The main headline in the Cypriot IP community is the forthcoming Trademark Act, which will transpose the EU Trademark Directive into national law. Although its implementation has been delayed, there is good news from the House of Representatives, which recently voted in favour of the new legislation. Practitioners and brand owners can look forward to several significant changes, including the introduction of a multi-class system, reduced fees and a lot less paperwork. In addition, rights holders can expect quicker timelines for opposition, cancellation and revocation proceedings, which should accelerate an otherwise lengthy process. Although covid-19 has caused considerable economic setbacks, President Nicos Anastasiades has put in place a 10-point plan to help revive the country’s fortunes. This includes a hefty stimulus package which should inject about 6% of GDP back into the economy, putting Cyprus high on the list for those seeking out new markets in which to do business.


  • Dr K Chrysostomides & Co
  • Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous LLC 
  • IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC
  • Lellos P Demetriades Law Office LLC
  • Markides, Markides & Co
  • The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou LLC

Dr K Chrysostomides & Co

“A cut above the rest with its responsiveness, professionalism and clear advice”, Dr K Chrysostomides is “one of the best firms in Cyprus”. “The team understands the needs of patrons and makes the process smooth as well as enjoyable – a trait that definitely should not be taken for granted.” “Extremely professional, responsive and adaptable”, distinguished trademark lawyer and IP division head Eleni Chrysostomides “makes complex matters very easy to understand and is appreciated for her commercial and pragmatic advice. She is a valuable asset to have by your side”. Chrysostomides frequently joins forces with Alexandros Georgiades, who earns applause for his “extensive experience and superb practical knowledge on all aspects of enforcement, as well as his prompt and business-oriented advice”. The team has lately seen an influx of opposition and cancellation instructions from its roster of A-list clients, which also rely on it for sophisticated litigation services.

IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC

Capitalising on its lean structure, IP Cyprus works quickly and efficiently, while never compromising on quality. The boutique provides a comprehensive brand-related offering, but has a particular faculty for navigating the prosecution process both domestically and internationally. It also continues to innovate for clients by investing in the most up-to-date software and integrating the latest technologies into its seamless offering. Driving the practice onwards and upwards are perceptive strategists Marinos Cleanthous and Maria Ioannides. The pair are brilliant at extracting maximum value from intangible assets and advising technology companies on how best to gain a foothold in the market. IP evangelist Cleanthous has authored several books on the subject, while Ioannides shines equally brightly as a protector, counsellor and deal maker.

Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous LLC 

“An excellent firm and a loyal business partner, Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous (KKP) consistently proves itself as nothing but exceptional. Its depth of expertise and proactive approach are blessings for companies looking to protect their rights at home and abroad.” KKP’s roster of devotees and the instructions it receives keep growing steadily and this year has been no different – especially with Eleni Papacharalambous at the helm. In the words of one foreign associate: “Eleni is an extremely talented litigator who gracefully combines efficiency with a detail-oriented approach in a way that is rare on the market. She has an international outlook and cares deeply about her clients as well as her firm – it is a pleasure to work with her on both a professional and personal level.” Her colleague Eleni Korfiotis is making her mark on the Cypriot trademark scene, thanks to her impeccable work ethic and skilful preparation and execution of oppositions.

Lellos P Demetriades Law Office LLC

Full of energy and entrepreneurial spirit, Lellos P Demetriades Law Office shares the same vision as the companies it serves. It works hand in hand with clients to ensure that their brands enjoy 360-degree protection; it currently manages some 1,800-plus marks, plans robust enforcement campaigns and implements them flawlessly, as well as devising anti-counterfeiting plans that can stop even the most persistent of infringers in their tracks. The unit’s inventiveness is evident not only in its work, but also in its strategic partnership with IDEA, the country’s only non-profit innovation centre. At the vanguard is Achilleas Demetriades, a dual-qualified attorney in both England and Wales and Cyprus. The litigator has acted on behalf of rights holders for over 30 years, but is a dab hand at non-contentious matters too. This year, he is joined in the WTR 1000 by recently elected partner Nicoletta Epaminonda. Prosecution comes naturally to this charismatic lawyer, who also packs a punch in court. As part of her active community role, Epaminonda provides vital training to customs officials.

Markides, Markides & Co

“A top choice for trademark instructions, Markides, Markides & Co knows the field inside out and houses some of the best experts in the country. Although a tough opponent in administrative proceedings, the set is a pleasure to be up against and really looks out for its clients’ best interests.” Peers hold senior partner Hermione Markides in the highest esteem. She leaves no stone unturned and has the results to prove it, especially on prosecution and portfolio management mandates. “Barbara Gilson’s services are of the highest quality”: the IP department lead crosses the contentious/non-contentious divide with finesse, representing some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical, automotive and technology industries.

The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou LLC

Established in Larnaca in 1961, The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou is a beacon for those seeking to protect their rights in Cyprus. The ensemble undertakes the full range of trademark instructions in six languages, including French, German, Italian and Romanian. Founder Christos Theodoulou has racked up a staggering number of wins at the Supreme Court and is recognised globally as the author of several leading IP textbooks. Colleague Sozos-Christos Theodoulou recently completed a term as president of the European Communities Trade Mark Association and currently serves as chair of the Delegates for Independent Members of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property. His high-level involvement in international organisations keeps him abreast of the latest developments in IP law and policy – something he capitalises on in every engagement.

Other recommended experts

“Exceptionally knowledgeable and characterised by professionalism”, Vaso Rousounides draws on over two decades of experience as a heavy-hitting litigator, but is also au fait with all aspects of commercial law. She practises at George L Savvides & Co.


  • Eleni K Chrysostomides - Dr K Chrysostomides & Co
  • Alexandros Georgiades - Dr K Chrysostomides & Co
  • Eleni Papacharalambous - Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous LLC 
  • Vaso Rousounides - George L Savvides & Co
  • Marinos Cleanthous - IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC
  • Achilleas L Demetriades - Lellos P Demetriades Law Office LLC
  • Nicoletta Epaminonda - Lellos P Demetriades Law Office LLC
  • Barbara Gilson - Markides, Markides & Co
  • Maria Ioannides - IP Cyprus - Ioannides, Cleanthous & Co LLC
  • Eleni Korfiotis - Koushos Korfiotis Papacharalambous LLC 
  • Hermione A Markides - Markides, Markides & Co
  • Christos A Theodoulou - The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou LLC
  • Sozos-Christos Theodoulou - The Law Offices of Dr Christos A Theodoulou LLC