There remains plenty to do for trademark practitioners in Cyprus: despite a decline in national filings – due to the growing popularity of the EU Intellectual Property Office – the jurisdiction remains a hotspot for counterfeiting, as well as a major commercial conduit between the Middle East, North Africa and the European Union. Local lawyers welcome reforms to the existing Cypriot IP systems, which have drastically reduced waiting times. Further changes are currently being considered, with a phasing out of paper filing likely to be a significant improvement


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  • Dr K Chrysostomides & Co
  • IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC
  • Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous LLC
  • Lellos P Demetriades Law Office
  • Markides, Markides & Co
  • The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou LLC

Dr K Chrysostomides & Co

Having established its specialist IP department back in 1981, Dr K Chrysostomides & Co is a pioneer of trademark law in Cyprus. It remains the apex predator of the market, acquiring watertight brand rights and enforcing them with alacrity; one world-renowned fashion company has particular praise for its “excellent” work against imitators alongside customs and police authorities. Embedded in one of the country’s premier general service firms – which has a total of 35 lawyers on its bench – the IP team showcases its commercial acuity in each and every case and has the wherewithal to execute the most demanding instructions. Cosmopolitan in outlook and the only Cypriot member of Lex Mundi, the firm is superbly poised to handle international projects. “Deeply experienced in trademark law and able to deal with any problem that arises”, practice leader Eleni Chrysostomides “is a consummate professional – very diligent and client oriented”. She has an especially brilliant reputation in high-end litigation and anti-counterfeiting programmes. Her fellow partner Alexandros Georgiades is a similarly hawkish enforcer, who dispenses sage advice and draws up seamless licensing agreements.

IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC

This nimble IP shop continues its ascendancy, winning plaudits for its polished trademark prosecution, discerning and strategic counselling and steady-handed supervision of trademark-rich deals. It shines brightly working before both the national and EU IP offices. Dynamism, laser-focused knowledge and a burning passion for innovation characterise the firm’s offering; youthful, but hugely experienced founding partners Marinos Cleanthous and Maria Ioannides epitomise these qualities. They work hard to learn the ins and outs of their clients’ businesses and serve up perceptive, tailor-made solutions. Despite advising an increasing number of international brands, they retain a deep commitment to domestic companies – as exemplified by the fact that IP Cyprus was the first law firm to sign the Start-Up Cyprus manifesto, an appeal for a better environment for innovative enterprises in the country.

Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous LLC

“A trusted partner and very client-oriented”, Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous attracts a torrent of instructions – and appreciation – from domestic and international patrons. Best known for its smooth-running prosecution and portfolio management services, it performs adeptly across the trademark lifecycle: its business law know-how gives it an edge when working on transactions, and its dedicated litigation department makes it a formidable force in must-win disputes. “First-rate” professional Eleni Papacharalambous captains an IP team of four lawyers and additional support staff. Lauded for her “thorough, prompt and exceptionally proactive approach”, she knows how to efficiently acquire brand rights across numerous jurisdictions, and is silver-tongued in opposition procedures when necessary.

Lellos P Demetriades Law Office

Crack general practice outfit Lellos P Demetriades Law Office offers a stellar soft-IP service; covering all trademark angles, it has a glittering reputation for enforcement and is famed for its prowess in the fight against fakes. “Trademark and copyright aficionado” Achilleas Demetriades adopts a hands-on, aggressive and deadly effective approach to anti-counterfeiting and parallel import briefs. “Very experienced in IP disputes and deeply knowledgeable of police and customs authorities”, he is also a skilled courtroom operator; household names in fashion and the arts rely on him to enforce their rights.

Markides, Markides & Co

Making its debut in the WTR 1000, Markides, Markides & Co draws emphatic acclaim from the IP rights holders market. Its trademark department is “compact, but of the highest quality and can be trusted in the most difficult situations”. “A pioneer of intellectual property in Cyprus, the firm has acquired invaluable experience and expertise; it is strong in both contentious and non-contentious matters”; it also makes use of its commercial nous to help brand owners maximise the value of their rights through judicious licensing ventures. Practice head and 20-year veteran Hermione Markides knows the trademark world inside out. “Formidable in disputes, she also knows how to reach a favourable settlement.”

The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou LLC

One of the country’s most accomplished and respected IP practitioners, Christos Theodoulou combines granular trademark knowledge with a profound understanding of commercial law; he sees brand rights as business assets and knows how to deploy them to generate returns for his clients. An acknowledged thought leader who has published leading textbooks on the Cypriot IP system, the seasoned professional has also notched up an enviable record before the highest courts in the land; arbitration and mediation are further strings to his bow. Internationally minded – he has worked for the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the United Nations – Theodoulou is a salient choice for multinational clients, who flock to instruct him in droves.


  • Eleni K Chrysostomides - Dr K Chrysostomides & Co
  • Marinos Cleanthous - IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC
  • Achilleas L Demetriades - Lellos P Demetriades Law Office
  • Alexandros Georgiades - Dr K Chrysostomides & Co
  • Maria Ioannides - IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC
  • Hermione A Markides - Markides, Markides & Co
  • Eleni Papacharalambous - Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous LLC 
  • Christos A Theodoulou - The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou LLC