Brazil’s trademark practitioners continue to adapt to the changes introduced by the country’s accession to the Madrid Protocol. The substantial uptick in international filings that has resulted prompted the National Institute of International Property (INPI) to expedite its registration processes; although it is now crunching through the backlog, question marks hover over decision quality, in turn increasing the number of judicial actions. Overall, however, the protocol has served as a much-needed catalyst to advance Brazil’s standing on the international IP scene – an ambition which has been prioritised at the highest level: INPI recently secured funding for a multimillion-dollar review of its systems, to instil greater confidence among global players. The country’s relations with China also continue to flourish and it is also embracing globally trending opportunities, such as cannabis-based pharmaceuticals brands and data protection work.


  • Dannemann Siemsen
  • Gusmão & Labrunie
  • Gusmão & Labrunie
  • Kasznar Leonardos 
  • Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello 
  • Bhering Advogados
  • BMA - Barbosa Müssnich Aragão 
  • Daniel Law
  • Di Blasi, Parente & Associados
  • Guerra IP
  • Licks Attorneys
  • Luiz Leonardos & Advogados
  • Murta Goyanes
  • Ouro Preto Advogados
  • Pinheiro Neto Advogados
  • Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados 
  • Veirano Advogados
  • ABO IP
  • Ariboni, Fabbri, Schmidt Sociedade de Advogados
  • ClarkeModet 
  • David do Nascimento Advogados Associados
  • Demarest Advogados
  • Felsberg Advogados
  • Fialho Salles Advogados
  • Gruenbaum, Possinhas & Teixeira
  • Lext Intellectual Property
  • Magellan IP
  • Mansur Murad Advogados
  • Müller Mazzonetto
  • Peduti Advogados 
  • Pinheiro Palmer Advogados
  • Ricci Intellectual Property
  • Santucci & Alvarez
  • SiqueiraCastro
  • Souto Correa Cesa Lummertz & Amaral Advogados
  • Tauil & Chequer Advogados
  • TozziniFreire Advogados


Paperless boutique ABO IP brings a no-nonsense approach to trademark practice. Its talented set of lawyers and engineers is backed by state-of-the-art asset management software – a formula which produces “pragmatic, quality and cost-effective counsel that satisfies legal and business requirements”. Trio of partners Guilherme Abrantes, Andrew Bellingall and Eduardo Otero lead the way. Abrantes is the epitome of hands-on, as one client observes: “He is the most responsive counsel I have ever known – relentless in his work ethic, he can turn a case on its head quickly.” A commercially astute English lawyer with 25 years in the Brazilian game, Bellingall often acts as a strategic sounding board on important cross-border mandates. Otero knows how to construct successful far-reaching portfolios, but has a truly diverse practice, including work as a mediator on Brazilian trademark matters for WIPO.

Ariboni, Fabbri, Schmidt Sociedade de Advogados

IP and commercial boutique Ariboni, Fabbri, Schmidt stands out for its cosmopolitan outlook. Its erudite team of polyglot professionals boasts deep knowledge of international legal markets, acting as a springboard into the country for European clients keen to carve out competitive Brazilian market positions. Hélio Fabbri and Lélio Denicoli Schmidt are the names to note when it comes to trademarks. Fabbri is “particularly outstanding in litigation matters” and Schmidt an adept all-rounder; both execute superbly on myriad briefs.

Bhering Advogados

A “go-to in Brazil” for its broad IP expertise and user-friendliness, Bhering Advogados enjoys an elevated position on the market and provides premium counsel to a diverse range of A-listers – FIFA, IBM and Mattel among them. The boutique provides “commercially attuned guidance on crucial issues while staying pragmatic on costs, allowing clients to make key strategic decisions with confidence”. A “strong outfit in prosecution and in disputes”, it recently enhanced its enforcement capabilities and is now enlisted by the likes of Warner Group, having cultivated fruitful relationships with customs authorities in several counterfeiting hotspots. Founding partner Pedro Bhering remains imperative to the firm’s success: the transactional maven has got deals inked for some of the world’s largest corporations alongside Philippe Bhering, whose extensive international experience serves him well in complicated cross-border dialogues. “Philippe sets a precedent of timely, thorough and on-point work, with unmatched attention to detail”; Sony Music Entertainment recently availed of this skillset in important annulment proceedings. Jiuliano Maurer is another key contact, adding further depth to the practice through his insight on US legal systems and procedures.

BMA - Barbosa Müssnich Aragão 

“Full-service BMA is a high-quality, practical and dynamic outfit which delivers the goods in any trademark matter. Astute at portfolio management, its team also forms an extremely cordial but effective litigation unit when needs must. They will get you the right results – and quickly.” Leading from the front is IP head Antonella Carminatti, “one of the most tenacious lawyers in Brazil, who always keeps her finger on the pulse of the law. Carminatti drops everything to assist clients at a moment’s notice – her ability to think strategically and economically beyond the legal issues, and to tread unusual paths in search of solutions, is a rare characteristic”. As well as a first-rate litigator, Carminatti is a key player in a robust transactional practice, alongside fellow partner Claudia Christina Schulz. Schulz’s bird’s-eye view of Brazilian intellectual property comes to the fore in various areas, especially data protection and privacy. Schulz knows how to produce favourable outcomes in any transactional scenario. WTR 1000 debutants Pedro Frankovsky Barroso and Pedro Tavares complete the line-up. Litigation head Barroso is a force to be reckoned in the courtroom – alongside fellow “streetfighter” Carminatti, he went out to bat for L’Oréal in high-stakes infringement proceedings this year. IP all-rounder Tavares “provides prompt, accurate and reliable advice in any case, never compromising on quality”.


ClarkeModet is an imposing presence across Latin America and Europe, but this vast international reach is not the only USP of the Brazilian contingent: with offices in four cities across the country, it is ideally placed to deal with all trademark needs of domestic patrons too. It has a “rich, long-standing reputation locally”, crisply delivering blanket global prosecution strategies in time and cost-effective packages. Not just adept at non-contentious instructions, its attorneys have litigation tricks up their sleeve and consistently produce “creative, winning arguments”.

Daniel Law

Smart investment in its human and technical resources has made Daniel Law one of Brazil’s most efficient trademark outfits. More than 220 highly specialised IP professionals make judicious use of data-driven analytic systems which align with those in the world’s leading markets. Adopting an “out-of-the-box approach, counsel here go beyond simply servicing the client, but provide practical solutions to support their crucial business initiatives”. Isabella Cardozo is the trademark head, whose branding acumen is complemented by a fine-grained understanding of diverse market sectors; prosecution and unfair competition are fortes. Although versatile in their practice, André Oliveira and Robert Daniel-Shores are key pillars of a redoubtable anti-counterfeiting unit which “has gained the admiration of governmental and police officials”. Oliveira is a commercially mined strategist, while Daniel-Shores keeps out in front of developments in cutting-edge technology sectors. Among numerous enforcement operations, the duo was integral to the recent seizure of 40,000 products on behalf of Apple. Testament to the firm’s strength in depth, three talented litigators debut in this year’s guide: Rafael Marques Rocha, Roberta Arantes and Carina Rodrigues. Rocha is a civil litigation expert with “an efficient and economic approach to task handling and a unique ability to develop thoughtful arguments”. Arantes’ deep legislative know-how is useful for those looking to capitalise on Madrid Protocol developments, but she doubles up as a first-rate advocate, of late successfully defending Duvel against competitors alongside Rocha and Daniel-Shores. A solid choice for judicial litigation, Rodrigues is hailed for her “around-the-clock accessibility and to-the-hilt attitude in the battle against rights violators”.

Dannemann Siemsen

“Put simply, Dannemann is first in class when it comes to Brazilian intellectual property.” Its multi-disciplinary team of highly specialised engineers and over 240 lawyers provides wall-to-wall trademark counsel to a glittering roster of foreign associates and multinational brand owners, and it boasts a case docket unrivalled in magnitude anywhere in Latin America. “IP thought leader” Elisabeth Siemsen do Amaral provides assured leadership to a trademark unit that continues to expand its toolkit – recent developments have focused on data protection, software and litigation. On the latter, Joaquim Eugenio Goulart and José H Werner are stand-outs. Goulart captains the dispute department; while Werner is the key contact for enforcement issues, where his enviable international connections frequently make the difference. The set also has its fair share of all-rounders, including Peter Eduardo Siemsen and Filipe Fonteles Cabral, both acclaimed for their “exceptional strength in all IP matters”. Siemsen is a walking encyclopaedia of international litigation; while Cabral’s “clear and effective strategies” recently came up trumps for McDonald’s Brazil and Walmart. Other “well-trusted experts for international clients” include luminary Peter Dirk Siemsen, “a reputed leader in the Brazilian market and tech transfer whizz”; and Luiz Henrique do Amaral, an “ever-reliable” licensing mastermind who is “well prepared for any instruction thrown at him”. Further assets to the unit are Rafael Dias de Lima, Rafael Atab and Rodrigo Borges Carneiro, each of whom brings international legal insight to the table. The practice’s flourishing data protection practice is in large part the brainchild of de Lima, who views all instructions through a resolutely commercial lens. Atab “has been instrumental in smoothing the local trademark community’s transition to the Madrid Protocol”; while Carneiro’s cosmopolitan perspective is borne of extensive international training and academic activity. He is a popular choice in the media and entertainment sectors alongside Attilio Gorini, who also shares his insight through teaching and scholarly work.

David do Nascimento Advogados Associados

“David do Nascimento is one of the most established firms on Brazilian trademark issues, approaching mandates with efficiency and effectiveness.” Marcello do Nascimento is the linchpin in a team of over 90 IP professionals whose aptitude for brand enforcement, litigation and prosecution briefs has won it a rich reputation. As president of ASPI Associação Paulista da Propriedade Intelectual, he is among the most well-connected practitioners in the country, both at home and overseas, and is a key reference in Brazil for multinational brand owners.

Demarest Advogados

Demarest Advogados runs a “seamless and efficient IP operation” within its full-service framework. The technologically savvy unit “provides steadfast support in asset management and understands the larger perspective of how branding decisions influence overall business”. A staunch advocate of this long-sighted approach, inspiring leader Tatiana Campello is a transactional virtuoso with an affinity for the “truly sophisticated mandates” presented by trailblazers such as Diebold Nixdorf. On the litigation side, department head Marcelo Inglez de Souza takes control; “exceptional in disputes and in arbitration”, she has tried-and-tested negotiating credentials. They often join forces as an “engaging duo who demonstrate a refined understanding of a case’s specificities to produce high-quality work”.

Di Blasi, Parente & Associados

Client-oriented to the last, Di Blasi, Parente & Associados offers brand owners premium quality, comprehensive counsel at a competitive price point. The boutique keeps a close eye on global legal developments and responds proactively, not reactively, to evolving market trends and case law – a formula which consistently yields success. Managing partner Paulo Parente Marques Mendes has worked hard to instil this approach over the course of three decades. Active on virtually all branding instructions, he receives robust support across the board from trademark chief Renata Hohl, with positive outcomes recently secured for the Wok to Walk Franchise and Brazilian pharmaceutical leader Aché Laboratórios. An “extremely knowledgeable and creative advocate”, Patricia Franco further bolsters the unit, exhibiting equal dexterity across all IP practice areas.

Felsberg Advogados

Felsberg Advogados is trusted point of contact for numerous foreign associates and brand owners, which benefit from abundant cross-border resources thanks to its status as the exclusive Brazilian member of global legal networks MERITAS and LEGALINK. The IP capabilities of this full-service outfit were further enhanced in 2019 through the hire of Diego Vieira, who brought with him numerous important international and local accounts. “On top of being incredibly responsive, clear and concise in his trademark counsel, Vieira has a wider legal understanding which proves useful on more complex issues – he offers a true one-stop-shop service”.

Fialho Salles Advogados

Already a popular commercial player in Belo Horizonte, Fialho Salles Advogados has been making a name for itself in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with its time and cost-effective counsel. The compact IP team, founded and led by Lucas Spadano, draws resources from the wider firm’s full-service offering where needed, ensuring the swift delivery of 360-degree advice. Spadano heads up the international trade practice and is a fulcrum of its global network; while WTR 1000 neophyte Luiza Tangari Coelho boasts “deep knowledge of INPI’s legislation and methods”. The two make for a dynamic pairing both in academia and in practice, with recent activity including infringement actions for SumUp against Google. Coelho is also an influential figure in Brazilian women’s IP.

Gruenbaum, Possinhas & Teixeira

Debuting in the WTR 1000 for 2021, boutique Gruenbaum, Possinhas & Teixeira has had red-letter year, opening a Sao Paulo office and making several new hires – developments which have enhanced the visibility of its superior trademark capabilities. Led by Andrea Possinhas, the IP team favours complex work, prioritising quality over quantity, and is particularly popular among major players in the sports industry. Clients hail Possinhas as “one of the best professionals in Brazil. Widely available, creative and proactive, she is an exceptional strategist when it comes to trademark protection and management”.

Guerra IP

“Guerra IP is a dependable point of contact for fast results without high costs.” Having carved a niche in southern Brazilian through its Porto Alegre office, it has since expanded its footprint to become a potent presence in Brazil’s commercial hubs. One of “Brazil’s best IP attorneys”, top-ranked Ricardo Pinho has driven this trajectory through his “work ethic and smart management”. “Strong across the board but exceptional in litigation, Pinho is always precise and realistic on clients’ needs and requests, offering holistic solutions which achieve the best possible outcomes.” By his side, Cristina Guerra oversees daily operations with a deft touch and is “an eminent figure in Latin American IP circles”. “Maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and promptness”, she is “a pleasure to deal with”.

Gusmão & Labrunie

“Gusmão & Labrunie is a wholly trustworthy, reliable partner to work with in Brazil. It maintains clear and open relationships with clients, and has built an exceptional reputation for its practical solutions to some very complicated issues.” It crunches through high-volume work with prodigious speed, thanks to cutting-edge monitoring software which facilitates flawless brand management. “Reliable and well-prepared professionals” Jacques Labrunie and José Roberto Gusmão are titans of the Brazilian litigation scene; in particular, Gusmão’s former INPI presidency affords him valuable insight which frequently proves game-changing in complex disputes. Adding further contentious firepower, João Vieira da Cunha recently demonstrated his acumen for Nike and for Unilever’s Lipton brand – a case on which he joined forces with WTR 1000 debutant Marcos Blasi. When it comes to prosecution and licensing, Laetitia d’Hanens sets the gold standard. She has had a busy time of late representing Danone and Jaguar Land Rover alongside Thiago Arpagaus de Souza, a professional who is commended for his “extremely vast knowledge and creativity with regard to the legal systems in Brazil”.

Kasznar Leonardos 

A reference in Brazil for multinationals, Kasznar Leonardos adroitly manages large portfolios with a hawkish eye towards clients’ goals and budgets. The team can tease out the right results at INPI on everything from obtaining well-known status for trademarks to overcoming rejections. Putting on a clinic in this regard, Filipe da Cunha Leonardos is among the group’s most senior trademark prosecution experts and someone to call when the best is needed. He sets the tone for a group of “prompt, responsive and proactive professionals who recognise the urgency of tasks and deliver quality support at a moment’s notice”. One of these is Liz Starling, the architect of many ironclad protection strategies; another is Sao Paulo prosecution team captain Flávia Tremura Polli Rodrigues, who makes her first appearance in the WTR 1000 for 2021. A communicator who keeps clients posted on all market developments, Rodrigues earned a well-deserved promotion to partner in 2019, as one beneficiary of the firm’s laudable commitment to nurturing talent. The set’s complex problem-solving abilities are also on full display in the litigation and anti-counterfeiting arenas, thanks to the efforts of Rafael Lacaz Amaral, Gabriel Francisco Leonardos and Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete. Amaral coordinates sweeping anti-counterfeiting programmes and is hailed as a swift and decisive enforcer. “Genius lawyer” Leonardos is a “top litigator and scholar” with an exceptionally well-rounded IP skill set. “A leader in the Brazilian and Latin American IP community”, Kasznar Fekete matches almost unrivalled experience with superb tactical instincts. So too does Nancy Satiko Caigawa, whose prosecution nous informs her forward-thinking approach to litigation and dispute resolution. The trademark department was bolstered further this year through the strategic hire of brand expert Maria Pia Guerra, a polyglot with great managerial chops.

Lext Intellectual Property

Since its relatively recent formation, Lext Intellectual Property has positioned itself as a true contender on the Brazilian market, providing premium, commercially attuned guidance at a sensitive price point. Its attorneys take the time to learn the intricacies of clients’ industries, to achieve satisfying resolutions on all manner of prosecution, licensing and enforcement briefs – a standard set by founding partner Kris Williamson. The dual-qualified English lawyer is an anti-counterfeiting ace who maintains fluid and productive relations with customs authorities.

Licks Attorneys

Complex, high-profile trademark and patent litigation is the metier of Licks Attorneys, with the life sciences a happy hunting ground. While it also boasts strength in prosecution and transactional scenarios, its tried-and-tested contentious know-how sets it apart from the pack, producing creative strategies that yield success time and again. A familiar face in forums of all sizes, Eduardo Hallak sets the precedent and is known for his “strong will in negotiations and practical, to-the-point advice”. Joining him in the guide for the first time this year is fellow litigation sharpshooter Liliane Roriz, whose vast judicial experience serves her well at trial.

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados

Luiz Leonardos & Advogados ranks among Brazil’s most venerable boutiques; and in Luiz Leonardos, it has one of the country’s most celebrated attorneys. “A long-time emeritus leader of the IP community”, Leonardos has done much to influence the Brazilian IP scene and remains an august figure in the space. Under the stewardship of Leonardos and Gustavo Starling Leonardos, the firm continues to thrive, recently opening its first Sao Paulo office and making several strategic hires. Starling Leonardos is “a skilful and evaluative managing partner who knows how to cope with all matters that come into his hands”, including in niche areas such as geographical indications (GIs). Patrícia Aragã Lusoli provides further leadership as head of the trademark department. “Attentive to clients’ needs, Lusoli is highly recommended for her registration and infringement advice” and her facility for enforcement, which she deploys on behalf of patrons such as Parfums Christian Dior.

Magellan IP

Tight-knit boutique Magellan IP views trademark work as a crucial piece of a broader commercial puzzle. With a unique understanding of the laws and procedures of African Lusophone countries, it partners closely with clients to identify the crown jewels in their portfolios and finds smart ways to convert these into competitive cross-border assets. The “consistently reliable” Carla Castello captains the branding department, providing sage prosecution counsel to a wide array of national and international clients.

Mansur Murad Advogados

Dynamic boutique Mansur Murad Advogados has been going gangbusters of late, thanks to shrewd investment in human resources and market mapping technologies. These are the fruits of the labours of founding partner Flavia Murad-Schaal, who promotes a collaborative ethos at the firm and continually refines its offering to ensure first-rate work product. As a further reflection of the firm’s growth, Pedro Vilhena debuts in the guide this year, recruited to head up its newly minted data protection and litigation practices. Murad-Schaal is praised for her “detailed evaluations and clear presentation of facts”, and Vilhena for his “swift and accurate responses”. Both “ensure they are on exactly the same page before taking risk-free courses of action”.

Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello 

With an unparalleled understanding of the inner workings of INPI, Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Viera de Mello is one of the most prolific prosecution outfits in Brazil. “Amazingly responsive and flexible with fees, it gives the impression of exclusivity to its clients.” Leading by example is trademark chief Eduardo Magalhães Machado, who has a flair for the fine print of brand management and licensing agreements. He has built up a first-rate team, including Clarissa Jaegger, a trusted portfolio adviser on many key accounts. With a professional command of five languages, she is well equipped to provide cross-border counsel – as are Joana de Mattos Siqueira and Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta. The firm’s foreign department head and president of ASIPI’s Trademark Committee, Mattos Siqueira is a truly well-connected practitioner whose constructive relationships with governmental and judicial authorities deliver benefits for multinationals such as Uber. The same may be said of Montaury Pimenta, the current president of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association. He is a vital cog in the firm’s litigation practice alongside Ana Paula Affonso Brito, who proposes “business-minded, creative solutions in a fast manner”. Finally, Marianna Furtado de Mendonça makes her first entry in the WTR 1000 for 2021, having put in polished contentious performances for the likes of Hard Rock Café. “She really cares for her clients, putting in extra hours without ramping up ridiculous billing rates. Her legal, practical and commercial acumen results in balanced and successful strategies.”

Müller Mazzonetto

Collegiate boutique Müller Mazzonetto is an elite player in the dispute resolution field, but continues to consolidate its capabilities across the trademark spectrum, assisting patrons such as Bulgari and Eurofarm on myriad prosecution, litigation and licensing briefs. Name partners Karina Haidar Müller and Nathalia Mazzonetto keep the practice humming. Müller is a “competent and dedicated attorney” who excels at prosecution and transactions; while Mazzonetto is a contentious mastermind who knows exactly what will play best before the Brazilian courts. The pair “offer holistic, clear advice promptly and at reasonable fees”.

Murta Goyanes

The “diligent and technically prepared IP team” at Murta Goyanes continues to flourish: “Its tactical know-how gives it an edge on traditional competitors.” On the prosecution front, footwear giant Alpargatas continues to entrust the firm with its entire trademark portfolio; while the Coca-Cola Company has tasked it with managing its non-soft drink marks. The key contacts for these clients, Marcelo Goyanes, Antonio Murta Filho, Luiza Duarte Pereira are also active on the contentious front: Goyanes has been busy challenging INPI decisions and trade dress infringements for GlaxoSmithKline; while fellow founding partners Murta Filho and Duarte Pereira look after Alpargatas, with Duarte Pereira also waging productive enforcement campaigns on its behalf.

Ouro Preto Advogados

“Ultra-responsive” boutique Ouro Preto Advogados has a commercially savvy approach to trademark law. No branding knot is too tight for the crew to untangle – particularly with the likes of Rodrigo de Ouro Preto Santos on deck. The top-tier advocate has “enormous subject knowledge and consistently exhibits exceptional case-handling abilities” on everything from judicial litigations to GI matters, as well as more routine instructions. Another versatile practitioner is Samantha Bancroft Vianna Braga, who keeps up to speed on the latest developments through active involvement in numerous international committees. Recent recruit Marcelo de Oliveira Müller is “a very competent attorney” whose client-centric mindset fits the bill here perfect.

Peduti Advogados 

“Maintaining the utmost transparency with clients”, well-rounded boutique Peduti Advogados provides actionable, personalised counsel tailored to clients’ needs and capacity. Managing partner Cesar Peduti Filho ensures that everything is smooth sailing, promoting a continuous dialogue between the IP and litigation divisions to execute on complex instructions with optimal efficiency. On the non-contentious side, Laila dos Reis Araujo is the key asset. Often combining with Filho on licensing negotiations, she earns plaudits for her “meticulous approach. She asks the right questions to build up trust and follow the best course of action”.

Pinheiro Neto Advogados

Tapping into the wider resources of this thriving general practice outfit, which also has boots on the ground in California, the IP unit at Pinheiro Neto makes light work of far-reaching mandates. Highly attuned to evolving industry dynamics, it effortlessly undertakes large-scale prosecution; although fraught litigation is its true forte. Its stellar track record in disputes bears the fingerprints of “ever-reliable and prepared professional” José Mauro Decoussau Machado, who has recently been defending the interests of General Motors, Stanley Black & Decker and Jeunesse Global. Brand all-rounder Márcio Junqueira Leite is a further weapon in the firm’s arsenal: as well overseeing the portfolio of Elopar, he recently paired up with Machado to protect the trademarks of Stryker.

Pinheiro Palmer Advogados

For US brand owners seeking precision trademark protection and enforcement, Pinheiro Palmer is the firm to call. Walter Palmer and Cristina Pinheiro-Palmer are the rainmakers: US dual-qualified partners who match in-depth knowledge of the Brazilian market with international standards of practice. They come “recommended unequivocally” by patrons: “Both are creative and gifted attorneys with a knack for foreseeing future market trends. Their advice is consistently insightful and they always answer the most pertinent questions with ease – navigating the Brazilian trademark landscape is effortless with them.”

Ricci Intellectual Property

Over the course of three decades, Ricci IP has turned trademark filing into a fine art. It continues to expand its team of legal and technical experts and keeps abreast of digital IP-related advancements to provide sophisticated, value-additive prosecution services. Daniel Adensohn de Souza never misses a beat on the market, whether at home or abroad, thanks to his participation in national and international IP associations. He is also a poised performer in contentious settings, as he recently demonstrated on behalf of Intercontinental Great Brands in an infringement case involving the trade dress of its OREO mark.

Santucci & Alvarez

Santucci & Alvarez asks the right questions to determine exactly what clients want from their IP portfolios and then leaves no stone unturned to deliver the desired results. Operating efficiently and effectively, but never compromising on quality, founding partner Elisa Santucci and her team have earned the trust and loyalty of brand owners of all stripes. She not only provides clever prosecution strategies and expert court opinions, but also shares her insight with the next generation by lecturing and teaching on intellectual property.


As Brazil’s largest full-service firm, Siqueira Castro is uniquely positioned to handle the market’s most challenging IP briefs. It has made the field of enforcement its own, utilising its vast resources and strong connections to orchestrate decisive anti-counterfeiting campaigns for brand-rich players in diverse sectors. Leadership in the trademark department comes from Eduardo Ribeiro Augusto, “an impeccable legal adviser with deep knowledge of Brazilian legal issues. A first-rate great negotiator, he can produce results that satisfy both the short and long-term interests of clients”.

Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados 

The cosmopolitan Soerensen Garcia Advogados Associados provides wall-to-wall trademark services with “a significant US focus”. Cross-border briefs are a breeze, thanks to cutting-edge asset management systems and the insight of globally minded professionals such as Renata Carneiro, whose fluency in four languages is a boon for international clients. Carneiro also makes a major contribution to the firm’s supremely capable transactional practice, alongside Otávio Saraiva Padilha Velasco, whose IP counsel always comes interwoven with commercial threads. Gold-tier advocate Mario Augusto Soerensen Garcia has a flair for avoiding litigation; but when things do reach the courtroom, he is a serial winner. So too is Paula Bezerra de Menezes, whose persuasive arguments frequently carry the day not only on the plaintiff and defence sides, but also in mediation.

Souto Correa Cesa Lummertz & Amaral Advogados

Commercial outfit Souta Correa is a smart choice for clients seeking joined-up IP solutions that dovetail neatly with their wider business plans and interests. With German, Latin and Asian desks, it has its finger on the pulse of international affairs and provides forward-thinking solutions on a global scale. Operating at the intersection of commercial and IP law, Leticia Provedel exemplifies this multifaceted, multinational approach, and often shares her insight with the wider community through activity at numerous events and on committees.

Tauil & Chequer Advogados

Making its maiden voyage in the WTR 1000, Tauil & Chequer enjoys a unique position on the Brazilian market through its affiliation with Mayer Brown, which translates into comprehensive, clued-up counsel with an international flavour. Global coverage is not its only USP, however: its non-departmentalised structure means that each team is highly specialised and proficient across the IP spectrum, and that clients receive partner-level attention across all stages of each brief. The key contacts for heavyweight brand owners such as Goya Foods, Jim Beam and the Coca-Cola Company are Cristiane Manzueto and Eduardo Maccari Telles, who earn plaudits for their “clear and informative communications and practical, cost-effective strategies”. Manzueto is a “dynamic trademark all-rounder”; Telles a seasoned trial lawyer with ancillary arbitration expertise.

TozziniFreire Advogados

For IP advice that mitigates business risk and maximises opportunity, commercial outfit TozziniFreire is the one to call. While portfolios are managed with a deft touch, the real forte of the branding team lies in its unerring ability to broker lucrative deals in crucial transactional and licensing scenarios for the likes of Pokémon, Merck and Estée Lauder. Shrewd negotiator Marcela Waksman Ejnisman takes the lead for these clients, providing IP advice interlaced with valuable corporate and M&A insights.

Veirano Advogados

Thanks to complementary know-how in adjacent areas such as data privacy, e-commerce and technology, the all-singing, all-dancing IP team at Veirano Advogados has everything needed to meet and exceed the demands of the most exacting modern brand owners. With two local offices and dedicated China, German and Israel desks, the full-service outfit can execute flawlessly on both domestic and cross-border trademark briefs. “Esteemed market leader” Valdir Rocha provides inspiration to the team; while Fábio Pereira takes charge in Sao Paulo, proving himself a vital ally to many entertainment-focused clients. By his side is Mauricio Maleck – a calming presence in complex litigation, whose legal nous and persuasive demeanour serve him well in the courtroom. Senior litigator Gustavo Fróes fulfils a similar role in the Rio de Janeiro office, bringing UK experience to disputes in the sports and entertainment sectors. The versatile Isabel Boardman is another star in Rio, whose broad bailiwick encompasses licensing, enforcement and litigation mandates.

Other recommended experts

Hallem Advogados founding partner Bruna Lins has an “extremely friendly and client-oriented” approach and has perfected the role of the business partner in his portfolio management practice. Operating at the interface of IP and data protection law, Paula Mena Barreto drives the IP division at Campos Mello Advogados, providing a slew of big-name clients with vital support on complex trademark briefs. At Baril Advogados Associados, Alysson Hautsch Oikawa offers “responsive and high-quality services” across the IP spectrum. Always on top of technology and data protection trends, Trench Rossi Watanabe’s Flavia Rebello is a “leader when it comes to trademark transactions”. Another new name in the guide this year is seasoned litigator Gabriel Saldanha de Paiva, who has developed a tried-and-tested contentious playbook over the years. The former Dannemann attorney now runs a tight ship at Bulhoes & Saldanha. Having recently left Lext Intellectual Property to set up his own boutique MT4, Mauricio de Souza Tavares comes into his own on trademark clearance mandates and brings a unique marketing perspective to branding matters. Fernanda Vilela Coelho “routinely exceeds expectations” on trademark and patent work of all stripes. She is the co-managing partner of “modern, dynamic and well-structured” boutique VilelaCoelho.



  • Luiz Leonardos - Luiz Leonardos & Advogados
  • Peter Dirk Siemsen - Dannemann Siemsen