow-ups. Vice president Iwai oversees the trademark practice; fluent in Chinese, she is known for her expertise in the Chinese trademark field. “She considers all requests deeply and always provides the best solution to satisfy unreasonable demands.” Tanoue takes the reins at the Tokyo office, alongside Chikami Ogawa. “He is quick to grasp the commercial aim of clients and advise on appropriate strategies for protection in Japan, which he then handles efficiently and with excellent communication. He rapidly understands issues that brands face and communicates proposed actions very well. After working with him for years, I have developed complete trust in his ability as an attorney and I know the work is in very safe hands.”

Seiwa Patent & Law 

“Among the best-recognised law firms in the trademark field in Japan,” IP boutique Seiwa Patent & Law “gives thorough advice for a wide range of IP matters” at a reasonable price. Known for being “fair in its demands” and providing clear and thorough instructions, foreign associates and a variety of local and foreign businesses, including IKEA, FamilyMart Co and LG Electronics, look to the team of 15 patent attorneys and attorneys at law for prosecution services. Nami Togawa is a key contact.

Shiga International Patent Office

One of the top trademark filers in Japan, Shiga International Patent Office joins the prosecution and strategy table of the WTR 1000 this year. “A large agency with a rich experience and a long history, it has handled a large number of cases for famous Japanese clients.” Its seasoned lawyers can withstand a high volume of trademark filing, supported by a robust management system. “The team comprises outstanding legal professionals that possess the highest degree of professionalism, knowledge and in-depth understanding of trademark and design work. As they are very meticulous and adept at handling complex issues, they provide high-quality work, tackle difficult problems and provide straightforward solutions.” “Their analysis for each case is fast and complete. We appreciate their efficiency, quality of work and tailor-made advice; we can rely on them for the best service.” While regularly managing worldwide portfolios for global companies and monitoring their marks, the group is also seeing an increasing amount of work in anti-counterfeiting measures lately. Hirohisa Suzuki takes charge of the trademark team with quiet confidence. “Great with foreign clients” and “an absolute pleasure to work with”, he grasps the overall situation effortlessly. “He has the expertise, skills and energy to handle any situation at hand, no matter how complex; he provides excellent guidance and knows how to get the job done.”

SOEI Patent & Law Firm 

SOEI Patent & Law Firm is a “tried and trusted resource” that rises to the silver tier on the back of recommendations from foreign associates. For the past three years, its trademark practice has been growing beyond Tokyo towards Kyoto in order to address all its clients’ needs across Japan. Ai Kato takes charge of the trademark department. Within her team, Kuniko Morikawa is a responsive trademark professional who “provides practical and effective advice”, while Mai Kawashima is not only “very helpful” but also “offers hands-on,  practical advice”.

SUGIMURA & Partners

With a former IP judge on its team, SUGIMURA & Partners now draws on the combined expertise of seven lawyers for predominantly international and cross-border trademark prosecution work on behalf of foreign clients. The firm also has ready access to a broad international network, as well as lawyers on the ground in Palo Alto for Japanese companies interested in expanding to the west. US-qualified lawyer Kenichi Nakayama has filed more than 4,000 trademarks in Japan throughout his career, so he is well placed to field queries from interested parties.

TMI Associates 

TMI Associates is a pre-eminent IP firm in Japan – the very top of first-rate practices. With 12 offices around the world, the side offers trademark services both domestically and internationally, enabling it to establish and develop a global connection with other law groups. Interviewees lavish praise on its quick and effective tailored approach. “I would recommend the firm especially for those that need to manage and protect trademark rights in regional countries, as TMI Associates is expanding globally to serve rights holders in multiple jurisdictions. Its services are reliable and trusted, with a practical and effective approach that focuses on the clients’ needs.” “It is very responsive, thoughtful and precise on all trademark matters. The practitioners think pragmatically and provide creative solutions. The firm has been fantastic to partner with over many years – I have never even considered another outfit in Japan to help on my matters there.” With such glowing recommendations from its foreign associates, even peers concede that TMI Associates tops both the prosecution and enforcement tables in the WTR 1000. One of the five largest general practice sets in Japan, it files the second highest number of trademark applications, with a team of 20 attorneys and former IP High Court judges who are adept at handling the full spectrum of trademark services, including trademark portfolio management and international brand protection for domestic and foreign companies, such as SUNTORY Holdings. The side comprises “the highest quality lawyers performing at a very high level” managed by patent expert Yoshiyuki Inaba. After working for a Barcelona-based Japanese-US joint venture, Takeshi Hironaka prosecutes trademarks with a learned eye for international variances. Rising to the peak of the prosecution and strategy table this year, Shunji Sato is “an excellent lawyer”, who draws gushing praise from foreign associates. “He is diligent, highly responsive and personable. He is very hard-working and always delivers first-class service. He also has a warm and friendly personality and communicates complex issues clearly and concisely.” “Shunji is unique among Japanese trademark practitioners for his business-oriented and straightforward approach.” “He is a very creative lawyer who thinks outside the box. Not only does he have an in-depth knowledge of intellectual property, he always has control over the most complicated cases.” Gold-rated and known for representing luxury brands, Mitsuko (Mimi) Miyagawa has a reputation that precedes her in Japan and overseas.


YUASA and HARA’s claim to fame extends beyond the coveted top spot in the WTR 1000 to having the highest number of ranked individuals in the Japan chapter. With almost 120 years of history, the general law firm is one of the oldest in Japan, with a large trademark division of 13 trademark and design attorneys. Through close cooperation with global networks TerraLex and Unilaw, it carries out “high-quality work” for a largely US clientele and a growing number of domestic companies. A scholarly trademark practitioner specialising in prosecution, Hiromichi Aoki is well known among his peers. On the litigation team, Kozo Yabe is a seasoned sharpshooter reputed for his expertise in domain names, while Osamu Suzuki is an all-round IP practitioner with a cross-border practice. Once sitting on the bench, Toshiaki Iimura and Toshiaki Makino – a former chief judge of the IP High Court and a former presiding judge of the Tokyo IP Hight Court, respectively – now counsel clients and offer their wealth of experience to younger colleagues.

Other recommended experts

A newcomer to the WTR 1000, Noritaka Harashima is the “well-rounded” captain of Isshiki & Co, where he prosecutes trademarks for domestic companies. Takenori Hiroe also makes his WTR 1000 debut this year. The founder of Hiroe & Associates is the only ranked individual based in Gifu, where he prosecutes trademarks for major domestic corporations such as Toyota and Pachinko. Famous for his anti-counterfeiting and border protection measures for foreign companies, Masashi Kurose is head of the eponymous Kurose IP Management. Hiroki Matsui of Osaka-based LEXIA Partners has global experience in border protection for intellectual property, including trademarks and unfair competition, although he is now more focused on design matters. Nagoya-based Yukei Mizuno from CoTech International Inc has a practice that covers all types of intellectual property, including trademarks and designs prosecution. Popular among foreign companies, Sun East IP Firm’s founder Chikako Mori comes highly recommended by foreign associates for trademark counselling and protection. Miyama Shunji joines the WTR 1000 for the first time; based at Nakanoshima City Law Firm, he is “sociable and reliable, and knows all the answers in IP disputes”. When he is not defending clients in trademark disputes, Wataru Sueyoshi of STW & Partners is publishing extensively on IP laws. On his departure from Fukami Patent Office, IP litigator Kozo Takeuchi founded the eponymous Takeuchi IP, where he develops his clients’ businesses through intellectual property. With 35 years of experience in the field and a decade of lecturing in Osaka University Law School, the secretary general of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association has seen it all in the field of trademarks. Reiko Toyosaki is laser-focused on trademark matters for a largely domestic clientele at Toyosaki & Associates. Having previously provided IP advice in Thailand for a trade investment facilitation carried out by the Ministry of Economy, she is often consulted on Association of Southeast Asian Nation issues.

Individuals: enforcement and litigation

  • Mitsuko (Mimi) Miyagawa - TMI Associates 
  • Kozo Yabe - YUASA and HARA
  • Chikako Hashimoto - Hogan Lovells Horitsu Jimusho Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo
  • Hitomi Iwase - Nishimura & Asahi
  • Yutaka Miyoshi - Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
  • Wataru Sueyoshi - STW & Partners
  • Michiru Takahashi - Jones Day
  • Koichi Tsujii - Nakamura & Partners
  • Motohiro Katsumi - Aoyama & Partners
  • Eiichiro Kubota - KUBOTA
  • Yoshifumi Onodera - Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
  • Yasufumi Shiroyama - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
  • Miyama Shunji - Nakanoshima City Law Firm
  • Osamu Suzuki - YUASA and HARA
  • Kensaku Takase - Baker McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise)
  • Shinichiro Tanaka - Nakamura & Partners
  • Daisuke Tatsuno - Baker McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise)

Individuals: prosecution and strategy

  • Hiromichi Aoki - YUASA and HARA
  • Hiroyuki Itaki - Nakamura & Partners
  • Hitomi Iwase - Nishimura & Asahi
  • Kumpei Kogure - Borders IP
  • Lloyd Parker - Hogan Lovells Horitsu Jimusho Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo
  • Shunji Sato - TMI Associates
  • Kensaku Takase - Baker McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise)
  • Chikako Hashimoto - Hogan Lovells Horitsu Jimusho Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo
  • Takeshi Hironaka - TMI Associates
  • Nicolas Hirt - Hogan Lovells Horitsu Jimusho Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo
  • Tomoko Iwai - Saegusa & Partners
  • Ai Kato - SOEI Patent & Law Firm
  • Motohiro Katsumi - Aoyama & Partners
  • Eiichiro Kubota - KUBOTA
  • Kenichi Nakayama - SUGIMURA & Partners
  • Makoto Shiotani - Nishimura & Asahi
  • Hirohisa Suzuki - Shiga International Patent Office
  • Michiru Takahashi - Jones Day
  • Tomoe Takahashi - Hogan Lovells Horitsu Jimusho Gaikokuho Kyodo Jigyo
  • Kozo Takeuchi - Takeuchi IP
  • Naofumi Tanaka - Mori Hamada & Matsumoto
  • Eiji Tanoue - Saegusa & Partners
  • Daisuke Tatsuno - Baker McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise)
  • Nami Togawa - Seiwa Patent & Law
  • Miki Tomii - Fukami Patent Office
  • Noritaka Harashima - Isshiki & Co
  • Mayumi Kawamoto - Aoyama & Partners
  • Takahiro Kitaguchi - Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
  • Hiroki Matsui - LEXIA Partners
  • Yukei Mizuno - CoTech International Inc
  • Chikako Mori - Sun East IP Firm
  • Yosuke Tanaka - Aoyama & Partners
  • Reiko Toyosaki - Toyosaki & Associates
  • Rika Yamazaki - KUBOTA


  • Takenori Hiroe - Hiroe & Associates
  • Toshiaki Iimura - YUASA and HARA
  • Yoshiyuki Inaba - TMI Associates
  • Yoshio Kumakura - Nakamura & Partners
  • Masashi Kurose - Kurose IP Management
  • Toshiaki Makino - YUASA and HARA
  • Kazuko Matsuo - Nakamura & Partners
  • Kiyoshi Muraki - Matsubara, Muraki & Associates, PC
  • Nobuhiro Nakayama - Nishimura & Asahi