Slow change – rather than dramatic upheaval – characterises the Italian trademark services market. There remains an important distinction between law firms and IP agencies in the country, as reflected in the WTR 1000’s separate tables; but, as elsewhere in Europe, this distinction is becoming increasingly blurred as more and more practices transcend the contentious/non-contentious divide and many close partnerships emerge between sister organisations. Another gradual development is the growing success of international law firms and nimble boutiques in a marketplace previously dominated by traditional firms led by prominent academics. As in other EU jurisdictions, local practitioners are preparing for the implementation of the Trademark Directive; in particular, they look forward to the introduction of administrative cancellation proceedings – a welcome alternative to sluggish judicial hearings.


  • Hogan Lovells Studio Legale
  • Studio Legale Bird & Bird
  • Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati
  • Bonelli Erede Pappalardo
  • DLA Piper Studio Legale Tributario Associato
  • IP Law Galli 
  • Martini Manna Avvocati
  • Nctm Studio Legale
  • Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Studio Legale Sena e Tarchini
  • Studio Legale SIB
  • Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti
  • CREA Avvocati Associati
  • Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale
  • Studio Legale Associato in affiliation with Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Studio Legale Vanzetti e Associati

Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti

Diverse commercial law expertise and a pronounced focus on intellectual property allow Franzosi Dal Negro Setti to resolve the most complicated interdisciplinary spats with ease: its team packs a punch in the courtroom, but also brings a sure touch to negotiations and mediation proceedings. Cosmopolitan in outlook, the firm has cultivated a significant cross-border practice; its China desk offers assured assistance to both European companies operating in the world’s most populous country and Chinese enterprises with branding interests in the European Union. IP law PhD Federica Santonocito is a tenacious enforcer of rights and heads up the ensemble’s East Asian offering. A member of the Licensing Executives Society, she also knows how to extract optimal value from intangible assets.

Bonelli Erede Pappalardo

Intellectual property is a pillar of the practice at Bonelli Erede Pappalardo. Working hand in hand with commercial law colleagues, its trademark team brilliantly oversees brand-rich transactions; no stranger to the courts, it also operates deftly in IP litigation. Peers commend the set for its “absolute focus on quality: its lawyers are very knowledgeable, have a passion for the work and will not let standards slip in any circumstances”. A popular choice for fashion and luxury goods concerns, Giovanni Guglielmetti is nimble in trial and a leading adviser on geographical indications.

CREA Avvocati Associati

Making its sophomore appearance in the WTR 1000 this year, CREA continues to build an excellent reputation among trademark owners. Its IP department – the largest in the firm – has a particular focus on branding matters. Offering a wide-ranging counselling service, it is most celebrated for its hawkish pursuit of infringers and imitators; its cooperation with IP agency Bugnion makes it a powerful ally for brands with pressing prosecution needs, too. Leading the line, Daniele Caneva is an accomplished performer before the highest national courts, as well as in a range of administrative and regulatory hearings.

DLA Piper Studio Legale Tributario Associato

DLA Piper has an exalted position in Italy’s IP market. Its local squad is one of the most formidable in the country; bolstered by a celebrated global team, it also showcases its talents beyond national boundaries. The firm has the answers to the trickiest infringement conundrums. “Its first-rate litigators have a very modern approach – they know when it is time to go through the courts and when it is time to settle.” One such professional is Roberto Valenti, who tackles trademark, advertising and unfair competition disputes with alacrity; he is also a dab hand in licensing and transfer scenarios. His colleague Gualtiero Dragotti similarly channels his energies into contentious matters: an admitted representative before the Supreme Court, he has an additional gift for getting fakes off the market. DLA Piper’s portfolio management services have gained momentum of late, due in part to Annamaria Algieri, who has provided composed leadership to the filing practice since her arrival in 2016.

Hogan Lovells Studio Legale

With a stellar boutique-like IP department, buttressed by substantial corporate firm resources, Hogan Lovells’ Italian branch is a perennial feature of the WTR 1000’s gold tier. “It has a critical mass, a fantastic international practice and talented people on the ground. The team is positive and pragmatic in approach, and handles complexity in a way that others cannot.” Highly acclaimed for conferring discerning advice on prosecution, commercialisation and litigation avoidance, it also fights valiantly in judicial and administrative settings when conflict is unavoidable. “Esteemed professor”, litigator and arbitrator Luigi Mansani “has a long track record of resolving disputes. His style is a perfect blend of the academic and the practical. He was always excellent, but has learned more and more over the years, and is now one of the best IP lawyers in the country”. Mansani has been assisting Starbucks in its struggle against alleged Italian infringers. Another celebrated practitioner, Giovanni Ghirardi “knows everything there is to know about trademarks and is a very effective advocate”. He has been involved in a number of landmark decisions regarding fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing. Handling portfolios with finesse is Maria Luce Piattelli, an IP law PhD who serves up incisive analysis and percipient guidance, especially to fashion and luxury brands. She helps to acquire and manage Bottega Veneta’s trademarks.

IP Law Galli 

Dedicated to intellectual property, this sterling boutique is ubiquitous in precedent-setting trademark litigation. Led by renowned thought leader and cogent advocate Cesare Galli – who is reinforced by a tight-knit unit of specialists – the firm is a safe pair of hands for complex, must-win cases. It has a knack for securing favourable verdicts quickly, but is equally nimble in the pursuit of out-of-court solutions. “Passionate and practical, as well as knowledgeable”, Galli “combines a profound understanding of jurisprudence with smart procedural tactics”. He recently prevailed for Brandconcern BV in a case before the Supreme Court, which held that the persisting well-known status of a trademark does not preclude its revocation for non-use. Executive partner Mariangela Bogni is another mainstay of the practice; she is well versed in EU-wide trademark disputes and has a particular penchant for design matters and shape marks.

Martini Manna Avvocati

Young, vibrant IP shop Martini Manna continues to go from strength to strength: it rises into the silver category this year, having garnered plaudits from clients and peers alike. Distinguished in contentious mandates, it also differentiates itself from most Italian law firms with its fast-growing prosecution offering; domain name issues are another strong suit. Its “dynamic and professional experts” make use of the latest support systems in all of their briefs; they “act with confidence and accuracy, always answering clients’ questions clearly”. This is partly due to the efforts of founding partner Elena Martini, who shows great talent across the trademark lifecycle. The “fantastic upcoming lawyer” has been helping mainly Italian clients from a wide array of industries to defend and monetise their intellectual assets. Flanking her is Luigi Manna; described as “a vastly knowledgeable and skilled professional, who is an intelligent and proactive team player”, he features in the WTR 1000 pages for the first time this year.

Nctm Studio Legale

“Excellent commercial law firm” Nctm Studio Legale has developed one of Italy’s premier trademark practices, representing a slew of world-renowned names in the automotive, sports, fashion and luxury sectors. Working adeptly across the spectrum, its IP department particularly excels in dispute resolution. One famous client lauds its “very high service level and timely communications. The team has vast knowledge of intellectual property and related topics; it shows creativity when resolving difficulties and shaping strategies. What really sets it apart though, is the thorough document preparation, which is greatly appreciated by time-pressed in-house counsel”. Patrons heap praise on Paolo Lazzarino, a tried-and-tested litigator and prosecutor who “gets to know the history of each brand he works with and makes sure that his advice is in keeping with the client’s commercial objectives. Paolo is timely, accurate and budget conscious. He and his entire team are a pleasure to work with. In other words, he is a trusted partner”. Lazzarino manages Sky International’s Italian portfolio of over 400 marks and acts regularly for the company before the national trademark office. Under Armour is another major patron, whose myriad customs enforcement issues he handles with aplomb. IP practice head Lorenzo Attolico also manages contentious matters with consummate skill, but is esteemed for his transactional and co-branding efforts, too. He recently sealed a substantial sponsorship contract on behalf of Nike. Attolico also assisted Sony Computer Entertainment in its negotiations with Valentino Rossi regarding a PlayStation 4 limited edition pack.

Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale

Media and technology boutique Portolano Cavallo is a resolute brand defender which excels where trademarks overlap with advertising and internet issues. It stitches up IP-driven transactions with utmost composure, but enforcement is its strongest suit: the set is masterful in court proceedings and cuts a swathe in its battle against counterfeit goods. Former head of Allen & Overy’s Italian IP practice, Lydia Mendola extracts maximum value from clients’ intellectual assets and can also put even the most heated disputes to bed without breaking a sweat. Mendola has an impressive following among fashion and life sciences concerns, as well as digital and media companies. Business-savvy litigator Micael Montinari tackles trademark and commercial law spats with alacrity. Life sciences sage Marco Blei, who joined the firm in 2017 from Bonelli Erede Pappalardo, makes his first appearance in the WTR 1000 this year. He works with equal dexterity on IP, IT and privacy questions.

Studio Legale Associato in affiliation with Simmons & Simmons LLP

One of the few international giants with a major presence in Italy, Simmons & Simmons has made a deep impression since setting up shop in the country in 2010. Outshining competitors in complex cross-border mandates, it is an attractive one-stop shop for multinational clients; anti-counterfeiting, litigation and licensing are notable fortes.

Studio Legale Bird & Bird

At the apex of the Italian market, gold-tiered Bird & Bird provides masterful advocacy in must-win contentious scenarios: its experienced and knowledgeable litigators argue persuasively in trial, but also know how to de-escalate a conflict and secure a favourable settlement. Making use of its top-notch continental network and critical mass of business know-how, it has also built a celebrated filing and strategic prosecution practice in recent years. Two partners stand out: Massimiliano Mostardini and Giovanni Galimberti. Both are “excellent lawyers with international profiles in litigation and licensing”. Mostardini attracts a torrent of praise: “He is a reference point for IP matters in Italy. As well as in trademark law, he has a deep interest in the industry sectors he works in; he understands the nuances of his clients’ businesses and really forms a partnership with them. He learns quickly and can advise on the spot. More importantly, he is an out-of-the-box thinker who can deliver solutions where none appeared available.” Exhibiting many of the same qualities, Galimberti, is best known for his efforts in EU-wide disputes. He has recently been involved in a civil suit against Italian companies on behalf of Monster Energy.

Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati

Boasting cultivated expertise in intellectual property – as well as in ancillary disciplines, such as competition, media and data protection law – Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati has solutions to the most complex branding puzzles. Its comprehensive trademark services have attracted many prominent patrons, as has its responsive, customer-focused case handling; offices in Milan, Rome, Turin, Paris and Madrid make it an enticing partner for domestic and European enterprises. “A first-rate professional who is always a pleasure to work with”, Fabrizio Jacobacci founded the firm. Working ably across the board, he has a glowing reputation for dispute resolution. Another progenitor of the firm, Marco Francetti is equally adept in contentious instructions, but dedicates some of his energies to high-stakes transactions, too. He understands the Chinese marketplace like few other Italian practitioners.

Studio Legale Sena e Tarchini

Laser-focused IP firm Sena e Tarchini is a leading light when it comes to trademarks, domain names and company names. Wide-ranging in its advice, it concentrates on resolving the toughest soft IP disputes. Its successes in this field are partly due to the efforts of trailblazing litigator Giuseppe Sena, a “courtroom virtuoso and wise counsellor” who has been behind many of the country’s precedent-setting trademark verdicts. Fellow name partner Paola Tarchini is lauded for her “fantastic client-handling skills”. The seasoned Supreme Court advocate has fine-tuned knowledge of branding spats.

Studio Legale SIB

The elite professionals at Studio Legale SIB know how best to monetise intellectual assets and to enforce them when conflicts arise; working hand in hand with its sister agency, WTR 1000-ranked Società Italiana Brevetti, it offers the full gamut of trademark services. Seeing intangible property in panoramic perspective, it dispenses strategically informed advice on every branding matter under the sun. “Highly recommended” founding partner Pier Luigi Roncaglia oversees the firm with a bird’s-eye view. He shines brightest in criminal and civil litigation. Lorenzo Litta is a versatile practitioner – both an attorney at law and a European trademark attorney – he is equally adroit obtaining, enforcing and monetising brand rights. He has recently represented prominent companies such as adidas, Yum! Brands and Novartis in oppositions.

Studio Legale Vanzetti e Associati

With vastly experienced lawyers and a rich history of IP practice, Vanzetti e Associati dispatches the most challenging briefs with aplomb; it is a go-to for non-conventional marks and landmark cases. Wellspring of trademark wisdom Professor Adriano Vanzetti has been a tutor to many of the country’s top lawyers; “he is a phenomenon in Italy – he has written the textbooks and many of the laws”. The profoundly knowledgeable practitioner remains an active player. His colleague Stefania Bergia also cuts a dash in hard-fought trademark litigation, as does Giulio Enrico Sironi.

Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati

“An excellent IP boutique working to the highest international standards”, stellar litigation outfit Trevisan & Cuonzo is renowned for its superb relationships with multinational brands and major international law firms. One of the gold-tier operation’s “excellent litigators”, Gabriel Cuonzo puts foreign associates’ minds at ease. One relates: “From the moment I started working with him, I had complete confidence. He is very commercially minded, appreciates the difficulties of resolving disputes in Italy and knows how to navigate you through those challenges. His experience and skills are outstanding.” Fellow name partner Luca Trevisan can also be relied on on critical missions, as can the “superb” Julia Holden, who “handles cases excellently and has shaped the international and commercially focused culture of the firm”. Lia Punteri shows her adeptness while overseeing a range of multifaceted strategic IP projects.



  • Highly recommended
  • Barzanò & Zanardo
  • Bugnion SpA
  • Jacobacci & Partners
  • Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Recommended
  • AKRAN Intellectual Property
  • Botti & Ferrari srl
  • Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Cantaluppi & Partners
  • De Simone & Partners
  • GLP Intellectual Property Office 
  • Modiano & Partners
  • Murgitroyd & Company
  • Rapisardi Intellectual Property
  • Studio Torta SpA

AKRAN Intellectual Property

Making its sophomore appearance in the WTR 1000, AKRAN Intellectual Property continues to guide clients through the brand creation and protection process, identifying pitfalls and opportunities along the way. Non-contentious buff Peter McAleese makes light work of demanding prosecution mandates. Another highly experienced attorney, Andrea Klein possesses exhaustive knowledge of distinctive signs – and how best to safeguard them.

Barzanò & Zanardo

Efficient filing and judicious portfolio management are the mainstays of Barzanò & Zanardo’s soft IP offering; the ensemble has a flair for getting difficult-to-register marks granted, and knows how to uphold and exploit those rights for maximum commercial impact. Managing the firm’s Milan office – it has other outposts in Rome, Turin, Vicenza, Rimini, Biella and Pordenone – is Alessandra Tedesco, a sagacious adviser on marketing and trademark matters who is equally adroit before the EU and national IP offices.

Botti & Ferrari srl

Dexterous agency Botti & Ferrari combines ultra-flexible, bespoke client service with the wherewithal to execute the thorniest brand protection projects. Foreign companies and lawyers flock to the set, which shepherds them through prosecution campaigns and lucrative licensing ventures. Veteran of 20 years Sabrina Fumagalli is feted for her unwavering poise in contentious and non-contentious trademark office proceedings.

Bugnion SpA

Highly recommended prosecution shop Bugnion has “a deep bench of professionals committed to producing the highest standards of work: they are client oriented and highly skilled, and have up-to-the-minute knowledge of case law”. The firm’s enviable resources – including more than 200 staff spread across 16 offices in Europe and the United States – can be leveraged to full effect in pursuit of client interests. A fixture of the Italian market, Bugnion has become a big hitter internationally, thanks in no small part to Donatella Prandin; head of the foreign department, as well as the Milan office, she handles cross-border portfolios with a steady hand. The “fantastic and very reliable” Simone Verducci Galletti garners enthusiastic praise for his prosecution efforts, while WTR 1000 sophomore Alessandro Mannini continues to impress with his EU-wide work and polished English language skills. He captains the side in Florence.

Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx

According to one foreign collaborator: “Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx is among the very best IP practices in Italy – it is especially good in multinational work.” Much celebrated for its non-contentious expertise – it is one of the most prolific filers in the country – the gilt-edged agency also packs a punch when disputes arise: it fights its clients’ corner forcefully in oppositions and litigation. Receiving effusive praise, branding maven Alessandra Romeo “gives clear, specific and targeted advice. She is very responsive and pays close attention to clients’ specific needs”. The “excellent” Livia Pasqualigo acquits herself well across the board, making superb use of her expertise in judicial proceedings and contract law. The third pillar of the practice is Enrico Antonielli d’Oulx, another well-rounded practitioner, notable for his experience in international anti-counterfeiting campaigns.

Cantaluppi & Partners

Nimble IP-dedicated firm Cantaluppi & Partners excels in the acquisition, maintenance and exploitation of rights on behalf of brand owners across the globe; dab hands in national and EU prosecution, its professionals are also seasoned operators in a large number of far-flung jurisdictions. With broad knowledge of soft IP matters, Barbara Saguatti handles multifaceted trademark matters with panache. Managing the team in Rome, her colleague Monica Faia performs brilliantly before the Italian and continental IP offices.

De Simone & Partners

“A market leader in Italian brand protection”, De Simone & Partners attracts a torrent of instructions with its one-stop shop service. “Excellent in prosecution”, it dispenses perceptive advice and acquires ironclad trademark rights; the outfit is also a trusted champion when contentious matters arise. Fabio Angelini is lauded for his “trenchant advocacy and excellent customer service”. Formerly an in-house counsel at a world-renowned technology firm, he turns heads with his attuned business understanding and legal know-how. Colleague Massimo Cimoli is another important name for the address book; the perspicacious counsellor manoeuvres deftly at the Italian trademark office and at the EU level.

GLP Intellectual Property Office 

A trusted partner to more than 7,000 domestic and foreign brand owners, GLP Intellectual Property Office is best known for incisive strategic insights, acutely customised advice and steadfast rights management. Its staff are “professional, punctual and pleasant. They are excellent counterparts on transnational matters”. The outfit’s offering is broader than most agencies’: it enforces and monetises rights, as well as obtaining them. Epitomising this breadth of the practice is Davide Luigi Petraz, an assured counsellor in the face of even the most challenging branding questions.

Jacobacci & Partners

Working in tandem with its twin law firm, Jacobacci & Partners has all angles covered for trademark owners. Its non-contentious offering is especially esteemed: it handles hefty portfolios without difficulty, operates masterfully before IP offices and understands the nuances of Italian and EU trademark law. Propelling the practice to the top of the filing league table are accomplished professionals such as Enrico Riccardino, whose well-cultivated wisdom helps him to register and manage the trickiest rights; he is also deft in settlement negotiations and brand-driven agreements. Other aficionados include Franca Acuto, a crack prosecutor who leverages her past experience in Washington DC when leading the firm’s US desk. Rising star Elena Monte is commended for her “pragmatic and efficient approach, which pleases clients”. In addition to brand rights acquisition, she is sought after for her assiduous pursuit of counterfeiters. Luminary Guido Jacobacci continues to set an inspiring example for the squad.

Modiano & Partners

A powerful force in Italian brand rights development, Modiano & Partners is among the country’s most frequent trademark filers; with offices in Switzerland and Germany, it has estimable capabilities beyond national boundaries, too. Its team of more than 50 trademark attorneys handles weighty prosecution mandates with gusto; its 10 lawyers provide illuminating advice on a broad range of strategic and pre-litigation matters. Gabriella Modiano brings her well-rounded knowledge of intellectual property and ancillary disciplines to bear as managing partner. Speaking six languages – Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and Romanian – she interfaces brilliantly with diverse international patrons.

Murgitroyd & Company

Intercontinental IP giant Murgitroyd & Company stands tall in Italy; its sterling local team is intimately acquainted with the ins and outs of national trademark law and works seamlessly with international colleagues on European and global portfolio management. Potent enforcement and opposition work and shrewd counselling on licensing deals are further strings to the ensemble’s bow. “Splendid attorney” Veronica Raffi divides her efforts between obtaining marks and implementing sweeping anti-counterfeiting strategies.

Rapisardi Intellectual Property

Deep-rooted in Italy’s IP landscape – where it has practised for more than a century – Rapisardi Intellectual Property continues to find fertile ground for its top-notch trademark offering; prosecution is its forte, but contentious mandates are dispatched with consummate ease. Although proud of its history, it is resolutely forward looking, providing commercially clued-up counsel in an efficient and attentive manner. Time-tested practitioner Mariacristina Rapisardi heads up the 60-strong team. Both a Supreme Court lawyer and trademark attorney, she is a safe pair of hands at all points of the IP compass. Rapisardi is backed up by Gianluigi Volonte, who leads the trademark prosecution department with finesse.

Società Italiana Brevetti SpA

First-rate agency Società Italiana Brevetti dishes out a world-class, holistic trademark service; its strategic branding advice and filing, oppositions and enforcement expertise delight a host of prestigious clients. Having focused on the sector since the 1960s, it cuts an especially impressive figure in fashion, where it represents a number of star names; accordingly, the set offers a top-of-class anti-counterfeiting service and boasts acute expertise of geographical indications. Heading the trademark department and the Milan office, Mara Mondolfo is an important contact; she has an impressive track record in prosecution, but also ably defuses thorny disputes. Another mainstay is Elisabetta D’Amore, an eagle-eyed portfolio manager adept in cross-border matters.

Studio Torta SpA

With an IP practice which stretches back more than a century, Studio Torta remains at the forefront of Italian trademark law, enjoying a glittering reputation for its expert, thoroughgoing portfolio management service. A driving force behind the team is Maria Cristina Baldini, “a vastly experienced and hard-working attorney with a good sense of strategy”. She cuts a dash in both non-contentious mandates and administrative litigation; Baldini has particular expertise in the wine industry and has written an influential trademark commentary on the sector. Well-rounded brand rights caretaker and fellow star performer Raffaella Barbuto excels in prosecution and in the fight against fakes and parallel imports; she co-authored the Italian chapter of Enforcement of IP Rights Through Border Measures, edited by Oxford University Press.

Other recommended experts

The versatile Margherita Barié dispenses savvy prosecution advice, but also shines brightly in dispute resolution, whether through litigation, arbitration or mediation. She is the sole IP partner at general service powerhouse Carnelutti. Formerly of Portolano Cavallo, Davide Bresner recently switched to Greco Vitali Associati, where he captains the newly established IP department. The formidable enforcer is a fierce campaigner in the fight against fakes, which he wages on behalf of a number of world-renowned fashion brands. Transactional maven Michele Capecchi knows how to optimise financial gains from intellectual assets. He leads the line at Studio Legale Capecchi. Patent, trademark and unfair competition sage Giovanni Francesco Casucci – who recently moved from BARDEHLE PAGENBERG to Dentons – operates with flair in high-stakes litigation. Laura Orlando recently joined Herbert Smith Freehills. An “efficient, business-oriented and client-friendly adviser” and “wonderful and deeply knowledgeable professional”, she specialises in the life sciences – a sector in which she protects many well-known brands. Moving across from Simmons & Simmons with her, Pietro Pouché dispenses telescopic advice to a range of Italian and global companies; he has niche know-how in the fashion and technology industries. “Very much an expert in complex IP matters”, Monica Riva of Clifford Chance is also commended for her commercial understanding of intangible assets. Carmela Rotundo Zocco of Metroconsult counsels on the full gamut of distinctive sign issues, with a particular penchant for online concerns and alternative dispute resolution. The cosmopolitan professional has practised law in Italy, France, Switzerland and the United States. A staunch trademark defender, ipSO’s Sylvain Rousseau is most renowned for his expertise in EU law.

Individuals: enforcement and litigation

  • Gabriel Cuonzo - Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati
  • Giovanni Galimberti - Studio Legale Bird & Bird
  • Cesare Galli - IP Law Galli 
  • Giovanni Ghirardi - Hogan Lovells Studio Legale
  • Luigi Mansani - Hogan Lovells Studio Legale
  • Massimiliano Mostardini - Studio Legale Bird & Bird
  • Luca Trevisan - Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati
  • Fabio Angelini - Bugnion SpA
  • Margherita Barié - Carnelutti Studio Legale Associato
  • Giovanni Francesco Casucci - Dentons
  • Giovanni Guglielmetti - Bonelli Erede Pappalardo
  • Julia Holden - Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati
  • Fabrizio Jacobacci - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Paolo Lazzarino - Nctm Studio Legale
  • Elena Martini - Martini Manna Avvocati
  • Monica Riva - Clifford Chance Studio Legale Associato
  • Pier Luigi Roncaglia - Studio Legale SIB
  • Roberto Valenti - DLA Piper Studio Legale Tributario Associato
  • Lorenzo Attolico - Nctm Studio Legale
  • Maria Cristina Baldini - Studio Torta SpA
  • Stefania Bergia - Studio Legale Vanzetti e Associati
  • Marco Blei - Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale
  • Mariangela Bogni - IP Law Galli
  • Davide Bresner - Greco Vitali Associati
  • Daniele Caneva - CREA Avvocati Associati
  • Gualtiero Dragotti - DLA Piper Studio Legale Tributario Associato
  • Marco Francetti - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Lorenzo Litta - Studio Legale SIB
  • Luigi Manna - Martini Manna Avvocati
  • Lydia Mendola - Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale
  • Micael Montinari - Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale
  • Laura Orlando - Herbert Smith Freehills
  • Mariacristina Rapisardi - Rapisardi Intellectual Property
  • Federica Santonocito - Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti
  • Giulio Enrico Sironi - Studio Legale Vanzetti e Associati
  • Paola Tarchini - Studio Legale Sena e Tarchini

Individuals: prosecution and strategy

  • Franca Acuto - Jacobacci & Partners
  • Annamaria Algieri - DLA Piper Studio Legale Tributario Associato
  • Fabio Angelini - Bugnion SpA
  • Enrico Antonielli d'Oulx - Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Maria Cristina Baldini - Studio Torta SpA
  • Raffaella Barbuto - Studio Torta SpA
  • Michele Capecchi - Studio Legale Capecchi
  • Massimo Cimoli - De Simone & Partners
  • Elisabetta D'Amore - Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Monica Faia - Cantaluppi & Partners
  • Marco Francetti - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Sabrina Fumagalli - Botti & Ferrari srl
  • Giovanni Guglielmetti - Bonelli Erede Pappalardo
  • Fabrizio Jacobacci - Studio Legale Jacobacci & Associati
  • Andrea Klein - AKRAN Intellectual Property
  • Alessandro Mannini - Bugnion SpA
  • Luigi Mansani - Hogan Lovells Studio Legale
  • Peter McAleese - AKRAN Intellectual Property
  • Gabriella Modiano - Modiano & Partners
  • Mara Mondolfo - Società Italiana Brevetti SpA
  • Elena Monte - Jacobacci & Partners
  • Livia Pasqualigo - Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Davide Luigi Petraz - GLP Intellectual Property Office 
  • Maria Luce Piattelli - Hogan Lovells Studio Legale
  • Pietro Pouchè - Herbert Smith Freehills
  • Donatella Prandin - Bugnion SpA
  • Lia Puntieri - Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati
  • Veronica Raffi - Murgitroyd & Company
  • Mariacristina Rapisardi - Rapisardi Intellectual Property
  • Enrico Riccardino - Jacobacci & Partners
  • Alessandra Romeo - Buzzi Notaro & Antonielli d’Oulx
  • Carmela Rotundo Zocco - Metroconsult Srl
  • Sylvain Rousseau - IpSO srl
  • Barbara Saguatti - Cantaluppi & Partners
  • Alessandra Tedesco - Barzanò & Zanardo
  • Simone Verducci Galletti - Bugnion SpA
  • Gianluigi Volonte - Rapisardi Intellectual Property


  • Guido Jacobacci - Jacobacci & Partners
  • Giuseppe Sena - Studio Legale Sena e Tarchini
  • Adriano Vanzetti - Studio Legale Vanzetti e Associati