China and SARs: Macau

Trademark professionals in Macau enjoy a steady diet of instructions relating to gaming, luxury and retail brands. Perhaps contrary to expectations, this is not a difficult market in which to protect and enforce trademark rights; commentators generally praise the high standards upheld by the government trademark agency and the courts. By all accounts, the number of filings continues to increase in the special administrative region, helped by a push to bring more trademark registration services online; the efficacy of the courts also gives brand owners the confidence to enforce their rights, so litigation is prevalent.


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  • BN Intellectual Property Services
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  • RPmacau Intellectual Property Services Ltd

BN Intellectual Property Services

BN Intellectual Property is a great choice for companies in need of highly efficient prosecution services. The group caters to a large swathe of Chinese clients in particular, but also rights holders throughout the Asia-Pacific region – as well as a number of French and Italian luxury brands. Practice head Bruno Nunes is celebrated for his quick turnaround on every request, and gets straight to the point with his advice. Well attuned to the thinking of the local IP office, he secures watertight protection – and fast.

C&C Lawyers

C&C is home to a cosmopolitan team of lawyers who collectively render a complete commercial law service. As part of this, the team provides all manner of IP solutions, flexing expertise on prosecution and portfolio management, as well as enforcement and licensing. Team captain Zhao Lu – a partner here since the turn of the century – speaks Portuguese, English, Mandarin and Cantonese, allowing him to serve a diverse client base with poise. Plugged into the International Trademark Association and the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, he has an intimate understanding of regional IP protection.

DSL Lawyers

“Modern and efficient” is the verdict on DSL Lawyers, which celebrated a decade of superb practice in 2017. A key draw for brand owners is its outstanding track record in administrative and judicial trademark litigation and enforcement. In part by leveraging its contentious nous, the group also knows how to obtain trademark rights that are robust in the long term. Co-founding partner Carlos Simões obtains straightforward, favourable court decisions and settlements without breaking a sweat, having done so for over 25 years now. He is always looking for ways to add value and takes the time to really understand his clients’ products and services, and commercial objectives.


Sitting within the MLGTS Legal Circle – a network of law firms in Portuguese-speaking countries – MdME gives patrons not only cutting-edge guidance on IP matters in Macau, but also easy access to legal expertise in other Lusophone jurisdictions. The full-service outfit maintains a highly specialised IP team that neatly turns out quality work on every brief, and is entrusted with international portfolio management duties by a slew of top-tier foreign associates in Hong Kong, China, the United States and Europe. Not one to stand still, the firm set up an alliance-wide gaming law practice in 2017. An expert in intellectual property as well as corporate law and dispute resolution, João Encarnação is a Swiss Army knife of a lawyer who can serve as an anchor for any client conducting just about any business in Macau.

RPmacau Intellectual Property Services Ltd

“RPmacau is a pioneer in terms of IP practice in Macau. The quality of its work and the consistency of its service are really excellent, and it has done a terrific job keeping up with the latest trends and developments in local and international intellectual property.” Highly cost-efficient – and upfront about costs to begin with – the firm has earned the trust of many international brand owners. Founding partner Luis Reigadas has instilled a client-comes-first mentality in his 20-plus team of professionals. He has dedicated his career to intellectual property and no aspect of trademark protection and enforcement is outside his bailiwick.


  • João Encarnação - MdME
  • Zhao Lu - C&C Lawyers
  • Bruno Nunes - BN Intellectual Property
  • Luis Reigadas - RPmacau Intellectual Property Services Ltd
  • Carlos D Simões - DSL Lawyers