The recent hiring of inexperienced employees by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) has raised some concerns among Colombian practitioners, who are worried about the office’s ability to tackle its rising workload. Moreover, judicial enforcement remains slow in the country, where brand owners are often better off pursuing civil claims at the SIC – which enjoys jurisdiction over infringement cases – than waiting for lengthy court cases to be resolved. Despite these setbacks, Colombia’s IP landscape remains one of the best in the region due to its strong legislation, IP-informed, proactive and efficient customs authorities, and relatively low turnaround times for trademark registrations and other administrative actions.


  • Baker McKenzie SAS 
  • Brigard Castro
  • Cavelier Abogados
  • Lloreda Camacho & Co
  • Castellanos & Co
  • Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas
  • OlarteMoure
  • Posse Herrera Ruiz
  • Triana Uribe & Michelsen
  • Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria
  • Pons Colombia
  • Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados

Baker McKenzie SAS 

Global giant Baker McKenzie leverages its size to run a flexible, technologically savvy and cost-aware IP practice across 40 jurisdictions, offering 360-degree services that “seamlessly complement intellectual property with areas of commercial law and litigation”. Embodying this approach, the Colombian team provides first-class trademark prosecution for patrons such as Abbot, Chanel and Bayer, while also tackling some of the country’s most sophisticated trademark litigations for a jaw-dropping international clientele. Upon Alvaro Correa’s recent retirement, “enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable” Juan Pablo Concha Delgado has taken the IP reins at the Bogota office, first-chairing all complex litigation matters.

Brigard Castro

“A stellar and preeminent IP firm in Colombia,” Brigard Castro stands out for its “responsiveness, expert knowledge and bedside manner”. Entrusted by Google, Amazon and Colgate-Palmolive (to name but a few), the squad performs “remarkable work” across the full spectrum of intellectual property under the exceptional leadership of “star lawyer” Juan Pablo Cadena. Managing partner and a well-respected strategist, Cadena is as comfortable heading anti-counterfeiting cases as he is negotiating agreements for some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Joining him on the enforcement front, María Fernanda Castellanos has a knack for complex negotiations, often being summoned when matters escalate. Martín Torres Cardozo leads the trademark practice group, keeping “an impressive portfolio” of top international brands and making waves with his “great diligence and attention to detail”.

Castellanos & Co

Clients highly recommend Castellanos & Co, which “always surprises with its performance”. Prompt and clear replies, fair costs and great capabilities on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide are just some of the hallmarks of the boutique’s trademark practice – “an excellent group” efficiently led by Margarita Castellanos and Ximena Castellanos. “Responsive, knowledgeable and outstanding,” Ximena shines brightly for her prosecution expertise, while shrewd tactician Margarita is the firm’s big gun in enforcement and litigation. Together, the pair has obtained successful outcomes for clients Carolina Herrera, Swatch and Puma on notable trademark prosecution cases.

Cavelier Abogados

“An icon of IP protection in Colombia,” pioneer Cavelier Abogados is an undisputed front-runner in innovation and legal leadership. Originally envisioned as an IP boutique, the firm has since developed commercial, litigation, entrepreneurship and other adjacent arms to ensure that brand owners truly succeed in every aspect of their business. The backbone of the practice, veteran Jorge Chávarro is a recognised thought leader in the field, publishing and teaching widely on IP topics. In the trademarks department, all-rounder Martha Vanin takes the helm alongside Eduardo Varela, a cherished adviser in high demand among marquee clients in the technology, entertainment and food industries. When disputes arise, clients do not think twice before calling Edna Sarmiento’s name, trusting her with their most challenging trademark litigation.

Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas

As a “highly experienced firm with a deep bench of savvy practitioners”, Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas handles all aspects of IP law with extreme care and attention. With Luz Helena Adarve running the IP and technology practice, however, this is no surprise. “An exceptional trademark adviser, Adarve is as honest and transparent as she could be” – a quality much appreciated by the numerous multinationals that leave their complex IP portfolios in her capable hands. Second in charge, Juanita Acosta is another safe choice on the prosecution and strategy spheres and is set apart for her deep knowledge of intellectual property and innovation technology.

Lloreda Camacho & Co

Lloreda Camacho’s IP attorneys “act as actual partners of clients’ businesses”, fully immersing themselves in the development and commercialisation of their IP assets. As a result, top clients in the pharmaceutical, food and technology sectors flock to the firm’s doors to have “proactive and thoughtful” Alicia Lloreda and Tatiana Carrillo handle their trademark cases. “Always available and keen to provide business-savvy legal advice, Alicia Lloreda is an approachable lawyer and trusted adviser who fully dedicates herself to the success of clients’ projects.” Carrillo, who heads the trademark and copyrights group, fights tooth and nail for patrons’ trademark rights, offering canny insights into any infringement cases they may face.


From a seven-attorney IP boutique to an outfit of more than 100 employees, OlarteMoure has come a long way in 16 years of practice. Best known for its top-notch patent department, the trademark group is also growing steadily and the firm now enjoys an enviable reputation as a Latin America IP hub. Highly regarded Juan Moure is one of the masterminds behind this success. Considered “one of the best IP lawyers in the Andean community”, he excels in both public and private practices, possessing unbeatable knowledge of the Colombian IP framework. A pragmatic strategist with impressive academic credentials, Juan Felipe Acosta is always on hand when litigious work arises, effectively tackling any anti-counterfeiting case that comes his way.

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria

General practice Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria – the first Ibero-American outfit – has remarkable geographical reach, boasting offices across 10 Latin American, North American and European cities. Home to a strong and well-reputed IP practice, the firm makes its debut in the WTR 1000 this year on the back of its across-the-board capabilities in the trademark sphere and several overseas recommendations. Trademark and patent wizard Mauricio Patino should be the first port of call for brand owners and innovators.

Pons Colombia

Making its first ever appearance in the WTR 1000, PONS Colombia – the Colombian branch of Spanish boutique PONS IP – offers “on target services, fast responses and great counsel and strategy”, delivering European standards directly from Colombia’s capital city. Backed by a wide network of regional agents, the firm handles trademark cases from every corner of Latin America and beyond – an attractive feature for one-stop shoppers in the region. Deputy director of the Colombian team Juan Camilo Amaya “is a very responsive, intelligent attorney who provides smart and effective strategies for the protection of IP rights”.

Posse Herrera Ruiz

An esteemed hub for Latin America and the Caribbean, brand owners can trust Posse Herrera Ruiz’s IP group with their most complex trademark portfolios and litigation matters, which the team has a shining reputation for handling “efficiently and at very reasonable pricing”. Leading the deep bench of “wise, honest and friendly” IP practitioners, charismatic Helena Camargo inspires confidence with her “vocation, kindness and ability to solve problems quickly and effectively”. Following recent drug legalisation trends, she has teamed up with trademark guru Annabelle Angarita to represent Aphria – a Cannabis product manufacturer and grower – and take good care of the company’s cross-jurisdictional 400-brand portfolio. A technology transfer connoisseur, Ernesto Cavelier rules the IP licensing agreements domain and deals with any transactional IP matters that overlap with aspects of business law.

Triana Uribe & Michelsen

A tightly run, reliable and business-oriented IP boutique, Triana Uribe & Michelsen consistently delivers “prompt and accurate legal advice” to a happy clientele, but its unique selling point lies in the unbeatable strength of its trademark litigation practice – by far one of the best in Colombia. Led by example, the team is co-run by Fernando Triana – an “extremely sharp”, “incredible” and “outstanding” litigator – and franchising genius Juan Carlos Uribe, who together form a fountain of knowledge, specialising in legislative and custom-made client service. Following in their footsteps, all-rounder Sandra Ávila is also taking the industry by storm, capitalising on former public and in-house experience to devise effective approaches to trademark enforcement.

Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados

Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados has been in the business of intellectual property for almost 30 years, growing from a trademark-focused solo practice to a full-blown 35-people commercial boutique. With Mónica Wolf de Camhi at the wheel, the firm offers the complete spectrum of IP capabilities, routinely handling large transactions and anti-counterfeiting cases for brand owners and innovators. With over 30 years’ experience in the field, Wolf de Camhi offers “excellent service” and is “always available” to help clients navigate the local scene.

Other recommended experts

Cuesta & Asociados senior partner and polyglot Juan Carlos Cuesta Quintero speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French – an asset that truly facilitates communication with international clients. Endorsed by foreign counsel for her “super-efficient and excellent” service, Silvia Garcia can be found at Pinzón Pinzón & Asociados.


  • Luz Helena Adarve - Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas
  • Juan Pablo Cadena - Brigard Castro
  • Jorge Chávarro - Cavelier Abogados
  • Juan Pablo Concha Delgado - Baker McKenzie SAS
  • Alicia Lloreda - Lloreda Camacho & Co
  • Martín Torres Cardozo - Brigard Castro
  • Fernando Triana - Triana Uribe & Michelsen
  • Juan Felipe Acosta - OlarteMoure
  • Juanita Acosta - Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas
  • Helena Camargo - Posse Herrera Ruiz
  • Tatiana Carrillo - Lloreda Camacho & Co
  • Margarita Castellanos - Castellanos & Co
  • Maria Fernanda Castellanos - Brigard Castro
  • Ximena Castellanos - Castellanos & Co
  • Ernesto Cavelier - Posse Herrera Ruiz
  • Juan Carlos Cuesta Quintero - Cuesta & Asociados Ltda
  • Juan G Moure - OlarteMoure
  • Mauricio Patino - Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria
  • Edna Sarmiento - Cavelier Abogados
  • Juan Carlos Uribe - Triana Uribe & Michelsen
  • Martha Vanin - Cavelier Abogados
  • Eduardo Varela - Cavelier Abogados
  • Mónica Wolf de Camhi - Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados
  • Juan Camilo Amaya - Pons Colombia
  • Annabelle Angarita - Posse Herrera Ruiz
  • Sandra Ávila - Triana Uribe & Michelsen
  • Silvia Garcia - Pinzón Pinzón & Asociados