Although lawyers commend the Greek customs authorities for their eagerness to work with brand owners, they lament the fact that official resources are so stretched that they have to be extremely selective in the seizures they actually carry out. When it comes to courtroom enforcement, a significant backlog persists, and this is putting many brand owners off issuing proceedings; they know the importance of protecting their trademarks but have little confidence in the means of protection. However, it is hoped that the situation will improve in tandem with the economy, which looks to be finally returning from the brink.


  • Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates LPC
  • Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm 
  • Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership
  • Drakopoulos Law Firm
  • Law Firm Thanos Masoulas
  • Patrinos & Kilimiris
  • Tsibanoulis & Partners
  • Zepos & Yannopoulos
  • Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm
  • Vayanos Kostopoulos

Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates LPC

The all-encompassing service menu at Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates stretches from availability checks through portfolio management to courtroom representation; nothing is beyond the side’s versatile trademark lawyers. As well as covering every branding conundrum, the firm has impressive banking and tax teams, meaning clients’ wider commercial troubles can be solved in one fell swoop. Name partner George Ballas leads by example on the enforcement side. He brings significant in-house experience to the table, thanks to a spell as general legal counsel at Fiat Auto Hellas; his reports are always straightforward and crystal clear and make for effortless boardroom reading. Prosecution is the domain of the dexterous Maria Spanos. She has the creativity and experience to get even the most difficult marks registered with minimal fuss.

Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm 

As its competitors acknowledge, “Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners is the biggest and best law firm in Greece”. This prosecution powerhouse has a staggering number of trademark registrations to its name and shows no signs of letting up. Its commercially focused lawyers listen carefully to clients, analyse the options on the table and then put together seamless strategies that will impress any C-suite. Founding partner Helen G Papaconstantinou needs no introduction. She is the current president of the Greek group of the Association of Intellectual Property Attorneys and a role model for up-and-coming practitioners. Her theoretical knowledge is simply outstanding.

Drakopoulos Law Firm

Drakopoulos offers top-notch trademark protection across 11 countries in South-East Europe from four strategically positioned offices. Lately the Athens squad has been busy helping ASICS block the parallel importation of a significant number of its products from Turkey into the European Union, as well as supporting Ralph Lauren on its anti-counterfeiting efforts. Both projects are in the extremely capable hands of Michalis Kosmopoulos. “He is a seasoned professional in every respect. He has impressive knowledge of Greek IP law, a strong relationship with the customs authorities, perfect English, a personable nature and a no-nonsense way of working. The service he provides is truly excellent.”

Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm

Kyriakides Georgopoulos is a distinguished name in transactional trademark law. Its sagacious practitioners stretch their business minds in consultations with brand owners to create lucrative portfolio management strategies – and then realise them through nimble negotiation skills. Interested parties are advised to reach out to the hardworking and tactically astute Irene Kyriakides.

Law Firm Thanos Masoulas

For eons, Law Firm Thanos Masoulas has been furnishing local and international right holders with 24-carat IP counsel. The filing of EU trademarks is a particular strong suit for name partner Thanos Masoulas, an “excellent professional” whose sage guidance stands the test of time.

Patrinos & Kilimiris

Established in 1919, Patrinos & Kilimiris has had a century to hone its service and it shows; its members produce flawless work on budget and on time, keeping in close contact with clients every step of the way and communicating even byzantine concepts in uncomplicated language. A recent highlight for the group saw Maria Kilimiris team up with Manolis Metaxakis to assist Honda on a ground-breaking parallel imports case before the Supreme Court. Maria has a sixth sense for what will resonate with judges and the indefatigable Metaxakis has a never-say-die attitude. Meanwhile, Electra Kilimiris is a prosecution maestro, who has Bristol Myers Squibb’s ear. Her sharpness shines through in each call she makes and every email she sends.

Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership

The creative, modern and outward-looking boutique Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership is a formidable force in Greek intellectual property, taking the fight to counterfeiters and putting in outstanding courtroom performances for giants of the automotive and tobacco industries. “It’s extremely visible and has a top reputation.” Setting the firm apart from its competitors is the 24/7 partner-level attention it provides and the sheer wealth of experience in its ranks. Founding partner Nikos Prentoulis’s hard graft and outside-the-box thinking make all the difference in cliff-edge cases, and his close ties with border officials are invaluable. “He’s really knowledgeable and a pleasure to engage with on a personal level.” Another client favourite, Nancy Gerakini is a transactional veteran who knows how to get a reluctant counterparty to put pen to paper on a potentially lucrative contract. Issues situated at the confluence of trademark and unfair competition law are a particular strong suit for her.

Tsibanoulis & Partners

Operating a sophisticated IP practice as part of its full-service operation, Tsibanoulis & Partners is a cosmopolitan firm that is always on top of the latest legal developments across the continent. Its meticulous, methodical lawyers prosecute with the utmost precision and have a striking track record in multi-jurisdictional trademark cases. The firm is especially accomplished when it comes to mandates in the food and beverages, apparel, tourism and cosmetics industries. Starbucks, Airbnb and Europe Watch Group all swear by Marina Perraki – and with the praise that she garners that is no surprise. “She’s probably the best IP attorney in Greece – incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, responsive, efficient, thorough, cost conscious and to the point.”

Vayanos Kostopoulos

The exacting standards of quality that have characterised Vayanos Kostopoulos’s service for the past 110 years are apparent in every single document its lawyers produce; each is rigorously researched, completely focused and cast in simple, yet engaging language. Managing partner Nikolaos Lyberis is the star of the show and a man for all seasons. Having shepherded countless trademarks from cradle to grave, he oozes experience and makes light work of even the most complex briefs – whether they are contentious or non-contentious.

Zepos & Yannopoulos

Zepos & Yannopoulos carries out anti-counterfeiting work for some of the world’s most famous fashion brands. Its worldy wise lawyers have a wealth of experience organising last-minute seizures and maintain regular contact with border officials. Konstantinos Logaras and Nikos Christoforidis are feared among forgers. Logaras’ ability to work in English, German or French has made him ever-popular among foreign clients, while Christoforidis’s drive and determination earn the respect of even his most hostile counterparties.

Other recommended experts

Christos Chrissanthis at Christos Chrissanthis & Partners is assiduous in his drafting of applications; absolutely nothing escapes his gimlet eye. Founder of AVK Legal, Alexandros Koliothomas marries technical mastery with an intimate understanding of the pressures of running a business.


  • George A Ballas - Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates LPC
  • Helen G Papaconstantinou - Dr Helen G Papaconstantinou and Partners Law Firm 
  • Marina A Perraki - Tsibanoulis & Partners
  • Nikos Prentoulis - Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership 
  • Nikos J Christoforidis - Zepos & Yannopoulos
  • Panagiotis Drakopoulos - Drakopoulos Law Firm
  • Maria Kilimiris - Patrinos & Kilimiris
  • Alexandros Koliothomas - AVK Legal
  • Michalis Kosmopoulos - Drakopoulos Law Firm
  • Manolis Metaxakis - Patrinos & Kilimiris
  • Christos Chrissanthis - Christos Chrissanthis & Partners
  • Nancy Gerakini - Prentoulis Gerakini Law Partnership
  • Electra Kilimiris - Patrinos & Kilimiris
  • Konstantinos Logaras - Zepos & Yannopoulos
  • Nikolaos Lyberis - Vayanos Kostopoulos
  • Thanos Masoulas - Law Firm Thanos Masoulas
  • Maria Spanos - Ballas, Pelecanos & Associates LPC