Dominican Republic

In line with its commitment to make the trademark system more efficient, the Dominican Republic government made some significant changes to IP regulations in 2018; it expedited the trade name registration process and made e-filing mandatory for new trade name and trademark applications. However, due to a lack of technical resources at the trademark office, applications filed online need to be validated by hand. The hope is that, with greater investment in the registry, the effect of these changes will only be positive.


  • MINIÑO Abogados
  • Troncoso Leroux
  • Angeles Pons
  • Bufete Messina & Lugo IP
  • JJ Roca & Asociados
  • Troncoso y Cáceres
  • Valdez Albizu

Angeles Pons

“Angeles Pons has only been on the market for a couple of years but it is richly experienced because its name partners have been practicing at the highest level for such a long time.” Recommended by peers for prosecution, enforcement and litigation, the dynamic team can do it all when it comes to trademarks and deliver crisp results on every file. Forming a tailor-made strike force for prestigious clients are Jaime Angeles and Wallis Pons. Unstintingly dedicated, they go above and beyond their briefs, adding value with their expertise in trademark-adjacent areas including advertising, unfair competition and regulatory law. They also make the most out of an excellent network of foreign associates to help their patrons navigate globally.

Bufete Messina & Lugo IP

Bufete Messina & Lugo IP knows how international brand owners are programmed and dishes up exactly what they desire – upfront advice and practical solutions aimed at their business. In sync with top names in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and luxury sectors is US-educated Zaida Lugo. She has a profound knowledge of the law – she helped draft the Dominican Republic’s trademark legislation – and is both responsive and direct. She is also a leading advertising authority. Her partner Ana Isabel Messina – Lugo’s mentor back in the day – is one of the country’s IP trailblazers. Overseeing trademark protection and enforcement efforts for clients in over 10 jurisdictions, the pair are well connected regionally and highly popular among international correspondents further afield. In response to demand, the firm has lately expanded its corporate and commercial activities.


Celebrated for its patent and regulatory prowess, sophisticated full-service set-up HEADRICK RIZIK ALVAREZ Y FERNANDEZ is the first port of call in the Dominican Republic for pharmaceutical companies. However, the “well-resourced” firm “provides an excellent service in all areas of intellectual property” and has played a notable role in the betterment of trademark law, practice and policy in the country. Senior associate Lilly Acevedo Gómez takes the reins of the IP practice; a connoisseur of trademark and regulatory law, she is a discerning choice for life science, cosmetics and food and drink companies. She has the backing of eminent founding partner Mary Fernández. An influential expert in virtually all areas of commercial law, Fernández is incredibly versatile, with intellectual property and arbitration being her particular passions.

JJ Roca & Asociados

JJ Roca’s IP team garners enthusiastic recommendations from clients: “A key business ally, it provides legal certainty and IP and commercial support in so many ways, making sure you are as protected as it is possible.” Practice leader Sharin Pablo de Roca is “exceptionally professional and attentive not just on Dominican issues but across the Caribbean, too – it is hard to find someone as responsive as she is in other jurisdictions so she’s great to work with for the region. Her senior associate Ana Paula Campusano is also brilliant and demonstrates many of the same qualities.” Both practitioners have abundant experience on contentious and non-contentious matters and provide total care for brand owners such as domestic supermarket chain Bravo. They serve many household-name international companies, too, including the owner of one of the world’s most valuable brands.

MINIÑO Abogados

Unbeatable proactivity, a technologically sophisticated approach to workflow management and billing and exceptional collaboration are just some of the things that set MINIÑO apart in the Dominican Republic and wider region. Certainly one of the most popular groups among international brands and top foreign correspondents, it steps into its clients’ shoes and demonstrates a laser-like focus when it comes to resolving issues practically and cost effectively; when disputes crop up, the firm facilitates early wins, knowing that litigation can be especially frustrating in this part of the world. “Thorough, dedicated, brilliant on strategy and affordable”, partners Urko Ochoa and Orietta Blanco come very highly recommended. “Urko is one of the smartest individuals you’ll ever meet – he comes up with really innovative ideas that enable clients to make great progress. Orietta puts her heart and soul into everything she does.” Key members of the fantastic team they have around them include Arlene Herrera and Pamela Hernandez, who continue to flourish. Herrera settles for nothing less than an excellent service from the Caribbean firms she liaises with in her regional portfolio management and development role. Coordinator of the litigation practice, Hernandez has a knack for resolving disputes, as opposed to just fighting them. The dynamic crew has had a lot of exciting work to get stuck into lately; it has been offering strategic advice and protection to Western Digital, Amazon Technologies, Tesla Motors, Red Bull and Twitter among many others.

Troncoso Leroux

Troncoso Leroux acts for a who’s who of leading brands across virtually all industry sectors – an impressive boast for a firm entering just its fourth year. Then again, it was founded by well-known and admired IP pioneer Maria del Pilar Troncoso, who can give patrons the benefit of worldly wisdom, accumulated over many years of practice. “When nobody knew what intellectual property was in the Dominican Republic, del Pilar was there to light the way.” The “incredibly well-prepared lawyer” served as the president of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI) for the 2015-2018 term – the first woman and individual from the Caribbean to do so. Her group undertakes a great deal of prosecution work but is at its best in litigation and enforcement, as an excellent track record of results attests.

Troncoso y Cáceres

Venerable firm Troncoso y Cáceres cemented its name as an IP leader long ago. Creative, pragmatic and business-oriented, the full-service outfit handles routine trademark matters efficiently but has an aptitude for solving complex problems concerning IP infringement and counterfeiting. A master in this regard is María J Felix Troncoso, a tactically astute IP protector and litigator who has represented global industry leaders across the Caribbean and Latin America for decades.

Valdez Albizu

Valdez Albizu is known for providing an excellent quality service. Responding rapidly, it analyses matters thoroughly and accurately before taking the appropriate course of action. “Alejandra Valdez has deep knowledge and expertise when it comes to intellectual property in the Dominican Republic. Upon receiving instructions, she doesn’t just deal with the immediate issue but thinks ahead to potential future hindrances and what the best strategies and solutions are to avoid them. Her advice is impeccable, and she offers the best quality-to-price ratio of any IP professional in the country.” Although it proficiently handles litigation, counterfeiting and transactional mandates, the set is best known for its regional portfolio management capabilities.

Other recommended experts

Tania Castillo is the managing partner and head of intellectual property at Castillo & Castillo. She secures trademark registrations with a minimum of fuss then draws lines in the sand for clients whose rights have been infringed. Carmen Prieto Villegas and Patricia Villegas de Jorge run the IP practice at Jorge Mera & Villegas. They are both IP all-rounders with strong client followings and excellent connections thanks to their frontline participation in many international IP associations.


  • Jaime R Angeles - Angeles Pons
  • María del Pilar Troncoso - Troncoso Leroux
  • María J Felix Troncoso - Troncoso y Cáceres
  • Zaida E Lugo - Bufete Messina & Lugo IP
  • Urko Ochoa - MINIÑO Abogados
  • Orietta Blanco - MINIÑO Abogados
  • Tania Castillo - Castillo & Castillo
  • Ana Isabel Messina - Bufete Messina & Lugo IP
  • Sharin Pablo De Roca - JJ Roca & Asociados
  • Wallis Pons - Angeles Pons
  • Alejandra Valdez - Valdez Albizu
  • Ana Paula Campusano - JJ Roca & Asociados
  • Pamela Hernandez - MINIÑO Abogados
  • Arlene Herrera - MINIÑO Abogados
  • Carmen Prieto Villegas - Jorge Mera & Villegas
  • Patricia Villegas de Jorge - Jorge Mera & Villegas