Changes to staff and budget cuts at the National Service of IP Rights are bringing about increased delays to trademark registration in Ecuador. Further, enforcement remains weak in the face of the widespread availability of counterfeit and pirated goods, both online and in physical marketplaces, which has resulted in Ecuador being relisted in the 2019 US Trade Representative’s Watch List. Despite this, it still enjoys high levels of trademark registration as a result of its Andean Community membership, as brand owners operating within the regional trading bloc seek to secure the best possible brand protection in every individual member country.


  • Bustamante & Bustamante
  • CorralRosales
  • Falconi Puig Abogados
  • Pérez Bustamante y Ponce Abogados
  • Arosemena Burbano & Asociados 
  • Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm
  • Fabara & Compañía Abogados
  • Julio C Guerrero B
  • Romero Corral Abogados
  • Ferrere 
  • Quevedo & Ponce
  • Solines & Asociados
  • Tobar ZVS Spingarn

Arosemena Burbano & Asociados 

A fully IP-focused boutique, Arosemena Burbano & Asociados is taking the Ecuadorian market by storm with its innovative IP audits and trademark valuations. The first of its kind in Guayaquil – Ecuador’s economic hub – the set offers an excellent alternative to brand owners in the vicinity, saving them a trip to the capital city. Leading the five-person squad is Flavio Arosemena Burbano, who capitalises on impressive overseas experience to ensure that all trademark matters are handled to US standards.

Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm

Exploiting its cutting-edge software to deliver efficient portfolio management at affordable prices, Bermeo & Bermeo remains a top choice for IP matters in this jurisdiction. A small, family-owned boutique with fine capabilities across the IP spectrum, it shines particularly bright for the commended trademark prosecution work it performs for a prestigious clientele. IP all-rounder Rodrigo Bermeo-Andrade leads on this front, crafting out-of-the-box strategies that solve the most complex of trademark cases. By his side, Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales spearheads the practice and takes the reins when IP litigations ensue. Combining forces, the pair recently achieved a great victory for Manchester United, successfully opposing the infringing registration of the hashtag #WE ARE UNITED EC.

Bustamante & Bustamante

“Number one in Ecuador in various legal areas,” powerhouse Bustamante & Bustamante is a “big, traditional and acclaimed firm catering to a substantial part of Ecuador’s IP market”. Backed by full-service resources, the technologically savvy IP group fulfils all its clients’ needs, growing its capabilities in line with evolving national and global innovation trends. Transactional guru Carmen Robayo de Hidalgo, the point of contact for interested parties, inspires with her endless IP knowledge acquired in a remarkable career that has spanned more than 30 years.


Ever-growing CorralRosales is the largest IP practice in Ecuador and certainly one of the country’s finest. A frontrunner in trademark and patent filing, the IP boutique also sets itself apart for its “comprehensive team of lawyers, potent litigation capabilities and specialisation in infringement processes” – traits that heavyweight Maria Cecilia Romoleroux works hard to nurture. Keeping the IP and regulatory practices in peak condition, she leads by example with her “responsiveness, friendliness and aptitude for thinking ahead”, being the counsellor of choice for some of the group’s most prominent patrons. All-rounder Francisco Gallegos and litigation wizard Eduardo Rios join her on the transactional and contentious fronts. Representing the electronical giant Samsung, the trio has recently seen through a landmark anti-counterfeiting case that removed more than 115,000 products from the market – the largest ever seizure in Ecuador in terms of product quantity and value. For administrative actions before the National Service of Intellectual Property Rights, European brand owners need look no further than Ian Wall, a UK-qualified chartered trademark attorney who ensures that European standards are not only met but exceeded.

Fabara & Compañía Abogados

A full-service outfit with a bias towards intellectual property, Fabara & Compañía Abogados boasts powerful synergies between its IP and competition practices, offering stellar 360-advice to an eclectic clientele. Priding itself on efficient trademark prosecution practice, the set keeps a cutting-edge, homebred database with the most up-to-date information on trademark applications in Ecuador, prompting speedy responses that do not break the bank. Calling the shots in this area, Maria Rosa Fabara Vera “acts with intelligence, responsibility and integrity”, receiving warm peer endorsements as a result.

Falconi Puig Abogados

Brand owners have only good things to say about Falconi Puig Abogados, whose IP expertise is widely recognised at home and abroad. One service user comments: “Falconi Puig Abogados is the best in our country. I have been working with it for a long time and I can say that the firm’s services, legal knowledge and know-how is always perfect and on time;” another enthuses: “It is very knowledgeable of the local laws and practices in Ecuador. We have found its advice consistently spot-on, helpful, comprehensive and absolutely perfect for our needs.” Keeping active on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, the boutique has been growing steadily since 2015, routinely adding new names to its dynamic following. Cecilia Falconi is a powerful force behind this; brand owners find her insight “indispensable” and overseas connections praise her for “following through with all matters and making everything happen on time, guaranteeing the best IP assistance”. For trademark transactions and litigations, Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio and Sasha Mandakovic are the names to call. Both excellent IP attorneys with established presences in the industry, their shrewd advice has proven particularly popular among banking patrons and food manufacturers.


A new name in the WTR 1000’s Ecuadoran listings this year, FERRERE is a familiar one among connoisseurs of the Uruguayan market, having topped that section’s litigation tables for several years. In Quito, the fully institutionalised office stands out in the family practice-dominated landscape, attracting and retaining top legal talent as a result. A prime example of this is “outstanding professional” Pedro Cordova, the local IP director, who is highly endorsed by foreign counsel for his trademark and patent work: “Cordova is very thorough and diligent; clients can rest assured that their work is in great hands”.

Julio C Guerrero B

Ecuador’s first ever IP boutique, Julio C Guerrero B has seen and done it all throughout its 100 years’ existence. Entrusted by Unilever, Abbott Laboratories and Victoria’s Secret, among other global giants, the team is a top choice for all types of IP protection in the country, but trademark work remains the house specialty. Overseeing the legal department, “reliable and fantastic” Johana Aguirre Guerrero is doing “a terrific job developing the international practice”, being well-regarded in both domestic and overseas circles.

Pérez Bustamante y Ponce Abogados

“A go-to firm for all legal matters in Ecuador, Pérez Bustamante y Ponce Abogados stands out for its exemplary service.” The “responsive, reliable and flexible” general practice outfit is home to a first-tier IP team that patrons “can only say great things” about. For one, “PBP is a valuable partner. Its correspondence is detailed but to the point, supporting clients in picking the best course of action for their IP assets.” Moreover, the squad “is exceptionally thorough and proactive, fully satisfying with its brand protection work”. Finally, “when issues arise, the talented and competent team devises crystal-clear legal strategies, planning brilliant defences for brand owners and their rights”. Running the show, Francisco Pérez-Gangotena is a copyright and trademark guru whose extra-curricular activities have significantly expanded the IP frontiers in this jurisdiction.

Quevedo & Ponce

Stellar commercial boutique Quevedo & Ponce features one of the deepest litigation benches in Ecuador, ticking all the boxes when it comes to tackling contentious proceedings. For trademark and copyright disputes, Alejandro Ponce Martínez is the go-to. As “one of the best litigators in the country”, he has been trialling cases for half a century and knows the local legal landscape like the back of his hand. However, the ensemble’s IP capabilities are not limited to court – shrewd portfolio management and counselling are also available on demand.

Romero Corral Abogados

Small IP and competition-centred outfit Romero Corral Abogados acts as a powerful magnet for global brand owners in the clothing, cosmetic and aviation industries. Enriching the IP practice with valuable competition insights, it delivers holistic trademark portfolio management to an enviable list of service users, who fully trust Margarita Romero Rosales to “efficiently protect and enforce their IP rights”. “A great lawyer with total knowledge of Ecuadoran law”, innovation-loving Rosales is the engine and the brains behind a recent start-up project that is bringing fresh blood and energy into the practice. Spearheading the competition side, established lecturer and thought leader Alfredo Corral Ponce has co-drafted Ecuador’s current IP laws and knows the provisions inside out.

Solines & Asociados

A pioneering, technology-oriented ensemble, Solines & Asociados makes a special effort to keep up with current legal trends – for a 15-person ensemble, the outfit boasts an impressive number of practice areas far beyond standard general practice coverage. Innovation enthusiast Pablo Solines Moreno is certainly an advocate for this modern approach. An ever-stronger name in the Ecuadoran IP scene, he is known for his love of new technologies and the IP rights that are attached to them.

Tobar ZVS Spingarn

Potent anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy and plant variety capabilities are just three hallmarks of Tobar ZVS Spingarn’s IP practice; the group also stands out for its “high-quality, proactive, quick and comprehensive service”. Under the tight leadership of Alfonso Rivera – a favourite among some of the world’s most prominent entertainment and software companies – and backed by a well-oiled, full-service operation, the team can handle any IP matter that comes its way, from strategic trademark searches to complex copyright infringement actions.

Other recommended experts

Lexim Abogados’ María de los Ángeles Lombeyda Araujo is a “very well-organised, proactive and detail-focused professional”, providing “prompt and cost-effective service” to a number of satisfied international patrons. The “approachable, extremely knowledgeable and excellent” Luis Marin-Tobar recently moved his trade to Lexvalor Abogados. A perspicacious strategist, “he always goes the extra mile to fulfil his client’s needs”.


  • Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio - Falconi Puig Abogados
  • Maria Rosa Fabara Vera - Fabara & Compañía Abogados
  • Cecilia Falconi - Falconi Puig Abogados
  • Sasha Mandakovic - Falconi Puig Abogados
  • Francisco Pérez-Gangotena - Pérez Bustamante y Ponce Abogados
  • Maria Cecilia Romoleroux - CorralRosales
  • Johana Aguirre Guerrero - Julio C Guerrero B
  • Flavio Arosemena Burbano - Arosemena Burbano & Asociados 
  • Rodrigo Bermeo Rosales - Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm
  • Rodrigo Bermeo-Andrade - Bermeo & Bermeo Law Firm
  • Pedro Cordova - Ferrere
  • Alfredo Corral Ponce - Romero Corral Abogados
  • Francisco Gallegos R - CorralRosales
  • Maria de los Angeles Lombeyda Araujo - Lexim Abogados
  • Luis Marin-Tobar - Lexvalor Abogados
  • Pablo Solines Moreno - Solines & Asociados
  • Alejandro Ponce Martínez - Quevedo & Ponce
  • Eduardo Rios - CorralRosales
  • Alfonso Rivera - Tobar ZVS Spingarn
  • Carmen Robayo de Hidalgo - Bustamante & Bustamante
  • Margarita Romero Rosales - Romero Corral Abogados
  • Ian Wall - CorralRosales