Brazil continues to be in a state of political and economic crisis; intellectual property has, therefore, dropped down the political agenda, while age-old problems – including the backlog of applications at the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office – persist. Despite this, law firms engaged in intellectual property have reported steady business. While the service provider scene has perhaps witnessed fewer changes in the past 12 months than in previous years, the market continues to open up and become increasingly competitive. Commentators feel that some of the names that have traditionally dominated the market have a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude to client service and a tendency to commoditise work; this has created opportunities for new firms to come in and provide more personalised and tailored offerings.


Bhering Advogados

An independent IP ensemble highly esteemed throughout the national trademark community, Bhering provides a gilt-edged and personalised service to multinational corporations. Of particular note is its German desk, which is staffed by fluent German speakers who possess a fine-milled understanding of European IP law. The desk was established in 2010 and has demonstrated striking growth year on year; clients such as BASF, adidas and MAN Truck & Bus continue to flock here for precise portfolio management. Philippe Bhering regularly travels to Germany to spend time with his clients and get to know what makes them tick. “Philippe provides a level of trademark expertise that is unmatched in Brazil, and he is extremely responsive.” “If you have a question, he is quick to get back to you with sophisticated advice, and if there is another associate outside of Brazil that is involved in a case, he keeps an eye on it all.” One source comments: “I find his attitude highly refreshing – he understands customer service, gives commercial advice and is willing to say when something is not possible. He stays within budget. He is also a personable guy who is fun to be around.” Operating out of the Sao Paulo office, he manages a team that engages in prosecution work as well as litigation and transactions. Over in Rio de Janeiro, meanwhile, his father, Pedro Bhering – the firm’s founding partner – focuses on IP transactions and strategic counselling. He gets an equally glowing write up and is hailed as a “reliable and committed partner” and an “easily available, charming professional who is sensitive to the business concerns of his clients”. “Taking a practical approach and using his commercial vision, he explores different options to find solutions.” Both Bherings were instrumental in inspiring Warner Group to transfer its nationwide anti-counterfeiting programme to the firm in 2016 – an important development which helped to cultivate further enforcement growth for the side throughout 2017.

BMA Barbosa Müssnich Aragão

In the eyes of many respondents, BMA is Brazil’s leading full-service commercial outfit within the IP realm. Credit for its excellent reputation must go to dynamic professionals Antonella Carminatti and Claudia Christina Schulz. Described as “one of the leading lights when it comes to trademark law in Brazil”, Carminatti moves into the gold tier this year on the back of glittering praise from peers. Her IP expertise is extremely diverse and covers patents, trademarks, copyright law and designs; she is especially feted for her mastery of IP management and commercialisation. Foreign associates call Schulz “incredibly responsive” and cite her “superb service” emphatically. She assists clients in building IP policies from the ground up, which align with their commercial objectives; she also brings plenty of transactional and litigation experience to the table – vital components for realising these objectives. As evidence of the importance of intellectual property to BMA, Schulz sits on the firm’s board of directors. “She is a great leader with a deep knowledge of the complex IP system in Brazil.”

Daniel Legal & IP Strategy 

With a rich history in IP law, fresh new look and dynamic young team Daniel presents the best of old and new to the Brazilian and international marketplace. The firm’s investment in its IT systems resonates with many famous US technology companies, which look to it to consolidate their portfolio management; the identification and execution of creative, trans-Latin American solutions is another magnet for clients. In recent news, Google jumped on board, immediately instructing Daniel to work on its efforts to have GOOGLE recognised as a famous mark in Brazil. Portfolio management is the metier of Isabella Cardozo, an experienced partner who supplies first-rate leadership to the trademark department. Up-and-comer Robert Daniel-Shores, who debuts in the WTR 1000 this year, is also responsible for many important prosecution accounts; additionally he handles administrative disputes with alacrity and helps bridge the non-contentious and contentious sides of Daniel’s operations. Prosecution clients have excellent things to say about the team: “All points of contact are responsive, effective and fast, and communicate clearly. The advice is of great quality, and the tailored fee structures and appropriate staffing are also appreciated.” Adopting an innovative approach has also been a successful hallmark for the litigation and legal team, which is helmed by André Oliveira. He has been busy fighting on all IP fronts lately and never fails to deliver excellent results. As an example of his trademark work, he recently secured an injunction for Iconix Brand Group, a trademark management company that licenses rights to fashion retailers, in a contractual dispute over the Ecko Unltd trademark. The dedicated Daniel criminal department, led by George de Lucena, is another valuable resource for rights holders.

Dannemann Siemsen

“Dannemann remains in a dominant position in the Brazilian IP market, and perhaps even more so now than just a few years ago, as the strength of some of its main competitors has diminished. It is very reliable and provides a great service.” Clients are quick to sing the praises of its lawyers: “Dannemann’s professionals are always looking out for your best interests and helping you to avoid unnecessary expenses. The firm also has highly efficient systems for managing portfolios and conducting clearance searches that provide relevant information quickly and at a reasonable price point. Due to its international expertise, the firm assists with protection of IP assets abroad as well.” Singled out for special mention by brand owners this year, Filipe Fonteles Cabral is an anchor of the non-contentious practice. The prosecution, advertising and data privacy ace “customises his advice to great effect, and is extremely skilful in finding innovative solutions”. He recently took over a 350-plus trademark portfolio for Uniao de Lojas Leader because he found a way to optimise the  trademark renewal process which would limit the company’s spending. “He demonstrates deep knowledge and works hard – he won’t let you go without an opinion or answer.” His peers confide that “it is a challenge to go against him on a case” and refer to him as “a top lawyer”. Brand owners also highlight the contributions of Rodrigo Borges Carneiro, “a reference point when it comes to trademark law in Brazil”. Cutting-edge experience on IP commercialisation within the media and entertainment sector sets him apart, as does his adept handling of challenging suits. “He is a go-to for brand strategy opinions and his advice gives you peace of mind whatever is happening.” Similarly, Attilio Gorini has a granular understanding of entertainment law and how it interfaces with trademarks. Gorini also has client service awards decorating his mantelpiece. “The firm’s IP team is truly multidisciplinary” – a fact borne out by the WTR 1000 rankings, in which there is a Dannemann contact suitable for any trademark occasion. “Smart and engaging” senior partner Luiz Henrique do Amaral is a veritable Swiss Army knife of a lawyer, able to advise on any IP matter. He is the person to seek out for a global view on brand protection and enforcement, and leads the litigation division; his managerial counterpart in the trademark department is Elisabeth Siemsen do Amaral. A top patent litigator who also knows trademark law like the back of his hand, Joaquim Eugenio Goulart is a key contact for many US-based companies and foreign associates; Peter Eduardo Siemsen also knows a huge amount about international IP litigation, having published extensively on the subject. A touchpoint for French and Italian luxury brands is Alvaro Loureiro Oliveira, a professional who can speak authoritatively about alternative dispute resolution and domain names. José Henrique Vasi Werner serves as Dannemann’s anti-counterfeiter in chief; a marksman who keeps multiple targets in his crosshairs at the same time, he is a top pick for sweeping campaigns in Brazil and further afield. Admitted to the Brazilian bar in 1955, Peter Dirk Siemsen is internationally renowned as a pioneer in Latin American intellectual property. He continues to be an inspirational mentor to the rest of his colleagues on the team.

David do Nascimento Advogados Associados

Well-established IP boutique David do Nascimento employs over 90 IP professionals and provides a tempting menu of trademark options to a variety of domestic and international rights holders. Best known for its anti-counterfeiting efforts, “the team is serious about its work and highly efficient”. Now that combating piracy has been deprioritised as a result of the Brazilian political crisis, it has become harder to secure cooperation from police and other authorities, making the firm’s no-nonsense approach even more valuable. This past year, the set’s civil litigation activities have also increased perceptibly. Leading the practice is Marcelo do Nascimento, “a fair lawyer who works extremely hard and with great energy”. “He acts fast – almost instantaneously the moment you provide instructions” and is a “smart and commercial thinker”. For marquee international brand owners, he can soothe the headaches that protecting and enforcing intellectual property in a market such as Brazil can induce.

Demarest Advogados

With four branches in Brazil and one in New York, Demarest is plugged into both the local and international market. Unsurprisingly given its setting within a business law outfit, the IP team excels in monetising intangible rights and is a prime pick for brand and technology licensing mandates. Leader of the practice Tatiana Campello, a former president of the Licensing Executives Society Brazil, utilises her rigorously commercial mindset when at the negotiation table. There is a lot more to note on Campello’s résumé, including her 2015-2017 stint as chair of the Lex Mundi IP group; her mediation experience; and the many contributions she makes to academic life in Brazil. Under her watch, Demarest has been delivering crisp portfolio management advice and handling prosecution for an ever-growing client base.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados

Testament to the quality of its work and the personal service it renders – as well as the energy and passion it brings to the world of intellectual property – Di Blasi, Parente & Associados enjoys longstanding relationships with a broad spectrum of brand owners. The set has a flair for complex infringement litigation and a proven track record for getting results. A “great technical expert”, Gabriel Di Blasi is the go-to-guy for anything patent-related, while larger-than-life litigator Paulo Parente Marques Mendes is the trademark authority. “Nothing is too much trouble for Paulo – he is a really personable guy who does an extremely reliable job.” A Jiu Jitsu black belt and enthusiastic surfer, Parente Marques Mendes has cultivated a vibrant practice in the sports area, as well as expertise on ambush marketing and sponsorship law. The firm also runs a tight ship when it comes to prosecution, thanks to its sophisticated proprietary docketing systems.

Guerra IP

Southern Brazil’s top IP ensemble and a national force, Guerra IP has shown striking growth in the trademark area lately; its personalised and partner-led service is always in high demand. The firm has successfully managed tricky evolution from a family firm into a more diverse partnership and has done a stellar job in its talent aggregation efforts. A team-oriented approach is very much in evidence; the partners do not hide clients and contacts from each other, and the knowledge and experience sharing that goes along with this unselfishness is apparent in the cultivated advice being delivered to clients. Engaged in searching and prosecution, as well as some litigation, Diego Vieira is an engine of the practice. Clients concerned about the long-term health of their brands take confidence from his far-sighted strategic vision. Fellow Porto Alegre resident Cristina Guerra has brought about a significant increase in the number of instructions coming from domestic enterprises in need of local trademark protection; at the same time, she files outside of the country virtually every day; even fielding requests which require no action in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, Patrícia Lusoli and Ricardo Pinho are the names to note. Lusoli approaches prosecution tasks with the eye of a litigator and obtains protection which minimises the risk of future disputes. She takes a particular interest in non-traditional marks and is incredibly experienced at protecting these in Brazil. Pinho is celebrated as one of the best IP contracts experts in Latin America.

Gusmão & Labrunie

Labelled “the best IP shop in Sao Paulo”, Gusmão & Labrunie is, unequivocally a gold-tier trademark performer in Brazil. Founding fathers, crack litigators and all-round IP connoisseurs José Roberto Gusmão and Jacques Labrunie have kept the organisation at the cutting edge. Hugely respected by peers for its robust approach to infringement litigation, the firm is a destination of choice for any convoluted and potentially acrimonious conflicts. Vigorous advocate João Vieira da Cunha “pushes hard and is very dedicated to his work and his clients”. He keeps costs low often through facilitating early wins, much to the benefit of clients such as MHCS, whose famous champagne marks he has been staunchly protecting; and Ferrero with respect to its Nutella brand. Efficiency and a focus on tasks which have the greatest commercial impact for clients – and those that reduce legal spend – characterises the approach of portfolio managers here. Chief among them is Laetitia d’Hanens, who applies a personal touch to everything she does. Rights holders consider her a vital strategic partner, not just another external representative to call on as needed.

Herrero & Asociados 

Committed to providing joined-up trademark protection services across the hispanophone and lusophone world, Herrero makes its sophomore appearance in the WTR 1000 this year. Success in this market is largely down to the efforts of Maria Pia Guerra; the mere mention of her name elicits effusive praise from foreign associates. “She is extremely personable and provides prompt, clear and commercial advice. She also allows for fixed fee arrangements and is the perfect partner for those who need certainty and transparency around costs.” “It is important to have someone who challenges you – Maria gets straight to the point and isn’t afraid to speak up if you suggest a course of action that wouldn’t be optimal. She has a deep and impressive understanding of trademark matters and you can trust that she will deliver the best possible guidance.” Rovio Entertainment, Zoetis and the Cipriani Group are just some of the big names she protects so effectively.

Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property 

To its great credit, Kasznar Leonardos has enjoyed a unique degree of stability among IP firms throughout a time of great political and economic uncertainty in Brazil. The team never rests on its laurels and is always working hard to provide excellent service for even the most loyal of patrons; this level of dedication is something that rights holders love to see. Unstinting in its focus on quality, the firm turns away work if the price point constraints would prevent it from doing a top job. At the same time, a high degree of automation – which has been a feature of the practice here for much longer than for other firms – means that it can operate with great efficiency; the balance that it strikes between quality and cost is thoughtfully aligned with the expectations of discerning multinational rights holders. Responsibility for the prosecution practice rests on the strong shoulders of Rio de Janeiro’s Filipe da Cunha Leonardos, a fast-thinking strategist who delivers accurately in double-quick time, even if a matter requires a lot of up front research; fellow prosecution mastermind Liz Starling supplies an abundance of international insight, partly as a result of her extensive engagement with the International Trademark Association (INTA). Those in need of litigation and enforcement support are spoilt for choice. The name at the top of the team list is senior partner Gabriel Francisco Leonardos, a master advocate and authoritative voice in and outside the courtroom. Foreign associates also shine the spotlight on Rafael Lacaz Amaral, endorsing his “excellent command of English, thorough advice, forward thinking and pragmatism”. Claudio Roberto Barbosa drew on his deep well of contentious experience recently on a series of appeals on behalf of MFS Serviços de Pagamentos, which was ordered to stop using one of its trademarks; after the Rio Grande do Sul Court of Justice doubled down on the adverse decision, Barbosa seized momentum with a Federal Court validity challenge, securing an injunction nullifying the opposing party’s registrations. In addition to his case work, he has also been building up a practice focused on Brazilian start-ups. Sitting alongside Barbosa in Sao Paulo are Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete and Nancy Satiko Caigawa; former Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property president Kasznar Fekete is a trade secrets guru who manifests a rare faculty for the strategic planning of IP litigation and anti-counterfeiting programmes. Together with trademark and copyright all-rounder Satiko Caigawa, she recently took care of a trade dress and fashion law matter that explored the elements required to establish intent in an infringement situation.

Licks Attorneys 

“Licks stands out for its solutions-oriented management and work practices and its skilled, young, friendly and energetic team.” “The group has a wealth of technical know-how and experience and shows genuine care and concern for the realisation of your objectives.” “The firm is proactive in assessing every situation, and gives advice customised to your specific needs – and it charges fair and competitive fees for it all.” Unsurprisingly for a tech-savvy patent litigation powerhouse, Licks cannily deploys software tools to efficiently manage trademark affairs – as a result, its portfolio management practice is booming. “Diligent, practical and responsive”, Ana Montenegro deserves kudos for this growth; she has wisdom beyond her years which shows in the lucidity of her recommendations. Also worth noting is her extensive involvement in alternative dispute resolution – she is a World Intellectual Property Organisation-appointed mediation expert for trademarks. Overseeing both prosecution and enforcement practices at the firm is Eduardo Hallak, “one of the top contentious and all-round trademark practitioners in Brazil”. His is the number to dial for high-profile disputes which threaten top-selling products. “The whole team is always ready to assist in a timely manner and give accurate counsel on various IP matters. Business-oriented and creative, it solves complex problems effectively.”

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados

The 17-partner IP set-up Luiz Leonardos is a renowned leader in Brazilian intellectual property with the breadth of expertise to tackle any trademark question promptly. While the recent departure of Marcelo de Oliveira Müller came as a blow, the firm responded by expanding its ranks and hiring administrative trademark litigation ace Patricia Franco, formerly of the Provedel boutique. She joins a team that remains replete with an abundance of senior talent: managing partner Gustavo Starling Leonardos is a man of gravitas known, in particular, for his mastery of judicial IP litigation; contentious administrative proceedings are the preserve of Rodrigo Bonan de Aguiar, who serves as head of the litigation group. Last, but not least is statesman Luiz Leonardos, an IP trailblazer with over 50 years of experience in the game.

Montaury Pimenta Machado & Vieira de Mello

“Montaury Pimenta is extremely strong on trademark filing and has a substantial prosecution operation.” However, as well as citing the volume of the firm’s practice, sources are also quick to laud its quality; in this regard, the leadership of Eduardo Magalhães Machado has been instrumental. An effervescent, highly personable practitioner with whom clients maintain excellent relations, Machado is serious about trademarks and supports business development by providing legal certainty to clients, along with strategic wisdom. Joana de Mattos Siqueira is another popular prosecution pro. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, participates extensively with INTA and has an ardent following of international associates and clients as a result. The firm’s litigation practice is also gaining increasing traction. Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, who captains the contentious unit, has proved his mettle on challenging administrative and judicial cases and his track record brings reassurance when trouble brews. He looks to resolve disputes, not just fight them and is always pulling in the same direction as his clients.

Müller Mazzonetto

Müller Mazzonetto attracts spontaneous commendations from peers, who consider it to have great momentum when it comes to intellectual property. The team has discerning prosecution and portfolio development advice on tap, but also proves highly adept at resolving trademark contentions and inking deals. Nathalia Mazzonetto cuts to the chase in adversarial situations, often using her sharpened negotiation and transactional skills to bring about win-win solutions. She is among a select group of attorneys in Brazil who are leading the way when it comes to the applying alternative dispute resolution methods to IP disputes – she has written a book on arbitration, spoken at events and coached competitors in an international mediation and negotiation competition. Karina Haidar Müller is another name for the contact book: she has a rich appreciation of trademark law and her strategic counsel is worth its weight in gold.

Murta Goyanes Advogados 

Murta Goyanes eschews cookie-cutter solutions, seeing the unique elements of each and every case and file under its care and taking the time to understand the business context. Household name domestic and international brand owners are champing at the bit to take advantage of its deep playbook and the firm has consequently enjoyed one of its best years in its eight-year history – in spite of Brazil’s tumultuous political and economic situation. The Coca-Cola Company recently selected Murta Goyanes to handle its non-soft drinks trademark portfolio in Brazil, encompassing some 700 live registrations, applications and administrative conflicts. The team clearly has a deft touch with large portfolios and takes care of approximately 1,000 files for Latin America’s biggest media conglomerate, Globo Comunicação e Participações; and 2,500 trademarks – in 160 countries no less – for Alpargatas, owner of the Havaianas brand. The Alpargatas work includes large-scale enforcement projects, too – something the lawyers here are equally comfortable with. Marcelo Goyanes and Antonio Murta Filho are the recipients of rave client reviews: “Their main qualities are responsiveness, reliability and efficiency, which are vital in the prosecution and enforcement spheres. You can trust them implicitly to take care of your rights.” One client notes: “I have found some of the larger Brazilian firms to be faceless – no single person seems to be responsible for your cases. Antonio and Marcelo provide a personal service that I particularly enjoy.” Luiza Duarte Pereira is another partner in the limelight. “She is an exceptional practitioner and incredibly responsive – she does everything you ask of her on time and in full. She and Antonio are very astute and go to great lengths to keep up on developments in Brazil. They are very involved on a policy level, too.”

Ouro Preto Advogados

Ouro Preto has fans in high places and continues to serve an enviable – and growing – roster of marquee domestic and international companies. Partners Rodrigo de Ouro Preto Santos and Samantha Bancroft Vianna Braga both hail from eminent Brazilian law firms, and have the thorough training and legal skills to which blue chips are attracted, as well as the ability to give clients highly personal attention and a more flexible service at great prices. They couple sparkling customer care skills with “top quality, sound advice that is practically useful”. Both are heavily engaged within the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property and committed to shaping the country’s IP landscape for the benefit of all rights holders; popular within INTA, they are also active internationally through an extended network of foreign associates. News to note from 2017, includes the firm’s growing strength in litigation and the opening of a Sao Paulo office.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

Pinheiro Neto, which is “by far the most admired general law firm in Brazil”, ascends into the WTR 1000 silver tier for 2018. Its “consistent and high-quality IP team” thinks about intellectual property in the widest sense and goes way beyond bread-and-butter trademark matters to advise, for example, on privacy law, data protection and even the implications of artificial intelligence. This broad worldview is attractive to companies such as Apple, which the firm recently assisted in connection with a complex consumer protection and antitrust case after a civil information technology association filed a suit challenging features of its app store. The group also came up trumps for Multisport Indústria, Comércio e Representações, the owner of the SPEEDO trademark in Brazil, in a long-running and fractious dispute involving allegations that trademark registrations were made in bad faith. Staying the course on this one were André Zonaro Giacchetta and José Mauro Decoussau Machado. Giacchetta drew particularly warm praise from clients this year: “He is always available and provides accurate technical assessments that are perfectly balanced with a sound, common-sense approach. His professionalism is immaculate, and he knows when to occupy centre stage and when to delegate to his awesome team.”

Pinheiro Palmer Advogados

In an increasingly crowded IP scene, Pinheiro Palmer catches the eye because it makes trademark protection in Brazil a cinch for US brand owners. “Walter Palmer is American by background, and has a keen sense of American business needs. His wife and partner Cristina Pinheiro-Palmer has practised in the United States, but also has considerable experience in Brazil, giving her a broad perspective which is invaluable. “Walter and Cristina provide a terrific combination of local expertise and international experience. A small firm with limited capacity for major litigation, its compact size and the personal attention it is able to give far outweighs any potential limitations. It also provides excellent value.” “Walter’s advice is extremely thorough and anticipates all the issues that thoughtful clients may raise. He breaks down risks and likelihood of success at each stage in great detail, but at a good price.” “A very dedicated, hardworking attorney, Cristina knows what her clients want and gets straight to the heart of a matter.”

Siqueira Castro Advogados

Brazil’s largest general practice, Siqueira Castro has been making serious waves in IP circles. Already top of the charts when it comes to anti-counterfeiting, lately the firm has focused on strengthening its trademark prosecution and portfolio management practice; clients pleased with the enforcement service they are receiving have been only too happy to send non-contentious mandates its way. With offices across Brazil, the firm has also been able to entice a host of domestic brand owners, who appreciate the easy accessibility offered by the group. Building on its online anti-piracy success, the team has additionally made data protection and the digital arena a key focal point. Masterminding these exciting developments are enforcement wizards Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto and Márcio Costa de Menezes e Gonçalves. They have worked together for two decades and enjoy brainstorming ideas and tactics, effectively giving clients two-for-one advisers. “They provide in-depth analysis of complex problems and have impressive cross-border capabilities.” Of late, they have been assisting Sky Brasil Servicios on a confidential business information infringement suit and Nextel Communications in a case concerning undue use of trademarks.

Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados 

There have been some important developments at vivacious boutique Soerensen Garcia recently; most notably, it has opened tax and corporate law departments, with client demand for its commercially oriented and practical advice having reached fever pitch. However, intellectual property and technology remain the side’s first love and the dynamic team continues to flourish under the direction of coxswain Mario Augusto Soerensen Garcia. He has instilled a deeply conscientious approach in Paula Bezerra de Menezes, Otávio Saraiva Padilha Velasco and Renata Carneiro, who remain connected to their clients at all times and dig deep to turn work around fast and deliver tangible results. Bezerra de Menezes “provides first-rate trademark prosecution and counselling services. She is very responsive and gives clear directions on how you can best achieve your goals.” With an eye to the future, she is pursuing mediation studies and bolstering her already impressive dispute resolution skill set. Saraiva Padilha Velasco is in pole position when it comes to IP transactions, thanks to his unique command of corporate, marketing and trademark law. He enjoys the loyal patronage of a remarkable concentration of Silicon Valley technology leaders. Blending trademark and copyright nous, Carneiro impresses with to-the-point advice and on-the-money IP strategies. “She understands how a US firm operates and what clients expect. She responds to inquiries immediately with clear, concise, direct and useful advice.”

Souto Correa Cesa Lummertz & Amaral Advogados

One of Brazil’s fastest-growing law firms, Souto Correa complements its contemporary look and feel with a thoroughly modern approach to legal service delivery. For example, it has cultivated a high degree of alternative dispute resolution proficiency at a time when mediation and arbitration of IP disputes is more and more desirable and prevalent in Brazil. Intellectual property is one of the most vibrant areas within the firm, especially since Leticia Provedel arrived in 2016. A motivated lawyer, Provedel gets signatures on the dotted line of lucrative IP contracts and can carry the day when it comes to challenging contentious circumstances. Having previously managed her own boutique, she knows what it takes to run a business, which gives her the unique ability to approach things from a client’s perspective.

TozziniFreire Advogados

TozziniFreire is a muscular full-service player active in nearly 50 different legal practice areas which has seen impressive growth in its IP client list. Its two-partner team enjoys a full diet of portfolio management, licensing and litigation instructions and acquits itself with distinction on all tasks. Cutting across the firm’s practice are special industry groups and international desks which means that the multi-layered advice it offers is always crafted to cover clients legally and support them in their business, wherever they are conducting it. Head of intellectual property Andreia Gomes is a bright spark who offers her services with a personal touch. She has an enlightened perspective on IT, life sciences, fashion and entertainment issues. Marcela Waksman Ejnisman focuses on high-tech and regulated industries and is a sought-after bastion of transactional IP expertise.

Trench Rossi Wanatabe

Trench Rossi Watanabe has two unique selling points – world-class IP commercialisation and contracts expertise and a strategic alliance with a global firm – Baker McKenzie. It is therefore a sensible choice for companies looking to make deals that transcend national borders. As a result of its Baker McKenzie ties, the firm also grants clients easy access to cutting-edge portfolio management services. Sao Paulo-based Flavia Rebello has honed her negotiation and drafting skills and has seen just about every type of transaction in which intellectual property is at play. This is also the case for Flávia Maria Vasconcelos Pereira, who heads the Rio de Janeiro IP department. She is also a registered IP agent and has a broad counselling practice embracing patents and trademarks.

Veirano Advogados

Veirano’s IP team – comprising more than 25 professionals – would stand on its own as a strong boutique as it operates with all the raw trademark know-how of a one-practice firm. However, its skills repertoire is extremely broad and encompasses data privacy, the Internet and e-commerce, among others – areas which sophisticated brand owners are increasingly seeking guidance for. With over 600 other attorneys across multiple practice areas at their back, practitioners here can add value in many ways. Working in close concert with clients as a portfolio manager, counsellor and deal broker is Fábio Pereira, who makes his debut in the WTR 1000 this year. Flexing his international expertise, he has lately been protecting a 300-strong trademark portfolio for Nadir Figueiredo Industria e Comércio in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East; this has involved a number of complex litigations. His round-the-clock vigilance has also been key for Jacob Douwe Egberts Comercialização de Cafés, whose marks he is protecting and enforcing regionally. “Fábio is an outstanding lawyer who provides fast and smart legal opinions on trademarks – and he’s always available.” Leading the national IP group is Valdir Rocha, who works tirelessly to safeguard Veirano’s “outstanding reputation as a business law firm”. Rocha “has a wealth of experience and is extremely knowledgeable – a true expert”. His involvement in the wider IP world is extensive, for example, he is prominent figure in the Global Advertising Lawyer’s Alliance, INTA and the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property and can therefore be counted among Latin America’s IP thought leaders. Working under his wing is associate Isabel Boardman, a seasoned pro in her own right, with an impressive clearance, licensing, enforcement and litigation toolkit.

Other recommended experts

“A great attorney with excellent international connections”, UK lawyer Andrew Bellingall has an all-encompassing knowledge of Brazilian IP law and international trademark systems that global brand owners – particularly from English-speaking nations – are keen to exploit. With efficiency and cost effectiveness at the front and centre of his mind, he recently established ABO IP, a new trademark-focused boutique. He has taken some great lawyers along for the ride, including Bhering alumnus Guilherme de Mattos Abrantes, a results-driven attorney with experience both protecting and enforcing trademark rights. Marcelo de Oliveira Müller is “an extremely responsive and highly skilled prosecutor”. The former Luiz Leonardos & Advogados lawyer recently joined MCLAW – Müller, Cid, Noronha, Cruz & Gorenstein Advogados. Hélio Fabbri is one of the trademark sages at Ariboni, Fabbri, Schmidt Sociedade de Advogados; a gifted tactician and original thinker, he is esteemed for his puzzle-solving talents. “Elisa Santucci does a tremendous job giving prompt and creative advice on broadening protection in Brazil without increasing the costs incurred.” “She has a friendly, direct approach and maintains close contact so that you never miss a deadline or lack information on the status of your registrations. She is wonderful to work with.” She is a founding partner of Santucci & Alvarez. Lélio Denicoli Schmidt is a commercial law expert with his finger on the pulse of brands. The Portuguese, English, French and Italian speaker practises at Ariboni, Fabbri, Schmidt Sociedade de Advogados. For innovative advice on IP commercialisation, look no further than Benny Spiewak of Zancaner Costa, Bastos e Spiewak. He trains his gimlet eye on new IP-driven commercial opportunities for his clients and acts more like a business contact than a mere lawyer.



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  • Peter Dirk Siemsen - Dannemann Siemsen