Tussling for the patronage of the many new start-ups forming in Paris, IP law firms are offering ever more flexible billing models and working hard to fine-tune their customer service. As for legislation, practitioners are waiting to see how the new EU directive will be implemented. As this stage it looks likely that the directive will require more actions to be brought before the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) instead of the courts – whether the INPI has the resources for such a change remains an open question.


  • Armengaud Guerlain
  • Dentons
  • Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Allen & Overy LLP
  • Casalonga Avocats
  • De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • Gilbey Legal
  • Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Jones Day
  • Baker McKenzie
  • BCTG Avocats
  • Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Cabinet Escande
  • Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp
  • Deprez Guignot & Associés
  • DLA Piper France LLP
  • FTPA
  • Marchais & Associés
  • Simmons & Simmons LLP

Allen & Overy LLP

Benefiting from close contact with over 100 IP specialists in Allen & Overy’s expansive global network, the Paris cadre handles cross-border matters in Europe and Asia in a frictionless and fruitful manner. In addition to its geographic advantage over many other firms in France, the group has a strong grasp on an array of sectors, notably telecoms, entertainment and life sciences. Anchors of the practice, Laëtitia Bénard and Alexandre Rudoni continue to blaze a trail with exciting contentious and non-contentious work; one highlight saw them band together to support Bayer on a string of infringement actions concerning the packaging of blockbuster products. This was copybook terrain for pharmaceuticals powerhouse Bénard. “She’s extremely impressive in court and has a strong understanding of procedural issues.” A video games authority, Rudoni is entrusted by Nintendo with the enforcement of all aspects of its national anti-piracy programme.

Armengaud Guerlain

A regular fixture in French courtrooms, Armengaud Guerlain handles contentious IP matters “excellently” and has the experience to know when to keep pushing and when to negotiate. Recent successes came supporting the educational publisher Studyrama in a bruising infringement battle against FNGE and helping Bouygues to cancel an opponent’s trademark for a major construction programme in Lyon. Stéphane Guerlain led the charge on both matters. He is a worldly wise litigator whose straightforward, transparent arguments are impossible to ignore. His teammate Catherine Mateu is another dazzling lawyer, who knows the jurisprudence inside out. She has the creativity, commercial savvy and powers of recall to succeed in thorny cases.

Baker McKenzie

Dispensing every trademark-related service under the sun – from availability searches through rights transfers to courtroom enforcement – Baker McKenzie is a fine choice for brand owners seeking a one-stop shop. Because every practitioner in the Paris office keeps long-term business objectives front and centre in their thinking, they can be relied on for pragmatic, real-world support. Virginie Ulmann should be the first port of call for interested parties.


A holistic approach to prosecution and litigation is in BARDEHLE PAGENBERG’s DNA,  and the French office embodies this absolutely. EU trademarks are filed only when all possible objections have been considered, while infringement flames are extinguished with astonishing speed. Thanks to its newly established cooperation with Yusarn Audrey in Singapore, the firm is also equipped to support brand owners expanding into Southeast Asia. Julien Fréneaux is a versatile practitioner who has appeared before courts the country over and conducted IP due diligence for plenty of large M&A transactions. Since joining him at the firm in 2015, the “fantastic” Rebecca Delorey has lit up the practice with bursts of fresh thinking. She is a fabulous litigator commended by interviewees for her sangfroid in high-pressure situations.

BCTG Avocats

The “extremely active” BCTG Avocats continues to make waves in French intellectual property, representing a knit of high-profile fashion brands. Its tailor-made, cost-effective counsel helps clients to stay one step ahead of their competitors; non-traditional marks are expertly registered while forgers are pursued relentlessly. Leading the team, Gaëlle Bloret-Pucci is an “extremely able, efficient, pragmatic and responsive lawyer” with a singular understanding of the exhaustion of rights and the risk of market partitioning.

Bird & Bird AARPI

While Bird & Bird may have expanded dramatically since its founding in 1846, intellectual property remains a keystone of its strategic vision. The firm recently expanded its trademark practice in France to comprehensively cover prosecution as well as enforcement – a move that is proving popular among its international client base. Driving the practice forwards is Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan. The nucleus of the team, she is a cosmopolitan, outward-looking litigator whose recent workload includes helping Crossfit to combat a flurry of unauthorised uses of its trademarks. With over 20 years’ experience, Géraldine Arbant is a fine choice on the non-contentious side. She is au courant with all the latest developments in the telecommunications, life sciences and automotive sectors.

Cabinet Escande

Cabinet Escande is a nimble-footed boutique that plies its trade at the leading edge of intellectual property. It has notable experience assisting agri-business clients in geographical indication and designation of origin issues, and is adept at alternative dispute resolution. Hallmarks of the firm’s service are cost-effectiveness and a steady focus on commercial aims. Michel-Paul Escande scrutinises materials with painstaking care before putting pen to paper; nothing escapes his penetrating eye.


Brand owners in the market for an IP litigation shop that will furnish them with round-the-clock attention and resolutely commercial support need look no further than Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp. Experience before courts of all levels has honed the team’s skills to a razor’s edge. Julien Blanchard and Patrice De Candé are its leading lights. Taking on a case at the appeal stage is exactly the sort of challenge Blanchard loves; when the chips are down, he digs deep to turn things around. De Candé’s technical knowledge immediately puts clients on a sure footing.

Casalonga Avocats

Working shoulder to shoulder with sibling Casalonga & Associés, Casalonga Avocats is a “hands-on, client-oriented and proactive” boutique that handles matters with “real efficiency and flexibility; it’s always open to realigning priorities when needed”. La Chaise Longue recently sought its help in a heated infringement tussle with Logoshirt and Mr X, and the team’s inarguable line of reasoning wrested a favourable result from the Paris Court of Appeal. Arnaud Casalonga was responsible for this success; with more than 30 years’ experience under his belt, he has excellent instincts for what will swing a tight case. Another masterly litigator, managing partner Caroline Casalonga conveys complex legal arguments in bitesize summaries that clients can easily digest. The quick-witted Karina Dimidjian-Lecomte scored a great goal for CBS Studios in a landmark opposition against the Chinese company Baidu Online Network Technology, concerning CBS’s famous shield design mark; the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) sided with her client, upholding the opposition and cancelling Baidu’s EU trademark application.

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés

Business law firm De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés serves up finely judged trademark counsel that consistently hits the target. Knowing how high the stakes can be for brand owners, the firm’s steadfast IP lawyers double down to meet their clients’ needs, communicating regularly with their colleagues on the corporate side. Julien Horn threads together watertight licensing contracts and litigates with flair and finesse. His teammate Louis de Gaulle boasts a similar skillset, with significant experience in both backrooms and courtrooms. He is a resourceful lawyer who shows immense commitment and care in everything he handles.


“Dentons is a fabulous firm whose highly skilled lawyers are a pleasure to litigate against or negotiate with.” The side maintains a notably diverse roster of clients, comprising start-ups, household names and public bodies, and ensures that each receives uniquely tailored, budget-conscious and proportionate support. David Masson, Isabelle Leroux and Gérard Delile exemplify this common-sense approach. “Masson is a strong litigator whose analyses are always well thought out.” He has been busy advising Polaroid on branding and infringement issues throughout Europe, as well as the Brazilian flip-flop company Havaianas on 15 proceedings before civil and criminal courts. Another “very impressive” contentious old hand who “can only be praised”, Leroux has the experience to coordinate multi-jurisdictional cases and the contacts to organise last-minute customs seizures. Delile is a razor-sharp enforcement expert who supplements a robust trademark practice with a singular knowledge of advertising law.

Deprez Guignot & Associés

When it comes to luxury brands – and especially issues surrounding selective distribution – Deprez Guignot & Associés is a leader in the market. Its cosmopolitan, forward-looking lawyers place a premium on close contact with clients, running an extremely sophisticated Hubmarques service for frictionless portfolio management. Vincent Fauchoux is a jewel in the group’s crown. He complements a wide-ranging trademark practice with robust knowledge of media law.

DLA Piper France LLP

Brand owners choosing DLA Piper can rest assured that they will receive muscular support not only in France but also across the rest of Europe – and wherever else they operate; the firm’s expansive coverage has proven irresistible to some of the world’s biggest names, including McDonald’s and Nintendo. Representing both clients, the “down-to-earth, constructive and efficient” Karine Disdier-Mikus is a versatile trademark ace, as adept at filing applications for non-traditional marks as she is at masterminding anti-counterfeiting operations. “She’s very thorough and clear in her guidance and won’t skip a beat when something unpredictable happens.”

Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés

For more than half a century, Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Vieville & Associés has been delivering sagacious IP advice on budget and on time. Its commercially focused lawyers listen carefully to clients, analyse the options open to them and then craft watertight strategies. The team’s ability to work not only in French and English, but also in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, has attracted foreign companies in droves. Those seeking enforcement support are in safe hands with Pascal Lefort, a courtroom hotshot ranked in the WTR 1000’s gold tier. Remarkably quick witted and nimble, he has what it takes to manoeuvre clients out of dead-end situations. Thierry Mollet-Viéville, Eléonore Gaspar and Thomas Cuche all excel on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide. The seasoned Mollet-Viéville leaves opponents standing when it comes to pharmaceutical matters, while Gaspar has unique expertise in the entertainment and fashion industries. Cuche is an active member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property and so has a bulging address book; anti-counterfeiting is just one of his strong suits.


On the back of 12 exciting months, FTPA has broken into the WTR 1000 for 2018. The firm has been particularly active in the audiovisual industry, providing savvy counsel to key players on the establishment and enforcement of IP rights. Because the trademark team nestles within a full-service set-up, it is only a few strides away from a troop of commercial mavens who can provide strong second opinions; this ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Boriana Guimberteau’s time working at LVMH stands her in good stead; she provides her clients with concise, straightforward summaries and, when litigating, never loses sight of the big picture.

Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI

Since its humble beginnings in 1921, Gide Loyrette Nouel has transformed into a 14-office, 600-lawyer operation with the footprint and resources to support even the most exacting brand owners. Its finesse in fashion matters is well known, as is its adeptness when it comes to anti-counterfeiting. Arnaud Michel and Emmanuel Larere are two market-leading members of the team. Having served as president of the Licensing Executives Society International, Michel is a font of commercial wisdom. In 20 years of courtroom combat the formidable Larere has left lasting imprints on French case law. Wise to the pressure senior business executives face, Grégoire Triet turns briefs round at lightning speed and his writing is admired for its clarity and concision. Pan-European litigation is bread and butter for the seasoned Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier. She expertly scopes out the lay of the land in each country before coming up with an infrangible plan of attack.

Gilbey Legal

Home to a thriving trademark practice – not to mention healthy design and advertising ones – Gilbey Legal is a smart choice for ambitious brand owners. It is richly experienced on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, and counts anti-counterfeiting as a forte. Name partner Richard Gilbey is widely praised for his “tremendous” expertise and “highly commercial” approach to matters. “He ticks all the right boxes and is probably the best reporter of searches in the country.” His “responsive and practical” teammate Richard Metzger also picks up notable praise, interviewees label him a “true expert” and remark that he is a pleasure to work with. Having served as IP and licensing manager at the French subsidiary of General Mills, he has invaluable in-house experience under his belt.

Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

Herbert Smith Freehills is a fixture on the IP scene. The qualities that business executives look for in outside counsel are drilled into every lawyer in its ranks: accessibility, responsiveness, rigorous technical analysis and a laser focus on business objectives. Never missing the mark on these points, the trademark corps has become a magnet for brand owners of all shapes and sizes. Owing to extremely close cooperation with the firm’s Africa team, it can provide uniquely reliable assistance on plans to expand into the continent. Spearheading the practice, Alexandra Néri is a savvy, solutions-oriented practitioner. She is senior vice chair of the IP and Entertainment Committee of the International Bar Association, and burns exceptionally brightly in online matters.

Hogan Lovells

With Hogan Lovells boasting 400 IP professionals worldwide, it is little surprise that scores of multinationals have placed their portfolios in its trust. Domain name issues see the Paris team at its best. Using the sophisticated Anchovy online platform, its members provide exemplary registration, monitoring and recuperation services. Hogan Lovells is the only law firm in France to be an accredited Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) registrar, which means that it handle generic top-level domain (gTLD) issues with aplomb. David Taylor – who captains the firm’s international practice – is the man to turn to for this; he is one of only two European members serving on ICANN’s competition consumer trust and consumer choice review team, which is reviewing the gTLD process. His unparalleled domain name experience stretches back to 1997; more recently, he filed the first case using the uniform rapid suspension mechanism on behalf of Facebook, successfully obtaining suspension of the domain name ‘’. The multitalented Marie-Aimée de Dampierre is another standout star. She has been exhibiting her versatility with contentious and non-contentious assistance for Lego.


HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER’s strong reputation in French intellectual property is “very well deserved”, according to interviewees. Although best known for its buzzing patent practice, the firm also maintains a lively trademark workload, with highlights such as representing L’Oréal on invalidity actions against LVMH, and supporting Cora and Delipar in a battle against Coravin. The latter case was handled in tandem with teammates in Belgium, where parallel proceedings are taking place – indeed, members from all seven European offices habitually bounce ideas off each other and pool knowledge. One of the firm’s founders, Denis Monégier du Sorbier needs no introduction; with 40 years’ experience, he handles cross-border cases with the utmost artistry. Marie Georges-Picot and Sophie Micallef are client favourites too. Pragmatism and a resolutely commercial focus characterise Georges-Picot’s enforcement work, while issues concerning non-traditional marks are ably dealt with by the forward-looking Micallef, who  always offers a unique take on problematic issues.

Jones Day

Filing marks for exciting new products, masterminding continent-wide launches and coordinating pan-European litigation is all in a day’s work for Jones Day’s esteemed Paris set. It is impossible to talk about the team without bringing up Emmanuel Baud. “He’s extremely clever – one of the top IP practitioners out there. Geographical indication issues are his speciality; in that field he is number one.” Of late he has been busy assisting the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac in a conflict with entities marketing a cognac under conditions that might dilute his client’s valuable geographical indication. While Baud is unquestionably the poster boy for the practice, he is not the only expert that the firm can boast of in this area. Edouard Fortunet has been turning heads with his dynamism. He chases forgers ruthlessly and never stops scoping out monetisation possibilities.

Marchais & Associés

Oozing experience and commercial common sense, Marchais & Associés is a smart choice for portfolio management or enforcement assistance. Its diligent, dedicated practitioners take the time to research their clients’ markets so that they understand the context of any action. Guillaume Marchais is a trademark whiz who wins plaudits for the transparency of his counsel; he has notable experience in uniform domain name dispute resolution proceedings. His teammate Emmanuelle Limouzy is another internet magus. She goes out of her way to make things simple for business executives and is always available for a face-to-face meeting.

Simmons & Simmons LLP

For the world’s biggest brand owners, trademark issues are rarely confined to one country; product launches span continents and problems proliferate. With a series of well-respected offices across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Simmons & Simmons can provide umbrella coverage. The Paris team has particular experience before the EUIPO, where it continues to notch up strong filing numbers. Leading the practice, Sarah Bailey manages portfolios masterfully and litigates with élan; the fact that she is a native English speaker who was trained in London helps her to stand out from the crowd.



  • Highly recommended
  • Cabinet Beau de Loménie
  • Cabinet Plasseraud
  • Recommended
  • Casalonga & Associés
  • Germain & Maureau
  • Inlex IP Expertise
  • Lynde & Associés
  • Novagraaf
  • Santarelli 
  • T Mark Conseils 

Cabinet Beau de Loménie

European IP attorney outfit Cabinet Beau de Loménie never stops moving; it manages over 71,000 trademark and design registrations, and files approximately 3,000 trademark applications and renewals annually. Patrons range from ambitious start-ups to major North American and Asian names; overseas offices in Germany and the United Kingdom are a big draw for international entities. The cosmopolitan and perceptive Aurélia Marie helms the practice. She has notable in-house experience and regularly shares her sagacious insights with students at the University of Paris.

Cabinet Plasseraud

Brand owners entrusting Cabinet Plasseraud with their trademark portfolios receive a hands-on service uniquely and effectively tailored to their business objectives. The firm’s commercially savvy lawyers provide crack financial analysis and valuations of IP rights, and have a nose for monetisation opportunities. With a team focused exclusively on Japanese companies and a robust branch office in Shanghai, it is making impressive inroads into the East Asian market. Leading the line, Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer is an “excellent communicator with exhaustive knowledge. She instantly earns clients’ trust”. Thirty years in the field have fine-tuned her fantastic legal instincts. “Patrick Boyle is an immensely practical, dedicated, diligent and articulate trademark specialist who welcomes challenges.” The “pragmatic and responsive” Laurent Nowak maps out fabulous filing strategies and is an old hand at opposition proceedings. “Clients appreciate his great adaptability to their needs and how business-oriented his advice is. It’s a pleasure working with him.”

Germain & Maureau

The reputation of Germain & Maureau belies its compact size. Businesses of all shapes and sizes come knocking on the firm’s doors, and each receives made-to-order support. National and EU trademark applications are put together with tremendous care and foresight, and licensing contracts are sewn up adroitly. The firm’s EPISOFT portfolio management system makes things simple for brand owners and keeps their files safe. Bertrand Geoffray is the first point of contact for many interested parties.

Inlex IP Expertise

Inlex IP Expertise’s practical, commercially minded advice furthers brand owners’ interests swiftly and cost effectively. Understanding that senior business executives are frequently overloaded with information, its lawyers provide concise, straightforward summaries that can be easily absorbed. Their lines of reasoning are clear and cogent. Paris is the centre of the firm’s operations, but it also has offices in Angers, Cannes, Bordeaux, Reims, Nantes, Marseille and Beaune; small to medium-sized enterprises active across the country prize this easy accessibility. Franck Soutoul is a dab hand at domain name issues and an active member of the international IP community.


The “very strong” LAVOIX has been going for 120 years and shows no signs of letting up; its combination of technical mastery and a down-to-earth, unstuffy ethos continues to prove irresistible to national and international brand owners alike. Design expertise effectively complements a wide-ranging trademark practice. With experience working for a major luxury goods company, Béatrice Daubin is a popular port of call.

Lynde & Associés

Lynde & Associés’s extensive sector knowledge and creative, results-oriented customer service make for an impressive offering. Its professional, pragmatic lawyers file with finesse and supply brand owners with feedback every step of the way to ensure that nothing takes them by surprise. Multinational clients particularly value its impressive linguistic capabilities; working languages include English, German and Spanish. Name partner Stephane Lynde has carried out countless availability searches and is a regular in opposition and cancellation actions before the INPI and the EUIPO.


Businesses looking for an ally who will guide them from the initial stages of brand creation to the signing of lucrative rights transfers should consider Novagraaf. The global IP boutique has 16 offices – 13 across the continent plus three representative bases in China, Japan and the United States – and consistently notches up tremendous EU trademark filing statistics. The widely respected Pierre du Boisse is an ever-reliable choice.


REGIMBEAU’s trademark adepts are cherished for their foresight, responsiveness and out-of-the-box thinking. Prosecution strategies are devised with a pinpoint focus on business objectives; all the short and long-term risks that a mark might encounter are astutely analysed. Helming the trademark team, Evelyne Roux is a much-thumbed name in many address books. She maintains a diverse client roster – small to medium-sized enterprises feature alongside household names – and crafts consistently watertight applications; domain name issues are a forte.


Its trademark practice thriving, the forward-looking, fast-moving Santarelli recently opened a fourth office, in Nantes. Its impressive workload runs from portfolio management for luxury fashion brands Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga to the representation of several exciting start-ups. With more than 20 paralegals working in small units – each of which is dedicated to a certain type of client – and a sophisticated internal infrastructure, everyone is effectively catered for here. Eric Le Bihan captains the practice with a sure hand. “He’s very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience.” His teammate Fabrice Pigeaux drafts contracts with dexterity and conducts due diligence efficiently.

T Mark Conseils 

T Mark Conseils serves up cost-effective, street-savvy counsel to clients of all shapes and sizes. Its nimble-witted practitioners set out filing strategies at lightning speed and know how to think on their feet – no obstacles faze them. When Francois Deschamps founded the firm in 1993 he did so with the ambition of answering brand owners’ calls for more hands-on, personalised counsel; he has been successfully bestowing this for the last 15 years. Having over 20 years’ experience under his belt, Olivier Thrierr lets nothing run away from him. He escorts clients skilfully through INPI and EUIPO procedures, and exploits portfolios to the utmost extent. President of the Association des Praticiens du Droit des Marques et des Modèles (APRAM)’s Commission for International and EU Relations, Valérie Dorey is extremely well connected in the IP community. She has a keen eye for detail and would be a safe bet for any brand owner.

Other recommended experts

Representing a brand owner on the receiving end of a writ or summons every other week is bread and butter for AL Avocats’ Muriel Antoine-Lalance. “She has very strong IP litigation experience, especially in regard to the fashion industry, plus a complete command of design law.” Having begun his career in New York, Michel Béjot of Bernard-Hertz-Béjot is a commercially minded, outward-looking trademark litigator who understands the importance of round-the-clock customer service. He also played a significant role in establishing the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance. Benoliel Avocats’ “fantastic” Sylvie Benoliel-Claux “knows everything there is to know about trademark and design law” and is very active in the broadcasting industry. She chairs the APRAM National Marks Commission. Alain Berthet at Promark carries out audits of trademark portfolios astutely and regularly devises ingenious solutions in critical negotiations. Cabinet Bouchara’s name partner Vanessa Bouchara is a “committed trademark litigator who will do whatever it takes to get the right result for her client. She’s always tough to fight against”. Sandra Cabanne at SCAN Avocats has the magic touch for portfolio building as well as extensive courtroom experience. The deft dispute resolution skills of Alain Cléry at Cléry Devernay are admired across the country; he has nearly four decades of experience under his belt. Vivien & Associés’ Stéphane Colombet provides razor-sharp, far-sighted transactional IP support. Pascale Demoly at Cabinet Demoly Avocats specialises in the fashion and cosmetics sectors and has unique knowledge of selective distribution issues. “She’s a very impressive and innovative lawyer with huge clients.” Dreyfus & associés’ tech-savvy founder Nathalie Dreyfus is as at home in the cyber world as she is in the material one; domain name issues are a staple in her workload. The modern, progressive Annabelle Gauberti of Crefovi has tremendous knowledge of the creative industries and the ways in which they have been irrevocably changed by the Internet. A beacon for film producers, record labels and artists, clients praise her foresight and smooth communication skills. “It’s rare to find lawyers who are as impressive on the advisory side as they are on the enforcement side but Marie-Emmanuelle Haas of ME HAAS is. Her track record in the courtroom is incredible. She’s a true expert when it comes to internet issues, especially those related to domain names; her knowledge in that area is indisputable. Clients love her because she familiarises herself effectively with their priorities and provides pragmatic solutions that work for them; also, although she’s always humble and respectful, she isn’t afraid to be strong in recommending something when she believes it would be in her client’s best interests. That’s something to be valued. Finally, she’s truly international in her outlook and fluent in English and German.” Nathalie Hadjadj-Cazier at Fieldfisher excels in thorny enforcement situations and is adept at organising anticounterfeiting operations. Sophie Havard Duclos of Laude Esquier Champey “fights tooth and nail for her clients. She’s sharp, proactive, straight to the point and business-oriented, and is experienced in both prosecution and litigation; her work product is extremely sophisticated”. Richard Milchior at Granrut Avocats is a whipsmart lawyer who shines in the courtroom and leverages his contentious expertise to put together unassailable filing strategies too. Cousin & Associés’ Myriam Moatty thinks on her feet to score virtuoso enforcement results; she lets nothing ruffle her composure. Interviewees describe Nicolas Moreau at Brunswick Société d’Avocats as “very thorough, efficient, knowledgeable and reliable” and aver that he is a safe bet on either side of the contentious/ non-contentious divide. Internet whiz Alexandre Nappey at SCAN Avocats dispenses deft domain name support to clients of all shapes and sizes. Leading Hughes Hubbard & Reed’s trademark practice in Paris, Stefan Naumann serves as an independent neutral in World Intellectual Property Office proceedings; striking composure and ceaseless elegance are two notable traits. AB Initio’s Annick Pairault considers her clients’ brands from every angle before putting together stellar prosecution strategies. François Pochart at August & Debouzy is an enforcement whizz who produces comprehensive but pellucid reports that can be easily scanned in the C-Suite. The contentious skill of Dechert’s Marianne Schaffner is in no doubt; she knows French case law like the back of her hand. Laurent & Charras’ Julien Scicluna serves up resolutely pragmatic support with an acute focus on business objectives. Over the last 20 years Frank Valentin of Altana Law has never stopped sharpening the edges of his practice; his risk assessment is the stuff of legend. Novel filing ideas come naturally to the urbane, worldly Deborah Vincze at Vincze IP, who has previously worked in Mexico and Israel.

Individuals: enforcement and litigation

  • Emmanuel Baud - Jones Day
  • Sylvie Benoliel-Claux - Benoliel Avocats
  • Patrice De Candé - Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp
  • Marie-Aimée de Dampierre - Hogan Lovells
  • Stéphane Guerlain - Armengaud Guerlain
  • Sophie Havard Duclos - Laude Esquier Champey
  • Emmanuel Larere - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Pascal Lefort - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Isabelle Leroux - Dentons
  • Arnaud Michel - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Denis Monégier du Sorbier - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Alexandra Néri - Herbert Smith Freehills LLP
  • Muriel Antoine-Lalance - AL Avocats
  • Sarah Bailey - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Laëtitia Bénard - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Julien Blanchard - Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp
  • Gaëlle Bloret-Pucci - BCTG Avocats
  • Arnaud Casalonga - Casalonga Avocats
  • Caroline Casalonga - Casalonga Avocats
  • Stéphane Colombet - Vivien & Associés
  • Thomas Cuche - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Louis de Gaulle - De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • Gérard Delile - Dentons
  • Raphaëlle Dequiré-Portier - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Michel-Paul Escande - Cabinet Escande
  • Eléonore Gaspar - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Marie-Emmanuelle Haas - ME HAAS
  • Julien Horn - De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés
  • David Masson - Dentons
  • Sophie Micallef - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Myriam Moatty - Cousin & Associés
  • Thierry Mollet-Viéville - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Stefan Naumann - Hughes Hubbard & Reed
  • Grégoire Triet - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Frank Valentin - Altana Law
  • Michel Béjot - Bernard-Hertz-Béjot
  • Sandra Cabanne - SCAN Avocats 
  • Alain Cléry - Cléry Devernay
  • Pascale Demoly - Cabinet Demoly Avocats
  • Karine Disdier-Mikus - DLA Piper France LLP
  • Edouard Fortunet - Jones Day
  • Marie Georges-Picot - HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER
  • Boriana Guimberteau - FTPA
  • Nathalie Hadjadj-Cazier - Fieldfisher LLP
  • Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer - Cabinet Plasseraud
  • Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan - Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Catherine Mateu - Armengaud Guerlain
  • Richard Metzger - Gilbey Legal
  • Richard Milchior - Granrut Avocats
  • Nicolas Moreau - Brunswick Société d’Avocats
  • François Pochart - August & Debouzy avocats
  • Alexandre Rudoni - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Marianne Schaffner - Dechert LLP
  • David Taylor - Hogan Lovells

Individuals: prosecution and strategy

  • Marie-Aimée de Dampierre - Hogan Lovells
  • Richard Gilbey - Gilbey Legal
  • Guylène Kiesel Le Cosquer - Cabinet Plasseraud
  • Emmanuel Larere - Gide Loyrette Nouel AARPI
  • Isabelle Leroux - Dentons
  • Sarah Bailey - Simmons & Simmons LLP
  • Emmanuel Baud - Jones Day
  • Laëtitia Bénard - Allen & Overy LLP
  • Alain Berthet - Promark
  • Patrick Boyle - Cabinet Plasseraud
  • Thomas Cuche - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Patrice De Candé - Candé-Blanchard-Ducamp
  • Valérie Dorey - T Mark Conseils
  • Eléonore Gaspar - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Stéphane Guerlain - Armengaud Guerlain
  • Marie-Emmanuelle Haas - ME HAAS
  • Aurélia Marie - Cabinet Beau de Loménie
  • David Masson - Dentons
  • Richard Milchior - Granrut Avocats
  • Thierry Mollet-Viéville - Duclos, Thorne, Mollet-Viéville & Associés
  • Evelyne Roux - REGIMBEAU 
  • David Taylor - Hogan Lovells
  • Géraldine Arbant - Bird & Bird AARPI
  • Vanessa Bouchara - Cabinet Bouchara Avocats
  • Sandra Cabanne - SCAN Avocats 
  • Francois Deschamps - T Mark Conseils
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