Chile is a frontrunner when it comes to trademark protection in Latin America, boasting one of the region’s most technologically advanced trademark offices – the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI). Continually growing and modernising, this offers efficient online filing systems, easy access to interviews with examiners, and AI tools that enhance examination processes, delivering high accuracy and short processing times. Chilean IP laws are also modern and in line with global trends, save for the absence of a use requirement for both trademark validity and renewals – a legal aspect the Congress is currently seeking to reform. This year, the WTR 1000 rankings for Chile have expanded, with IP boutiques Dellafiori Abogados and Garay IP debuting in the guide for the very first time.


  • Carey
  • Sargent & Krahn
  • Silva 
  • Albagli Zaliasnik SpA
  • Alessandri
  • Claro y Cia
  • Johansson & Langlois
  • Beuchat, Barros & Pfenniger
  • CMS Carey & Allende
  • Covarrubias & Cía
  • Dellafiori Abogados
  • Garay IP
  • Jarry IP
  • Larrain y Asociados
  • Marinovic & Cia
  • Porzio Rios Garcia
  • Villaseca Abogados

Albagli Zaliasnik SpA

“Undoubtedly one of the top firms for intellectual property in Chile,” full-service Albagli Zaliasnik operates flawlessly across the full IP spectrum. However, the squad’s forte remains its outstanding enforcement and litigation practice, as demonstrated by the stunning Supreme Court victory it recently obtained for Inversiones Santa Teresa SA – a decision that followed 12 years of consecutive cancellation actions, litigation proceedings and oppositions. Ariela Agosin, Eugenio Gormáz and Oscar Molina are the superstars behind this astonishing win and the IP practice’s three most respected practitioners. “An extremely knowledgeable litigator,” Agosin routinely handles IP licensing agreements, arbitrations and civil litigations, fighting tirelessly to achieve the best outcomes for clients. Gormáz, Albagli Zaliasnik’s IP director, ensures that the team stays in “constant contact with clients and supports them with their immediate requirements”. Alongside coordinating the day-to-day operations of the group, he also successfully manages the trademark portfolios of top domestic and international brand owners, such as Mercedes-Benz, Sky Airline and Wal-Mart. Molina – “one of the greatest IP lawyers in Chile” – strikes “the perfect balance between corporate business knowledge and litigation”, handling trademark and anti-counterfeiting work for some of the side’s most prominent clients. One of the latter enthuses: “Oscar is a terrific, remarkable and upstanding lawyer, both knowledgeable and practical. I have the highest confidence in his experience, training, and instincts as a top trademark litigator.”


Full-service Alessandri is outstanding in IP matters; the firm is regularly found at INAPI representing global giants such as Uber, Ferrari and Dell on some of the Chile’s top IP cases. Recently, it achieved a milestone registration for the country’s national football team based on the secondary meaning doctrine – an argument rarely recognised in local legal practice. One of the brains behind this triumph, IP and technology managing partner Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri acts as “the Chilean eyes and ears” of prominent foreign brands, executing trademark prosecution and enforcement strategies “thoroughly and diligently”. Of counsel since March 2019, “Chile’s finest” Rodrigo Velasco S is a leading light in the non-contentious practice, offering “fantastic customer service and legal advice in trademark matters”. Well-known and respected professor Santiago Ortúzar has a knack for helping Chilean clients thrive in the global sphere, crafting shrewd brand protection strategies that fully guard their innovations abroad.

Beuchat, Barros & Pfenniger

A time-honoured institution of Chilean IP practice, boutique Beuchat, Barros & Pfenniger has been helping clients fully exploit their intangibles for over 55 years, offering cherished counselling across the full IP gamut – from anti-counterfeiting matters to economic valuations of innovations. Embodying the practice’s far-reaching nature, versatile Andrés Melossi Jiménez can tackle any IP matter that comes his way and should serve as the first port of call for interested parties.


Full-service Carey’s IP department stands out for its “unusually modern approach to IP practice”, epitomised by the full incorporation of technological innovation and machine learning in its work. With such cutting-edge tools at its disposal and a highly specialised and synergetic team of the finest calibre, the group’s service has become the gold standard for proactiveness and efficiency – not only in Chile but Latin America as a whole. Captaining the ship, Guillermo Carey is “a true leader of the Chilean IP field” and a respected negotiator and litigator who routinely advises Chilean high-impact tech companies on their technological transfers and internationalisations. Co-leading the practice by example, Francisco Carey is the heart of the trademark group, pleasing Fortune 500 clients – such as Adidas and Nestlé – with his “always accurate recommendations and advice”. Up-and-comer Catalina Aldunate supports him, protecting Oakley and Skechers’ famous and well-known trademarks, keeping a close eye on new trademark applications at INAPI and designing effective opposition actions against counterfeiters when necessary. Tabata Santelices, another rising star, “handles all IP matters successfully and with a high degree of professionalism”, being warmly recommended by US peers. Last but not least, frequent lecturer and guest speaker Fernando García has proved as eloquent in court as in the classroom, routinely defending and enforcing the IP assets of numerous universities and pharmaceutical companies.

Claro y Cia

Full-service Claro never shies away from a challenge, tackling the bull by the horns when highly complex and unprecedented cases arise. Best known for its strong litigation and arbitration practices, the firm is also home to an outstanding IP department led by the “famous and greatly admired” Felipe Claro. “Client-centric and extremely bright”, he puts brand owners’ business goals at the heart of his work, being the counsel of choice in Chile for some of the world’s largest fashion, beverage and technology companies. Steering the trademark group, all-rounder Paulina Bardón is an IP and data privacy guru who advises on a wide panoply of issues – from geographical indications and copyrights to e-commerce and franchising. Another name for the address book, trilingual Claus Krebs is a commercially savvy IP counsellor and litigator who knows when to turn up the heat and when to cool things down.

CMS Carey & Allende

Commercial outfit CMS Carey & Allende may boast a relatively new IP group, but its strong reputation for enforcement matters is already well established in Chile. This is no coincidence; with Matias Somarriva spearheading the practice, brand owners from all over flock to the Santiago office to have their trademark disputes solved by the litigation ace. The Chilean partner of React – the famous anti-counterfeiting network – he is a regionwide reference in the fight against fake goods and effectively navigates the system to defend clients against infringements. Formerly at Silva, his recruitee Paz Marambio complements the practice with her brand management knowhow, co-handling the trademark portfolios of the group’s most prominent clients.

Covarrubias & Cía

“A pleasure to work with,” Covarrubias & Cía specialises in both intellectual property and personalised customer service, “delivering reliable, quality and cost-effective work” on time, every time. Featuring a young and ambitious team of sprightly lawyers, biologists, chemists and engineers, the boutique’s technical expertise is as impressive as is its loyal client roster of major-league brands – domestic and international. Ensuring that the practice runs smoothly, Covarrubias & Cía’s “comprehensive and attentive” managing partner Arturo Covarrubias leads from the front in client service, “answering all queries quickly and offering detailed reporting and objective recommendations, even in last-minute matters”.

Dellafiori Abogados

Debuting in the WTR 1000, Dellafiori Abogados had a banner year in 2019; in just 12 months, the IP boutique filed 176 oppositions, defended clients on another 45 and litigated six cases all the way up to the Supreme Court. In practice since 1986, the ensemble knows the local market inside out and fares particularly well with national clients, who speak highly of its elevated customer service and affordable fees. Empresas Carozzi – one of Latin America’s largest conglomerates – is among these, receiving excellent representation from the fantastic Mauro Dellafiori. Head of the national practice, he has grown it significantly since joining in 2013, bringing in new clients in the food, pharmaceutical and clothing industries. International patrons, on the other hand, will want Enrique Dellafiori’s number on speed dial. A seasoned litigator with a criminal and commercial background, the outfit’s founding partner has dedicated himself to IP work for nearly two decades and enjoys an excellent reputation in the field.

Garay IP

“Strongly recommend to anyone facing trademark cases in Chile,” Garay IP breaks into the WTR 1000 this year on the back of strong referrals from clients and peers. Providing “outstanding service and impressively rapid responses at reasonable prices”, the small IP boutique excels in all trademark-related matters, largely thanks to the brilliance, loyalty and consistency of its core team of professionals. First among equals, all-rounder Jorge Garay Pérez promptly and effectively handles matters on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, “offering same-day responses and keeping clients informed of all developments in their cases”. On the prosecution side, “very skilful and super organised” Hannelore Rennke is a favourite among clients, being highly commended for her “clear assessments, practical and fast responses and exceptional service”. One patron remarks: “Hannelore is simply the best. She responds quicker than everyone else I know and has been very helpful in crafting successful enforcement strategies for our trademark rights. The promptness and quality of her advice add great value to our work.”

Jarry IP

Forward-looking Jarry IP is far from your average IP boutique. Boasting a remarkable multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, scientists and business experts, the firm stands out for its deep technical expertise across all IP and adjacent spheres – from patents and domain names to copyrights and IP commercialisation. The backbone of the practice, founding partner and shrewd tactician Allan Jarry doubles up as the office’s strategic manager and its most well-known IP professional, managing trademark and patent portfolios for patrons of various sectors. When it comes to trademark prosecution, veteran Susie Frey – a new name in the WTR 1000 this year – runs the show, ensuring that all ‘t’s are crossed and all ‘i’s dotted.

Johansson & Langlois

Operating since 1945, Johansson & Langlois remains one of the most illustrious IP boutiques in Santiago. With a broad menu of services covering all IP-related matters, the outfit receives high praise for the quality of its work, prepared meticulously and efficiently by its 11-strong team of attorneys and technical experts. The practice’s two main pillars, Christopher Doxrud and Max Montero are both “excellent longstanding professionals with vast experience in intellectual property” and a special knack for trademark infringement and litigation cases.

Larrain y Asociados

General practice Larrain y Asociados features a small but robust IP team fully entrusted by multiple blue-chip brands – Universal Music and 7-Eleven included. Focusing a lot of its attentions on IP prosecution and licensing work, the firm is also one of the few outfits in Chile to tackle plant variety cases and its sturdy capabilities in the agricultural sector are certainly hard to match. A leader in each of these areas and more, professor Pablo Ruiz-Tagle is a legal polymath whose main areas of expertise include public and constitutional law, intellectual property and arbitration. In addition to supervising most of the firm’s trademark cases, he also teaches and publishes regularly on legal subjects.

Marinovic & Cia

Although Marinovic & Cia’s sophisticated and specialised IP team can handle prosecution and licensing with the greatest of ease, litigation, enforcement and anti-counterfeiting remain its top specialities. With Antonio Marinovic and Luis Ignacio Olmedo as the IP and commercial boutique’s backbones, however, this is far from surprising – both attorneys are deeply respected for their contentious practices and have played a key role in implementing the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property in Chile. Marinovic is an anti-counterfeiting genius, fighting tooth and nail to defend his highly prestigious clientele against pirates and forgers. Olmedo, also a seasoned litigator, has personally dealt with thousands of criminal trademark cases and enjoys close ties with local authorities that help him overcome administrative roadblocks in the blink of an eye.

Porzio Rios Garcia

Porzio Rios Garcia combines the best of both worlds – a “very efficient and specialised team of IP lawyers and technicians” and an adjacent commercial law practice that enriches its IP services with valuable business insights. Operating at full speed since 1993, the firm was set up by luminary Marino Porzio, one of Chile’s most renowned and influential IP litigators and still a go-to for canny advice on industrial property, plant varieties and unfair competition matters. Veteran Cristóbal Porzio has also “been there from the start”; a litigation and counseling guru, he integrates the boards of directors of several companies and advises popular international companies on their IP businesses in Chile.

Sargent & Krahn

One of Chile’s oldest IP firms, Sargent & Krahn has featured in the WTR 1000’s gold tier for several editions and for good reason – the office is “extremely well organised and fights each case until the end”, come rain or shine. A hub of “respectable talent”, the outfit’s ability to innovate and adapt for clients’ benefit sets it apart from competitors, as does its first-class team of visionary lawyers and technical professionals. Garnering the most feedback of them all this year, “excellent, intelligent and systematic” Alfredo Montaner is “one of the best IP lawyers in Chile”, graciously fighting opponents with “ethical, professional and high-quality oppositions”. Second in line, Juan Pablo Egaña is an award-winning author and professor who knows the field’s legal intricacies like the back of his hand. Also at the receiving end of multiple peer recommendations, senior associate Eduardo Lobos is a “great IP lawyer whose outstanding career has been devoted almost entirely to trademark work”.


“Starting from scratch” about three decades ago, Juan Pablo Silva and his father founded a small family outfit exclusively dedicated to IP protection. Today, despite its significant expansion into a 50-strong team, the side’s love of innovation and creativity remains unchanged – and it shows. For one thing, Silva keeps a close eye on industry developments, growing adjacent areas such as data privacy, cybersecurity and advertising law to ensure that all clients’ innovation-related matters are fully covered. To top things up, it also implements innovative and technologically advanced systems across practices to maximise efficiency and lower costs; an example being the homemade SILVANET software, which streamlines filing and asset management activities. The “great leader and commercially savvy attorney” behind such developments, Juan Pablo Silva constantly goes the extra mile to exceed expectations, as one happy patron attests: “For more than 10 years, Juan Pablo Silva has defended my companies on trademark issues. Trusting him for a decade was not chance; I dare to say that he is the best lawyer in Chile in these matters. Both at the registry and in trademark litigation, his performance is outstanding, combining great technical skills and expertise with a humane character and commitment.” By his side, trademark genius Francisco Silva heads Silva’s international department, using his extensive knowledge and experience abroad to craft bulletproof protection for global brands’ IP assets. Energetic Ricardo Montero is a leading light in the domestic sphere, helping Chilean companies to exploit their intangibles domestically and abroad. Last but not least, seasoned litigator Andrés Grunewaldt Cabrera oversees every single case at the firm, working closely with all members of the team in matters of civil and criminal litigation.

Villaseca Abogados

The 103-year-old Villaseca Abogados enjoys a top reputation in the Chilean IP market, as the words of one competitor reveal: “We have been counterparts in many trademark disputes and have found Villaseca’s team to be an excellent opponent in both IP and corporate matters.” The evident strength of the IP boutique’s trademark prosecution and enforcement practices in large part comes down to the savviness of its superstar squad, which includes top-notch attorneys such as Bernardo Serrano, Felipe Pavez and Sergio Amenábar. Litigation gurus Serrano and Pavez both pull out all the stops to defend clients’ trademarks, crafting tailormade advice to help them make the most of their intellectual assets. Prestigious senior attorney Amenábar offers shrewd counselling in both patents and trademarks. Anchoring the practice, founding partner Max Villaseca has practiced law for nearly four decades, having seen and done it all in the trademark, domain names and copyrights fields.

Other recommended experts

Cooper & Cia’s Rodrigo Cooper is a reference in the Chilean IP world, doubling up as senior partner and renowned IP law professor. Muñoz Jeanneret y Cia’s Noëlle Jeanneret receives warm recommendations from clients and peers, impressing with her “vast expertise, quick and easy service and detailed-focused nature”. Pablo Lineros excels at delivering personalised IP services, handling anti-counterfeiting cases and trademark portfolios for both domestic and foreign clients – he is managing partner at Lineros & Cia. Recommended by domestic and foreign peers alike, Mackenna Irarrázabal Cuchacovich & Paz’s Rodrigo Marré is a versatile attorney whose practice extends all the way from intellectual property to aviation and telecommunications law. At AEM Law Firm, “extremely knowledgeable, flexible and responsive” Ignacio Martinez is a trademark and anti-counterfeiting guru, offering clients “cunning legal advice, creative resolutions to complex issues, and valuable counseling on how best to interact with different judicial and law enforcement agencies” in Chile.


  • Francisco Carey - Carey
  • Guillermo Carey - Carey
  • Felipe Claro - Claro y Cia
  • Rodrigo Marré - Mackenna Irarrázabal Cuchacovich & Paz
  • Alfredo Montaner - Sargent & Krahn
  • Juan Pablo Silva - Silva
  • Ariela Agosin - Albagli Zaliasnik SpA
  • Paulina Bardón - Claro y Cia
  • Rodrigo Cooper - Cooper & Cia
  • Arturo Covarrubias - Covarrubias & Cía
  • Juan Pablo Egaña - Sargent & Krahn
  • Andrés Grunewaldt Cabrera - Silva
  • Allan Jarry - Jarry IP
  • Antonio Marinovic - Marinovic & Cia
  • Andrés Melossi Jiménez - Beuchat, Barros & Pfenniger
  • Oscar Molina - Albagli Zaliasnik SpA
  • Max Montero - Johansson & Langlois
  • Ricardo Montero - Silva
  • Santiago Ortúzar - Alessandri
  • Cristóbal Porzio - Porzio Rios Garcia
  • Bernardo Serrano S - Villaseca Abogados
  • Francisco Silva - Silva
  • Matias Somarriva - CMS Carey & Allende
  • Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri - Alessandri
  • Rodrigo Velasco S - Alessandri
  • Max F Villaseca - Villaseca Abogados
  • Catalina Aldunate - Carey
  • Enrique Dellafiori - Dellafiori Abogados
  • Mauro Dellafiori - Dellafiori Abogados
  • Christopher Doxrud - Johansson & Langlois
  • Susie Frey - Jarry IP
  • Jorge Garay Pérez - Garay IP
  • Fernando García - Carey
  • Eugenio Gormáz - Albagli Zaliasnik SpA
  • Noëlle Jeanneret - Muñoz Jeanneret y Cia
  • Claus Krebs - Claro y Cia
  • Pablo Lineros - Lineros & Cia
  • Eduardo Lobos - Sargent & Krahn
  • Paz Marambio - CMS Carey & Allende
  • Ignacio Martinez - AEM Law Firm 
  • Luis Ignacio Olmedo - Marinovic & Cia
  • Felipe Pavez - Villaseca Abogados
  • Hanne Rennke - Garay IP
  • Pablo Ruiz-Tagle - Larrain y Asociados
  • Tabata Santelices - Carey


  • Sergio Amenábar V - Villaseca Abogados
  • Marino Porzio - Porzio Rios Garcia