Indonesia’s amended trademark law came into effect in November 2016 and introduces a number of significant changes designed to expedite the prosecution process. For example, the publication stage during which oppositions can be filed now occurs before substantive examination and is open for two, instead of three, months; oppositions can therefore be considered at the same time as the examination. In addition, examiners are now obliged to reject applications made in bad faith and criminal penalties for trademark infringement have increased where the infringement compromises public or environmental safety. Stakeholders in the market are cautiously optimistic about the effect that these developments will have.

Firms: enforcement and litigation

  • Recommended
  • Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (member firm of Baker McKenzie)
  • Januar Jahja & Partners
  • K&K Advocates - Intellectual Property
  • Rouse & Co International
  • SKC Law
  • Tilleke & Gibbins

Firms: prosecution and strategy

  • Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (member firm of Baker McKenzie)
  • Januar Jahja & Partners
  • Rouse & Co International
  • SKC Law
  • Am Badar & Partners
  • AMR Partnership
  • Biro Oktroi Roosseno
  • Inter Patent Office
  • K&K Advocates - Intellectual Property
  • Acemark Intellectual Property 
  • Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi & Associates
  • George Widjojo & Partners
  • HeruLukito & Partners
  • Tilleke & Gibbins

Acemark Intellectual Property 

Acemark Intellectual Property plays an important role in promoting IP awareness in Indonesia, which has earned it the respect of its peers and competitors in the market. At the same time, it renders a comprehensive suite of trademark services to brand owners, acting tenaciously both to secure and to enforce rights. Yenny Halim is a safe pair of hands for portfolio management and she knows how to get the best out of Indonesian law enforcement when there is a counterfeiting problem. She manages the firm with confidence and poise.

Am Badar & Partners

Recognised as one of Indonesia’s pioneering IP firms – and one of its largest – Am Badar & Partners is a repository of trust for a broad range of local and international companies. It offers a top-flight trademark service, filing swiftly and cost efficiently, and enforcing robustly; strategic advice around licensing and monetisation opportunities is also just a phone call away. Thanks to her background in litigation, IP consultant Annisa Am Badar knows how to secure rights that minimise the potential for future disputes; she maintains her agility as an advocate, too.

AMR Partnership

A “well-established firm with a great reputation”, AMR is a destination of choice for many one-stop IP shoppers. Committed to the customer-service aspect of the profession, the firm responds to queries promptly, communicating clear advice tailored to each client. Trademark law is a principal focus for the set, which can handle high-volume filing instructions with aplomb and take care of any disputes that arise – whether administrative, civil or criminal. A doyenne of the field, Amalia Roosseno has been a staunch protector of IP rights for over four decades. She founded the firm in 1986 and remains at its forefront today.

Biro Oktroi Roosseno

As the Indonesian IP system has evolved and matured, the venerable Biro Oktroi Roosseno has not just been along for the ride – often it has taken the driver’s seat. Its activities are broad in scope, both in terms of contentious and non-contentious client representation and its extra-curricular efforts, enabling it to approach trademark and other IP issues holistically. Managing director Migni Myriasandra has a rich comprehension of black-letter trademark law and knows his case law inside and out, too.

Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi & Associates

Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi’s unstinting dedication to quality is matched by its commitment to excellent client service. Well positioned to advise on just about any brand-related matter, the team is especially noted for its enforcement nous. Founding partner Cita Citrawinda brings a wealth of litigation experience to the table; a thought leader who is regularly consulted by the government on IP affairs, she serves as president of the Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorneys Association.

George Widjojo & Partners

Not only one of the oldest IP outfits, George Widjojo & Partners is also one of the longest-established law firms in Indonesia. It runs a sizeable trademark filing practice and sews up protection for a “ridiculously good list of clients”, the greater percentage of which are well-known multinationals. Leveraging its profound institutional experience, the group also serves up percipient legal advice on infringement matters.

Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (member firm of Baker McKenzie)

Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners is, in the opinion of many, the pre-eminent IP firm in Indonesia. A key Baker McKenzie International cog, it sets benchmarks in terms of sophisticated portfolio management and lays down precedents in the courtroom, too. IP head Daru Lukiantono is a highly prized representative who is “responsive, helpful, thorough and intelligent”. “He anticipates questions before you even have to ask them, which cuts down on back-and-forth emailing and speeds up the handling of a case. He conducts all the appropriate follow-ups and sees matters through to the end without having to be prompted or reminded of anything. The advice he gives is rock solid.”

HeruLukito & Partners

For strategic advice on brand management and development informed by industry-specific knowledge, HeruLukito & Partners is a great choice; likewise for seamless portfolio management enabled by sophisticated IT systems. Neatly tailoring the service to each client’s needs is Heru Lukito, a licensed advocate and registered IP consultant with a deft touch when it comes to trademarks, patents, designs, copyright and trade secrets. He manages portfolios astutely while keeping infringers at bay. Before founding his own boutique, the extremely well-trained and internationally minded practitioner started out at AMR Partnership, then worked at HHP as a senior consultant.

Inter Patent Office

Inter Patent Office has a burgeoning reputation in Indonesia thanks to its efficient handling of prosecution mandates for domestic corporations; these include many in the pharmaceutical sector, such as Dexa Medica Group, whose portfolio management instructions encompass activities in many Southeast Asian and North African countries, as well as the Russian Federation. This past year, the boutique has also upped the pace on the enforcement side, acting for bedding company PT Bumi Nusa Indah Kaya in a dispute against a competitor that went to the Supreme Court. Anny Gunadi is the key contact for all things prosecution; founding partner Hendra Widjaya is the set’s enforcement ace.

Januar Jahja & Partners

Januar Jahja & Partners is a firm with a great deal of momentum; droves of new clients – predominantly well-known international brand owners – are clamouring for the team’s simple but hard-to-cook recipe of responsiveness, pragmatism and commerciality. One newcomer confides: “Transferring our trademark work to Prudence Jahja was the best decision we could have possibly made – the difference in responsiveness and quality has truly been amazing. Prudence and her team have gotten several positive outcomes for us on matters on which our previous counsel did not seem able to offer any assistance. Prudence has clearly demonstrated that she is an expert in her field, and that she is dedicated to her clients. She gets our highest recommendation.” Jahja frequently works with Andrew Diamond, a foreign IP consultant who garners much praise. A US associate, speaking highly of the results obtained in trademark litigation, describes him as “quick to react, articulate and solutions oriented”. Although he has now stepped back from the coalface, founding partner Januar Jahja is still someone for prospective clients to note; he has many landmark court decisions to his name and is a font of strategic insight on enforcement.

K&K Advocates - Intellectual Property

“A fine firm which practices with the utmost integrity, and which you can put complete trust in”, K&K Advocates is a stalwart of the IP scene in Indonesia. It is best known as a redoubtable enforcer of intangible rights, credit for which must go to Justisiari Perdana Kusumah. “He is one of the leading IP minds in Indonesia and a fantastic, seasoned advocate.” His partner Risti Wulansari provides assured leadership on the non-contentious front.

Rouse & Co International

Working in association with Suryomurcito & Co, Rouse has been busy in Indonesia for over two decades. When it comes to the local trademark system, the firm knows the lay of the land and brings comfort and assured guidance to multinational brand owners navigating it. In particular, the group’s dispute resolution expertise sets it apart on the market; it has been litigating thorny cases before the Commercial Court for years, acting on behalf of many plaintiffs and a number of defendants. Personifying the team’s businesslike yet creative approach is Rouse deputy CEO Nick Redfearn, a perspicacious strategist with pan-Asian expertise; he takes care of beauty and personal care product trademarks for Procter & Gamble. The country manager for Indonesia is Lisa Yong, another high flyer with broad regional IP experience; she burns bright on litigious and transactional matters. Suryomurcito lawyer and Rouse executive Kin Wah Chow also has razor-sharp enforcement skills and can take down infringers with knockout blows. These pros take their cue from ultra-experienced Suryomurcito founding partner Gunawan Suryomurcito, who currently presides over the Indonesian Intellectual Property Society.


One of the most dynamic firms on the market, SKC turns heads with its multijurisdictional expertise, vehement enforcement of trademark rights and well-oiled prosecution practice. On the contentious side, Purnomo Suryomurcito has excelled lately, running highly successful campaigns against fakers and other infringers for the likes of Nike and Adidas. Meanwhile, Nidya Kalangie has been working IP commercialisation miracles as a function of the added value that she always brings to portfolio management. Serving up clear-sighted counsel to multinationals, Andrew Conduit continues to act as a bridge into Indonesia for companies on the move. Having worked at top-tier Australian and UK firms, he knows exactly how to deliver for big multinational brands and he does so in style, flexing his Bahasa Indonesian and Japanese language skills. “Andrew is responsive and practical, and his advice is always top of the line.”

Tilleke & Gibbins

Although prosecution remains its core strength, the Indonesia team at Tilleke & Gibbins has started to ramp up its contentious activities; reflective of what is now a well-rounded trademark offering, the firm appears on both the litigation and enforcement tables for the first time in this year’s WTR 1000. “Massive in Thailand, and excellent in Vietnam – and growing aggressively in Indonesia – Tilleke is a reliable firm with well-established expertise across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.” Newly minted partner Somboon Earterasarun has recently moved from Indonesia to Thailand and is taking on a more regional role; for companies that want Indonesian insight and guidance, but a consistent approach to safeguarding intellectual property across borders, he is a great option. While his skill set is broad – he manages rights and enforces them with aplomb – he is hailed for his transactional expertise.


  • Januar Jahja - Januar Jahja & Partners
  • Justisiari Perdana Kusumah - K&K Advocates - Intellectual Property
  • Daru Lukiantono - Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners (member firm of Baker McKenzie)
  • Gunawan Suryomurcito - Rouse & Co International
  • Annisa Am Badar - Am Badar & Partners
  • Kin Wah Chow - Rouse & Co International
  • Cita Citrawinda - Cita Citrawinda Noerhadi & Associates
  • Andrew Conduit - SKC Law
  • Andrew Diamond - Januar Jahja & Partners
  • Somboon Earterasarun - Tilleke & Gibbins
  • Anny Gunadi - Inter Patent Office
  • Yenny Halim - Acemark Intellectual Property 
  • Prudence Jahja - Januar Jahja & Partners
  • Nidya Kalangie - SKC Law
  • Heru Lukito - HeruLukito & Partners
  • Migni Myriasandra - Biro Oktroi Roosseno
  • Nicholas Redfearn - Rouse & Co International
  • Amalia Roosseno - AMR Partnership
  • Purnomo Suryomurcito - SKC Law
  • Hendra Widjaya - Inter Patent Office
  • Risti Wulansari - K&K Advocates - Intellectual Property
  • Lisa Yong - Rouse & Co International