The long-awaited Madrid Protocol finally arrived in Brazil on 2 October 2019 and is, without doubt, the hot topic of the moment. Ascension will follow an intense period of preparation by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), which has streamlined registration processes and virtually eliminated the previous backlog of filings, reducing average timeframes down to 12 months. INPI is also harmonising national legislation with Madrid requirements, having already adopted an unprecedented trademark co-ownership regime and the division of trademark registrations and applications through Resolutions 244/2019 and 245/2019. Against this backdrop, trademark practitioners are adapting to the changes and preparing for the market swings that the protocol is likely to bring about; judging by the Mexican and Colombian experiences, the shift from national to Madrid filings may affect prosecution shops substantially, while firms handling enforcement and litigation can expect to see a noteable uptick in their workloads.



In only three years, ABO IP’s “young inspirational attorneys” have already established an impressive market footprint, using their refined IP knowledge – acquired at some of Brazil’s best IP shops – to deliver truly cost-effective service for clients in various industries. With “rising stars” Andrew Bellingall on the trademark and copyright commercialisation front and Guilherme de Mattos Abrantes taking over IP litigation and licensing, patrons can rest assured that their IP cases will be handled with the highest skill and care.

Ariboni, Fabbri, Schmidt Sociedade de Advogados

“An absolute favourite among Italian clients,” Ariboni, Fabbri, Schmidt joins the WTR 1000 rankings this year on the back of exceptional peer feedback. A traditional IP and commercial boutique, the polyglot team has been in practice for over three decades, delivering excellent guidance to domestic and international financial institutions, government bodies and large brands. Both admired attorneys, Lélio Denicoli Schmidt and Hélio Fabbri spearhead the IP practice – Schmidt taking good care of trademark prosecution and Fabbri tackling the outfit’s contentious IP cases.

Bhering Advogados 

“Reliable, thoughtful, resourceful and quite reasonable in terms of pricing, Bhering is Brazil’s best hidden secret when it comes to intellectual property.” One client remarks: “Bhering is a magnificent firm – extremely responsive, pragmatic, proactive and client-oriented, thinking outside the box and providing creative solutions when needed.” Another enthuses: “The firm is committed to superior client service and to really getting to know its clients’ commercial objectives and business approaches. The whole team is also excellent in back-office work.. I have worked with that firm on approximately 1,700 cases and do not have a single complaint. For me, it is without doubt the go-to firm in Brazil and I will trust the team with any IP matter, knowing it is in the best hands.” Pedro Bhering and Philippe Bhering are the centrepieces of this highly reputed practice. Managing partner and head of transactions, “Pedro is charming, easily available, sensitive to business and always ready to understand clients’ concerns, explore options and find solutions”. Meanwhile, “well-connected and globally respected” Philippe is the outfit’s greatest litigation weapon. “He gets to know clients’ strategies and approach to commercial IP disputes, maintaining a calm and responsive manner when troubles brew, guiding them through their options and recommending clear action plans.” Joined by up-and-comer Jiuliano Maurer, the trio effectively handles trademark prosecution, litigation, licensing and anti-counterfeiting for giants such as FIFA, adidas and Warner Bros.

BMA Barbosa Mussnich Aragao

Strategic portfolio management and high-stakes deals and litigation are the bread and butter of full-service BMA, whose select clientele of exquisite global brands continues to grow year on year. When it comes to intellectual property, the group is endorsed by international clients as “one of the leading firms in Brazil”, receiving special praise for the strength of its transactional and litigation practices – a testament to Antonella Carminatti’s huge success in these areas. “If you need an IP lawyer in Brazil, look no further than Antonella. Her top-notch service, incisive advice, fast responses and terrific understanding of your business will certainly exceed your expectations.” Second in line, Claudia Christina Schulz is not only a “go-to source for cost-effective, practical and efficient advice on trademark matters”, but also a notable connoisseur of unfair competition matters and franchising agreements. Leading the IP team at the São Paulo office, licensing whiz José Eduardo Pieri serves brand owners across the media, luxury and technology sectors, advising them on all IP aspects of their corporate transactions.

Daniel Law 

Constant growth has become the new normal for Daniel Law, as the “fantastic IP boutique” keeps adding new names to its already bursting client roster. The reason? The firm’s continuous investment in technology and innovation and its “extremely responsive, thorough and personalised services” make it “a pleasure to work with”, attracting some of the world’s leading media and technology companies as a result. From trademark prosecution to civil IP litigation, the ensemble’s deep bench of attorneys covers all there is to cover in the IP sphere, doing so with a characteristically forward-looking and creative outlook. Spearheading the legal department, André Oliveira is an “experienced, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable IP lawyer”, whose advice often proves indispensable in complex trademark litigation. Versatile Isabella Cardozo’s practice extends across trademark consultancy and corporate IP strategy services to “render accurate and timely counsel at competitive fees”, making her a popular choice among pharmaceutical and fashion companies. Technology maven Robert Daniel-Shores brings to the table a solid understanding of online brand protection, data privacy and other hot topics in the technology industry.

Dannemann Siemsen

It is no coincidence that peers recognise Dannemann Siemsen as “the strongest and best IP firm in Brazil” – its “high-calibre team and strong technical capacities” are simply second to none. Covering the gamut of IP matters from trade dress to unfair competition, the outfit knocks it out of the park in each area, largely thanks to its impressive 280-lawyer line-up. First among equals is luminary Peter Dirk Siemsen, a veteran in industrial property and IP transfer matters whose name has become synonymous with intellectual property in Brazil. Following in his footsteps, franchising ace Luiz Henrique do Amaral is a “reliable, well-prepared and highly skilled” attorney who receives high praise from national connections – as does “top technician” Rafael Dias de Lima, who is greatly admired in Brazil and abroad. Litigation department head Peter Eduardo Siemsen – “the second generation of the Siemsen family and, as the first, exceptionally good in all IP matters” – is a name to note on the IP litigation and anti-counterfeiting fronts, together with “fantastic and tough opponent” Filipe Fonteles Cabral, whose trial expertise takes courthouse combat to another level. Coordinating the litigious team, criminal and civil litigation guru Joaquim Eugenio Goulart is an established industrial property author, as is his partner Jose Henrique Vasi Werner, whose public speaking skills serve him well in both the courtroom and the classroom. Capitalising on over 30 years’ trademark experience, Elisabeth Siemsen do Amaral manages the superb trademark department, where Attilio Gorini, Rodrigo Borges Carneiro and Rafael Atab deserve special mentions. All three are entertainment and media aficionados with impressive client rosters, while Atab also carries out excellent work for consumer electronics, technology and advertising brands.

David do Nascimento Advogados Associados

Since its inception in 1970, David do Nascimento has been guided by one overriding principle: to provide quick, clear and complete advice to clients in the IP sphere, helping them to make the best decisions for their intellectual assets. Nearly 50 years later, the IP boutique continues to achieve this, attracting clients such as Disney and adidas for the quality of its trademark prosecution, litigation and anti-counterfeiting work. Leading the efforts on these fronts, Marcello do Nascimento “has an in-depth knowledge of Brazil’s IP laws”, which ensures that all trademarks matters are dealt with impeccably.

Demarest Advogados

Breaking into the WTR 1000 for the first time this year, full-service Demarest Advogados is garnering some impressive feedback for its 360-degree IP services. “Demarest assisted us with an IP infringement claim that was impactful to our business. The team kept us up to date throughout the whole process and we ended up with a better result than I would have thought possible. I would highly recommend it for trademark work in Brazil”. The stars of the show are Tatiana Campello and Marcelo Inglez de Souza – both “outstanding practitioners with a deep understanding of local laws”. Campello is the group’s “amazing leader” who “thinks through each situation strategically to help clients achieve their business goals”. “Strong, easy-going litigator Inglez de Souza is always available, fully understands clients’ needs, thinks outside the box and is able to overturn bad case law” when it stands in the way of brand owners’ interests. When tackling complex unfair competition and trademark infringement cases, he “shows a balanced view of matters and strives to reach common ground with opponents”.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados 

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados’ “extremely dedicated staff” goes above and beyond to protect clients’ brands, as one patron espouses: “We had one case where the handling associate stayed up until midnight to check the court’s database and see if the adverse party filed an appeal in a trademark litigation matter. They all work very hard within what can be a challenging legal system and they go the extra mile to secure our IP rights.” Embodying this approach and leading the “smart, quick and energetic IP team” from the front, managing partner Paulo Parente Marques Mendes plays a pivotal role in virtually all the boutique’s trademark-related cases. By his side, the business-oriented Renata Hohl and Fernanda Mósca Tavares Dias are invaluable to blue-chip clients, providing top-notch trademark counselling to the likes of Samsung and Coca-Cola. Besides being fresh to the WTR 1000 this year, Patricia Franco is also a new member of the team, having joined from Monica Nogueira to strengthen the trademark and patent practices even further.

Felsberg Advogados

Pioneer full-service Felsberg – best known for its groundbreaking project finance, bankruptcy and venture capital practices – debuts in the WTR 1000 thanks to the notable strengthening of its IP department in 2019, which was epitomised by the hiring of Diego Vieira. Former breadwinner at Guerra IP and already a familiar name in the guide, Felsberg’s new IP head is “a seasoned attorney of the highest calibre, blowing everyone away with his responsiveness, knowledge, pragmatism and reasonable fees”. “He’s a cut above the rest and will surpass your expectations.” Following his move, the firm’s across-the-board IP capabilities are gaining increased visibility – brand owners looking for a one-stop shop in Brazil are sure to find the outfit a good fit for their needs.

Fialho Salles Advogados

Boasting the most comprehensive trademark practice in Minas Gerais and a growing presence in Brazil’s two most populous cities, commercial outfit Fialho Salles is a great choice for brand owners with operations across the country. Taking advantage of its lean structure to provide fast and cost-effective advice, the firm garners praise for its business-oriented approach and ability to get “the best results for clients”. Leading the IP practice by example, Lucas Spadano is “a great negotiator with a deep knowledge of national and international IP laws”.

Guerra IP

“A robust IP ensemble, Guerra features very broad skills across most IP areas,” combining top-notch, large-firm services with the personalised attention of a boutique. Traditionally strong in the southern regions of Brazil, the outfit has expanded immensely since its establishment in 1969, opening a Rio de Janeiro office in recent years – where highly regarded IP lawyer Ricardo Pinho is now based. An IP devotee, Pinho not only crafts top asset protection strategies for a loyal clientele, he also works hard to “refine the profession as a whole, constantly fighting for improved conditions at the national IP offices”. All-rounder Cristina Guerra’s advanced litigation abilities in geographical indications (GIs) are some of the best in Latin America and go some way to explaining why the firm is described as “exceptionally good in litigious matters”.

Gusmão & Labrunie

“Gusmão & Labrunie is a reference in the country in trademarks, unfair competition and intellectual property as a whole.” As such, clients and peers will not hesitate to recommend its services. One patron enthuses: “I have been working with the firm for a very long time and I can say that it is among the best. The practitioners know our company and our markets perfectly and go to the heart of each matter, evaluating risks, anticipating needs and taking clear positions when disputes arise. Their services are impeccable and the success rate is outstanding.” Speaking of success, the IP boutique had a bumper year in 2019, adding several patrons to an already groaning roster and investing heavily in AI to reduce administrative tasks and free up time for client service – the team’s hallmark. “One of the best professionals in the IP area,” respected litigator Jacques Labrunie sets the bar high, “working closely with clients and finding practical solutions to their problems”. “A famous IP scholar and seasoned attorney,” José Roberto Gusmão shares the leadership responsibilities and plays a special role in the outfit’s contentious cases, viewing each litigation through an analytical lens. IP gurus João Vieira da Cunha and Thiago Arpagaus de Souza are both “incredibly smart and creative, bringing a sense of business practicality and efficiency to the table – something that is hugely valuable and not easy to find in outside counsel”. Arpagaus de Souza is “a great, highly responsive communicator who collaborates wholeheartedly”, while Vieira da Cunha is described by one competitor as “the most accomplished IP litigator in Brazil”. A valuable asset in trademark cases, Laetitia d'Hanens is a prosecution and licensing extraordinaire, representing top patrons such as football star Neymar, SANOFI and DANONE.

Kasznar Leonardos 

Kasznar Leonardos is among the crème de la crème of IP firms in Brazil. For over a century, the 200-people boutique has been providing 360-degree IP services to the finest brand owners in Brazil and abroad, growing organically from the onset and expanding its offering in line with market developments. In that spirit, the outfit recently established data protection, anti-piracy and start-up groups, ensuring that no IP stone is left unturned. On the trademark front, the attorney line-up is unsurpassed on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, starting with “fantastic litigator” and accomplished author Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, whose worldwide reputation guarantees her a seat at any important IP discussion in Latin America. A match for her in popularity and skill, mighty litigator Gabriel Francisco Leonardos “is one of the best in the country – not just an IP practitioner, but an institution in himself”. Together with “unflappable and upstanding” Rafael Lacaz Amaral – whose “encyclopaedic knowledge of enforcement and registration law in Brazil allows him to navigate difficult situations with ease” – the pair tackles some of the group’s most complex trademark litigations on a daily basis. With a foot in both the litigious and prosecution spheres, Filipe da Cunha Leonardos joins Liz Starling in the running of the trademark prosecution practice, providing “quality advice and well thought-out strategy on non-routine matters”. The final name on the list, versatile Nancy Satiko Caigawa, “is fully committed to clients, timely attending to their needs and truly getting to know their businesses”.

Lext Intellectual Property LLC 

A petite, six-year old IP boutique, Lext IP stands out for its provision of “timely and effective solutions to clients’ problems”, who describe it as “trustworthy and worth the money”. A modern practice with a social conscious and complete coverage, the ensemble is led by two partners: Mauricio de Souza Tavares and Kris Williamson work in tandem to keep the team running like a well-oiled machine. As of late, the firm has made great strides to expand its national clientele and recently saved a Brazilian micro company from a R300,000 trademark and copyright suit.

Licks Attorneys

Unafraid to put up a fight, Licks Attorneys will not shy away from the complex IP matters thrown its way – whether within the scope of its popular patents and life sciences departments, or the niche yet growing trademark practice. Despite the latter covering the full range of trademark services, it is litigation that makes it shine the brightest, partially thanks to Eduardo Hallak’s “unique capabilities” in the field. One of the firm’s founding partners and head of the trademark group, he has a knack for approaching challenging situations from different angles, making him a first choice for pharmaceutical companies and their high-stakes litigations.

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados 

An established IP boutique, Luiz Leonardos & Advogados is an elite name in Brazilian intellectual property. Comprising 60 lawyers, industrial property agents, engineers and biologists, the outfit is fully equipped to act across the entire IP spectrum, from GIs to anti-counterfeiting matters. Luminary Luiz Leonardos is the boutique’s backbone; a grand master who helped to shape the IP landscape in Brazil, he has seen and done it all and offers invaluable counsel to patrons facing challenging litigation. On the trademark front, the team is led by prosecution genius Patrícia Aragão Lusoli – a “prompt, attentive and transparent lawyer who is upfront about all options and costs”. Founding and managing partner Gustavo Starling Leonardos leads the way in the trademark litigation and technological transfer realms, boasting an excellent reputation among national and overseas peers.

Magellan IP

Small outfit Magellan IP makes it into the WTR 1000 this year, following an influx of positive market feedback. “Consistently dependable and quick to provide solid advice,” the team lives and breathes intellectual property, using an innovative approach to counselling and prosecution that helps clients to better navigate the field. Taking good care of the trademark department, Carla Castello serves a vast clientele of predominantly national companies, receiving solid praise from Brazilian peers.

Mansur Murad Advogados

Mention Mansur Murad Advogados’s name and you prompt an outpouring of praise, which has brought the firm into the WTR 1000 rankings for the first time this year. Best known for its sterling work for fashion houses, the prosecution boutique – which also handles some strategic litigation – is highly recommended for “its accurate and realistic advice, flexible fees, day and night service and high success rates”. Leading from the front, cordial founding partner Flavia Murad-Schaal sets the standard for excellence with her “diligent, thorough and extremely competent service”. “Flavia not only takes the time to discuss matters in depth and jointly evaluate the costs/benefits of alternative courses of action, but also sees the bigger picture, possessing the business acumen and flexibility to cater to Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike.”

Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello 

“Groundbreaking” Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello is unusual in the Brazilian IP market, in that it has managed to grow from a small IP practice into the ever-expanding, first-tier powerhouse that it is today. Excelling across the full IP gamut, the boutique garners special praise for its phenomenal trademark prosecution practice led by beloved problem solver Eduardo Magalhães Machado. “Not only a top-class professional, Eduardo is renowned as one of the nicest attorneys in the area. He is incredibly proactive and will go above and beyond to understand clients’ businesses and interests,” with full awareness that a good settlement today may beat a court win down the line. Sharing his client-centric approach, Joana de Mattos Siqueira, Clarissa Jaegger and Ana Paula Affonso Brito are all “dedicated and attentive attorneys” who strengthen the non-contentious practice in trademark prosecution and licensing. Mattos Siqueira is “very cooperative and always focused on finding the best solution for the client”; quadrilingual Jaegger is a safe choice for IP portfolio management, but also shines brightly in matters of geographical origin and trade dress; and versatile Affonso Brito, whose practice similarly involves IP litigation, is “very easy to talk to” and highly sought after for her excellent communication skills. In fact, she recently partnered with litigation prodigy and Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI) President Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta to tackle a lawsuit concerning the violation of client Levi Strauss’ famous trademarks.

Müller Mazzonetto

Not only a frontrunner in alternative dispute resolution methods, IP boutique Müller Mazzonetto is also home to refined prosecution, litigation and transactional practices, providing well-rounded trademark services to a loyal clientele. “A very responsive and meticulous group, the team works well under pressure and consistently delivers the expected results,” which recently included reversing the unlawful registration of client Bulgari’s well-known trademarks by a Brazilian company. Leading both the case and the practice, superstars Nathalia Mazzonetto and Karina Haidar Müller possess “extensive and proven expertise in opposition, prosecution and litigation matters”. Mazzonetto knows the Brazilian dispute system like the back of her hand, working seamlessly within it to achieve the best outcomes for clients, while Müller “takes a very practical approach to the most complex situations and builds efficient brand management strategies that are well aligned with clients’ business needs”.

Murta Goyanes

Last year was marked by exponential growth at Murta Goyanes’ trademark practice, which saw a sharp upsurge in the number of filings, portfolios and litigation proceedings undertaken by its attorneys. This expansion has not compromised the outfit’s “flexible, client-friendly and hugely efficient service” though; on the contrary, patrons show great satisfaction with the “dedicated, well-versed, practical and commercially savvy team”, with one describing it as “the best firm in Brazil for IP matters”. Embodying this “visible passion for providing first-class services”, “Antonio Murta Filho is not only clear and thorough in his instructions, but also extremely experienced in international litigation matters, staying at the forefront of developments and best practices in Brazil”. Marcelo Goyanes provides equally superb client service, standing out for his “swift responses and top organisation skills” – valuable qualities that he harnesses when managing Coca-Cola’s 600-plus trademark non-soft drinks portfolio. “A true IP professional who communicates quickly and efficiently,” Luiza Duarte Pereira provides “complete, knowledgeable and tactically aware” portfolio management, handling Alpargatas’ portfolio of 2,500-plus marks across 160 countries. The final figure in the four-partner line-up, Oxford-educated Luis Henrique Porangaba, brings a deep understanding of IP intricacies, providing invaluable advice on matters of unfair competition, trademarks and dispute resolution.

Ouro Preto Advogados

“Commercially savvy, creative and uber-responsive, Ouro Preto Advogados provides outstanding service across all IP areas. It consistently delivers immediately actionable counselling and distils complicated legal advice into concise and insightful recommendations that facilitate quick and confident decision making.” Sturdy on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide, the boutique has strengthened its practice even further as of late with the hiring of top-notch Marcelo de Oliveira Müller as head of trademark prosecution. “A thorough strategist who delivers great results,” he joins a first-class department of “high-quality and experienced professionals” whose “pleasantness and responsiveness” make it “a pleasure to work with”. “The group’s bedrock, Rodrigo de Ouro Preto Santos has encyclopaedic knowledge of IP laws and practices, flawlessly tackling very complex contentious and non-contentious matters.” All-rounder Samantha Bancroft Vianna Braga, who has “an amazing track record in dispute resolution”, routinely crosses the prosecution/litigation frontier, wading into virtually all trademark matters at the firm.

Peduti Advogados 

“Only a few firms in Brazil provide services that fulfil the highest standards in prosecution, consulting and complex IP portfolio management; Peduti is one of them.” “From trademark registrations to highly complex patent deposits,” the boutique’s attorneys can handle it all, doing so in a consistently “comprehensive and highly customised manner”. When it comes to trademarks, Cesar Peduti Filho and Laila dos Reis Araujo captain the ship – Peduti as a “knowledgeable and reliable expert in trademark prosecution and enforcement, industrial designs and domain names” and Reis Araujo as “an extremely dedicated attorney who never fails to meet clients’ needs”.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

General practice outfit Pinheiro Neto Advogados combines the best of both worlds – deep IP understanding and full-service capabilities. As a result, the well-integrated team “excels at handling complex and multi-faceted trademark matters”, working closely with other departments to ensure that no legal aspect of a case is left uncontemplated. A strong advocate of this multidisciplinary approach, versatile José Mauro Decoussau Machado is trusted by some of the world’s top banking and e-commerce companies for his “excellent, timely and all-encompassing” trademark prosecution services. Equally adaptable and “client-focused” Márcio Junqueira Leite provides splendid consulting and strategic advice to advance patrons’ brands, demonstrating “outstanding problem-solving skills and the ability to dive into the complex technical details of each case”.

Pinheiro Palmer Advogados

“You simply can’t go wrong with Pinheiro Palmer Advogados.” This super steady IP boutique delivers sound, practical and creative advice on time, every time. Spearheaded by Walter Palmer, a Brazil-qualified US lawyer, and Cristina Pinheiro-Palmer, a US-qualified Brazilian attorney, the team combines vast knowledge of local practices with world-class quality standards, making it a popular choice for international patrons with Latin American businesses. “Always right,” according to one client, Palmer “does impeccable work and knows both the common law and civil law systems well, giving practical examples of outcomes likely to emerge in each jurisdiction”. Detailed-oriented Pinheiro-Palmer is “a top trademark litigator” who knows the Brazilian regime inside out, “designing shrewd IP strategies from stem to stern”.

Ricci Intellectual Property

Approaching intellectual property as a crucial business asset, Ricci IP has made it its mission to provide strategic, tailor-made and commercially savvy advice across all IP fields – a task that it has been successfully fulfilling for more than 30 years. The firm recently reinforced its trademark, patents and litigation practices with the hiring of new senior associates and technical experts, solidifying its position as an all-encompassing IP boutique with strong capabilities on both sides of the contentious/non-contentious divide. Managing the international advisory and non-contentious group, Daniel Adensohn de Souza assists some of Ricci IP’s main clients, including Natura Cosméticos and Modelez.

Santucci & Alvarez

Santucci & Alvarez delivers an excellent service characterised by “personalised attention, outside-the-box thinking and pragmatism”. “The firm makes each client feel like they are the number one priority.” Special praise goes to “wonderful, prompt and responsive” Elisa Santucci. Recognised for her “outstanding communication skills and excellent, well-thought out, realistic advice”, peers find her “instrumental in developing strategies that lead to quick and satisfying results”. She excels at tackling complex trademark protection matters in Brazil and further afield.

Siqueira Castro Advogados

Brazil’s largest general practice firm, “Siqueira Castro is a solid, reputable company with highly qualified teams in most legal areas”. In intellectual property, the outfit runs strong anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy practices that cover the entire country, working closely with federal authorities to protect global giants – Netflix and Huawei included – against illegal imports. Making the most of his “fantastic public sector network”, São Paulo-based Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto leads the way in these efforts. “Objective, intelligent, loyal and versatile,” he is “easy to work with” and performs fantastically across all IP areas. Head of the ABPI Industrial Property and Anti-piracy Committee Daniel Pitanga Bastos De Souza is another name for the address book, breaking into the WTR 1000 for the first time this year thanks to his across-the-board IP knowledge. The department’s strengths are not limited to enforcement, however; with the litigation and prosecution groups growing stronger every year, clients from all sectors are seeking the ensemble for trademark portfolio management and complex litigation. Indeed, the team recently won an unfair competition case for Sky Brasil against five different defendants, forcing them to cease unfair practice and pay the client a considerable fine.

Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados 

There is no IP matter that the “super competent, responsive and practical” team at Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados cannot handle for the boutique’s select clientele. From registering intangibles or supporting commercial exploitation, the set operates with distinctive synergy, making full use of each member’s specialism to deliver a consistently first-class product on all fronts. A leading light in the team, Paula Bezerra de Menezes is a master in anti-counterfeiting, unfair competition and IP disputes, using her “invaluable real-world instincts” to “anticipate clients’ questions and provide excellent trademark counselling that helps them achieve their goals”. Former commercial lawyer Otávio Saraiva Padilha Velasco provides valuable business and marketing awareness, shifting from commercial to IP fields with ease and offering “thoughtful, clear and well-communicated advice” at both ends. Quadrilingual Renata Carneiro brings international experience and a knack for trademark prosecution and transactions, handling various marquee clients in the technology industry. Last but not least, “intelligent, proactive and objective” Mario Augusto Soerensen Garcia specialises in problem solving and effective negotiation, handling critical IP situations for some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Souto Correa Cesa Lummertz & Amaral Advogados

Clients “cannot speak highly enough of Souto Correa”. Debuting in the WTR 1000 this year, the commercial outfit is “responsive, clear in its communications and extremely effective”, doing a “stellar job” across all areas of business law. All-rounder Leticia Provedel takes the lead when it comes to trademarks, providing consistently “superior and cost-effective services” in both prosecution and litigation. A “focused and business-oriented” team leader, she is especially popular in the music industry, representing several of Brazil’s most famous artists.

TozziniFreire Advogados

Commercial ensemble TozziniFreire Advogados boasts a premium transactional IP practice entrusted by multinationals of the highest calibre, including cosmetics giant Estée Lauder and pharmaceutical titan Merck. Indeed, the team recently represented the latter in the transfer of its customer health service in Brazil, preparing all the IP agreements involved in the process. Portfolio management is another of the IP department’s fortes and the team efficiently handles trademark registrations and monitoring for McCain do Brasil Alimentos and LongPing High-Tech. Ensuring that the practice runs smoothly, transactional wizard Marcela Waksman Ejnisman is an avid negotiator, who knows when to turn up the heat and when to dial it back.

Veirano Advogados

A one-stop shop for brand owners from all sectors, formidable full-service outfit Veirano displays a “business-focused and results-driven IP department that consistently goes the extra mile to deliver great client service”. Coordinating the group at the national level, veteran Valdir Rocha is “one of the country’s foremost trademark lawyers”, recognised internationally for his deep industry knowledge and across-the-board trademark, patents, copyrights and industrial design expertise. At the regional level, “smart and swift” Fábio Pereira runs the show. Former in-house counsel at Globo – the largest commercial TV network in Latin America – he knows the entertainment and media business better than anyone, representing several key names in the industry. Co-handling some of these, especially when litigation troubles brew, “attentive, proactive and commercially savvy” Mauricio Maleck “is always on the other end of the phone when needed”, receiving high praise for his spectacular client care. Another safe choice on the trademark front, “rising star” Isabel Boardman is a “savvy, fantastic communicator, who fully understands foreign clients’ needs and demonstrates deep knowledge of IP intricacies”.


Previously known as Simbolo IP, VilelaCoelho IP may trace its roots back to 1972, but the firm “thrives on new and modern challenges”. In addition to more conventional IP activities, the boutique also boasts newer fashion, digital and start-ups practices, covering the full gamut of technologies and industries out there. An affordable hub of “creativity, diligence and analytical thinking”, the São Paulo-based outfit is a popular choice among Brazilian clients, as well as international IP law firms and large entities, which do not hesitate to recommend co-managing partner Fernanda Vilela Coelho for her “extraordinary” consulting services. “Fernanda is an extremely dynamic professional, very zealous about her work and profession. Her expertise in the field of trademarks, patents and industrial designs prosecution is commendable and she is always on top of things, thoroughly analysing cases to provide the best legal advice. She has the ability to see details that other lawyers miss and is one of the top lawyers in Brazil for that reason.”

Other recommended experts

Currently developing the IP practice at Tauil & Chequer Advogados, “very competent” Cristiane Manzueto is a portfolio management maven who effectively handles top IP dossiers, including one of The Coca-Cola Company’s prominent national portfolios. Previously at BMA, Paula Mena Barreto can now be found at Campos Mello Advogados. This “extremely approachable” partner is well known in the trademark community, standing out for her IP consulting services and deep knowledge of data protection and privacy matters. Baril Advogados Associados’ Alysson Hautsch Oikawa is an “amazing attorney” who “speaks impeccable English, is very responsive and truly adds value with his work”, receiving high praise from foreign peers. “Top transactional attorney” Flavia Rebello is “very dedicated and engaged” when it comes to Trench Rossi Watanabe’s clients, keeping abreast of all IP developments and discussions.