The biggest trademark news in France remains the upcoming implementation of the EU Trademarks Directive, with the compulsory establishment of revocation and nullity actions before the National Institute of Industrial Property – rather than the courts, as is currently the case – being the most-discussed change. Although slated for January 2023, the upcoming regime is already sparking debate. While many think that it will make the system cheaper and quicker, there is also concern as to whether the authorities will devote sufficient resources to handle the new stream of work. In other news, legal technology continues its onwards march in France as well as elsewhere; with filing clients constantly wanting more for less, it is the next logical step towards efficiency for many French firms.


  • Armengaud Guerlain
  • Dentons
  • Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Allen & Overy LLP
  • De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • Gilbey Legal 
  • Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Jones Day
  • Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • ATurquoise
  • Baker McKenzie 
  • BCTG Avocats
  • Benoliel Avocats
  • Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp
  • Deprez Guignot & Associés
  • DLA Piper France LLP
  • FTPA Avocats
  • Laude Esquier Champey
  • Marchais & Associés
  • SCAN Avocats 

Allen & Overy LLP

Allen & Overy needs no introduction in the field of global intellectual property. When it deals with portfolios, it deals with the biggest in the industry – and when it litigates, it does so across borders and in the most important battles. Brands of the calibre of Nintendo and Netflix regularly approach the global giant in Paris, many of them looking specifically for two individuals. Laëtitia Bénard now sits on the Allen & Overy board – a mark of her importance to the firm’s vision. A litigator to the core, her greatest triumphs have often been in in the life sciences sector. Alexandre Rudoni anchors both the Parisian brands team and his own practice, which deals primarily with gaming and entertainment matters. He is known as an elite operator in this particular niche.

Armengaud Guerlain

Internationally minded and conscientious, IP boutique Armengaud Guerlain has a track record of becoming a lifetime ally to businesses that have experienced its core philosophy – quality work with the personal touch – and continues to supply fantastic work following the passing of its founding partner and main inspiration Jacques Armengaud. Name partner, litigator and trademark strategist Stéphane Guerlain has been practising at the Paris Bar since 1987. “A very nice person and a very good professional, he thinks differently to most and specialises in coming up with innovative solutions.” Outwards-facing practitioner Catherine Mateu established the outfit’s international desk – her extensive cross-border experience and charm have helped many clients get to grips with seemingly intractable trademark issues.


Included for the first time in the WTR 1000, ATurquoise’s impressive brand of wraparound trademark, designs and copyright coverage has a lock on the entertainment, luxury and audiovisual industries. As part of the prestigious Incopro network, the side maintains a robust online anti-counterfeiting practice, which it combines with streamlined filing and prosecution to form a truly irresistible offering. Anne-Marie Pecoraro is “careful, attentive, experienced and knowledgeable”. The breadth of her offering is unusual – as is the diversity of her client base.

Baker McKenzie 

Baker McKenzie’s Paris client list is everything that an observer of international intellectual property might expect, stacked with famous names that demand the finest service; Moët-Hennessy, Michael Kors, Unilever and SAP are just the non-confidential tip of the iceberg. Head of practice Virginie Ulmann worked for the European Commission before joining the firm in 1991. Her “expertise and competence” in trademark commercialisation are renowned across the market.


BARDEHLE PAGENBERG SELAS applies the considerable resources at its disposal with intelligence and commerciality, fulfilling patrons’ every wish through its attention to detail, wide-ranging international links and ability to translate knowledge into efficient service. Although the firm’s German wing is still better known, the Paris team is rapidly forging its own reputation for outstanding litigation and strategic trademark work. Rebecca Delorey heads the French trademarks and designs practice. Her experience has moulded her into one of the country’s premier filers, advocates and advisers. “She is superb and highly recommendable – her way of handling matters is extremely pleasing.” “Strong, practical” attorney Axel Munier possesses skills and knowledge beyond his years. His sublime litigation and anti-counterfeiting counsel is fast making him one of the hottest commodities in the Paris IP scene.

BCTG Avocats

Litigator and brand protection expert BCTG Avocats is capable of protecting and monetising the trademark rights of a wide range of international leaders without breaking sweat. The practice stays abreast of all major new technologies, maintaining a particular focus on data protection best practice for the benefit of its patrons. Gaëlle Bloret-Pucci is “an extremely responsive and able trademark lawyer, who has gained the trust of global brands”. “Her pragmatic and efficient approach makes her much appreciated; she is an excellent choice for high-profile cases.”

Benoliel Avocats

Flexible, responsive and determined, Benoliel Avocats is an ideal partner for those that require a firm that is 100% dedicated to their goals, both inside and outside the courtroom. The partnership’s rainmaker is Sylvie Benoliel-Claux, who attracts market feedback commensurate with her status as one of France’s premier litigators. “Reliable, knowledgeable and very good at marshalling her team, she is one of the best individuals active today but may even be underrated.” “Visible and talented, she deserves to be highly ranked for her litigation prowess and involvement in the Association of Trademarks and Designs Rights Practitioners (APRAM).” “Rigorous and open-minded, she is also direct and honest. Her oral pleading is genuinely exceptional.”

Bird & Bird AARPI

Bird & Bird has mastered the art of balancing its local and global presences. “The firm is very familiar with international clients and excellent at the cultural translation that is a necessary part of working with them. It takes the time to explain how and why – and always sees the big picture.” Although the side is renowned for its quality across Europe and beyond, French clients are never in any doubt that they are receiving the full attention of the Paris office. Technically complex matters are its bread and butter, with the life sciences, healthcare, technology, communications, media, entertainment and sports industries featuring heavily on its contentious and non-contentious dockets. Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan is a guru when it comes to managing cross-border, pan-European enforcement mandates. Her work for CrossFit highlights this perfectly, as she has recently been called on to coordinate more than 200 matters across Europe as part of this mandate alone. Meanwhile, brand manager par excellence Géraldine Arbant can assist with virtually any kind of transactional matter that a client might care to name.


A permanent fixture in the top IP courtrooms in France, Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp is a litigation boutique that has attracted a sterling market reputation for understated quality. Patrice de Candé is “one of the very best design and copyright practitioners” in the country and a thought leader in the trademark space to boot. “He always does a very thorough analysis, spends time on the case research, and has an excellent roster of clients as a result. He would be a first-choice practitioner for sure.” His courtroom partner Julien Blanchard splits his time between the courts and the lecture theatres of the Paris-Dauphine University. “Tough in his clients’ interests, but pleasant and reasonable too,” he adapts his approach to the situation perfectly.


“Cutting-edge boutique” CASALONGA is a firm with a plan and a clear path forward. Having become the first in France to officially merge its legal and trademark attorney capabilities, it continues to align its two practices – and is reaching a point where its litigation arm is talked about in the same breath as its legendary prosecution offering. “Highly dependable and totally up to date on European legal developments, the side tackles instructions right away and with a great degree of accuracy.” Managing partner and seasoned trademark enforcer Caroline Casalonga has more than 20 years’ experience in legal practice in France and the United States. Arnaud Casalonga also operates primarily on the contentious side of the practice. His reputation is founded on his ability to combine competition and trademark law in a way that makes sense to top rights holders in the luxury goods, pharmaceuticals and electronics arenas. Adroit trademark all-rounder Karina Dimidjian-Lecomte is dual-qualified in Paris and New York. “A very experienced adviser and a great problem solver, she really excels in prosecution and opposition matters.”

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés

“Entrepreneurial, independent law firm De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés combines recognised experience in all fields of international business law, and for that reason is one of the leading outfits in Paris.” For transactions, litigation, arbitration and contracts, there are few that can match the side’s blend of technical expertise and dedication. The courtroom team of Julien Horn and Louis de Gaulle is used to achieving top results. Horn is “a very fine litigator” according to an international associate, while de Gaulle specialises in managing cases from a procedural angle to get his clients the win.


For sparkling trademark litigation and advisory work across future-facing sectors, Dentons’ Paris office is a destination frequented by many of the most innovative companies from around the globe. As the world’s largest law firm by number of practitioners, Dentons rarely encounters any trouble in putting together cross-border IP mandates and its Paris office is a vital hub in the organisation’s global network. David Masson and Isabelle Leroux carry the flag. Masson is “very commercial, personable and technically adroit as well”. “He is fantastic, a joy to work with. His high level of expertise and renowned IP experience are combined with strong listening skills and an ability to find pragmatic solutions in a client-oriented way. He is always interested, kind and open to discussion.” Senior counsel Leroux is a distinguished practitioner whose capabilities span patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and domain names. She has recently been engaged by Peugeot Motorcycles in an international trademark litigation matter.

Deprez Guignot & Associés

Deprez Guignot & Associés is characterised by one overseas associate as a premium outfit, which provides services at a reasonable cost. Founded in 1987, the firm can draw on the skills of around 40 lawyers and legal experts trained in areas including IP, economic and labour law. Trademark strategist and managing partner Vincent Fauchoux anchors the IP practice. “Pleasant and competent, he is passionate about his craft and good at developing new technologies. He also has amazing legal knowledge – a wizard of the courtroom.”

DLA Piper France LLP

“Seamless pan-European outfit” DLA Piper can shepherd its patrons’ rights past any obstacle that may arise, at any point in the trademark lifecycle. The firm’s Paris office tackles filing, strategy, litigation and transactional matters with ease, and takes the view that to carry out truly high-grade work, lawyers must live and breathe their clients’ business contexts as well as their legal problems. “Responsive and solution-oriented,” Karine Disdier-Mikus is a member of DLA Piper’s bank of “top-notch litigation talent”; she is routinely engaged by global giants including Nintendo of America and McDonald’s Corporation. “A strategic thinker who provides razor-sharp advice, she is very good at navigating the multiple layers of procedure at the national and EUIPO levels.”

Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés

High-quality independent French boutique Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés was founded in 1966 and has provided classic courtroom representation to companies large and small ever since. Four practitioners form the lynchpin of the firm’s offering. Thierry Mollet-Viéville is a former president of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI); his long and storied career in intellectual property has made him an elder statesperson of the French market. Thomas Cuche is “one of the key partners at the firm – he has absolutely everything needed to succeed”. He is engaged in both contentious and non-contentious trademark matters, often in his preferred fields of pharmaceuticals, automotive equipment, electronics and luxury goods. “Clever litigator” Eléonore Gaspar is “active in industry bodies and holds an impressive position in the profession. She speaks and manages very well.” Luxury goods and fashion maven Pascal Lefort operates on the enforcement side of the practice. “He always negotiates in a business-minded way and with his clients’ needs firmly in mind. Pascal is a great contact in France.”

FTPA Avocats

FTPA blends traditional quality and a penchant for innovation perfectly. The firm has been active in intellectual property since 1972, but still continues to push forwards in the technical sphere. In November 2018 FTPA launched its blockchain offer – a daring foray into a technology that has the potential to revolutionise the way in which rights are recorded, but which is not yet commonly used. Quadrilingual co-head of intellectual property Boriana Guimberteau is driving much of this change; she is a major contributor to AIPPI’s French group on the topic of AI and rights protection. “Engaged, committed and innovative, she has particular expertise in the fashion sector.”

Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI

“Gide Loyrette Nouel is the large French firm, strong across many commercial areas. It has a great tradition and client base, and the ability to act globally. Gide has a huge reputation and is one of the usual suspects in France.” The full-service outfit’s IP and technology, media and telecoms (TMT) team is one of the jewels in its crown. Complex, high-level trademark litigation is the team’s forte, but sterling portfolio management can also be found should clients need both sides of the coin. Emmanuel Larere is a luxury goods and sportswear maven, equally comfortable inside and outside the courtroom. His 20 years’ experience has made him a go-to name in Paris for patent and trademark matters alike. Arnaud Michel is “one of the leading litigators in France”. As a former chair of the Licensing Executives Society France, his transactional nous and industry connections cannot be disputed. Grégoire Triet is a pharmaceuticals sage with considerable expertise in supplementary protection certificates on the patent side, as well as a booming trademark practice. Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier has wide-ranging knowledge across copyright and unfair competition law.

Gilbey Legal 

“Top-notch work, spot-on recommendations and considered opinions” are the mainstays of Gilbey Legal’s client offering. Although firm founder Richard Gilbey retired recently, others at the firm have been assuming his mantle and ensuring the continued quality. “Richard has carried out a great handover and done a fantastic job of sharing his considerable knowledge with younger members of the firm. The entire team is like him: to-the-point and business-oriented, nobody there will try to talk you into a course of action that does not work. Hands-on and efficient, the partnership is an absolute pleasure to work with.” Litigation specialist Jehan-Philippe Jacquey spearheads the contentious capability. As a former in-house counsel in the food and beverage industry, he has a granular insight into how those on the other side of the fence think.

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

London-centred global powerhouse Herbert Smith Freehills is a lock for cross-border matters requiring deep IP expertise, pan-European coverage and an intimate knowledge of how to do business across various legal regimes. The “aggressive and knowledgeable” Alexandra Néri leads the firm’s IP/TMT practice in Paris. Her experience in cybercrime, privacy issues and data transfer conflicts supplements her sublime trademark capabilities.

Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells covers all aspects of intellectual property in superlative fashion in virtually all of its worldwide offices – and its Paris bureau is no exception. Trademarks are dealt with in an assured fashion here, as are domain name issues. Paris is the global centre of this practice for the firm – largely due to the presence of David Taylor. “His gregarious personality has allowed him to foster excellent links with ICANN and therefore to get things done in the hallway. He handles cases which are really legally complex.” Facebook and various wine-producing groups (working alongside the European Commission and French government) rely on him to assist in this arena. Marie-Aimée de Dampierre is integral to the group’s organisation on a European level. “She’s a great professional, always open to talk to people. She adds a lot of value and has evolved magnificently as a professional. She essentially runs Hogan Lovells Europe – she’s as good as they get.”


A merger between two of the strongest forces on the French trademark scene has been the talk of the market this year. The result, HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER VÉRON, is an outfit that combines the pan-European reach of HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER with the traditional French excellence of Véron & Associés in an irresistible enforcement and strategic bundle. Firm founder Denis Monégier du Sorbier has built up a deep reservoir of trust over the past 40 years; his connections to several generations of top French clients are impeccable. Sophie Micallef has developed an outstanding practice, which covers trademark, design and patent law, with particular reference to sports and employee inventions. “Pragmatic and always aware of the legal reality, she has a great stable of clients. She always keeps herself up to date on hot topics. Responsive, open-minded and able to think outside the box, she is a highly specialised lawyer with sharp competence.” The “prominent and likeable” Marie Georges-Picot splits her time between litigation and transactional matters. Due diligence, IP rights transfers and licensing agreements are all well within her ambit.

Jones Day

Jones Day’s strength is founded on its unity; if you engage the firm’s Paris office, you get unfettered access to its reserves of EU and global IP talent. As the firm’s client list – which includes music streaming service Deezer, luxury perfumier Clarins and the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac – attests, this is an attractive proposition indeed. “Perfect case coordination, precise management, wisdom, dedication, talent and an ideal sense of the right balance between aggression and strategy can be expected when dealing with the firm, as well as the kind of international reach that adds a lot of value.” Emmanuel Baud focuses his attentions primarily on geographical indications (GIs) and appellations of origin, especially where these concern wine and spirits. “He is very knowledgeable – one of the best lawyers in France nowadays. Emmanuel always keeps the client’s interest as his primary objective and won’t just bill and bill. His human qualities and technical mastery make him a wonderful counsellor.” Those who have worked with senior associate Edouard Fortunet are in no doubt as to his quality. “He’s a go-to for all aspects of intellectual property. An absolutely outstanding practitioner.”

Laude Esquier Champey

Targeted, high-quality dispute resolution work is Laude Esquier Champey’s forte. The meticulous French boutique punches well above its weight, supplying contentious trademark services to a remarkable list of top-tier technology, retail and fashion patrons at a reasonable price. It is, as one client states, a “major and reputable player” on the French scene. Internationally trained attorney at law Sophie Havard Duclos is at the centre of the firm’s nexus. “She stands out for her responsiveness, her availability, the quality of her advice and her refined sense of strategy. Her advice is sharp, both legally and operationally.”

Marchais & Associés

Ten-strong IP strategy and litigation boutique Marchais & Associés is a true partner to its clients, furnishing legally sound advice that considers the complete commercial context as a matter of course. Barrister, design attorney and founder Guillaume Marchais is the “trusted partner and go-to person in France” for some of Europe’s top firms, as well as a member of the board of APRAM. Leading avocat Emmanuelle Limouzy has honed her skills at some of Paris’ premier non-contentious trademark offerings. She maintains a buzzing GIs practice, which sits happily alongside her trademark, copyright and designs capabilities.

SCAN Avocats 

SCAN Avocats occupies the space between intellectual property and information technology superbly, combining specialist knowledge of both areas to create an offering irresistible to forward-looking French companies. Based in Paris, but with offices in Lyon, Strasbourg and Bordeaux, the firm has impressive national coverage. Co-founders Sandra Cabanne and Alexandre Nappey run a tight ship. Cabanne can be called on to advise on all manner of IP disputes and contractual issues, as well as unfair competition and advertising law mandates. Nappey is an internet-focused whizz with the talent to make clients of all shapes and sizes feel that they are his only concern.

Simmons & Simmons LLP

Simmons & Simmons is among the cream of the crop of international intellectual property. Compared to its Parisian rivals, the firm’s French office has many selling points, two of which are its extreme responsiveness and the presence of versatile practitioner and native English speaker Sarah Bailey. “She stands out from her peers; not only is Sarah a very skilful and experienced trademark professional, she also adds tremendous value through her sound counselling.” Marina Cousté is one of the best in the business for pan-European trademark disputes, especially those that involve GIs and designations of origin.



  • Plasseraud IP
  • Cabinet Beau de Loménie
  • Desbarres & Staeffen
  • Germain & Maureau
  • Santarelli
  • T Mark Conseils 

Cabinet Beau de Loménie

Cabinet Beau de Loménie is one of France’s major players in the trademark prosecution and strategy space – and has been since its foundation in 1930. Servicing an even split of domestic and international clients, the firm combines European coverage with focused quality to please both in equal measure. Well-connected department chief and seasoned strategist Aurélia Marie is secretary of AIPPI’s French group. “She holds a lot of sway in France – she’s definitely up there at the top of the scene.”

Desbarres & Staeffen

Trademark agency Desbarres & Staeffen has, in the words of one satisfied client, “impeccable firm credentials”. “It knows trademark law and practice in France in great detail and is keenly aware of which steps to take in the best interests of its clients. Practitioners there understand all of the issues with which one must deal to make a balanced judgement and enhance the reputation of the profession.” Co-founder and name partner Thierry Desbarres has an international strategic vision. He manages the firm’s external networking and is one of the best-connected people in the French profession. Internet infringement maven Julien Delucenay “delivers concise, easily digestible advice and is very responsive”. “He is a brilliant practitioner who always seeks straightforward and cost-effective solutions. His very good international network allows him to recommend trademark attorneys anywhere else in the world. Julien is a true all-around expert in French clearance, filing, prosecution, enforcement and cancellation/opposition matters.”

Germain & Maureau

Venerable IP attorney firm Germain & Maureau is one of the oldest outfits in France, tracing its roots back to Lyon in 1849. The partnership has enjoyed an impressive growth rate of 8% over the course of the year, which partly reflects the expansion of the firm’s back office and creation of the business development and human resources departments. Internationally astute practitioner William Lobelson is an “IP attorney with a practical and creative approach, who is especially experienced in working with large portfolios”.


INLEX IP EXPERTISE is “a hard-hitting firm that provides good-quality service and rapid answers across Europe and Africa, at a very reasonable price”. The outfit’s impressive French coverage, which spans the entire country, is a key reason for its success – as is its ability to act swiftly and sensibly on the entire spectrum of non-contentious trademark matters. Founder Franck Soutoul has been managing files in Africa and Europe for more than 30 years, making  his experience and global outlook legendary.


Pan-European player LAVOIX’s streamlined, efficient practice harnesses the talents of its trademark attorneys and attorneys at law superbly. Working on behalf of a multinational clientele including Alstom, Neymar Sports & Marketing and Motul, the firm can tackle a wide variety of briefs simultaneously. Head of trademarks Béatrice Daubin is the first port of call.

Plasseraud IP

Pan-European prosecution outfit Plasseraud IP is composed of “a highly qualified team of legal experts with a demonstrated breadth of experience and knowledge”. “Very diligent, the firm leaves nothing unattended and is efficient in its response times.” Co-head of the legal department Patrick Boyle is a major client draw; he is the only UK trademark attorney to be dual-qualified as a French conseil en propriété industrielle. French and European-qualified practitioner Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer is at the very heart of the side. She was elected president of the Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle for 2018-2019 – the first trained trademark and design attorney to occupy this role. Non-contentious ace Laurent Nowak is a filer and strategist with valuable experience of international practice in Australia. His practice encompasses trademark portfolio management, customs watches and the drafting of coexistence agreements. Lyon-based partner Guillaume Vermander has been at Plasseraud for 18 years. His creativity, communication skills and ability to think through lines of argument are something to behold.


A great team providing expert trademark advice,” REGIMBEAU is one of the finest patent and trademark attorney outfits in France. The side covers most of the country – with offices in Paris, Lyon, Renner, Montpelier, Grenoble, Caen and Toulouse – and has a foothold in Germany too, by virtue of its Munich offering. French and European-qualified Evelyne Roux remains firmly at the helm. Her expertise spans copyright, domain name and design law, as well as trademarks.


Santarelli guides trademark rights through all manner of hoops with ease, taking clients all the way from clearance searching and prosecution through to oppositions and litigation work and providing a vital safety net for businesses of any size and sector. Trademark attorneys par excellence Eric Le Bihan and Fabrice Pigeaux are the practice’s two strongest client magnets. Le Bihan is a lateral thinker with the ability to zoom in on the key details, while Pigeaux is a steadfast partner to those in need of refined domain name, unfair competition and trademark-related expertise.

T Mark Conseils 

T Mark Conseils has delivered a sublime all-inclusive European and French trademark service from its base in Paris since 1993. The partnership can tackle trademark prosecution, strategy, enforcement and transactional mandates equally adroitly in France and abroad, thanks to its exceptionally strong overseas connections. Three partners in particular anchor the firm’s trademark practice. Co-founder François Deschamps has been at T Mark since day one. The University of Paris II and Paris Bar School lecturer is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge with the next generation. His colleague Valérie Dorey marries commercial awareness with superlative industry connections, and currently serves as president of APRAM. Rainmaker Olivier Thrierr is also a member of the Board of Examiners of French trademark counsel.

Other recommended experts

AL Avocats’ Muriel Antoine-Lalance is a superb courtroom advocate with the power to swing a trademark case. Alain Berthet of PROMARK gathers rave reviews from all corners of the market. “His sound commercial advice and knowledge of EU trademark law have made him a go-to counsel in France. Practical in his approach to enforcement matters and an expert in devising successful protection strategies, he provides an excellent service. Smart, pragmatic and reliable, he is not the cheapest option – but you really do get what you pay for.” Céline Bey at Gowling WLG is a refined trademark enforcer. “Many in France know of her excellent reputation and developed skills; she also has myriad industry connections, which really help in the small world of intellectual property.” Cabinet Bouchara’s Vanessa Bouchara is a seasoned litigator who clients trust implicitly. “She knows the rules, the case law, our needs and our expectations perfectly. She knows our business completely, which is essential. She is an excellent lawyer and very good at formulating strategy that works.” Alain Cléry has cultivated some deep domestic and overseas connections during his 39 years at the coalface. “Well-experienced, he will always do a good job – he’s a superb litigator.” He can be found at Cléry Devernay. Pauline Debré heads the IP practice at global titan Linklaters in Paris. “Practical, reactive and nice to work with and against, Pauline is one of the very sharpest lawyers out there.” In the words of one elite UK peer, Valerie Dellinger at BRANDSTORMING is “an absolutely wonderful lawyer who understands all areas of trademark law superbly – in particular, her knowledge of counterfeit matters in France is unrivalled”. Pascale Demoly tackles mandates spanning the entire spectrum of trademark, design, copyright, advertising and distribution law from self-titled base Cabinet Demoly Avocats. Dreyfus founder Nathalie Dreyfus is a storied practitioner with the ability to forensically dissect tricky domain name and trademark disputes. She is nothing short of brilliant at adapting to clients’ needs and wishes. Cabinet Escande’s Michel-Paul Escande is a well-rounded and seasoned practitioner, whose expertise in wine and art trademarks separates him from the pack. Founding partner Annabelle Gauberti is deeply embedded in Crefovi’s media, luxury goods and fashion trademark spheres. She is a true problem-solver with the ability to steer clients around potential bumps in the road. TALIENS’ Jean-Frederic Gaultier combines his training at some of the world’s top IP law firms with perceptive client care, making him the first choice for those that need sparkling service with a human face. Elisa Gérard at Laurent & Charras is “a very strong, active professional in prosecution, litigation and enforcement matters”. “Reliable, attentive and quick,” she is the ideal partner for trademark and design matters in France and the European Union. “Dedicated and precise” attorney at law Marie-Emmanuelle Haas is a true pioneer of French domain name law, with an unparalleled ability to identify, monitor and tackle online infringers. Nathalie Hadjadj-Cazier is an indispensable part of Fieldfisher’s trademark capacity. Her ability to evaluate complex arguments means that she is equally comfortable in the courtroom and the boardroom. Luxury goods litigator Emmanuelle Hoffman of Cabinet Hoffman brings a range of talents to the table. “She is both very bright and good at making connections. Many people in the market have a very high opinion of her.” Gomis & Lacker Avocats’ Julien Lacker “combines speed with an ability to conduct thorough analyses and investigations”. He specialises in both IP law and new technologies. Stephane Lynde of Lynde & Associés does it all. The creator, manager and defender of trademarks has been active in Western Europe since 1986. Cabinet Arenaire’s founding partner Pierre Massot is active in both trademark litigation and brand counselling. “He is a very talented professional and one of the most valuable practitioners in French intellectual property.” Herald Avocats’ Richard Milchior provides “commercially informed advice and clear guidance”. “He answers all queries directly and never incurs unnecessary costs for clients. Approachable and friendly, he is a pleasure to work with.” Myriam Moatty of Cousin & Associés boasts 28 years’ IP experience and is described as “efficient and smart, achieving excellent results”. The “friendly, good-humoured and diligent” Nicolas Moreau continues to wow a stable of trademark clients from his new base at Bignon Lebray. Bignon Lebray’s Benjamin Mourot furnishes his patrons with a “superior service” in matters on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide. “His multi-jurisdictional expertise is coloured by sophisticated and helpful insights drawn from the commercial law side of his practice; he is recommendable without hesitation.” Hughes Hubbard & Reed’s Stefan Naumann is a unique trademark and patent lawyer. “His business focus allows him to advise efficiently and come to creative solutions. His command of the English language stands out; US clients often think they are talking to a native speaker. Stefan is truly something special.” At AB Initio Annick Pairault has been prosecuting trademarks since 1986. Patrons also look to her for advice in appellations of origin, domain names, unfair competition and distinctive sign protection matters. Recent Reed Smith acquisition Marianne Schaffner is “very skilled in her handling of high-stakes, complex contentious matters”. A true internationalist, she has studied or worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. Laurent & Charras’ Julien Scicluna is one of a handful of people trusted to advise the European Communities’ Trademark Association management committee on Chinese trademark issues. Enforcement ace Annette Sion is a highly refined litigator who focuses almost solely on trademark briefs at Hollier-Larousse. “A top lawyer and advocate, she is a name that you see a lot on the court lists of Paris.” The “charming and intelligent” Frank Valentin heads Altana, an “internationally well-connected and important firm in the French market”. He is adept at winning over both hearts and minds. Vincze IP’s talisman Deborah Vincze “has absolute jurisdiction over French and European law, with her international experience setting her apart from the rest”.

Individuals: enforcement and litigation

  • Emmanuel Baud - Jones Day
  • Sylvie Benoliel-Claux - Benoliel Avocats
  • Patrice de Candé - Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp
  • Marie-Aimée de Dampierre - Hogan Lovells
  • Stéphane Guerlain - Armengaud Guerlain
  • Sophie Havard Duclos - Laude Esquier Champey
  • Emmanuel Larere - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Pascal Lefort - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Isabelle Leroux - Dentons
  • Arnaud Michel - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Denis Monégier du Sorbier - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER VÉRON AARPI
  • Stefan Naumann - Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
  • Alexandra Néri - Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Muriel Antoine-Lalance - AL Avocats
  • Sarah Bailey - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Laëtitia Bénard - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Julien Blanchard - Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp
  • Gaëlle Bloret-Pucci - BCTG Avocats
  • Arnaud Casalonga - CASALONGA
  • Caroline Casalonga - CASALONGA
  • Alain Cléry - Cléry Devernay
  • Thomas Cuche - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Louis de Gaulle - De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • Pauline Debré - Linklaters LLP
  • Valerie Dellinger - BRANDSTORMING
  • Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Michel-Paul Escande - Cabinet Escande
  • Eléonore Gaspar - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
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Individuals: prosecution and strategy

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