China and SARs: Macau

The Special Administrative Region of Macau has fared comparatively well throughout covid-19. Although it has seen an economic downturn during the pandemic due to its reliance on tourism, from August the government slowly began easing entry restrictions to help the city get back on its feet. In addition to this, after a short period of offering limited services only, the IP Office resumed normal operations in March.


BN Intellectual Property 

Local and overseas businesses enlist BN Intellectual Property for trademark protection duties with complete confidence. The team is active in diverse industry sectors and provides a tailored and attentive service, leveraging its presence in mainland China and Portugal to stay close to the many Chinese and European brand owners and law firms with which it has forged relationships. Technically sophisticated, the firm deploys proprietary software to streamline work processes and enhance efficiency. As clients comment: “BN Intellectual Property and Bruno Nunes are fast, responsive and reliable. They provide a very consistent and high-quality service.”

C&C Lawyers

Founded in 1996, C&C Lawyers has been providing its local and international client base with a full range of high-calibre legal services ever since. Reputed as a prolific filer, the firm is also proficient at handling all types of IP matters, making it effective as a one-stop shop for brand owners. Heading the IP practice is polyglot Zhao Lu, who can offer advice in English, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

DSL Lawyers

DSL Lawyers runs one of the leading IP practices in Macau and is enthusiastically endorsed for its local expertise, regional knowledge and portfolio management dexterity. DSL is the only Macanese firm to have joined World Services Group, which grants it easy access to an impressive network of correspondents. Co-founder of the firm and head ontellectual property Carlos Simões is considered by peers to be a “technically adept and experienced lawyer”.


A full-service law outfit with excellent international connections through its membership of MLGTS Legal Circle and Lex Mundi, MdME is also one of the largest law firms in Macau – and the first in the jurisdiction to have opened a representative office in Hong Kong. Its IP team is spearheaded by João Encarnação, whose experience and skill across the contentious/non-contentious divide continues to attract a high-level client base for which intellectual property is pivotal. Sources praise his “excellent commercial advice and responsiveness” as well as his “flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile to understand and accommodate clients’ individual needs”. “João is enthusiastic and fun to work with, and a very approachable and energetic lawyer who provides the best recommendations clearly and precisely.”

RPmacau Intellectual Property Services Ltd

Established in the mid-1990s when Macau introduced its own IP laws, RPmacau offers a comprehensive menu of service options to rights holders, handling everything from availability searches to litigation with poise. The team does all this confidently in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Portuguese, and can also work and communicate effectively in French, Spanish and Italian. Luis Reigadas is recognised by peers as “one of the most experienced IP practitioners on the market”.


  • Luis Reigadas - RPmacau Intellectual Property Services Ltd
  • João Encarnação - MdME
  • Zhao Lu - C&C Lawyers
  • Bruno Nunes - BN Intellectual Property
  • Carlos D Simões - DSL Lawyers