From a legislative standpoint, Danish trademark practitioners have been settling into the groove of the new regime introduced in early 2019. The amended Trademark Act yielded many practical changes, such as a fast-track scheme and an updated fee structure, all of which have been met with enthusiasm. Enforcement activity has also ramped up, as brands expanding onto online platforms seek out specialised services to accommodate their needs, particularly in relation to anti-counterfeiting. In positive news, new legislation has been passed to tackle the issues affecting online retailers. Although e-commerce platforms have their own take-down procedures concerning fake goods, the Product and Market Surveillance Law allows companies to alert public authorities whenever they spot infringing products that are detrimental to health and safety. This is one of several indications that the Danish government is deadly serious in its mission to clamp down on counterfeits. The legal market has seen a significant shake-up as new boutiques have emerged and practice groups continue to diversify. As a result, Bugge Valentin and Løje IP debut in the rankings, and a new banding system is unveiled below.


  • Bech-Bruun
  • Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Accura Advokatpartnerselskab
  • AWA 
  • Bugge Valentin
  • Kromann Reumert
  • Lundgrens
  • Plougmann Vingtoft 
  • Zacco 
  • Bird & Bird LLP
  • Horten Law Firm
  • Loje IP

Accura Advokatpartnerselskab

“Speedy, courteous and supportive” are just some of the words used to describe business law firm Accura and its IP team. “The service quality is of the highest standard and the advice provided is both commercially and legally sound. Overall, it is great value for money, as the fees are really fair too.” Global prosecution and enforcement mandates are the norm here and department lead Christina Type Jardorf executes them flawlessly. “Really knowledgeable and fantastic to work with, Christina is super-solid, gives great guidance and is an excellent litigator.” She recently prevailed for designer brand Samsøe & Samsøe in three EU oppositions regarding its Ø mark and assisted US-based Picture Shop in its acquisition of state-of-the-art visual effects specialist Ghost VFX.


Few can rival the strength in depth, geographical reach and international presence of AWA. Resolutely committed to intellectual property, the powerhouse has 19 outposts around the world, including in Beijing and Hong Kong, and also recently set up shop in Norway. It is thus ideally placed to assist budding entrepreneurs and multinational conglomerates looking to establish and protect their rights worldwide. “A safe pair of hands for any trademark matter, Anette Rasmussen stands at the forefront of legal developments both at home and abroad”; as testament to this, she was appointed president of the European Communities Trademark Association in 2020. The charismatic lawyer is a repository of trust for clients such as Pandora, Starbucks and The Glenmorangie Company. Well versed in the art of prosecution, Claus Marcussen has spent more than two decades working with Danish and EU marks as well as Madrid Protocol Registrations.


“One of the best IP groups in the country, Bech-Bruun provides a top service at favourable rates.” The ensemble caters to a long list of industry leaders, which benefit from a comprehensive offering and a dedicated Chinese desk; it has also been consolidating its position in the United States, where its New York branch has entered into its third year of operations. It has lately been chalking up the victories in contentious settings, including a High Court win for Scandinavia’s largest privately owned supermarket chain, Salling Group. The architect behind this was Claus Barrett Christiansen, who has a knack for turning cases around. In the words of one patron, “Claus is not only extremely skilled, proactive and trustworthy, but a lovely person too. He is a truly valued business partner who always has an answer to our problems.” Barrett Christiansen often links up with Inge Kirstine Skou, who also garners warm plaudits: “She combines her industry expertise with her knowledge of current trends to provide practical and valuable advice. Whether it be larger strategic considerations, filing, enforcement or just day-to-day sparring, Inge is pragmatic and solutions oriented.”

Bird & Bird LLP

A key player in the IP world, Bird & Bird enjoys a sterling reputation globally for its adroit handling of multi-jurisdictional litigation. The Danish arm acts as a hub for the Nordic region and oversees the portfolios of clients both locally and in Finland and Sweden. Forming the backbone of the practice, Peer Petersen and Mogens Vestergaard have been busy representing CrossFit in opposition and cancellation proceedings, as well as advising on its long-term trademark strategy. Petersen also has a vibrant transactional practice; while Vestergaard is the resident media whizz with ample experience in the United States, having been admitted to the California Bar.

Bugge Valentin

In a move that has shaken up the Danish trademark scene, the recently established Bugge Valentin is already making waves as the country’s first IP and tech boutique. “Its group of top-calibre lawyers are absolutely exceptional and have quickly taken up substantial market share,” reports one market commentator. “We expect them to shine even more than they have done so in the past.” The side is made up of former Horten hard-hitters who provide the full range of branding services with a personal touch. On the non-contentious front, “Christian Kragelund has a superb understanding of every client’s specific needs and goals. He is friendly, solutions oriented and a great adviser”. Kragelund has been prosecuting marks and conducting clearance searches worldwide for Universal Robots and drafting licensing agreements for its sister company too. When it comes to enforcement and litigation, name partners Jens Jakob Bugge and Anders Valentin have it all covered. Bugge has lately been tackling parallel import and infringement proceedings on behalf of Orifarm and representing Abacus Medicine in three separate disputes before the Maritime and Commercial High Court in relation to the Falsified Medicines Directive. He has also been involved in one of Denmark’s largest cases to date, doing battle for the Ørsted family in the Supreme Court against the stock-listed energy giant Ørsted. “A phenomenal litigator with an exemplary understanding of regulatory issues, he always looks out for our best interests and provides quick, practical and business friendly advice,” enthuses one rights holder. Valentin has been equally successful lately, representing Sandoz in international proceedings and assisting Orkla in a dispute over 3D trademarks. “A strategic and calm litigator, he has excellent control of the law and goes into tremendous levels of analysis. He is sympathetic, charming and clever, while giving pragmatic, concise and budget-conscious guidance.”

Gorrissen Federspiel

“In a league of its own, Gorrissen Federspiel places great importance on the quality of its work. It excels in every aspect of trademark protection, and its team has a great overview of international legislation and understands local legal frameworks as well as its pitfalls. They are especially valuable partners in complex strategic scenarios and always keep costs in mind.” Leader of the pack and a “consistent top performer, Lasse Søndergaard Christensen ensures that cases are handled in the optimum way. A great tactical thinker who gives his cases the utmost attention, Lasse always gets great results”. The litigator recently showcased his dexterity by helping WhiteAway Group and subsidiary Skousen Online Services, a major Danish chain, to develop its new franchise set-up in Sweden. For brands looking for “an outstanding lawyer of the highest integrity and an extremely responsive and business-oriented contact in any IP-related scenario”, Lars Segato is the one to call. The senior legal counsel garners acclaim from all corners of the market: “His substantial design, copyright and unfair competition expertise gives his advice comprehensive coverage. His communication style is clear, succinct and easy to understand, and he has a fantastic sense for developing legal arguments and strategy.” Kenneth Kvistgaard-Aaholm “takes every matter super-seriously, regardless of how big or small, and puts it at the top of his priority list. He provides great assessments of possible action points, clearly laying out the pros and cons, and explaining both technical and legal complexities in an easily digestible manner”. Asset commercialisation comes easily to Søren Høgh Thomsen: “A professional treasure, Søren is considerate and calm when handling extremely complex agreements. He listens intently, suggests flexible as well as long-term solutions, and is a pleasure to be around.”

Horten Law Firm

Despite losing several practitioners recently, full-service firm Horten still has a lot going for it and maintains a superb longstanding reputation as a result. Perfectly balanced on both the strategic and contentious sides, the unit forges fruitful relationships based on mutual trust and collaboration – an approach that sits particularly well with multinational entities, of which it has dozens on its roster. Moving over from Lundgrens to co-head the IP division, Jakob Krag Nielsen brings tremendous expertise to the fold. The versatile practitioner is widely known for his thriving patent litigation practice, but his trademark capabilities are sure to impress too.

Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert can support rights holders in many meaningful ways with its finely honed, well-rounded trademark offering. The prosecution unit works cohesively with the litigation squad to secure successful results whatever the brief. For registrations, filings and other non-contentious matters arising in far-flung jurisdictions, the outfit capitalises on a well-cultivated network of associates, which is bolstered by the firm’s exclusive Lex Mundi membership. Danish designer company Georg Jensen, Saxo Bank and Coop Danmark, as well as Coop Trading, are among those that enlist its services. Providing inspiring leadership is Frank Bøggild, “the country’s finest litigator and a renowned market figure. His ability to condense complex commercial matters into easily understandable arguments is a rare skill and his judgement is both sound and sharp”.

Loje IP

Making its debut in the WTR 1000 this year, Løje IP was only established in late 2019 and has been on a steep upwards trajectory since. Although the outfit itself is relatively young, its founder Johan Løje has spent more than 25 years at the IP coalface and formerly made up one-third of venerable firm Løje Arnesen & Meedom. The one-stop shop is adept at prosecution, but high-stakes litigation is where it truly shines. For example, Løje recently took on industry giant Adidas on behalf of Shoe Branding in a widely publicised case concerning its celebrated three-stripe mark.


“For brands looking to have their trademark matters handled thoroughly and in a business-oriented manner without breaking the bank, Lundgrens is the perfect choice. The IP team never renders advice purely from a legal standpoint, but incorporates its client’s commercial interests too. They are always accessible and have quickly risen to the top of the ranks in litigation.” A key driver of its success and “one of the nicest people in intellectual property”, Nina Ringen spearheads the division. “She thinks creatively and investigates the essence of each issue, and her diligence never ceases to amaze. She prosecutes with a steady hand, is an outstanding litigator – even in complex cross-border proceedings – and will always go the extra mile. Working with her is truly a joy.” Colleague Søren Danelund Reipurth is an “extremely talented and knowledgeable lawyer with an impressive back catalogue of high-profile disputes. He takes a genuine interest in the companies he assists, understands their commercial strategies and tailors his advice to fit the direction the company is heading”.


Nothing is off limits for the experienced troop at NJORD. Rights are registered flawlessly by a firm considered one of the most prolific filers in the European Union; portfolios are handled efficiently; and infringements are nipped firmly in the bud. It also excels in anti-counterfeiting actions: indeed, Frank Jørgensen serves as the official local partner to REACT in both Denmark and Norway. Technology and automotive industries are his strong suits. “A point of reference in the fashion and luxury goods sector”, Jeppe Brogaard Clausen is a consummate litigator and percipient counsellor. Having filed thousands of marks in his time, Peter Gustav Olson has developed a specialist skillset, particularly in defending companies against tactical cancellation actions designed to impede enforcement of their marks. He also represents the interests of US parties in Denmark, where he “has a great grasp of rules and procedures as well as a loyal following”.

Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab

“One of the leading firms in Denmark, Plesner showcases exceptional strength across all phases of brand protection and is the first choice for cases that are complex as well as out of the ordinary.” The side has lately boosted its already robust prosecution offering: for example, Christian Bardenfleth assisted fashion brand Carrington and designer bridal wear company Lilly at the EUIPO; while Chr Hansen and Fairmont Hotel Management have entrusted Kasper Frahm with their marks. In the words of one foreign associate: “Bardenfleth is really friendly, great to partner up with and a master of design rights. He also packs a punch in enforcement proceedings when necessary and is absolutely incredible.” All-rounder Frahm also brings the heat in court: “If Kasper is on the other side of a case, you know he will give you a great run. He is super-pragmatic and opens up frank lines of dialogue with counterparties.” Recently, he prevailed for Focus law firm at the Maritime and Commercial High Court, allowing it to retain the business name it has been using for the past two decades. He also teamed up with Jeppe Brinck-Jensen to obtain an EU-wide injunction for Chr Hansen against DuPont Nutrition Biosciences’ use of its mark BB-12. Brinck-Jensen is best known for his pharmaceutical patent work, but is hailed as a “splendid litigator and adviser” in the trademark field too. Another first-class litigator is the “highly esteemed” Sture Rygaard, who is “more than deserving of his gold-standard reputation”.

Plougmann Vingtoft 

“A wonderful group of responsive, skilful and well-organised professionals works out of Plougmann Vingtoft.” The consultancy has made a name for itself through meticulously drafted applications, thoughtful portfolio management and polished performances at the EUIPO. In recent years it has made efforts to strengthen its litigation arm, PV Legal, the effects of which are now bearing fruit as companies seeking A-to-Z services flock to its doors. At the forefront of the practice is European trademark and design attorney Ellen Breddam: “She is extremely intelligent as well as pragmatic, which is a winning combination for the complex portfolios she handles. She has an intimate understanding of the law, communicates efficiently and is a delightful person with an excellent sense of humour.” She recently assisted global biotechnology company Novozymes in its re-transfer of 500-plus marks worldwide. Joining her this year is Henriette Rasch a perceptive strategist who helps brands avoid future conflicts through smart registrations – a task she recently completed for Kamstrup, a leading supplier of smart metering solutions.


“Zacco’s attorneys are committed to learning about their clients’ business models and strategies in order to provide the most effective guidance. They bring a professional attitude to the table, along with straightforward proposals, as well as both defensive and offensive solutions to pick from.” Its comprehensive offering is complemented by innovative service lines in cybersecurity and data protection – an advantage for brands with a significant online presence. Thomas Mølsgaard heads up the Denmark and South Sweden operations. His “international outlook and strategic approach” stand him in good stead when handling Arla Foods’ global 7,000-mark portfolio; he also does a fine job clearing the market of counterfeits on behalf of Chanel and Monsanto International. Joining Mølsgaard in the fight against fakes is Stig H Ekmann, a full-time litigator with numerous wins to his name. “A wonderful adviser with encyclopaedic trademark knowledge, Lone Prehn has an inventive yet straightforward approach. She is one of the best in the business of prosecution.” British American Tobacco and Lego Systems are two key clients. Teaming up with her to devise worldwide strategies for the latter is Fabio Pezzolato, a WTR 1000 newcomer hailed for his innovative, proactive mindset. A repository of tryst of JYSK, “Heidi Rehné is quick on her feet and provides reliable guidance in tricky situations”. The senior partner specialises in product development; while “Knud Wallberg delivers top-notch results” and is the resident domain name guru.

Other recommended experts

At Aumento Law Firm, skilled litigator Lisbet Andersen is highly appreciated for her “responsiveness and foresight. She is super-smart and provides straightforward advice without wasting time or resources”. Working out of her eponymous boutique, the “incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and creative” Susie Arnesen “handles every trademark matter to the highest possible level. She is unquestionably a leader in the field”. Otello’s Martin Hoffgaard Rasmussen has a knack for bringing infringement proceedings to a swift and successful conclusion. Heading up the IP team at Elmann, Tanya Meedom thrives in the online space, where she enforces rights and tackles domain name disputes with panache. Operating out of Patrade, Charlotte Rask Boddum manages portfolios with a deft touch and vigilantly polices infringements. Working with her is the versatile Eva Nødskov Aaen, whose in-depth knowledge of copyright and marketing law translates into holistic counsel. A shining star in the regulated industries, Pia Kristine Voldmester “is an exceptionally talented litigator who conducts thorough analyses of each case”. She can be found at Bruun & Hjejle. At DAHL, Søren Wolder adds tremendous value for brand owners with his blend of trademark and data protection expertise.

Individuals: enforcement and litigation

  • Claus Barrett Christiansen - Bech-Bruun
  • Jens Jakob Bugge - Bugge Valentin
  • Lasse Søndergaard Christensen - Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Sture Rygaard - Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Lars G Segato - Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Lisbet Andersen - Aumento Law Firm
  • Christian L Bardenfleth - Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Frank Bøggild - Kromann Reumert
  • Jeppe Brinck-Jensen - Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Jeppe Brogaard Clausen - NJORD
  • Kasper Frahm - Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Kenneth Kvistgaard-Aaholm - Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Johan Løje - Loje IP
  • Tanya Meedom - Elmann
  • Jakob Krag Nielsen - Horten Law Firm
  • Anette Rasmussen - AWA
  • Søren Danelund Reipurth - Lundgrens
  • Nina Ringen - Lundgrens
  • Christina Type Jardorf - Accura Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Stig H Ekmann - Zacco 
  • Martin Hoffgarrd Rasmussen - Otello advokatfirma
  • Frank Jørgensen - NJORD
  • Christian Kragelund - Bugge Valentin
  • Thomas Mølsgaard - Zacco 
  • Peer B Petersen - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Anders Valentin - Bugge Valentin
  • Mogens Vestergaard - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Pia Kirstine Voldmester - Bruun & Hjejle
  • Soren Wolder - DAHL

Individuals: prosecution and strategy

  • Lasse Søndergaard Christensen - Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Lone Prehn - Zacco 
  • Anette Rasmussen - AWA
  • Lars G Segato - Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Lisbet Andersen - Aumento Law Firm
  • Christian L Bardenfleth - Plesner Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Ellen Breddam - Plougmann Vingtoft
  • Christian Kragelund - Bugge Valentin
  • Kenneth Kvistgaard-Aaholm - Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Claus Marcussen - AWA
  • Peter Gustav Olson - NJORD
  • Heidi Rehné - Zacco 
  • Nina Ringen - Lundgrens
  • Christina Type Jardorf - Accura Advokatpartnerselskab
  • Eva Nødskov Aaen - Patrade A/S
  • Susie P Arnesen - Arnesen IP
  • Johan Løje - Loje IP
  • Tanya Meedom - Elmann
  • Peer B Petersen - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Fabio Pezzolato - Zacco 
  • Henriette V Rasch - Plougmann Vingtoft
  • Charlotte Rask Boddum - Patrade A/S
  • Inge Kirstine Skou - Bech-Bruun
  • Søren Høgh Thomsen - Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Mogens Vestergaard - Bird & Bird LLP
  • Knud Wallberg - Zacco